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DECKED Keeps You Working

White pickup parked next to silos on farm with DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System and Truck Bed Tool Box with optional ladder. Man wearing white hard hat is on optional ladder that is extended from tool box. He is standing on halfway up ladder and leaning over slightly to access the tool box.DECKED Keeps You Working


Your tools are important. You need quality tools to get the job done right. We’ve all worked with inferior, cheaply made tools and know how frustrating they are. Every try using a screwdriver from your local dollar store to build a bookshelf? We give that experience zero stars - do not recommend. Not having the right tool that you can find when you need it makes your life downright miserable.


It’s no surprise that Snap-on tools remain the gold standard for tools. Mechanics and other professional working people swear by them. Snap-on has built its reputation by creating solid, high-quality tools designed to last a lifetime.


Snap-on tool boxes are no different. Why are Snap on tool boxes so expensive? Well, there’s the quality materials they use so Snap On tool boxes last. You may have come across used Snap On tool boxes for sale, or maybe you were lucky enough to inherit a vintage Snap On tool box from a family member. Usually they just need a little cleaning and they are good to go. It’s also no surprise that customers comparing Snap On vs Matco vs Mac tool boxes appreciate Snap On’s many different configurations and options to hold all your tools and accessories. There’s really a lot of options to choose from for your shop or garage.


Woman wearing white Western hat, plaid shirt and blue jeans is fixing fencing on rangeland with cattle in distance and mountains in far distance. Truck is nearby with DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System in bed; one drawer is open and assorted work equipment fills the bed on top of deck system. Mobile Tool Storage

At DECKED, we understand you aren’t just working in your shop. We get that your truck is really more than your truck, and even more than just your shop on wheels. Your truck can really be your second home, or at least it feels like that some days. Whether it’s repairing fence in the back 40 or framing in new construction, you need your tools where you need them.


Even the best tool boxes don’t do you much good sitting in your shop if you’re 30 miles away on the job site. Ever tried to put together your daughter’s loft in her college dorm room but your tools were back in your Snap On tool box in the shop? Another zero-star day. It doesn’t matter how nice your tool box is back in your shop — you need your tools with you when you need them.


We came up with the solution — a fully functional, customizable system to store and organize your tools and equipment, right in the bed of your truck. DECKED tool boxes are designed to fit just about any pickup on the road today, so just tell us the make and model of your ride and we’ll take it from there.



Man wearing plaid shirt, baseball cap and blue jeans stands about halfway up ladder extending from DECKEC Truck Bed Tool Box. He is leaning over slightly to access tools that are arrayed in orderly fashion. Mobile Tool Organization

Ever feel like your truck’s tool box is just one big black hole? Tools go in, never to be seen again. You’re not alone. We’ve all felt that. So we try different bed boxes but nothing seems to improve our ability to find the tools we need. We buy totes and bins, thinking they may help in our efforts to get organized once and for all. Of course, you have to lash those totes and bins down in the bed so they don’t slip and slide around. And it should be no surprise these big gaping black holes end up being an even worse storage option than we thought they would be. And then when it rains or snows? Yeah, not so good at keep the elements at bay as you thought.


So to the cab the tools go. You may have a passenger seat full of tools and a couple rattling loose under the seat right now. It’s OK. Before DECKED, we were known to randomly toss wrenches and maybe even a cordless drill or two into the extended cab. Ever search the entire cab, flashlight in hand, for that one ratchet set you need right now? We sure have.


Forget those days. Step up your game. DECKED’s Truck Bed Drawer System, Truck Bed Tool Box and Accessories give you options that are easy to organize (and find) all your tools and equipment right in your truck bed.


Two people in camo outdoor gear outside as snow falls. Snow is ground and trees are in background. Truck tailgate is down and one person kneels on it, reaching for something inside an open drawer in the DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System. The other person observes from a slight distance.DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System: Full Service Convenience

Our Truck Bed Drawer System offers hard-working men and women the whole 9 yards when it comes to quality and convenience. It gets all your tools and equipment out of those tubs and bins where you can’t ever find them, and out of your truck cab once and for all. We give your tools a home of their own where they are protected and within easy reach.


The premise is simple, but rather ingenious, if we do say so ourselves. We use High Density Polyethylene (in other words, this stuff is made to live outside full time without rusting, warping or corroding) to form what is essentially a mini deck for the bed of your truck. (Except this deck has a 2,000 pound payload.) Then we add drawers to store and organize your stuff that roll in and out under the deck.


The whole system is waterproof, so your things are protected from the elements. It keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone. They aren’t watertight, so we advise against storing electronics in the drawers without additional protection, but your tools and equipment will stay nice and dry from the rain and snow.


