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Inspired by the John Deere Tool Box: The DECKED Tool Box

Inspired by the John Deere Tool Box: The DECKED Tool Box

You can quickly tell the type of guy one is by just looking at how he organizes his truck. Truck beds say a lot about people. And while we all could use some order and may be compelled to go an extra mile to make the vehicle’s cargo storage system clean, daily usage could be such an encumbrance. Whether it is an off-roading session, a days’ off picnicking with the kids, a getaway to a fish pond, or a hunting spree, stuff could be left in the pickup’s storage area, and it could be tools, runaway grocery cans, papers strewn all over, loose baseball bats and other such things. And yes, we all want our vehicle’s transmission to shift, but not the cargo at the bed, which is why you need a proper tool Organization System. But it could be more: you’d need an entire package of power, versatility, and style-you need an ergonomic workshop on wheels, a kick-ass cargo storage system to be precise.  


The DECKED “John Deere” Tool Box  is designed with people like you in mind. We are aware of how messy a service truck bed can get and how problematic it can be sieving through the mess for a specific tool; for this reason, we have designed a multipurpose cargo storage and organization solution. We bring you safety, order, and a time-honored reputation.


Without a doubt, John Deere has gotten it right with practically everything they produce. Its farm implements have garnered considerable acclaim as the embedded essentials have value with the kind of standards that match their pricing regimens. The material supply chains are compliant with ethical guidelines, but most importantly, they place a particular focus on quality which makes their purchase such a no-brainer.

With a serious investment in the craft of making heavy-duty implements for a range of functions, John Deere will indisputably raise your tools game tenfold.


Add to this an extensive, rugged, and carefully crafted tool box; this complex label truly should be accorded the attention it deserves. It exudes the strength that is always associated with the classic American brand–being as hard enough for some of the toughest outdoor activities. Whether it is hiking through the bush, rounding up cattle in the fields, or going out for construction works, the John Deere toolbox has always kept your gear safe.


Wait, have you heard of the DECKED before? Well, if not, we are the new industry disruptors inspired by the John Deere craftsmanship. We make those cool truck bed cargo organization systems with sliding drawers. But now, we have taken it a notch higher – we have added a special twist and some new features that might make the DECKED “John Deere” Tool Box  one of the best cargo organization solutions in the market. Following in Deere's footsteps of perfecting in the outdoor game, the DECKED “John Deere” Tool Box  is for people who have no issue getting down and dirty.


The new DECKED Tool Box is the only truck cargo organization system that is “easy to access, won't ding, dent or rust, and looks like it came from this decade.”





If your spouse cheated on you, it is normal to boil with rage thinking to pull out some “Carrie Underwood treatment” on their car—to show up in the parking lot with a baseball bat and go on a crazy offensive. But hey! Maybe you don’t have to; maybe you should just bank on karma to do the dirty work for you. Yes, it won’t be long before they get a flat tire down the road miles and miles in the middle of nowhere while on their way to an important meeting or interview, leaving them stranded to death—that’s a Karmic reward served instant. Like karma, the DECKED “John Deere” Tool Box will come in handy for you (but with some good intention though, not the past life retributive justice kind of thing; the one where you want to rain punches on your ex’s face).


The DECKED will come through at your hour of need, such as when you have some fieldwork to do and feel like you need your tools and equipment readily and easily accessible.


Sometimes, you may only want to access specific tools and not the entire tool box, so you need your cargo arranged with just as much convenience. But there are other essential things that matter as well, like safety. Think of a situation while driving on the highway you are forced to do an emergency maneuver atop high speed swerving to the roadside to escape a stack of flying objects and tools headed for your windscreen because the truck in front did not properly secure their freight, making their cargo float and move around the bed posing risks to other road users. I mean, why should a tool box be a safety hazard? The DECKED “John Deere” Tool Box  is here to address such concerns.


Imagine a tool box so rugged to withstand the force of  bombs. With such, there is not a single cargo storage job you cant do.


A ladder in a tool storage and organization system?

Even though truck tools organization solutions boxes have altered the way the future of cargo organization and storage has unfolded; for years, maybe decades, this great invention has experienced little if any new addition to its creative design. And while this is not to dispute the fact that indeed there have been a bit of touch ups  here and there across brands. Truly, the basic functionalities have remained the same.  


The DECKED “John Deere” Tool Box  is finally here to disrupt the industry with a range of new creative additions. At first glance, you'd think the product is not so high-tech, but a keen observation reveals an innovation that has changed the course of cargo organization history: This is how.


For many cross bed tool boxes, you may have to go through a process of torment in the name of access , where you have to lower the tailgate and climb up to the truck's bed to get to the cargo or tools you need, then climb down and back again if you forgot something.


This hell of a process could be tiring but even more hectic for people with mobility issues or health problems. And it doesn't end there; you may need to dig deeper into your pocket to acquire accessories like a ramp to ease the climbing and a dumper or an assist shock strut so the tailgate won't slump.


