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MeatEater's The Back 40 x DECKED Image

MeatEater's The Back 40 x DECKED

The guys over at MeatEater TV have been friends of DECKED for some time now, and we are stoked to be involved in their latest project, The Back 40. DECKED ambassadors, Mark Kenyon and Steve Rinella and the rest of the ME crew have teamed up to rehabilitate 64 acres of land in the heart of southern Michigan.
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Get Your Truck Ready for Hunting Season Image

Get Your Truck Ready for Hunting Season

Sure it might be the middle of summer, but if you procrastinate as heavily as I do, you might be the guy who procrastinates on procrastinating and be left with nothing but a handful of muley droppings at the end of the season if you don't start thinking hunting now. Whether you are hunting deer, elk, moose, or wild snipe (as opposed to the domestic variety), you've got rifles, bows, arrows, ammo, camping gear, camo clothing and the like to dial in and get organized. And guess what: all of it is going to have to fit into your truck...

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