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Our Story

Why Our Woody Came To Matter

After over 20 years of battling, band-aiding and otherwise fussing with homemade wooden drawer systems made of plywood, dimension lumber and half the hardware department from True Value, co-founder, Lance Meller, declared, “Wood is dead.” Sleeping in the back of his truck as an outdoor sales rep, spooning with skis, snowboard samples, tools and just about everything other than a warm woman, Lance started working with some pals on a solution to his pickup truck bed junk show. A few things fell into place, including a BLT with co-founder, Jake, and after nearly three years of research, design, and engineering work, DECKED was born.

Why We Care

We too have lived with substandard homemade and even purchased storage systems rattling around in the backs of our pickup trucks for years. Finally, we sat down determined to solve the problem we all faced with our truck beds and produce the best in-vehicle storage system anywhere. We think we did, and we are confident you will too. You’re one of us, and our mission at DECKED is to make your life better.

Work Smarter, Play harder.


Warehouse Manager

Ohio is the birthplace of 8 presidents, Neil Armstrong, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and also Rachelle ‘Shelly’ Croft. Born and raised in the buckeye state, she knows the value of hard work. Whether overcoming her fear of public speaking to make a cameo in our “Are you Man Enough” commercial with Jason Aldean, staying late to ship D-Boxes, or overcoming her fear of flying, she always gives it 100%. When not at the warehouse, you can find her taking her kids Brady and Levi to Cedar Points or cooking a mean bacon ranch cheese ball. FUN FACT: She is the only DECKED employee to be named DECKED Employee of the Month.


Finance Manager

While it might not have been her fault, she was there when the shit hit the fan. Lacie Figgot spent five years at the Bank of America in the AP/finance department, ushered in a new form of low in the American economy and promptly left to work at Smith Optics. An electric personality, she has nearly been struck by lightening on at least 3 occasions while hiking mountains around the Ketchum, ID region. If you owe DECKED money, she is the one you talk to and we’d suggest payment on receipt. When she is not busy wielding a baseball bat and collecting our milk money, Lacie enjoys road tripping to American landmarks like Mt Rushmore (what’s up Flinstone’s Campground!) or cruising the redwoods with her man Robert and their young progeny, William. Lacie is a second generation native Ketchum resident and among other things used to live in the house which now is home to our favorite house of ill repute, Grumpy’s.



Here at DECKED, we’re proud to have Oliver on our team…Well, after he gets all his school work done that is. Not many companies can say their IT Department consists of one high school boy genius. Aside from doing all the IT work for DECKED, and half the small town of Ketchum, Oliver also likes to dabble in photography and collecting vintage beanie babies in his spare time. As smart as he may be, here are a list of things he’s never done: text on a flip phone, write in cursive, rewind a cassette tape with a pencil, listen to music on MTV, wait for dial up for the ‘inter-web,’ use a phone book or read time on an actual watch.


Marketing Services Manager

A true renaissance woman, Tami was raised in Idaho with a focus on traditional values and lady-like manners. Tami drives a truck, fly fishes, snowboards, and snowmobiles. She can drink beer, skin a bear, design doilies, decorate your home and spit chew (reportedly) farther than you. She’s the perfect blend of redneck and refinement and is the one responsible for ‘decking ‘ out DECKED. When she’s not updating her Instagram status (@tammajams) or deliberating whether to wear a denim jumpsuit vs camo pants, she can be found shooting guns, out-riding her boyfriend on the mountain or reading a book by the fire with a cozy mug of Mad Dog 20/20.

Ron Hayes

VP of Finance & Operations

Born with a CPA certificate hanging above his crib, Ron was destined to greatness as a financial manager of major corporations from an early age. A survivor of the University of Idaho fraternity system, Ron managed to graduate with a degree in finance and accounting. Ron held posts as CPA for Deloitte and Touche and as controller of SSI Foods, Inc. before moving to Smith Optics in 1993. Ron’s got three daughters, which has made him an adept polisher of the family shotgun, ol’ Bessie, as well as a nimble dealmaker staving off complete nuclear holocaust over the dinner table on numerous occasions. When Ron is not busy crunching numbers and plotting ways to take DECKED to the next level, he can be found riding his motorcycle and yelling at neighborhood dogs to get off his lawn.

Margo L’Heureux

Customer and Dealer Service Manager

Raised in the Washington, DC area and speaker of conversational German just for the fun of it, Margo readily admits that she hates Maryland crab but loves potatoes, so she moved to Idaho… Well, actually, Margo followed a man to Idaho just after college, whom she married and has been with ever since despite the many life threatening situations he’s put her through – like hiking on cliffs stating is was a “shortcut,” dumping her into a waterfall from a poorly rigged cataraft and then rowing over her, and introducing her to skiing by saying “just go like this” and then abandoning her at the top of Sun Valley’s Baldy Mountain. Margo has since become pro in all of these sports so it’s now her 14 year old son’s turn to keep up!

