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Take Your Own Command Center With You With the Right Workbench Tool Box


Everyone has a workbench in the garage or workshop that's command central, just like this traditional workshop setting showing a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt working out of a small portable tool box. Now DECKED has the tool box that serves as a workbench tool box wherever you go.

If only the classic workbench could go with you everywhere you travel … or the workbench tool box could step in for the job. We’ve got the next best thing: the DECKED Tool Box.


Take Your Own Command Center With You With the Right Workbench Tool Box  


Ah, the workbench — your very own bridge in your garage version of the starship USS Enterprise. It’s your command center, your cockpit, the place where you make it all happen. You’ve got all the “controls” right within arm’s reach: tools, pencils, gloves, extension cords, a vise, and so much more. And nothing could be better than your garage workshop control center  — except maybe taking it with you. Enter the workbench tool box. Enter DECKED.


At home, you may have the Craftsman workbench tool box or a rolling tool box workbench. A lot of guys and gals have a Harbor Freight tool box workbench or the commonly seen red tool box workbench.


You need what’s basically a workbench tool box in your truck that goes with you wherever you need it. No doubt, it’s gotta be easy to access, tough, roomy, and weatherproof. It’s gotta have a few extras to pleasantly surprise you, too.


It’s gotta be the DECKED Tool Box.


For essentially a workbench tool box that goes the extra mile, DECKED has employed not only the latest in modern materials but top American engineering prowess, and the result is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping to your door.


If Captain Kirk had a workbench tool box in his truck, it’d be DECKED.


The built-in optional ladder on the DECKED Tool Box, shown installed in a white pickup truck bed with a man wearing a yellow hard hat on the ladder and reaching into the box, makes access easy, a must for any workbench tool box.

First and foremost, you need easy access to your tools wherever you go. That’s what we had in mind at DECKED when we made a built-in ladder an option with our saddle style tool box.

Rule No. 1: Easy Access


Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again.


Only the DECKED Tool Box comes with an optional integrated ladder, giving you easy access to all the contents of what’s in effect a workbench tool box that installs right in the bed of your truck. The saddle style box fits the 6000 series aluminum ladder inside without it taking up space you need for tools and other gear. The adjustable ladder can be pulled quickly out of the box and will drop to the ground right where you stand, even on a lifted truck.


Revolutionary? We think so.


One of the major drawbacks to the saddle style tool box, which fits just behind the cab in a pickup truck, is trying to reach gear stored in it, especially in the center or bottom of the box. Even the tallest among us can’t stand flat-footed next to a truck and get to all the tools in there.


We’ve all climbed up on a tire, or step sides, or whatever’s handy to twist our bodies into odd positions and pick up something from this seemingly bottomless pit. Scotty never had this trouble reaching the transporter controls, did he?


Nope. But with the DECKED Tool Box comes the optional built-in ladder that solves this problem. Even Spock might be impressed with the ease of access that this accessory brings to the table. That’s logical, right?


The Husky tool box workbench or the Kobalt tool box workbench are options you may have tried, but you want a tough-as-nails workbench tool box style that’ll go the distance. The DECKED Tool Box is up to the task.







Even at the dirty home construction site, the DECKED Tool Box stands up to the elements. Here, a construction worker accesses the saddle style box installed in the back of a black pickup truck with heavy construction equipment and an unfinished home in the background.

It’s tough terrain out there on the job site or campsite or wherever you roam, but the DECKED Tool Box can take the heat and the punishment and serve as a workbench and tool box.


Rule No. 2: Tough


Your garage workbench regularly takes a beating, and it keeps performing. The same can be said of the DECKED Tool Box — it won’t ding, dent or rust. It’s impact resistant and won’t show up dented when brand new, like the common aluminum saddle style tool box does about 50 percent of the time.


It’s been tested at 180 degrees and -5 degrees with 500 pounds inside, and shown no issue with the payload. Fill up the DECKED Tool Box  — it won’t bend or sag. The 30-pound lid stays open, and the gas struts are made with a torsion system powered by spring steel.


Unlike a rolling workbench tool box or other workbench tool box, the DECKED model looks like it came from this century. It uses injection molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement to go the distance.


Jump on it, throw heavy gear on top of it, try to beat the heck out of it with a hammer — the DECKED Tool Box won’t so much as dent. Imagine trying that with your old diamond pattern aluminum box.


Look around sometime at work and you’ll see plenty of rust and other damage on those aluminum boxes that so many guys have in their pickups. They’ve had their time.


There’s a better way now.


Designed like Fort Knox, the DECKED Tool Box is enough to make a thief turn honest. It’s so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry. Impossible to break into with a pry bar, this tool box features a tub-lid interface that minimizes theft pry bar points. Let those sticky-fingered fellas try it. They won’t even be able to damage this practically indestructible answer to the workbench tool box you need on the job.


No matter the conditions, you won’t be like Captain Kirk shouting to Scotty, “Damage report!” with this tool box. The Enterprise might not have gone into dock for repairs so often if it was made by DECKED.


Did that sound arrogant? It’s hard to be humble when your tool box is (nearly) perfect in every way.


The DECKED Tool Box tub is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security. Its robust steel armored locking mechanism combines with a driver side lock to make forced entry nearly impossible. You’ve seen a battered old padlock on your buddy’s aluminum tool box? You can do better — and so can he.


