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Looking for 2021 Chevy Silverado Accessories? We’ve Got a Toolbox That’ll Get Your Truck DECKED Out.

Looking for 2021 Chevy Silverado Accessories? We’ve Got a Toolbox That’ll Get Your Truck DECKED Out.


A white Chevy has a DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System installed in the truck bed


There are a few things we salivate over: The most obvious being a slickly-organized truck bed that is tidy enough to make Marie Kondo cry, the second is, of course, deep-dish pizza with a crust so thick and buttery and cheese so perfectly melted it’ll have you mooing, and the third thing, and perhaps the most important, is a brand-spankin' new truck. Holy cow, do we love new trucks. And perhaps one of the most fun things about getting a new, or new-to-you rig, is the thrill of customization. If you’ve been cruisin’ for the best, most innovative 2021 Chevy Silverado accessories, then partner, you’ve finally navigated to the right part of the internet.


Let’s take a drive together…

The DECKED Difference

We’re doing something different here at DECKED. Really different. We’re turning truck bed organization on its head and from where we’re sitting, it seems we’re traveling this road alone.


Toolboxes haven’t changed much in the past 50 years. (50 years!) But you know what has changed: cars. Cars AND trucks. They’ve changed so much that your dear ol’ granddad may not even recognize them. Chevy has innovated the hell out of its 2021 Silverado. And Ford, GMC, and Toyota too.


Automakers are realizing that now, more than ever, consumers are begging for vehicles that can act as your home on the road. Trucks are being asked to be not only a workhorse, but a workplace. People are now using trucks as their home offices, and sometimes even in their own driveways.


At DECKED we know all about the demands placed on trucks. We are hardcore truck enthusiasts too. All of us here have felt the struggle of having junk laying every which way inside and outside of our rigs, and we have all been privy to those DIY plywood truck bed drawers.


Out of necessity is why DECKED was born. Like all of the best companies, some dudes got the idea and made a legit plan on a lunch counter napkin. They saw the need for purpose-built products that would improve the lives of everyday men and women who are out there, busting their asses, to get the job done.


Since toolbox manufacturers didn’t want to take note, we pulled up and volunteered to drive from here on out. You wanted a truck bed storage solution that would put an end to the junk show? You wanted a crossover toolbox that is waterproof, ultra-secure, and damn near indestructible? Well hell, we’ve got you then. So move on over and enjoy the ride.

Toolbox sits shut. It's black and rugged looking.

The DECKED Tool Box

In addition to our DECKED Drawer System, (our firstborn child), we make an industry-superior toolbox that will make your friends jealous and surely piss off your enemies. It’s our unique design, modern materials, and engineering that set us apart. Folks, this ain’t your granddad’s toolbox, because it’s not 1973 anymore. It’s about time you had a toolbox that looks as good and performs even better than your truck. (Is that possible? You be the judge…)




Did you know that nearly 50% of aluminum toolboxes arrive at the customer dented or dinged? At DECKED, you don’t pay for dents, because our product simply doesn’t get them. Our toolbox is molded, not welded, from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and injection-molded high-impact polymer resin.


We reinforce everything with galvanized steel and aluminum to ensure that our toolbox won’t ever bend, sag, or flex.  




Security is our number one priority. What good is tool storage if you’ve got no tools left to store? Likely one of the first 2021 Chevy Silverado custom accessories you’ll be looking for is something that will keep your tools secure, because, and we can relate to this, your toolkit is probably one of the largest investments you’ll make in this life.


We’ve designed the toolbox with an upstanding lip and the tub-lid interface minimizes pry bar points. Nothing is 100% immune to theft, but our toolbox is damn near close. Because of our unique design, it’s impossible to break into with a pry bar, and the DECKED Tool Box has been known to make a crowbar cry.


A robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible. We send it to you with two keys, and the Tool Box lid must be open for the unit to be removed from the truck.



A close up view of water cascading off of a black DECKED Tool box.





Now we don’t know what type of angry skies you’re working with in your little part of the country, but we think we can all agree that a waterproof toolbox is more important than a game-clenching touchdown, grandma’s Sunday dinner, or our spouse’s carefully-curated hot sauce collection. Waterproofing is really, really important.


So we did it. We made the first completely waterproof crossover toolbox available, and we achieve this in a myriad of ways:


  • Since the toolbox is molded and not welded, you get a seamless tub and lid. That means there are fewer avenues for water to travel on to get inside in the first place.
  • It seals tightly when closed with an EPDM gasket, and when open, a bulb seal and gasket go around the entire lid.
  • That upstanding lip we created? Not only does it prevent theft, but it also acts as a rain gutter on the product.
  • We treat all hardware with anti-corrosion technology for long-lasting durability.




