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Transfom your DIY Game with the DECKED’s D-Bag, a New Generation, Agile, and Powerful Small Tool Bag

Transform Your DIY Game with DECKED’s New Generation, Agile, and Powerful Small Tool Bag

Why You Need The D-Bag

Imagine performing a task that requires you to move tools up a ladder or several flights of stairs. You’ve got to admit that you would need an on-the-go tool storage solution that stocks your gear perfectly and efficiently. If you are a handyman and need frequent access to your equipment, you’d find that with a little bit of organization, your work process will not only improve significantly but also become enjoyable. At DECKED, we appreciate that your tool box or tool bag is equally as important as the tools they carry, which is why when making purchase decisions, you need to be careful to ensure you invest in the right storage equipment.

Purchasing a quality tool bag from a reputable brand seems like an excellent idea. And what many people have always done is turn to brands they have built trust with, such as those big names that have been around for some time, the likes of the small Klein tool bags, the Milwaukee small tool bags, and the DeWalt tool bags. Well, we have no problem with you buying from names you are familiar with because honestly, we all like patronizing those establishments we know because we trust they will take care of our needs better than anyone.

Nonetheless, even though we are a bit of a novice in the industry, we at DECKED are putting up with the pressure quite fairly, giving our competitors a run for their money. Like old wine, we have perfected over time, a novel craft that has since been aged through a process of innovation, skill, and character development  and as guided and supervised by the patron’s eye we have been able to come up with a completely agile and ergonomic product. We introduce to you the DECKED D-Bag.

Unlike other small tool bag brands, the D-Bag is excellent for solo use and is also compatible with the DECKED Tool Box and the DECKED Drawer System. A DECKED tool bag integrated into a DECKED Drawer System or a DECKED Tool Box carries immense benefits. It sounds too good to be true; delve deeper.

The D-Bag comes as set of three storage equipment : An all in one medium sized bag , a duffel bag, and a Tool Roll. It is as sturdy as possible to resist all manners of rough outdoor  treatment .

Why DECKED Has the Best Small Tool Bag in this Century

Unmatched Construction

It doesn't really matter what storage equipment you want to buy, be it a tool bag, tool box, or tool pouch; you want it to be tough enough to withstand everyday use and abuse. DECKED takes the art of tool bag making to a level where other companies couldn’t or wouldn’t. Different manufacturers use different materials but mostly heavy-duty canvas or polyester, which without a doubt are a good consideration for sturdy tool bag  making . But DECKED’s D-Bag is made differently. Our product is bank-vault solid, featuring a ballistic 900D nylon cloth coating, meaning it won’t snag, rip, or tear no matter the level of abuse you put it through. You can practically drive your truck over it, and it will stare back at you as if nothing happened.

Furthermore, the D-Bag is made with high-quality YKK zippers whose teeth won’t separate or degrade when carrying heavy tools or loads. The processes we employ and the materials we use are meant to see to it that you won’t have to replace your small tool bag every few months.

Weather Resistance


When you buy the D-Bag, you get more than just a bag.You get a weather proof tool storage solution with capabilities of resisting  fluid immersions , snow storms and some of the most adverse climatic conditions you could imagine.

The D-Bag’s construction materials give it an excellent weatherproof framework. This, coupled with the double-stitched zippers and the manufacturing process employed complement the robust weather resistance functionality it is designed with. It will protect your tools from all the elements, including rain and snow.


State of the Art Organization

First-order retrievability is what you desire when purchasing a tool bag. You want all your tools organized and visible. However, this is not a comfort that you get in an ordinary tool bag .

Most of what you’ll get out there are “storage holes,” which are basically single compartment cargo organization equipment where you thrust everything in one place. Some might have a few pockets here and there, but generally in terms of smart cargo organization , there is not much to expect. At DECKED, we employ innovation, optimizing both structural and functional storage aspects for optimum tool organization. Our product is carefully researched and tested against emergent needs to give you seamless serviceability. You get to enjoy strength, convenience, style, and class all in one package.

The D-Bag is Carefully Designed to ensure there is Enough Organization , Capacity  and capability for easy toting , securing of cargo and protection from adverse weather .


The D-Bag comes with a removable D-Rito Tool Roll where you can keep your small and mostly-used tools like spanners, pliers, and screwdrivers. Other than securing your tools, we have envisioned a scenario where at times you may only need a few handy implements and therefore may not need to carry the whole tool bag. In this regard, the tool roll comes in handy. For enhanced visibility, the tool roll also has a semi-transparent pocket.

We are aware that sometimes you have small pieces of delicate equipment which you may need to protect jealousy.Whether power Drills , Spanners, Pliers , Fire starters among others , you have something more of a roll up folder to secure and protect them .


It doesn’t just end there. You may also have dirty gear and boots that you do not want to mix with your clean tools. The D-Bag comes with an integral removable duffel bag with pockets for extra storage space and an embedded tool roll, both of which are its standard components.



DECKED is aware that as an outdoors-guy, you need more than just tools.You need work gear such Personal Protective Equipment , work clothes , shoes and other things .The removable duffel bag caters for such extra and separate storage needs .



