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DECKED REAL CUSTOMER: BENJI HILL - The Traditional Hunter and Minimalist

BENJI HILL: The Traditional Hunter and Minimalist 

Professional pack guide, hunting guide and survival instructor, Benji Hill, is not your average hunter. He's a true minimalist and throw-back to a different era. His approach to life is one from which we can all take something away. His DECKED system is even done his way. We built his truck storage system out of spare parts and pieces we had at our shop as he was not interested in a new one, just something that would work and serve its purpose. 

idaho hunting landscape

For Benji, hunting isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life. His family lives off the meat year round and he takes pride in not buying commercial meat. He finds the most enjoyment in limiting his technology, building his own gear and hunting with less gear for more reward. 

Benji is a survival instruction and a wilderness pack goat adventure guide. But what he really is, is a hunter. Benji stopped working for money, because money doesn't truly make him happy. Benji's guiding principal is that he lives as simply as possible - being in the outdoors, cutting wood, gathering wild edibles, harvesting his own meat makes him happy. Money means almost nothing to Benji. 

pack goats in the field
harvesting game meat

Benji lives on a small farm in Southern Idaho with his family and his heard of pack-goats. On a typical day when he isn't in the field, you will find Benji and his family walking their herd to keep the pack animals in shape, check out how they are moving and turn heads in the neighborhood.

pack goat hunting

"Working with pack-goats is challenging and rewarding all at the same time...the goats are super friendly, they cooperate when you run they correctly and you know their traits and they are like giant dogs, they love to be around you and please you."

walk pack goats

As a semi-proficient hunter, it takes him roughly 30 days to harvest a big game animal with a bow. A full day is sun up to sun down - 10 hours a day, 30 days, 300 hours of actual field time to get harvestable meat. 

"It was completely worth it for me to give up my financial security for my lifestyle. The freedom involved and getting to spend more time doing what I love is far more significant and important to me than the money." 

truck front
decked system wood cutting


The DECKED SYSTEM gives you maximum use of your truck bed or cargo van. 

The challenge of getting dialed starts with your vehicle. DECKED's full bed-length storage drawers give you the upper hand, because when the whistle blows, all your gear is organized in your truck bed ready to go.

We design our drawers to sit right above the wheel wells increasing your bed's surface area, leaving space to stack large items on top or use as a sleeping platform.

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