three hunting dogs sitting on the back of a truck on top of a drawer system


We are all about hard working, hard playing, limit pushing go-getters who get after it every day. We test our products on humans, these humans. Who you see here are our ambassadors, the ultimate torture testers and validators of what we make.

Carson Storch sitting on the tailgate of his truck

Carson Storch

JT Van Zandt portrait

JT Van Zandt

Seth Blackmore holding a fish

Seth Blackamore

Remi Warren

Brad Leone leaning on a counter

Brad Leone

Jackson Marvell portrait

Jackson Marvell

Paula Shearer fly fishing

Paula Shearer

Cody Rubner fly fishing

Cody Rubner

James Nash duck hunting

James Nash

Lael Johnson

Wade Shoemaker duck hunting

Wade Shoemaker

Jameson Redding fishing

Jameson Redding

Sam Soholt portrait

Sam Soholt

David Mangum portrait

David Mangum