Build of the Month: Offroad Fitness

Build of the Month: Offroad Fitness

Fitness trainer Aneta (@offroadfitness) is no stranger to pushing herself or her clients to the limit and beyond. Her Jeep Gladiator is held to the same standards. With tons of upgrades underneath, inside, and out, this Gladiator is ready to play rough.

Aneta sits on the tailgate of her Jeep Gladiator

So, does your rig have a nickname?
I call it "The Warhorse"- I've taken it from the coast of Long Island, NY, to the high desert of Utah, the mountains of Colorado, all the way to Johnson Valley, California and everywhere in between. Always gets me there, always loaded to the max, no matter the terrain.

Rear shot of a Gladiator with rooftop tent, Drawer System, and Dometic fridge

Do you use your vehicle for work, play, or both?
It was my daily vehicle for a while, but now it's mostly play, camp, explore. I work as a personal trainer so I also use the Jeep to haul around fitness equipment for when I train clients at their homes. I usually have a kettlebell or two stashed in the drawers for on-the-go training sessions. It's my way of staying fit on longer trips that keep me away from my gym.

Gladiator with rooftop tent deployed on the sandy bank of a river

What kinds of fun stuff do you get up to with your vehicle?
Road trips, camping, offroading. I love cross-country roadtrips in this Jeep and exploring backcountry routes. I have built it into a bit of a "Rocklander"...I want to be able to camp and travel in comfort but also hit some harder trails.

Image of Rotopax containers mounted on Gladiator bed rack

What’s your approach to cargo management?
My motto is: "It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and NOT have it"...therefore, cargo management is an important step in trip-prep. The DECKED system gets split into a recovery/tool side & a camp kitchen/comfort-stuff side. The interior of the Jeep gets clothing & bedding packed under the bench seat. Pack every size socket, charge every accessory, don't forget the hot sauce.

Overhead shot of DECKED drawers extended from truck bed

Has DECKED changed the way you use your vehicle?
Yes, DECKED has completely changed how I use the bed of my vehicle.
The Drawer System is the most-used addition to the Jeep. Before it, I would have at least 3-4 large camping totes in the bed filled with everything from my tools/recovery gear to my camp kitchen. It was a game of extreme Tetris trying to get things in and out of the boxes.

After install, I did not miss the depth or height of the bed, because it had never been used--I always had a bedrack & RTT. It actually made my bed more spacious because everything is in its place and locked away.

DECKED Drawer System in bed of Jeep Gladiator

How has DECKED improved your adventures?
Because of the Drawer System, my gear stays dry, clean and ready to go at any time. It's like being packed and ready for a trip at all times. After every camping trip, I'll replenish the drawers, go over the tools and reorganize.

List of sponsors on side of Jeep

2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S

Superlift - 4" Suspension
Yukon Gear & Axle - 5.13 Gearing, Chromoly Axle Shafts, Diff Covers
ARB - Air Compressor & Locker
BFGoodrich - KM3 MT 37x12.5x17
DECKED - Drawer System
Black Rhino Wheels - 17" Abrams
Road Armor - Front & Rear Bumpers
Road Armor - Fender Flares
Road Armor - Bed Rack
Road Armor - 12k LB Winch
4x4Colorado -  'Nimbus' RTT
Dometic - CFX45
Baja Designs - Squadron Sport
Oracle - Taillights
Quake LED - Halo Headlights
D&C Designs - Cowl ditch lights w/ integrated blinker
Quadratec - Stealth Interior Light Bar
DIY Rack Mounted Storage Box - RIDGID Toolbox from Home Depot
Jackery - PowerStation / Solar Generator + 100W Solar Panel

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