This tool box is from this century, made from materials from the future. You deserve the chance to keep up with the times.

Serving as the workbench tool box that you can take with you, the DECKED Tool Box is roomy and offers the choices you need to organize your gear. Here, a guy wearing a baseball hat and plaid shirt reaches for a blue lidded D-Box inside a DECKED Tool Box that's full of tools and gear in the back of a pickup truck.

The DECKED Tool Box has plenty of room for your tools and other gear, and lots of ways to organize them the way you like, too.


Rule No. 3: Room to work


One of the worst things about some tool boxes is that they just aren’t big enough. Maybe you’ve had a Craftsman tool box workbench, or a Kobalt workbench tool box. Sometimes, you just need more space, and you need it to be portable.


The DECKED Tool Box offers generous dimensions that will make you feel like you’ve got a true workbench tool box with you.


On the outside, it stretches 76 inches long and 22 inches wide. It’s 20.53 inches in total height with 5.78 inches above the bedrail. That means you’ve got room inside and out — a healthy platform on top to use, and a spacious interior for everything you need on the job or on the hunt, at work or at play.


Inside, you get enough space to store tools big and small, or guns and ammo, or all the tackle boxes you and your buddies need for the weekend.


Plus, each DECKED Tool Box comes with one D-Box and one Snack Tray, with more available for purchase. These accessories secure into grooves inside the box so they don’t spill or get lost among your other gear.


Use the Snack Tray to store little things like gloves, tape measures, and screwdrivers right at the top of the tool box where you need them. Pack each D-Box with similar gear, using pull-out dividers to separate your stuff, or remove the dividers to accommodate larger tools like a drill or jigsaw. Pick the portable D-Box right up out of the DECKED Tool Box and take it with you when you’re working away from your truck.


The D-Box offers a watertight EPDM (“ethylene propylene diene monomer,” an extremely durable rubber membrane) sealed gasket, a ruler and common bolt/bit guide, and is made of tough-as-nails modern plastic. It’s so ultra-durable that most guys can use it for a step stool in a pinch.


Even with the D-Box and Snack Tray in place, the DECKED Tool Box has plenty of space left to store bigger items, ranging from a chainsaw to large hand tools and a whole lot more. So go ahead and pack all the gear you think you might need. You’ll have a place to keep it safe and secure.


And protected from Mother Nature. Did we mention that?



Shown is the steering wheel, dash, and windshield of a truck from the inside, with a person's arm and hand on the wheel, as windshield wipers remove rain and the road ahead looks wet. If you've got a DECKED Tool Box in the back of your truck, you don't worry about your gear when rain falls.

When you’re driving up front, you won’t have to worry about your gear in the back of your truck getting wet when it’s inside the DECKED Tool Box.

Rule No. 4: Weatherproof


The DECKED Tool Box keeps your gear bone dry, even when you’re soaked to the bone.


You aren’t about to risk your tools if you’re working a couple blocks away and a pop-up shower dumps a whole lot of water on your truck and everything in it. And no one wants to be in a boat out on the lake with a bass on the line and a wall of clouds coming into the campsite on shore.


The DECKED Tool Box is water and rust/corrosion proof. It’s molded, not welded, so it’s got a seamless lid and tub. It seals tightly when closed, featuring an EPDM gasket. Created with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid, which acts as a rain gutter, the tool box keeps ol’ Mother Nature at bay. And the anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware is built to stand the test of time.


The contents inside your tool box from DECKED are guaranteed to be protected from the elements, car washes, and other extreme moisture to which the box is exposed in the back of your truck. The beauty is that if you did get a bit of water inside the box, you could just drill a small hole in its base via the provided divot holes. That way, any standing water inside drains, and you don’t have to take the box out of the truck.


At DECKED, we stand behind our tool box. Our Lifetime Warranty means that if you have an issue, we will work with you to make it right. Register your product, and you’ll be covered.




A motorcycle rider secures his dirt bike in the back of a pickup using tie-downs built right into the DECKED Tool Box, shown with its lid open.

The DECKED Tool Box does what a Home Depot workbench tool box or a Sam’s Club workbench tool box just aren’t made to do: safely bring your gear with you when you head out in your truck to work or play. And it’s got extras like a pair of tie-downs that models like the Husky workbench tool box don’t offer.

The Final Rule: Consider This a Workbench Tool Box That’s Out of This World


The classic garage workbench surely will always have a place as the “command center” of your workshop. It puts you right in the captain’s chair on the bridge of your very own USS Enterprise as you boldly go … well, even we can tell when an analogy is going a bit far.


The DECKED Tool Box looks like it came from this century. This ain’t your granddad’s tool box, because it’s not 1973.


Easily accessible with the innovative integrated ladder as an option, this tool box has toughness built in, plenty of space to work with, weatherproofing a part of its very DNA, and a few surprises, too. It’s got a pair of pre-installed tie-downs, and it’s simple to install, with no drilling required.


Step up your game. DECKED has built a reimagined tool box for your truck; it’s essentially the workbench tool box that goes with you.


It’s time! Get the toolbox that looks as good as your truck. Get DECKED!


Get some flexibility in paying for your DECKED Tool Box, too. Click here for more details!