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Eleven Ways a DECKED Tool Box Reminds Us of Han Solo

Eleven Ways a DECKED Tool Box Reminds Us of Han Solo

Two trucks sit in the wilderness at night beneath a starry sky.


Be yourself… unless you can be a space pirate in a different galaxy whose sidekick is a Wookie. Then, be a space pirate in a different galaxy whose sidekick is a Wookie.


One of the most beloved aspects of the Star Wars trilogy is Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, the lovable smuggler turned good guy. Almost as famous as Han is his ride, the personality-filled Millenium Falcon, a ship that doesn’t look like much but can outrun the baddest of baddies.


Effective and resourceful as Han was, imagine if he had a DECKED Tool Box on board that ship. We think they’d get along beautifully, and here are eleven reasons why:


1) Nobody successfully messes with Han Solo… or a DECKED Tool Box

A pick up truck carrying a DECKED tool box is parked outside of an urban construction site

Look, people can try to mess with Han Solo? But it’s not going to go well. And the same goes for thieves who try to make your DECKED Tool Box their own.


A DECKED Tool Box is designed like Fort Knox. While Han Solo’s ship shows all sorts of dings, dents, and rust, a DECKED Tool Box is designed for a different galaxy. Our galaxy. And on the streets of our planet, you might notice the nasty evidence of thieves trying to get at some poor worker’s valuable gear. Some are successful… some less so. But a DECKED tool box is built with injection molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement. 


In Earth-speak? That means a DECKED truck tool box is really, really difficult to get into.Bad guys can punch “how to take apart a DECKED Tool Box” into their favorite search engines all day long, but they won’t get far.


Their time would be better spent learning that a DECKED Tool Box is impossible to dent, but easy to love.


2) Both know where they’re from

A large stack of DECKED boxes sit in a warehouse in front of an American flag.

Han Solo hailed from the planet of Corellia, and as such he wore pants with a Corellian blood stripe while flying his trusty Croellian freighter. No matter where he went, this star never forgot where he came from.



And he has that in common with a DECKED Tool Box, which begins its long, long life right here in America. Our products were dreamt up in Idaho, engineered in Detroit, and manufactured in Defiance, Ohio. You see, we believe in investing in not just our products, but our nation. That means generating American jobs.


But although we respect the past, we celebrate the present. DECKED is also proud to offer a discount to our military heroes and first responders. If you plug in your GovX ID on our site, your association verification will run securely and in real time. A new discount code will generate each and every day.

3) Style setters

A grey pickup truck sits with its tailgate down. A DECKED tool box is placed towards the front with its lid open.

Look at it.


We know. It’s almost impossible not to.


In the last section we mentioned Han Solo’s terrific pants. But that’s not all that goes into his clean, iconic look, which was purposely designed to recall the gunslingers of the American West– tough characters who also happen to have a lot in common with a DECKED Tool Box.


Han Solo just needs a simple white shirt and a great pair of boots to complete his costume. And you know what? Our DECKED truck bed tool box requires even less. Clean lines and a simple interface are all you need to protect your tools, sporting equipment, and whatever gear you need to rescue a princess and save the galaxy.


Your truck is sexy, and your tool box should be too.

4) Adaptable for any situation

A construction worker in a hard hat reaches into a DECKED tool box located in the back of a pickup truck.

Han Solo could handle himself in a rough, alien filled bar just as well as in a formal awards ceremony. Just like a DECKED Tool Box.


When you see a DECKED Tool Box for sale, you know you’re in a place committed to quality products. But beyond that, the journey is up to you. A DECKED Tool Box review might highlight how tough they are on the job, but you’ll be just as amazed when you take them off roading, into the desert, the fishing hole, or anywhere else you can dream up. Go ahead– rely on your DECKED Tool Box for both work and play. It can take it.


Even if you’ve never been out of the suburbs, a DECKEDed out truck tool box will serve your needs and look good doing it.

5) Tons of useful compartments at the ready

A black DECKED tool box stands open, revealing a smaller, blue Crossbox inside.

Han Solo managed to rescue both himself and his buddies by smuggling them all into the bad guy’s home turf. And while you and your gigantic Wookie co-pilot might not be able to fit in your DECKED tool box accessories, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a million other uses for them.


Consider, for example, the mighty Crossbox. A DECKED crossover tool box nestles snugly into both our Tool Box as well as in our DECKED Drawer System, but that doesn’t mean it takes the back seat. Not for a moment. The Crossbox is a box for your box, a smooth and efficient way to keep your gear organized while you’re keeping it organized.


Crossboxes are available in blue as well as Desert Tan. Go ahead. Get some in each color, because you can fit more than one in that DECKED Tool Box of yours.


6) Can take a beating

A construction worker removes a blue DECKED Crossbox from a DECKED Tool Box, which is located in the back of a white pick up truck.