Denis Mcnamara

VP of Sales

Denis is a former freestyle mogul skier who somehow figured out a way to ski full time in the winter and earn an Economics degree from the University of Washington, although it did take more than 4 years. When the real world came calling he turned his sites to corporate America that resulted in a 27.5 year career with what is today, MillerCoors. The climb up the corporate ladder lead to tours of duty in Fargo, N.D., Des Moines, IA. and St. Louis, MO, before eventually returning to the friendly confines of the Northwest. He plays to an always fluctuating single digit handicap while following his daughter’s career as a goalkeeper on the UW’s Women’s Soccer team. He and his wife, Joann, are slowly adjusting to life as empty nesters along with the family dog, Tucker.



We like to call him “College” as he did graduate from UAB with a double major in marketing and fraternity drinking games. While he might be the best looking of the bunch, we are sorry to inform the ladies, he’s a newlywed. Sports freak and chronic Tweeter of sporting observations, he is the unofficial head of the #FireRayWatts hashtag campaign. An avid golfer, a pastime which claims to be a real sport, Rhett can be found whining over beers about Atlanta having never won a championship at anything at your local Hooters. Working for an Idaho company means one day the boy will become a man and learn to ski but you’ll have to stay tuned to @rhettmorton for updates.



Another native of Idaho, Rachel Pace comes to DECKED with a long list (like most women) of likes and dislikes as well as (like most Idaho women) a long list of things she can do better than you. Rachel went to college, so we assume as she is incredibly organized, proactive, outgoing and disciplined. She drives a truck, loves to fly fish and hunt mushrooms as well as slide downhill on snow, claiming rights in both the ski and snowboard phylum. The way to her heart is through a late night quesadilla and a cold Coors Light.



Growing up one of the frozen chosen as the son of academics in North Dakota, Jake escaped the high plains drifter lifestyle to the West Coast for college followed by more schooling in Europe. After attempting to take down the entire American economy as an investment banker, he fled to Idaho to pursue his repentance. In the meantime he has taught himself how to design and product manage items made from steel and resins. Fortunately, he is still allowed to enter the Midwest. Stickler for detail, mountain biker, skier, Apache helicopter parent, and almost frustratingly glass half full, Jake spends his free time with dog-human Walter, adorable daughter Katie and forgiving wife Trina cruising in his 1963 Lincoln convertible.



Greg Randolph was born a cross eyed, flat footed, asthmatic with a fear of heights, deep water, wide open spaces and small dogs. When he is not working on developing new physical ailments or phobias he enjoys pretending to listen to his four daughters and seeking out quiet, estrogen-free pockets around his property. Punching way above his weight, his wife is the cause of much conversation when they enter the room which typically goes, “What on earth does she see in him?” Greg rides bikes, skis, fishes, hunts, and reportedly has hand-eye coordination on par with a one-armed, one-eyed, drunk Labrador.



Hailing from the Buckeye State of Ohio, Todd’s Midwestern roots have kept his work ethic in seriously high gear. While in college at the University of Akron he was already chomping at the bit to stake his claim in the truck accessory world by launching his own truck accessory aftermarket retail business called Truk-Cap, Inc., followed shortly thereafter with co-founding Sport Masters, Inc. Todd then further honed his sales and marketing chops at A.R.E. and TracRac before pioneering American Aftermarket Group (AAG), which he ultimately sold to LINE-X. When not flexing his automotive aftermarket muscle, you’ll find Todd spending time with his four children and nine grandchildren, running, fishing and playing baseball.



Born and raised on the outskirts of Detroit, Tim was attracted to all things mechanical from a very early age, from erector sets, to bicycles and then on to motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars and trucks and the occasional boat. He played clarinet in grade school for a couple of years and then realized there were no clarinets in rock and roll, so he switched to guitar and developed a lifelong passion for guitars and rock and roll. Like Eric Clapton, he gets off on 57 Chevys and screaming (Fender brand) guitars. When not working, you can find him at his kids hockey games, playing guitar and telling kids that what they listen to “is not real music.”



Lance is from the Southern hemisphere which sort of explains his funny accent that somehow attracts ladies despite his Koala looks. His walkabout in the USA started when he slipped across the oceanic border when he was 17. After college he went to work for K2 and saw America from the deck of a snowboard. Never far from his passions, Lance has always worked in the outdoor sports industry including companies like Skullcandy and Chums. DECKED started when Lance finally bought a manly truck and his good friend, Dylan, who owns Rising Fish, worked with him to build a new truck bed storage system. Lance has moved on to the greener pastures as BBQ impresario for Traeger Grills. But you can still bet that he and his wife Robin are somewhere out skiing, fly fishing or traveling. If you see him, ask for a plate of ribs.