With the DECKED “John Deere” Tool Box, it is a heck of a lot easier to get to the bed without having to worry about so many things-thanks to an inbuilt ladder system (a high-end feature you won't find in any of those other tool box brands out there).


The ladder's in-box storage feature coupled with a telescoping  capability gives it impeccable flexibility and ease of movement in and out of the box.

Technical Specs

The ladder 

  • With a foldable capability and an in-box storage compartment (just under the lid), the ladder is easy to store and “telescope out.”
  • With it, you can access more than half of the box storage from either side of the truck.
  • An aluminum materialing makes it light and easy to deploy , yet very strong and versatile.




  • The DECKED “John Deere” Tool Box  is made from high impact ASA-a form of synthetic amorphous thermoplastic. This is almost 100% recyclable.
  • The lid and the box tub employ anti-corrosion steeling with a superb anti-theft design, resistant to both punctures and dents.
  • The theft reinforcements comprise a cover and a bin that make forced entry almost impossible. A single point locking secures multiple latches. And you can be sure that opportunistic would-be thieves will have a hard time trying to make any malicious intrusion.  
  • By looking at the product closely and keenly, it is not hard to note that a great deal of work is invested in security: a burly latch and lock, a sturdy design, and a waterproof system keep your tools secure, free of rust, and in good shape.

DECKED will not only keep intruders off your tools, it will secure your cargo from  bad weather too, keeping it rust free and in good shape.


Rugged and Weatherproof

The DECKED Tool Box is inspired by the John Deere Tool Box and is manufactured to go to work. If you seek a tool box that will withstand all kinds of weather situations (resist water and work under high temperatures), or just something with some serious hardware but still sleek and pleasing to the eye, your John Deere Tool Box should be it. When I say rugged, the manufacturer's words best convey the message, "THE DECKED TOOL BOX IS THE ONLY TRUCK TOOLBOX THAT IS EASY TO ACCESS, WON'T DING, DENT OR RUST, AND LOOKS LIKE IT CAME FROM THIS DECADE."


DECKED is engineered with impeccable industrial strength and durability. The manufacturing process involved (injection molding) embeds polymer resins onto steel, creating a high-impact bombproof product.

The ladder telescopes to a length of up to 60-inches-, and it can be mounted on either sides of the truck. The storage bin is compatible with  all full-size pickup trucks.

73.4 GALLON Storage Capacity

The DECKED “John Deere ” Tool Box comes with a 73.4-gallon storage capacity for keeping gear and tools. It features a glove-friendly entry, with the hand-sized handles appearing a bit overbuilt. It has easy-to-push buttons on the latches. The lid features a torsion spring covering for effortless opening and closing.

Truck –compatibility

DECKED is compatible with many if not all full-size trucks from as early as 2001 to the present. These are mostly vehicles with a truck width of between 61"-70.5".

Made in the USA

We are enthusiastic about the “American heritage,” which is why we insist on a “made in the US branding,” which serves  as a reminder to our customers that we abide by strict manufacturing codes and laws, including those of environment, labor, and quality.


As a top tool box manufacturer, we place considerable focus on customer needs and service, a reputation and brand edge we are dedicated to defend. But because this kind of belief system runs parallel with the American culture-consumer protection and safety, we insist on a US product origin to suggest that we not only comply with industry guidelines but also have earned a green light to produce and sell to the world.


Because we have invested heavily in R&D, state-of-the-art value creation methods, and precision, we do not expect that things will go wrong. Otherwise, not to suggest that even though our products are designed with the kind of resilience that will withstand the test of time, they are free from defects. As a matter of fact, we are aware that sometimes there could be problems not caused by you, a reason enough to have you covered by our generous warranty policy.

Free shipping

In our shipping policy, we have devised a discount program of free deliveries for orders destined to whatever places in the continental US.

The product comes as a standard package of:

  •  D-Box Blue
  •  Snack Tray


Both are delivered at no cost. However, additional accessories will incur a flat shipping cost of $25. Processing of orders takes about three business days but extends up to a week due to a range of factors (weather, day ordered, supply chain issues etc.). Shipping may take up to 14 days, but we are always trying our best to ensure your products arrive the soonest.

Return Policy

Because we know that sometimes (though rare) the possibility of defects is imminent, we will not force you to take a faulty product, which is why we have a clearly laid down return policy. Nonetheless, we always stress that you verify you have received the correct product before assembly and that you have all the accessories you need. But we have a caring customer support service to help with any doubts you may be having.


So there you have it. The DECKED Tool Box  is a serious John Deere Tool Box contender, a new generation cargo organization system featuring a side mounting ladder system, an Accessory Tray with Tie-Down Points, and a Storage Box. The tie-down points are at the tub’s base and serve the role of holding huge cargo. The System features a Blue D-Box and a Snack Tray. The D-Box nests on inbuilt hangers, which hold it in place for extra gear and tools.