For people with fragile bodies experiencing functional declines and unable to carry heavy loads and weight, safe mobility is such a critical concern. You'd want the assurance of utmost ease and comfort while going about your outdoor activities. Thus, you may need a tool bag with ergonomic handling options—that is, one that is adaptable enough to different safety situations to avoid injury to the body. You'd want something that doesn't exert undue pressure on your body, injuring your back, hand, or shoulder. With multiple carry options the D-Bag ensures that you can always go for what best suits your needs .

  • The D-Bag has double shoulder straps, and can be carried as a backpack. This is practically useful if you want to climb a ladder or stairs with your tools. The straps also mean that you can free your hands to carry other tools when going up.

It also has a horizontal carry. You can adjust the straps and carry the bag flat like an ordinary pizza guy.

  • You can tighten the straps and carry the D-Bag like a briefcase. Trust us that the D-Bag has a savory look, and you wouldn’t hesitate to bring it to an office or any other workplace.
  • The DECKED D-Bag also has a long single strap, meaning that you can carry it on one shoulder and roll and floss like a boss.

We understand that the nature of field work varies from time to time so does you tool storage needs. The D-Bag has a highly adaptable carry system made up of straps,  a sling and a handle for holding as a briefcase, hanging on the shoulder or carrying as a backpack.

Generous Storage

Small tool bags do not offer ample storage when compared to tool boxes. Companies always customize storage space to meet different storage needs. Most tool bags will offer around 88 cubic inches of storage, while others may go up to 1000 cubic inches.

Small tool bags do not offer ample storage when compared to tool boxes. Thus, most firms tend to customize storage spaces with design aspects to make up for the capacity deficiency. As a norm, most tool bags will offer around 88 cubic inches of storage, while others may go up to 1000 cubic inches. DECKED goes beyond the ordinary since the D-Bag offers a whopping 2500 cubic inches of storage. From the outside it is quite easy to look it down as rather small, but you won’t believe the capacity it can handle. With the specialized inlay design featuring contour pockets, foldable layers, and an extra bag, it will carry all your power tools and working gear with ease. Ergonomics are not just restricted to carrying options though; it also applies to cargo storage aspects. You can remove the duffel bag and carry it in your hands, creating more room to accommodate other tools. The D-Bag was made to go to work giving you multiple tool storage options hard to find in other bags out there.


There are many things you can do with this top class outdoor gear organization equipment. You'd hike, go climbing, handle tasks , and do all sorts of work that require securing and carrying tools around easily. It is adaptable , stylish and really strong.


The D-Bag offers unmatched adaptability. It can be used for a range of purposes, under all weather conditions, and can be transformed into different forms (backpack, duffel, and a shoulder carriage depending on your needs)—multipurpose usability would be an understatement.

DECKED revolutionizes your cargo and tool  storage and organization game taking it to a totally different level. The D-Bag is more than just a tool bag . You get an all in one cargo management system with ergonomic features like no other.


No other tool bag will suit a DIY enthusiast, plumber, electrician, welder, builder, engineer, or hiker like DECKED's D-Bag. You can carry nearly anything, including hand tools, power tools, hunting equipment, and camping supplies in your D-Bag. You can organize and secure your tools, gear, and supplies when going to a job-site, campsite, office, and anywhere else. If you are the kind of guy that enjoys carrying some drinks, bread, and snacks while working, you shouldn't think twice about purchasing the D-Bag.


Affordability is a crucial factor when it comes to making purchase decisions. Most people like to get their tool bags at a bargain; that is, at the lowest possible cost traded off with a promise of the highest value possible. You can get a Milwaukee small tool bag for as little as $13, and the high-end ones will cost nearly $300. The small DeWalt tool bags also fall in a similar price range but are relatively cheaper depending on the size.On the flip side, the DECKED D-Bag currently sells at $200. Quite pricey, if you may ask, but look at the value you get. You'd realize this is a smart move as you'll sort out the need of having to foot extra repair or replacement costs once and for all. Since it is durable, you’ll have to forget those routine visits to the tool box repair store, saving some bucks in the long run. You can check the DECKED accessories page for the prices of other things you may need. Generally, DECKED offers are fair price considering that the products are heavy-duty, weatherproof, ergonomic, and versatile for whatever field service job you could be faced with, whether it is a weekend hike, field work, and camping.


The DECKED D-Bag is Compatible with other DECKED and non DECKED Storage Systems and accessories

Outdoors people are handy people; you get yourself constantly engaged in maintenance or repair work, always turning to a range of tools that may require to be organized and stored in different ways. It, therefore, is not uncommon for such people to have various gear organization equipment. A tool bag is useful enough, but it may not meet all your needs. You may need a tool box, a pouch, or even a tool belt. And it would serve a greater purpose if there seems to be some form of unity and harmony in the functionality of the tool management equipment you have-that is, if they are compatible enough to allow blended-use for enhanced serviceability. It would be best to have your tool box as versatile as possible. This is where DECKED takes the day. The D-Bag works in harmony with a range of tool storage accessories, making your work seamless and giving you more value.

There are other other perks you get to enjoy. DECKED Promises free shipping for this product and its accessories delivered to your receiving address anywhere in the continental US. Moreover, as a symbol of the confidence we have in our product lines, we also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. To add to this ,we do have a generous return policy for repairables and exchangeables .



Let nothing stand in your way in your field service and outdoor endeavors . Stay organized and orderly with DECKED’s new generation small tool bag. Get yourself the D-Bag.