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DECKED: The Best Tool Backpack for Work, Adventure, and Play

DECKED: The Best Tool Backpack for Work, Adventure, and Play

A man facing away from the camera, wearing a DECKED D-Bag, lifts a bike.


Isn’t it terrific that we live in an era when you don’t just have access to tool backpacks– but you’ve got your choice? If you ask us at DECKED, we think the best backpack tool bag is our DECKED D-Bag.


But this amazing military grade hybrid isn’t just amazing all on its own… it has some pretty terrific friends. From the DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit to D-Rito Tool Roll and all the fantastic places to store them, meet the whole DECKED wingman family! We’re confident that you’ll agree it’s the best durable tool backpack on the market.

The Best Tool Bag Backpack

The best tool backpack, even if we do say so ourselves, is the DECKED D-Bag. But we’re not alone in thinking that. The D-Bag has scored a 4.9 star average out of 82 reviews, and our happy, verified customers took the time to share comments like this:


  • “Best D-Bag I’ve ever known! This is a handy pack. Very useful and versatile. A thousand different uses.” -Shane H., Oilfield inspector


  • “Such a unique and useful product. The detachable duffle and tool roll help keep small things organized. It's all very well made and I have no doubt it will last for a long time.” -Matthew R., Member of law enforcement


  • “Love it! Just got my new DECKED organized and loaded up with tools. The D-Bag is a great resource for loading up my tools and getting them onto the jobsite. Recommend for anyone looking for a way to get organized and efficient.” -Deane H., General contractor


  • “This bag has become such a staple in my life here in the desert. Extra water, tools, and bug out first aid kits a-plenty fit in here. Even if you don’t have the DECKED system like me, buy this bag and be prepared. Highest quality, most durable purchase ever. Thanks DECKED for making a great bag.” -Jason G., Real estate designated broker.


… and so on! And so on! There’s so much to love about this D-bag!



The DECKED D-Bag is the Best Tool and Work Backpack... But Why?

The front of the black DECKED D-Bag is shown against a plain white background. Now that you know who makes the best tool backpack, let’s discuss the details.

Not only does the D-Bag offer a hard shell on the front to offer protection for your expensive gear (that, let’s face it, works best when dry), the back is nice and soft so that it’s comfortable to carry. And just because it’s heavy duty doesn’t mean it’s heavy. Just like the rest of our system, the DECKED D-Bag is made with materials from the future. Everything we design is sturdy and lightweight.


Your gear is protected with aluminum where it’s needed, EVA foam where it’s needed, and nylon where that’s needed. The D-Bag is light where it matters and reinforced where necessary so that you can hit the field, the road, the trail, or the stream without your tote slowing you down.


More on that: The DECKED D-Bag’s handles are made from aluminum so that you can grab and go. (And go… and go!) We knew your bag would require extra support where weight strains the most. In addition to that, the top and base are foam coated with a ballistic nylon cloth. There is thermoformed EVA foam to offer protection where the bag doesn’t receive as much of a beating (but you can try. This crew did!)


Side panels are collapsible and flexible (and, heck, expandable, too, while we’re at it.) Those are constructed of durable 900D TPU coated nylon.  


And of course, the whole darn thing is weather resistant.

The straps of the DECKED D-bag are shown in the bag's rear view.

A Strapping Product for All

The straps of the DECKED D-Bag deserve their own section. Are you ready?


The best tool backpack for bikes is one that doesn’t even take up space on the bike itself. It’s designed to come with you, right? Well, backpack adventures are just one use for the D-Bag. This tough buddy’s straps can be tightened down as snugly as you need them to be when you’re wearing it.


Or you can tote the D-Bag into your next business meeting like a briefcase. (Of course, the best tool backpack for electricians is also the best tool backpack for HVAC, and the best backpack with laptop compartment.)


Or haul it around town just like a shoulder bag with one lengthened strap. (Sling it!)


Or take those straps off entirely. Why not?


Oh, and– which tool backpack has the best zippers? (Raises our hand.) Check it out. The D-Bag uses a #8 YKK on a seriously rugged, full-sized zipper lid. It doesn’t snag. It’s double taped. And you can manage it even while wearing gloves made for welding, skiing, riding, or anything else you can imagine.


The DECKED D-Bag is just as at home in the airport security line as it is in the middle of nowhere or on the road to an urban job site. Snag-free and versatile, the D-Bag will become your closest, most favorite travel and work companion.

All the Room in the World


A man places a clear box into a DECKED D-bag while standing outside, next to his pickup truck.


