Build of the Month: Van Compass Sprinter

Build of the Month: Van Compass Sprinter

Truck zealots look away, it's time to celebrate vans. For May 2023, we're highlighting another Idaho company, Van Compass, and their 4x4 Sprinter 2500 build. If you've got a Sprinter or Transit van, you're probably already familiar with them. Van Compass manufactures a huge array of suspension and other hard-part upgrades for vans that see demanding real-world use. This 4x4 van has been enhanced with Van Compass parts for improved handling, stability and capability. It's also sitting on 35" don't see that every day!

Closeup of the Van Compass Sprinter's front bumper

So, does your rig have a nickname?
Bougie Burgundy

rear view of the Van Compass Sprinter van

Do you use your vehicle for work, play, or both? Who drives this van?
Commuting, work, play, product’s the village bicycle. Most of the senior staff gets some seat time in it to get opinions on ride quality and handling. It is one of our main marketing vans currently, so it’s designated as the "trade show" van, as well as all the R&D duties it also does.

accessories including winch, solar panels, and aux lighting on the front of the van

What kinds of fun stuff do you get up to with your vehicle?
Camping and trade shows, family hauling, exploring. We’ve tested our full catalog on it.

profile shot of van's front end How do you handle research & development and product testing?

As vehicles change periodically with mid-cycle updates, we have to keep new vans coming through to confirm changes and fitment. We also use product from some of our partners like Decked, Owl Vans, Milestar, Overland Van Project etc. Vans are a great blank canvas to start from, so we focus on our product line and work with our partners for the other solutions we need but don’t make.

What’s your approach to cargo management?

interior of the Van Compass Sprinter van

Has DECKED changed the way you use your vehicle?
Absolutely. We can stow most of a trade show booth inside it, as well as lots of tools and travel/camp essentials easily. Keeping it organized, secured and out of sight is the best. I didn’t even un-pack most of the trade show booth materials last summer and just kept it in the van ready to go.

DECKED Drawer System installed in the Van Compass Sprinter van

How has DECKED improved your adventures?
DECKED has added a ton of storage and versatility to the cargo hold of the van with a minimal amount of work. It probably took me longer to unpack everything than it did to assemble it. The quality and function is top-notch, the marketing literature is on-point. The nut bar really helped get me through the project too. We’ve absolutely hammered on this van over the last year and the DECKED hasn’t budged, and everything inside it ends up exactly how you left it.

rear bumper and accessories

2022 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 4x4 Crew

Van Compass 6.3 2” suspension system

35x12.50 Milestar Patagucci tires

Owl Talon wheels

Custom mini-galley with upright fridge

Alpine Van Works overhead storage bags and rear door bags

Cascadia 4x4 vehicle solar system

Renogy 100ah lithium battery and DC-DC charge controller

PedalControl 2.0 throttle remap

Van Compass winch mount

Van Compass ditch light mounts

Van Compass rock sliders

Van Compass  rear step

Van Compass  full skid package

Van Compass  on-board air system

VanSpeed Capsules

Adventure Hammock Systems deployable hammock mount on the roof top veranda

Thule awning

Folding interior bed, queen size memory foam mattress

Baja Designs LP9 Pros , and Squadron Pros

and some fancy VanCompass prototype parts, if you know where to look...

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Made in the USA

100% Weatherproof

Recycled Steel

Lifetime Warranty