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Last weekend, the DECKED crew loaded up and gathered in Nevada for a weekend with a few friends and ambassadors. Our plan to chase the country's largest cutthroat trout was scrambled by unseasonably warm weather, but we found other ways to stay entertained. Although the fish were few and far between, the beers and good times were not. We woke up Sunday morning with the sunburns and headaches to prove it.

The DECKED crew's Pyramid Lake camp at night


Our group's setup included some of the most dialed rigs anywhere on the beach. Why rough it when you can enjoy working sinks, hot showers and a five-star experience? We had multiple grills cooking up food across camp and plush sleeping setups in rooftop tents. We left your old man's Coleman and freeze-dried food behind for good.

Toyota Tundra with DECKED vehicle wrap

Wes Siler's new Ranger, complete with a Go Fast Campers platform camper.

A few of the rigs from the DECKED fishing trip to Pyramid Lake


When most people think of trout fishing, heavyweight rods and stepladders don't typically come to mind. Regulars out here have been dragging ladders into the sandy bottom for years. It allows you to stay out of the cold water and dramatically extend your casting range. It's a unique characteristic of fishing this place, and anyone that's been fortunate enough to have made a pilgrimage will recognize it immediately since it doesn't happen anywhere else.

Nate Akey moves a ladder downbeach in search of giant Lahonton cutthroat trout

DECKED employee Matt shows the pros he's not here to mess around

Even though the hot, windless air drove the fish too deep to reach, we did connect on a few and got them to play. A fumbled net assist led to losing the largest, but we don't believe in finger-pointing. The guilt is bad enough.

Nate Akey on net duty

Nate Akey helps a local angler net a large cutthroat trout


Many folks spent long hours behind the wheel to meet up for some spring fishing and camping. Photographer Nate Akey drove 9+ hours from Oregon just to net fish for total strangers. What a guy!

Caroline Akey sits on the lakeshore with a dog in her lap

Caroline Akey takes a break from casting to rehydrate and enjoy some dog time.

Black Rifle Coffee Co. products in a DECKED D-Bag

Photographer Lacey Whitehouse made the trek out to represent Black Rifle Coffee Co. No excuses for the late risers--caffeine on deck!

Lucas O'Hara casts flies from a ladder in Pyramid Lake

Lucas O'Hara took some time off from knifemaking to try one of the most unusual flyfishing experiences around.

Mike Craig kneels on the shore and pets a dog

Mike Craig of No Leaf Clover Co. came all the way out from his home base in Colorado. Mike kept us laughing as he cursed the fish, the weather, and himself. Ya can't win 'em all.

Wes Siler walks away from his truck camper

Journalist Wes Siler took the prize for longest journey, coming from Bozeman, MT to get a headstart on fishing for the year.

Man wearing sunglasses casts from ladder at Pyramid Lake

DECKED FNG Brennan Cira knows it's important to look the part, even if your fishing doesn't measure up. The ol' cast-to-fish ratio took a hit on this one, that's for sure.

Woman adjusts her line at Pyramid Lake

OG DECKED'er, Tami Harrison, is no stranger to life behind a fly rod. She couldn't connect with any Lahontan cutties, though.

Matt Hardinge stares down the camera in his waders

DECKED's Matt Hardinge takes top marks for organizing the entire shindig. To prove a point, he also hooked up on a possible 15-pounder on the very first afternoon. He'll outfish you and then doctor up a Special Beer for ya.

Several people touch beer cans together in a cheers

A lil' liquid enthusiasm helped keep our spirits high, even if the fish weren't biting. Combine lime juice, hot sauce, and tajin seasoning for a Special Beer™ that can turn your day around.


We struck camp and headed our separate ways, weighted down with adult sodas and a whole mess of untouched flies. There may not have been much action on the water, but a few days in a beautiful place were a great way to reconnect with the land and each other. Thanks for tuning in, we'll see you around the bend.

Lucas O'Hara walks into the distance with a ladder