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Our Decked Tool Backpack (D–Bag) is Incomparable to the Milwaukee Tool Backpack, and We Love it

It's Not that We Are Bragging, But Our Decked Tool Backpack (D–Bag) Is Incomparable To The Milwaukee Tool Backpack, See Why

As DECKED, our main goal is to improve your truck use experience. This is why we give you DECKED Systems (the Tool Box and the Drawer System), which make your truck utility easy, organized, and simply surreal. And since we value our customers so much and we are sure they love us for that based on the tremendous positive feedback we have received, we decided to better your lives outside your trucks and into your workplace, military missions, camps, etc.

You know how we insist that our Tool Box and Drawer System were engineered and designed with the utmost expertise, diligence, innovation, and detail; we use the same on our D-Bag, and even better because this time, we had experience! We literally make our D-Bag the tool Backpack you didn't even know could exist.

But of course, in any business and market, there can never and should never be just one product. There should be a variety, in this case, tool backpacks, from different brands, and even different varieties from the same brand, which prevents the customer from being limited in choices. After all, we are not all the same and don't all have similar interests and careers.

Nonetheless, having a variety of tool backpacks in the market is even better for us because it makes us stand out hence attracting customer love and appreciation. So other backpacks like the Milwaukee Tool Backpack make us look good, and we cannot be angry about that now, can we?

The D-Bag is a military-grade backpack ideal for storing, organizing and toting everything from tools to outdoor equipment to work gear and clothing among others.

So now, in this piece, to be fair, we will give our analysis of the two backpacks, starting with the Milwaukee Tool Backpack (we want to give them the upper hand), then finish off with the features of our DECKED D-Bag. In both cases, we will list out the disadvantages and advantages of the bags, or what makes them unique and outstanding. We would be lying if we didn't insist our D-Bag is of much better quality, so technically this article is to make you, who doesn't already know this, understand why we are praising our backpacks so much. Our greatest joy, though, will be seeing you agreeing with us and getting yourself our life-changing D-Bag.

This bad-ass tool backpack is built to be used, and abused and that is what makes it special. You could run over it with your car and it will stare back at you like nothing happened.

The Milwaukee Tool Backpack

The Milwaukee Tool Backpack comes in a range of varieties, with the most famous, and the highest competitor from the brand being the Milwaukee Jobsite Tool Backpack. Milwaukee prides itself in its tool backpacks in a way every company would with their top products. We wouldn't say that the backpack is bad, but as DECKED, we think it is just one of the many ordinary backpacks out there.

Here are some of the features of the Milwaukee Ultimate Tool Backpack. But before that, if you are interested in the bag, you can simply search Milwaukee Tool Backpack Amazon, and you should find it alongside a few user reviews. There, you can see for yourself, analyze its features, aesthetics and press the order button if you happen to like it. To be honest, It is a cool product which can serve you well in your day to day tool toting needs.

With DECKED's D-Bag, you are assured of things you wouldn't experience with other tool bag brands out there. You get better organization, better storage and top class security.

Here are The Best Features Of the Milwaukee Tool Backpack

  • It has 35 different Pockets for organizing tools.
  • It has an Impact Resistant Hard Molded Base, which protects contents and allows the backpack to stand while contributing to its durability
  • It's made of quality1680 Ballistic Material
  • Its back has a Load-Bearing Harness that is perfectly Padded and Breathable for the ultimate back comfort
  • It has a Laptop Sleeve that helps you safely carry your portable computer Laptop of up to 15.6 inches in size
  • It comes with a Bulk Pocket that gives quick access to bulky items such as fish tapes and power tools
  • It has an extra Attachment Strap which Allows the bag to be easily and securely attached to the vertical handles giving more comfort

An all-in-One storage implies that the D-Bag presents you with endless possibilities to store, organize and move your handy tools whether you are a technician, a delivery guy, a field service guy, you name it.

Benefits Of The Milwaukee Tool Backpack

The Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack has various benefits that make it a competitive tool backpack in the market:

  • It is quite durable considering it is made with quality 1689 denier material and a hard molded base
  • The backpack's hard molded base is waterproof, which helps as you can comfortably place it on a surface with water and be sure your tools are safe
  • The backpack offers comfort and easy carriage due to its breathable load-bearing harness
  •  The backpack offers mole storage since it has 35 pockets and an extra bulky pocket
  •  It helps with organization since the different pockets are customized to hold different tools
  •  It is quite handy in ensuring safe storage and transportation of fragile electronics

Generally, the backpack provides users with innovative and durable solutions to carrying their tools in their workplace especially, tradespeople.


But truly, when you look at all these features, none are unique. Most of them, if not all, are pretty much standard in other backpacks. In other words, these are things you'd find in any tool backpack out there.

However, the Milwaukee Tool Backpack seems to fare on quite competitively against some players in the game such as the Klein brand of backpacks. And they are quite affordable by the way.

But as Decked, we swear that despite our D-Bag being a bit pricey, it is worth it. It is definitely value for money! Our product comes with unique and genius features that make it expedient, comfortable, durable, highly ergonomic and of course suoer unique.

The D-Bag snugs nicely inside the Drawer System and the Tool Box, but it also works with other non DECKED cargo storage equipment. In retrospect, DECKED systems are made to be adaptable.