Han Solo probably lost count of his scars. Our whole DECKED line knows the feeling. And up in the Arctic or down in the tropics, the DECKED Tool Box vs anything is pretty much always going to come out with your truck on top.


A truck bed DECKED Tool Box is scrappy and happy, no matter what you or the weather can throw at it. Doesn’t matter which latitude or solar system you’re on… the DECKED tool box, made from materials from the future, is an almighty force of nature all on its own.

7) Ready to go

A grey FX4 pickup truck with a DECKED tool box sits against a white background. A motorbike is parked in the truck bed.

The outsized adventure that was Star Wars got its start when Han Solo agreed to ferry a Jedi knight and a farm boy off a tiny desert planet. And Han Solo didn’t ask any questions when he took the job. He was just ready.


So is your DECKED in bed tool box– and you don’t even have to seek it out in a shady otherworld bar. How hard is it to install a DECKED tool box? It’s quick and easy–you can do it yourself without any special tools– and once it’s secure in your truck bed, off you go. Who knows what’s on the other side of the mountain? Or star system?


8) Works in all kinds of weather

Shot from the bed of a pickup truck, a winter scene is revealed.


We saw Han Solo in the desert, the tundra, the forest, and just about everywhere in between. DECKED tool box reviews tell tales from the ski resort, the hunting field, and the camp site… where will you find fodder for your story?


That’s up to you.


The tale you and your DECKED system tell can be quiet and capable or epic as a John Williams soundtrack. Check out the DECKED tool box dimensions:


  • Weight with Ladder: 114 pounds
  • Weight without Ladder: 103 pounds
  • Ladder only: 12.5 pounds
  • Length: 76’’
  • Width: 22’’
  • Total height: 20.53’’
  • Height above bedrail: 5.78’’
  • Storage capacity: 9.82 ft cubed, or 73.4 gallons 
  • Internal width at top of box: 17.9’’
  • Internal width of ladder verts: 13.5’’
  • Internal length: 60’’
  • Depth: 17.4”
  • Shipping dimensions: 25.5" x 77" x 23" long, 132.5 lbs
  • Shipping dimensions with Ladder: 25.5" x 77"w x 23", 145 lbs


That’s a lot of space to conquer space! What are your plans– or are you just going to hit hyperdrive and let the story unfold?


9) Full of surprises

A man standing in a photography studio pulls a ladder out of a DECKED Tool Box. The Tool Box is placed in the bed of a pickup truck.

Wait– did those specs in the section above mention a ladder? Why, yes– yes it did.


Han Solo shot when no one expected him to shoot, ran when others expected him to sneak, and grinned when others might cringe. In short, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected with Han. And the DECKED Tool Box with Ladder– yes, with Ladder– can make your tough work day easier and your fantastic camping trip even more social media-worthy.


Let’s talk about that ladder. You know how you’re reaching for your Wookie’s bowcaster as Darth Vader’s bad guys approach, and you don’t have time to climb into the truck bed on hands and knees or find a foothold on the tire? Well, my spacefaring friend, just grab that Ladder, which stores quite neatly within the Tool Box itself, and pull it right to the ground. You’ll have easy, instant access to whatever you need to get you out of the fix you’re in, and you’re gonna look cool doing it, too.


The DECKED Tool Box Ladder is sturdy, pulls right to the ground, and offers a three-point hold for the slimest mud hole you can possibly land in. Our Ladder slides right under the lid so that it still leaves plenty of room for all that treasure you’ll haul away at adventure’s end (define your own treasure here.)


10) Adaptable

Shown at a side angle, a closed DECKED Tool Box is shown within a grey pickup truck.


Han Solo can fly his spacecraft, sure. But he can also negotiate, shoot, and, as we’ve seen, hotwire his ride.


No need to force it with DECKED. Adaptability is recognizing adaptability here.  You see, when you order your DECKED Tool Box, you’re stepping into a world of customization and attention to customer satisfaction. Chevy, Ford, GMC, Ram, Toyota…. there’s a wondrous drop down menu when you start your build that will guide you every step of the way.


DECKED offers fun-to-follow instruction manuals along with our made-to-fit products. They make the installation process simple, but if you get stuck, just reach out with online questions or try our DECKED Tool Box phone number at 208-806-0251. We’re happy to help.


11)  Scalable

The DECKED D-Bag backpack is shown with items it can hold arranged around it.

Han Solo started the Star Wars trilogy with a price on his head and ended it as a general who got to hang out with Billy Dee Williams. How cool is that? He started out excited and ended… more exciting.


Similarly, the DECKED Tool Box System is a wonder of accessorization and personalization. You can go from exciting to even more exciting too. There’s the amazing D-Bag that can slide right out of that Tool Box or Drawer System and onto your back. Or you can move aside a Crossbox or two to make room for a D-Rito Tool Roll or Survival Kit.



Your truck. Your DECKED adventure.