Drawer System

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Accessories Pack Included

($290 Value)

2000 lb


No compromises. DECKED has the same payload as your truck.

200 lb

Drawer Capacity

Load em’ up. Each drawer can handle 200 lbs of whatever you got.

200 lb

Product Weight

Heavy in duty, light in weight. Won’t impact your truck’s payload capacity.

Massive Storage

Full bed-length drawers and side access pass-throughs to the wheel wells offer massive, customizable storage. Almost zero wasted space. Exactly 100% increase in the utility of your truck bed. Full-size standard drawers extend 12" further and Full-size short drawers extend 1" further.

Work-Ready Payload

High impact resistant polymer resin co-molded to a steel subframe gives you a true 2000lb payload letting you load 'er up and get 'er done.

Secure and Lockable

Out of sight and out of mind. With your tailgate locked, drawers are inaccessible. Add an optional keyed lockset for complete peace of mind.

100% Weatherproof

From Acts of God to carwashes to anything from falling from the sky, your tools and gear stay safe and dry.

Built To Roam

Keeps dust and other airborne particulate matter out of your drawers using a protective series of closeout panels so your stuff stays clean and cozy.

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Integrated Bed Tie Downs

Four countersunk locations per side. Four 400lb payload rated D-Ring Tie Downs included.

Stash Bins and Pass-Throughs

Unrestricted access to your wheel wells with included waterproof and lockable storage bins.

2000 lb Payload

Load up whatever you got, this thing can handle it. No compromises, tough guy.

Lockable and Secure

When your tailgate is locked, your drawers are inaccessible. Add Drawer Locks for even more peace of mind.

Two Full Bed-Length Drawers with a 200lb Payload Each

When every tool is precious, we give you massive storage for all things big and small.

“It has ruined my life! Now that I'm organized I have way too much time on my hands. No more 'I left the tool at the shop' just so I can go get some mid-morning tacos. I've already lost 15 lbs (my wife thinks I got a girlfriend) it has ruined my reputation as a so-so handyman.”

- Tim T. (Contractor)

“This is by far the BEST American made product I have ever purchased! The manufactured quality of the product, easy install, the durability, the jealousy factor…”

- Charles B. (Aerospace Manufacturing)

“Great product to get you organized and keep the crap out of your back seat. Don’t question, Buy it now. You won’t regret it!!”

- Jeff D. (Oil and Gas Consultant)

“Every. Single. Part. is bulletproof. I use the System everyday, all day. It is waterproof, tool proof, spill proof, clumsy-me proof. I wouldn’t be able to do business efficiently without it!"

- Paul S. (Dent Sniper)

“I've been wanting a DECKED Drawer System for a long time and finally got it. It was simple to install and I have storage for my tools, outdoor equipment and anything else I need."

- Stanley H. (Law Enforcement)

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Build Your D-cosystem™

"Better together." That's our mantra, big timer. Customize your Drawer System like a boss for just how you use it. If you thought peanut butter and chocolate was a good combo, wait 'til you start building out your D-cosystem™.

man opening his Drawer System to access his tools and gear
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Sixer 16


[A0082-2DIV-GRY] Two Drawer Dividers


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[A0010-SIXR-TAN] Side angle view of tan Sixer 16
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[A0082-2DIV-GRY] Two Drawer Dividers
Dividers 4.8
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