DECKED Revved up for Monster Jam 2018

There’s a saying in real estate, “location, location, location”, and it’s safe to say that DECKED had it covered last weekend at the Monster Jam in Anaheim, California. What an exciting event! The weather was great and the fans were revved up, ready to rock and roll! You could catch the decked show trailer, “T2”, set up next to fourteen state-of-the-art monster trucks. The real gratification however, came when the monster truck drivers and their teams stopped by and gave their stamp of approval on DECKED (do we get a monster truck next year?), soon after their fans followed suit.

As the day progressed, a continuous crowd lingered around T2 , families lined up to to test their luck at Hammerschlagen: a sport of nails and hammers testing the true acumen of one's ability to hit the nail on the head. This was definitely a highlight of the show and likely the source of a few bruised thumbs.

Hammerschlagen is a pretty fun "sport". One takes a nail and tries to drive it home in one swing of the hammer. We had a lot of junior "schlagers" come by our setup

Great turnouts at shows like the Monster Jam is one of the reasons why DECKED loves to come out and show off what we make to the truck owners out there. So cheers to those of you who attended! If you haven't gotten the chance to experience the T2, come check it out in San Diego this weekend for the next Monster Jam show on February 3rd.

Till then, signing off...

Julian Prosper

T2  Marketing Service Rep