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Drive Safely with the Proper Gun Holder for Your Car





This is a picture of a gun lying on a table with ammunition.





When you are going out for a drive, to the shooting range, or hunting, you want your gun(s) to be safe. How do you carry yours? Loose on the seat, in the glove box, on the door, under the seat, or heaven forbid in the cup holder? Not only are those options potentially dangerous, they can damage your gun and/or sight. When your gun isn’t secured somewhere, it also has the potential to accidentally go off and harm you and your passenger. Not only that, if there are children in the car, one can easily pick it up and fire it, not understanding the damage or death it can cause.


What do you want to do with your gun—simply have it secured in your car, at your office desk, or in your home? Do you want it simply secured as you move from place to place but your main reason for bringing it is to wear it on your person? Keep in mind, the main point after what you want to do with it, is the size of your gun because not all gun holders fit the same size. A good reason to invest in gun holders is to keep your gun where you put it (as opposed to sliding all over the place) and keep it from being damaged or fired accidentally.


There are two popular choices(if you don’t need access to your gun when driving)when it comes to gun holders for your car or truck: the DECKED Crossbox and the D-Box, which are waterproof and can keep your gun and your ammunition dry. If you have the DECKED Drawer System, both of these options will automatically fit inside with no problem. No DECKED Drawer System? That is okay because both of these will fit into your trunk with no problems.

Picture is of a blue D-Box that can be used as a gun holder for car or truck.



Another popular choice for any type of gun holder in the car is the concealed gun choice. If you decide to use a concealed gun holder, you should act in accordance with your state laws. The list is just a guide–you are responsible for checking with your police department’s website for updated information.


Concealed gun holders can be a good investment to keep your gun out of sight, protected, and off your waist when driving. Some people prefer to put their gun at the appendix location on their waist but unless you’re thin, it doesn’t always work that way as the seatbelt gets in the way. Enter the concealed gun holder for the car. It can be a small lock box that fits in the center console, or it can be a locked box (the DECKED Crossbox or D-Box) that can be placed in the trunk. If you happen to need your gun when driving (think of carjackings or road rage and you’re pulled off the road), keeping it in the trunk wouldn’t be such a good idea. Some people enjoy using a magnetic gun holder for their car, which places the gun either directly below the steering wheel or to the right of it, and provides easy access.


According to Matthew Maruster, who owns the blog Concealed Carry and Concealed Carry Podcast, you should not use your car as a concealed gun holder. One reason he cited was that when the gun is on your person, there will be less chance of it being accidentally discharged. On his website, he gives people options to safely carry your gun when driving and yet have it accessible.



Safety aside, there are those drivers who prefer to use a magnet gun holder for their gun. Why use a magnet gun holder for a car? For some, it is an easier way to keep their gun out of the way while driving, limiting potentially dangerous situations and keeping it within reach should they need it. But what is a magnet gun holder? A magnet used in the car to hold the gun is similar to the magnet you place on your kitchen wall to hold your knives and scissors, but in this case, it is holding your gun in place wherever you choose to keep it.


A go-magnet tends to use a small magnet to hold your gun under the steering wheel or just to the right of it because if it was any bigger, you wouldn’t be able to separate them. You may be wondering if having a magnetic gun holder will damage or magnetize the gun? No. According to the Atomic Bear, it will not damage or magnetize your gun.

But a magnetic gun holder might not be the best choice if you have the magnet placed in plain sight of someone walking up to or by your car.Picture is of a magnet used in the car as a magnetic gun holder.




Overall, a locking gun holder is probably your best choice. Again, it is up to you and what you plan on doing with your gun, if you are driving somewhere or you are not presently carrying it on you. In addition, DECKED makes a nifty container, the Crossbox, that can house your gun and your ammunition separately, and it is waterproof (important if you don’t have the DECKED Drawer System or even a truck as you can put them in your trunk). The Crossbox can be used on its own or with the DECKED Drawers. The D-Box is slightly smaller than its counterpart but it is also an excellent choice. DECKED also sells locks that work well with all of their products and may work with what you already own. DECKED boxes are a good investment as they can double as toolboxes. Picture is the D-Box in the back of DECKED's Drawer System.



The floor mount gun holder for a car might be better suited for a truck since it holds two shotguns or rifles and is permanent. It is not something that can be concealed though, so if you are looking for a concealed option, this isn’t it. However, DECKED makes a Piece keepers tray that fits in the DECKED Drawer System. It fits three shotguns or rifles and has a padded cradle, ensuring a secure fit and easy for removal. It also utilizes the locking system just like the regular drawer.Picture is of a top loading rifle holder with three rifles.  


No matter how you store your gun, safety should always be your number one concern, followed by storing it in a legal manner. If you can’t comfortably carry your weapon on your body while driving, getting a locked box is the best idea. The Crossbox and the D-Box can also be attached to the passenger front seat with a cable. They are also easily accessible when driving. Roughly 13,000+ guns were stolen or lost in the United States in just the last year. It might be wiser to use a locking gun holder for the car.