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Rockin’ n Rollin’ With Rockin Tool Boxes in the U

Rockin’ n Rollin’ With Rockin Tool Boxes in the U.S.A.

One of the first things that true Americans want to know is where are Rockin tool boxes made because if Rockin tool boxes are made at home, people feel more comfortable about the quality of the product.

In answering this question, some Rockin tool boxes are made in Naperville, Illinois. As for the rest, it seems like this brand deals with overseas manufacturers and markets, leading us to wonder whether they are a true-blooded North American brand.

With DECKED, you don't have this problem. All the products are made locally in Ohio, except the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit. The reason for this is that local manufacturers can’t cope with demand. Other than that, DECKED continues to search for a local supplier to meet market demand for this product which fits neatly in the DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System.

But let’s get back to the good ol’ Rockin' tool boxes before informing you about a superior storage solution known to many as the sexy rocking n rolling Tool Box of the century.

Image of the contents in the DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit.

Rockin' Tool Boxes

Whether you're an avid fan of this brand or not, you always have plenty of products that you can choose from. Most of these products are suitable for workshops, like the carts and road boxes category, which are flippin’ expensive.

No wonder customers need a Rockin tool boxes promo code because they're so darn expensive. And that's probably one of the few reasons customers go for this brand because they're not aware that something else just as good and less costly is available.

In the case of DECKED, superior quality storage solutions are available, but for much less. But we digress, so let’s get back to describing the carts and road boxes category from this brand.

Carts and Road Boxes Category

In this collection, there are five choices from Rockin tool boxes:

  • Extreme Tools® Professional 70″ 7 Drawers and 2 Compartments Pit Box
  • Extreme Tools 41″ 6-Drawer Deluxe Tool Cart with Pry Bar Holders And Stainless-Steel Slide Top
  • Extreme Tools 41″ 6-Drawer Deluxe Tool Cart with Pry Bar Holders And Flip Top
  • Extreme Tools® Professional 36″ Deluxe 5 Reinforced Drawers Road Box
  • Extreme Tools 33″ 4 Drawers Deluxe Tool Cart with Pry Bar Holders

From the start of this list to the final product, the prices range from $4,300 to $950. They are all different sizes, but this category’s products all come in steel and aluminum.

Image of the Extreme Tools® Professional 70″ 7 Drawers and 2 Compartments Pit Box from Rockin' Tool Boxes.

Other features that you can expect in this product line include:

  1. Heavy-duty drawers that slide along smoothly on a ball bearing mechanism
  2. Extensive load-bearing weight depending on the product you choose
  3. A drawer latching system complete with pneumatic brakes and tires that you control with your hands when rolling these tool boxes around the workshop
  4. Shelves and compartments that you can adjust as you want
  5. Heavy-duty work surface
  6. Protective drawer liners
  7. Coded tubular, tamper-resistant locking system with keys
  8. A selection of colors from red to black or blue—all with a protective powder coat finishing
  9. A standalone item or one that you can add to as time goes by
  10. Free shipping
  11. Five-year limited product warranty
  12. Financing
  13. Sometimes—that essential Rockin tool boxes promo code

Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it, especially if you consider the brand name which conjures memories of rock n roller Bruce Springsteen's, Born in the U.S.A.

Side Boxes and Side Lockers Category

In this Rockin’ tool box range category, you find rolling and non-rolling cabinets or lockers. There are nine choices here, each with specific features and benefits.

For example, the Extreme Tools® DX Series 19” 4-Shelf Side Locker is pretty standard. It’s made from steel, has about four shelves and five storage areas, and is lockable. You can’t move it around, so plan your storage well before packing it to the hilt to avoid that unpleasant unpacking and repacking scenario.

Image of the Extreme Tools® DX Series 19” 4-Shelf Side Locker from Rockin tool boxes.

This product sells for just over $1000, steep for such a basic storage unit. You know what we're going to say, right? You can do better with the DECKED tub or Drawer System at competitive prices and financing.

Something that is far snazzier in this category is the GEARWRENCH GW Series 19″ 8 Drawers Professional Side Box. Each drawer is a different size, rolls out smoothly, and the heavy gauge steel means this product is built to be sturdy. As with the products in the other categories, you can continue to build on your storage capacity with this and other Rockin tool boxes in various categories.

The drawback of these Rockin' tool boxes, though, is that they are all designed to stay in one place. Sure, you can move them around your garage or workshop, but they are not mobile or portable beyond this location. And where have you ever encountered a rock n roller that stays in one place? Nowhere!

Although many other Rockin’ tool boxes are available, once you’ve seen one, the rest of similar. So, we think a little critical thinking here can go a long way.

Portable Rockin Tool Boxes Category

We identified the Rockin tool boxes pws4100txbx range which consists of three designs. These designs range from around $800 to $1435.

The Extreme Tools 41″ Extreme Portable Workstation Textured PWS, Model: PWS4100TX goes for about $900 and is suitable for small item storage. Typically, you can pack sockets, screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, bolts, screws, and nails into this cabinet but not much else.

Image of the Extreme Tools 41″ Extreme Portable Workstation Textured from the Rockin tool boxes brand.

And despite its seemingly small size, this Rockin’ tool box can handle 500 pounds of gear, like the DECKED Tool Box. But while this Rockin tool box is in the portable category, we think it could be quite an issue to transport it anywhere once full.

In contrast, you install the DECKED Tool Box on your pickup truck bed, and you have your tools with you no matter where you end up.

As with the other Rockin’ tool boxes in the Extreme product line, they are made from steel. These boxes are durable, have a locking system, and can store plenty of gear for the working man or woman.

