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DECKED SEMA SHOW: Mariachi, Taco's, Diesel Brothers and a Lot More

The Diesel Brother's Signed Autographs, Kissed Babies, and Posed for Selfies

SEMA flew by for the DECKED crew as we rolled out new products, slapped high fives, talked shop and shook so many hands we went through a gallon of hand sanitizer and had to get forearm massages in the form of 12oz cold boys each night. 

We debuted our new product specifically designed for midsize trucks, and since they call Tacoma's "Taco's" in so many parts of the country we thought, let's get a mariachi band and have a taco party! 


Other highlights of the week included an autograph/selfie session with the Diesel Brothers. . 

Check out the line that formed almost an hour before their arrival. Yes, it's literally everyone that you can see on the left side of the aisle all the way back...


After working a relentless line of fans these guys were cool enough to take a minute to snap a photo with the crew.

A moment of solitude at the booth which was jamming all week. Dr. DECKED talks product with a TV show and host.

We had two booths this year.  One inside the South Hall as per usual but we also dropped in on an outdoor booth. It was initially thought of just a place to seek sanity from the indoor chaos, but it was plenty busy as well.

On display outside were several cool trucks of note. The most being the Diesel Brother's low rider Chevy C10

As you can also see in the background we had a Chevy Colorado ZR2 which was full dialed with overland gear

As well as Overland Journal's own Toyota Tacoma with the Habitat roof top tent set up.  

In addition to trucks we also debuted our new in store display/POP fixture. Here is the full sized version which is beefy enough to have a fiberglass shell resting on the bed rails.

Tom Holm from Eco Trek had a Chevy Colorado in our outside booth: 

Then of course there was a bunch of builds which featured DECKED. For example:

And on top of all of that there was just so much incredible work to be seen at the show we thought we would just include a full gallery of images of some of our favorites.  Some of the images were "borrowed" from Expedition Portal. So go here to see their much better write up.