The best laptop tool backpack and the best large tool backpack are the same. The best tool tote backpack, if you ask us, is the DECKED D-Bag because it has plenty of space for all the tiny essentials you’ll need to get the job done, the fish caught, or the motorbike repaired.


To that end, the DECKED D-Bag is the best electrical tool backpack and the best large tool backpack for bicycles. And, heck, the best backpack tool period. It can size up and down with you and the job or weekend venture. It’s 19” x 16” x 9” on the outside, deceptively portable for all that it carries. Because inside, 2500 cubic inches (or 42 liters) are yours for the stuffing and stuffing and stuffing.


The DECKED D-Bag comes with a duffel bag– yep, a bag for the bag. And the bag for the bag comes with heavy duty ring snaps so that you know it will stay put inside the main compartment. That means you can leave it be or carry it separately as needed.


The side panels are just the beginning, friends. This bag is the best appliance tool backpack, but it’s so much more, too.


Don’t Forget the DECKED D-Bag’s Friends

A black DECKED bag sits open in a studio, with the many items it can hold spread out around it.

Now a D-Bag can’t be the maintenance tech best tool backpack or the best appliance tool backpack without also claiming the title of the best tool tote backpack.


For other brands, the best tool backpack for an electrician might not be the same as the best tool backpack for drills.


But we’re of the firm opinion that the best backpack tool is DECKED’s D-Bag. Full stop.


Just check out what you can fit inside our D-Bag. Those are full sized tools, not the portable kind, and we made sure to throw in all kinds of items that like to poke through lesser bags just for good measure. And since the D-Bag is weather resistant, all that metal will be kept nice and safe from the elements.


And then there’s the D-Rito Tool Roll. This organizational wonder is designed with clear plastic sleeves so that you can see what you’ve stashed. Remember those heavy-duty zippers we mentioned earlier? The same rugged family members are present on the Tool Roll. It’s made of 900D TPU-coated nylon so that it can keep up with the D-Bag and anything you throw at it.

The Container for the Containers

The DECKED Tool box is shown in the bed of a white pickup truck as a man stands next to it.

Now if the DECKED D-Bag has its own duffel bag (and that all by itself is worth the price of admission, trust us), is there a container for the container that is the D-Bag?


Of course there is! Multiple options!


Your D-Bag (carrying the D-Rito Tool Roll, if you so choose, and we do recommend that you so choose) is designed to fit nicely within the DECKED Tool Box, shown above. Plus, once you fit the D-Bag in the Tool Box, there’s still plenty of room for more of your own coolers and tents, not to mention the amazing D-Box, available in DECKED Blue and Desert Tan. All ready for more strong organizational fun.

And don’t forget the easy Tool Box Integrated Ladder that enables you to reach it all without clamoring up on the wheel or crawling around on your hands and knees.


Maybe you prefer drawers that go all the way to the back of the bed of your truck. That’s the department of the original DECKED Drawer System, which can hold not only the D-Box, the D-Bag (with the D-Rito Tool Roll safely inside!) and our Piecekeeper firearm holders, you can decide to add a few tough-build CrossBoxes (also available in DECKED Blue or Desert Tan.)


Your DECKED-out truck is as unique as your needs for it. It’s as tough and urban as you are, all in the same trip, day, or hour.


What Goes With You in your DECKED D-Bag? Whatever You Want, Wherever You Want It.

With an open DECKED D-bag propped open next to him, a man stands next to a bicycle.

Many of our customers are adventurers– and that’s exactly the way we want it. (Even if your adventures never leave the suburbs or the city work site.) We designed the DECKED D-bag with your missions in mind.


Sometimes life takes you to unexpected places, and you’re best equipped if you have some extra friends along– like your DECKED D-Bag and a few of its friends (LIke the DECKED Drawers and the DECKED Tool Box?)


Well, sure. But those toughies can accompany you to the trailhead, but maybe not as far down the line as the thinner parts of that trail. For that, you might want to pack the likes of the DECKED x Pathfinder Survival Kit or the DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit.


The Survival Kit fits neatly into a DECKED Crossbox. You can just pluck it right out of a DECKED Drawer and take it with you–no worries. Survival expert Dave Canterbury helped us design and pack the kit, so from the foldable saw to the nylon cords, from the medical kit to the stainless steel water bottle, all are carefully prepared to give you peace of mind and help when you need it most.


The DECKED Emergency Kit is just as useful. It’s stuffed with essentials, like duct tape, a flashlight, and even a power station. And guess what?


It’s perfect for the DECKED D-Bag.