But we think a little critical thinking here can go a long way.

Unpacking the Rockin Tool Box Myth in Favor of the Full-On DECKED Solution

Someone has to do the critical thinking, and who better than the DECKED specialists? So, onto counterbalancing the features of these Rockin’ Tool Boxes Carts and Road Boxes category with DECKED.

  1. The DECKED Drawer System also has smooth sliding drawers with a braking system, so they don't escape their moorings.
  2. The DECKED Tool Box takes 200 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and you can pack in 2000 pounds worth of gear into the DECKED Drawer System.
  3. Effortless opening and closing drawers and the lid in both the DECKED products increase the sexy appeal of your truck. They also scientifically support increased productivity, value, and reduce injuries, simply due to exceptional features like the level of the Drawers, smooth movement, and the incredibly integrated ladder that tucks seamlessly into the tub.

Image of the DECKED Drawer System modular storage featuring the valuable D-Boxes.

  1. The super-intelligent modular organization is enough to prompt anyone to opt for the DECKED experience because it is so practical yet straightforward—enough to bring a tear to your eye.
  2. You don’t necessarily get a work surface per se from the DECKED Drawer System, but you keep the entire truck bed area free for further freight transport. You can also pack a motorbike, kennel, or engine on the bed after installing the DECKED Tool Box. Pretty hot, hey!
  3. Your goods are as safe as anything in Fort Knox when you use DECKED. An armored locking system on the tub prevents theft of the contents, and the closed lid means your tub ain't going nowhere. Like the tub, your gear is safe and invisible once the tailgate is closed on the Drawer System.
  4. The DECKED tub comes in a sexy black matte color, and the Drawer System is pretty much the same color. We don't need to advertise our products with flashy colors because when your storage system blends in, your goods stay safe and provide better camouflage for hunting.
  5. You can buy the DECKED Tool Box as a standalone item or boost your storage space with the DECKED Drawer System and multiple practical accessories.
  6. Yep, DECKED provides free shipping, but we also give our customers a limited lifetime warranty (not just five years), AND you can use our financing to help you get both systems immediately.
  7. Nope—we don’t offer promo codes or discounts because we sell value at an affordable price (unlike some brands).

Image of the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System on a pickup truck, indicating a storage solution with style.

DECKED Mobility

When you want a portable, mobile, transportable system for work, hunting, camping, and Overlanding, then DECKED is a true rock n roller. It is two storage systems that take the quality of rock n roll out of the depths of the mist of the past and place it solidly in the 21st century.

New age materials, new technology, and exceptional quality drive the job with you. So what more could any man or woman ask for from a Tool Box solution that does away with all the extra stuff you just don’t need?

Will the Rockin’ tool boxes portable category resolve this issue?


Unlike the Rockin tool box brand and many others that produce similar products made from steel, DECKED uses smarts. Part of the clever thinking, engineering, and technology that goes into DECKED products and that sets it apart from competitors is the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) industrial-grade plastic.

This HDPE is so tough that even the most seasoned rock n rollers would approve. And instead of using two or three musical notes like contemporary musicians, DECKED uses multiple notes like the seasoned ones of old. Another difference, though, is that DECKED has retooled its Tool Box. In other words, it has taken the wisdom from the past and added to it—exponentially. The result is a creation worthy of modern times—combining innovation, intelligence, and the latest materials to give customers an alternative that is impractical to pass over.

Image of how the integrated ladder telescopes out of the DECKED Tool Box to the ground.

Steel weathers over time, but UV treated and weather-resistant HDPE does not (at least not as easily). So DECKED also uses a selection of rust-resistant and waterproofing designs and products that will always ensure that your equipment stays dry and free of debris.

The tub and Drawer System from DECKED also includes clever engineering to bolster water and weatherproofing, even when carrying your storage solution on your pickup truck.

DECKED has many more features and benefits that outperform the Rockin tool boxes categories. You can learn more about them here or browse through several comments about Rockin tool boxes reviews and read what DECKED customers say.

Rockin Tool Boxes Reviews

Reviews are always an excellent way to check if a brand is performing or not. So, we took the time to investigate what customers say about the Rockin’ tool boxes to give you a quick overview of their experiences.

Here’s what one customer says about the purchase they made from Rockin tool boxes:

“Lynn Permenter Lathrum Ordered my husband the same box 7 weeks ago and still have not received it, no answer to when it will be delivered, So needless to say I thought it was going to be delivered at least before 7 weeks.”

And another…

“Ruth Archbold recommends Rockin' Tool Boxes.

3 May ·

Great customer service, quality tool boxes, & extremely fast shipping!

Updated to add my husband's review: My box came in about a week after I ordered. It was packed so well that there were no scratches or dents on it. Everyone in the shop was asking where the box was from because the quality looks fantastic. And it comes with drawer liners!! Definitely recommend Rockin Tool Boxes!”

There is nothing wrong here, except that HDPE doesn’t scratch or dent like metal, so let’s see what DECKED customers are saying about their purchases (in images because sometimes, all you need is a picture review as proof of satisfaction).

Two positive reviews about the DECKED Drawer System as seen on the DECKED website.

Rock Your Truck With DECKED

You can like the Rockin tool boxes as much or as little as you want, but with DECKED, you can rock n roll your work, truck, and leisure.

Choose your vehicle type, select the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box, and get financing, all in one convenient location. Then, wait about two to three days for your order to arrive so that you can install your storage solution for a rock n roll, 21st-century experience that keeps on going.