Everybody knows that a crossover toolbox is a giant black hole. Well, not anymore. The DECKED Tool Box comes standard with a D-Box and Snack Tray. Think of these as bonus accessories for 2021 Chevy Silverado, or any other pickup for that matter.


The D-Box is easy to grab and hangs in place within the tub. It is removable, so its portability is a major boon to workflow and efficiency, and additional D-Boxes can be added to the Tool Box if desired.


The Snack Tray—yeah, you could put your pepperoni sticks and Picante peanuts in there, but, it’s also a great place to empty your pockets at the end of the day, or keep any loose screws. (We’re talking about real ones, not just the ones your family says you’re missing.)


And if you need to secure large cargo, we’ve installed two tie-downs at the base of the toolbox on the tailgate side, so rest assured that your stuff is going to stay where you put it.  


A worker in a maroon shirt and yellow hard hat accesses his toolbox via an integrated access ladder





You can load a DECKED Tool Box up with 500 pounds of the finest crap you can find, and there’s never an issue with payload. We’ve tested it in a blistering 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and conversely, in negative five. Never even a wince from that baby. But maybe a wink from us, because hot damn it’s a high-performing toolbox!


We’ve eliminated gas struts that are bound to fail over time, and replaced them with an infinitely-useful torsion system powered by spring steel. Our 30-pound lid always stays open, and there’s never any slamming of fingers.




You know those cartoons where the bunny taps its foot uncontrollably and its eyeballs turn into two little hearts? That’s gonna be you when you feast your eyes on the integrated access ladder that comes as an optional add-on for the toolbox.


Made from 6000-series aluminum, the ladder slides right out of the toolbox, and without obstructing anything, telescopes all the way to the ground. Yes, even on those swamp boggers that are taller than Godzilla. (OK, maybe not the Godzilla rigs, but the ladder can accommodate bed rail heights up to 60”.)


You’ll be the talk of the town, or at least your current job site, when people see how you manhandle (womanhandle?) your shizz like a boss. Tower over your tools, save your back, and find your gear quickly and efficiently all thanks to a simple medium-duty ladder. Why didn’t we think of that?! Oh. We did…


A man in a white hard hat stands on an integrated access ladder that extends from his toolbox




Ugh. TikTok. We don’t even get why people go on TikTok? Just kidding. Here we are, and be forewarned, we are fuh-uhn-ny. But, as for our Tool Box, there’s nothing funny about the masterful rapidity that our toolbox installs in. That’s two minutes, folks. Two minutes!


It’s probably because we’re not going to ask you to drill holes just for 2021 Chevy Silverado accessories. No way! We’re not jerks. We use a bracket and bolt system where you thread it in and tighten it down with a power tool. We’re assuming you have one of those, right? There are four clamps to grab the bed rail and then you are done faster than the latest TikTok dance. Or perhaps you’ll perform one atop the Tool Box once you get it installed? Don’t forget to @ us. Maybe we’ll duet with you.




DECKED was born in Idaho, but gets made out here in the Heartland, in Defiance, Ohio, where we are defying the odds of what is possible when it comes to truck bed storage.


We employ real men and women, Americans, who are working really hard to make sure that the job gets done. Just like you. They show up every day, work their asses off, and go home to their families knowing they gave it their best. That’s what it means to be an American worker. To be proud of the products we create on our own soil that grow into something bigger than ourselves. Products that change people’s lives, for real.


We source the majority of our materials regionally, use recycled HDPE and steel, and work with a handful of family-owned and operated businesses that are highly capable and masters of their craft.


8 DECKED employees stand outside in front of a DECKED pickup parked in front of the DECKED warehouse

It’s Time to Get DECKED Out


So, you’re ready to pull the trigger on one of the most innovative accessories for a 2021 Chevy Silverado available? We don’t blame you. It’s been a pretty inspiring drive together so far. And thanks for letting us take the scenic route, we love to ramble on about trucks and the folks who love them, and we’re constantly looking to find more ways to put ourselves on the map.


If you don’t want us to blip off your radar, start your truck build here, or head on over to our Instagram for a little inspiration on how to #UnSuckYourTruck. You might even get to see a little #toolporn, or at least get a hearty laugh at Dirk Deckman. Would you believe us if we told you he made a DECKED Only Fans? Oh, yeah. We couldn’t make that jazz up even if you paid us…