GMC Truck Bed Storage by Decked


DECKED's revolutionary Pickup Truck Bed Storage and Cargo Van Storage Systems feature a low profile truck bed tool box system that is compatible with GMC Sierra, GMC Savana and our recently introduced Midsize DECKED Storage System is compatible with GMC Canyon trucks. DECKED’s ergonomic toolboxes feature heavy duty, slide out drawers at waist height which still allow the owner full use of their truck or van bed. DECKED GMC Storage Systems are easy to install or remove, weatherproof, secure, ergonomic, and are made in the USA. With its low-profile design the DECKED leaves plenty of room for further uplifting of your cargo van or pickup truck as needed. DECKED GMC Truck and Cargo Van Storage Systems are perfect for small businesses like painters, carpenters, plumbers and handyman services who need their vehicle to have secure storage bins that are easy to access. DECKED GMC Storage Systems were also designed with the outdoors enthusiast in mind, allowing you to carry team sports gear, fishing, hunting or any kind of sports gear you can imagine. Get organized with DECKED Storage Systems for your GMC Truck or Van.