The Genius Engineering and Features Of Our DECKED Tool Backpack (D-Bag)

Amazing Design and Construction

  • The D-Bag's first genius feature and advantage is its design and construction. The backpack is made of ballistic 900D nylon coating, giving it optimum strength, durability, and security. Literally, it does not snag or tear anyhow. Talk about strength!
  • Still, on the design, the D–Bag comes with high-quality YKK zippers, which have to be the strongest zippers out there. Their teeth do not separate despite falling or how much staffing you do. And this is even after years! Now, these zippers are very much not like those on the Milwaukee Tool Backpacks. On their Amazon reviews, you wouldn't miss complaints from customers about how their zips ripped even when the backpacks were practically new. And guess what, their warranty didn't even cover that (you did not get that from us). We would not want to start a fire, but really our zippers are something else.

With contour pockets, a removable duffel bag and a portable removable tool roll, the D-bag as the kind of storage for keeping and toting anything and everything.

Amazing Tool Organization

As a technician or tradesman, you do not just want a tool backpack to carry your tools. You need it to keep them as organized as possible for easy accessibility for the utmost convenience. Moreover, you may need a bit of style and fashion. Your tool storage system need not be an ugly contraption where things can be trashed  in. Come on, your work deserves some respect so give it the pampering it requires.

At DECKED, we know that, and you deserve that luxury! This explains why the D-Bag is designed with extra precision and detail to guarantee that it gives you first-order retrievability convenience. Apart from having diversified and customized pockets, we go the extra mile for you. And it's nice looking.

The D-Bag comes with an extra small bag we call the D-Rito Tool Roll. This allows you to carefully arrange your small and mostly-used tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, and pliers for easier accessibility. The best part is that the D-Rito Tool Roll is detachable, so you can use it when you only need your most used tools for a job. Now that is organization and convenience!

And as DECKED, we do not stop there to give you state-of-the-art organization and convenience. We embed on the D-Bag  an integral detachable duffel bag with extra pockets for even extra storage. This is for when you have dirty gear or boots. We do not want you to mess up your clean and organized tools and gear.

The Good thing with the D-Bag is that it is designed to be adaptable. It can be held like a briefcase, hang on the shoulder or strapped at the back. It easily morphs into whatever tool bag you want to serve the situation at hand.

Back to the amazing design and construction concept, the D-Rito Tool Roll is fitted with heavy-duty adjustable ring straps and cinch system rolls, allowing rolling up into a nice safe, efficient "burrito" for easy and convenient storage and transportation.

Overflowing Storage Space

One of our massive flexes on our DECKED Tool Backpack is its storage space. Yes, the D-Bag actually has exceeding storage capacity —literally more storage space than the extra-large Milwaukee tool backpack. We know a tool backpack should not carry as much as a tool box, especially since they are carry-ons, but still, they should have ample space to carry all the necessary tools and gear for a day's work. Sadly, this is where many brands fail, but as DECKED, we have mastered it! The D-Bag offers a massive 2500 cubic inches of storage space! This is more than twice what most backpacks offer, including the Milwaukee backpack. This is made possible by the great backpack's inlay design with contour pockets, foldable layers, and the extra D-Rito roll alongside the duffle bag.

The D-Bag comes with a whopping 2500 cubic inch capacity of storage. Add to this other inlay storage options such as the duffel bag and the tool roll. You'd agree that the D-Bag gives more space than most of what those too backpacks out there offer.

Ergonomics and Versatility

Carrying backpacks the whole day can be extremely exhausting, no matter how much comfort and back support they provide. It gets worse for persons whose work involves fixing and always having their tools with them. Honestly, no one wants to get bruises and muscle cramps daily from carrying their tool backpack. As DECKED, we remembered this and designed the D-Bag to provide the utmost versatility and ergonomics.

Firstly, the bag has double shoulder straps–padded, of course–so that you can comfortably carry them on your shoulders.

Secondly–now this is where the versatility comes in– the straps are adjustable such that you can carry the bag horizontally like a briefcase for both for the most comfortable yet savory look.

Still, on versatility and ergonomics, remember the D-Rito Tool Roll and the removable duffle bag? Tell me those don't make your work easier when you do not have to carry all your tools. Of course they do. You do not have to get tired with your entire luggage the entire day. Sometimes, you can relax.  

The D-Bag is not just useful for carrying tools. It is perfect for camping too. You can be sure of ample space for your outdoor gear, bottles of wine, snacks, and maybe even a change of clothes. The best part is that you are sure the backpack will give you the utmost protection. Oh yes, it is used for military ammunition too.

 Bring with you all your work stuff in one package for convenience. You'd carry clothes, shoes, tools, and everything you need for your work. Will that not make you more productive?

No, Our Backpack is not Waterproof. It is Weatherproof!

One of the greatest features that make the D-Bag stand out is its unmatched weatherproof capabilities. Now can you compare that to the Milwaukee backpack, which only has a waterproof base? Totally impossible. With our D-Bag, you are guaranteed the security of a tool box in a backpack. Your tools and gear remain 100% rain, snow, and dust-free. Now, who wouldn't want that?

Cost And Value For Money

The only thing that might come off as a disadvantage of our D-Bags is the cost aspect. Retailing at around $200, our backpack might seem a little expensive. We do not even want to convince you that it is not; the price is above that of most tool backpacks. However, we can assure you, and so can most of our customers, that you get value for your money. The backpack will serve you so long, and you'll be sure of the generous warranty cover we offer. That $200 will be worth every cent!

Other Perks Of Our D-Bag

  • Compatibility–Our D-Bags are compatible with both our Decked storage systems and non–Decked storage systems. If you are a frequent truck user, you know this is a great advantage!
  • Lifetime Warranty– Our D-Bags come with a guaranteed lifetime warranty policy. We trust our products, and we want you to trust us.
  • Free Shipping– We know $200 may seem a lot for our D-Bags, but that's it. You pay that, we offer you free and fast shipping.

Start your convenience today by buying our D-Bag. Get DECKED!