Best of all is how easy the whole thing is to install. Just connect the systems with J hooks in the four corners. Because this is designed as a flat deck with a hefty payload on top, you can still haul plenty of stuff. But if you do need to take the Truck Bed Drawer System out for some reason, you can uninstall the whole thing in about 15 minutes and then re-install in about the same amount of time. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? We think so.


A man in yellow hardhat and wearing work gloves extends the ladder from the DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box. His hands are on either side of the ladder, which is about halfway extended to the ground. The tool box is in the bed of a white pickup truck. DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box

Your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be also. So we came up with the sexiest tool box we could engineer — one that will outperform, is more convenient, and just plain looks better than anything else on the market.


Our Truck Bed Tool Box is the real deal.


For starters, these bad boys are easy to get to. We see you out there — standing on your tip-toes, trying to reach into the tool boxes in your truck beds. We also see you doing your gymnastic moves to see what’s inside the center of the box. (Sometimes, we see a little more than we want to see with these maneuvers.) It’s not easy; in fact, it’s almost harder to find what you need than using all those totes and bins. We get that.


That’s why we came up with our tool boxes with an optional integrated ladder. No more reaching, no more gymnastics, no more pulled hamstrings reaching for your hammer. Just slide the nesting step ladder out of the tool box and drop it to the ground. It’s made from 6000 series aluminum so it’s just as tough and durable as all of our products. It won’t obstruct anything in your toolbox and lets you climb easily right up the side of even your lifted truck to reach exactly what you need. When you’re done, just slide the easy gliding ladder back up and into the nesting position.


You’re welcome. We’re glad you love it as much as we do.

A DECKED Truck Tool Box is shown, lid ajar so the interior is visible.Tool Boxes: Bone Dry for Life

Our tool boxes and bed drawer systems are waterproof. And when we say waterproof, we mean you don’t have to worry about the rain, snow and harsh elements getting to and harming your tools and expensive equipment.


Our stuff keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone. If you are looking at the line of new Snap On tool boxes for sale, you’ll see they are welded. These are premium products for sure, but our tool boxes are molded for a seamless lid and tub. DECKED boxes seal tight with a gasket and overlapping lip on the lid that actually works like a little rain gutter — these tool boxes are just like solid, little weatherproof houses for your gear. Even the steel and aluminum we use for the hardware is treated with anti-corrosion materials for the long haul. So maybe they’re more like Fort Knox than the house next door. But you get the idea.  


Keep in mind, though, that our boxes aren’t watertight, so we advise against storing electronics in the drawers without additional protection, but your tools and equipment will stay nice and dry from the rain and snow.

Super Fast Install


Time is money, as they say. We make our Truck Bed Tool Boxes easy to install with a bracket and bolt system. No drilling required. We use clamps to hold our box to the bed rail. All it takes is about 2 minutes. No frustration, no complicated instructions, no “colorful language” needed.


Your Own Security Force


DECKED tool boxes are built like tanks. They are impact resistant and aren’t going to dent or rust. They keep your gear secure.


You’ve probably seen other toolboxes on truck beds that have been broken into by bad guys. They take a pry bar and pop the lid open, helping themselves to the treasures inside.


Not with DECKED. Our tool boxes are impossible to pry open; even if someone does try, they aren’t going to damage it. We reinforce our tool box tub with steel and use a steel locking mechanism. This baby isn’t opening unless you say so.


Protect the Good Stuff

Your tools are an investment. We know how much you depend on them. You need to protect them because without them, you’d be lost.


DECKED gear is made from materials from the future so your gear stays safe and secure. We understand how you use your stuff and when you use it so we can give you mobile tool storage and organization that actually works for you.


Pallets with DECKED products stacked high in warehouse, several aisles deep with large American flag hanging from ceiling. Guaranteed for Life

DECKED has been outfitting trucks like yours since 2013. We listen to hard-working men and women to make sure our products are giving you what you need. Just like you, we don’t cut corners to get the job down right. It’s just how we do things.


That’s why we’re proud to include a lifetime warranty on our DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box. When you’re 100% American made here in Northwestern Ohio, you stand behind your product. We stand behind ours so you can count on our products to be there when you need them. They aren’t going to rust, fade, corrode, crumple or bend.. They aren’t going to let some joker with a pry bar get at your valuable equipment when your truck is parked at the lumber yard. And they are going to make finding what you need so much easier.


It’s not your granddad’s tool box. But if your granddad saw it, we’re pretty sure he would want one too.