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Comparing Klein Tools Backpacks and the DECKED D-Bag

Did you know that back injuries account for one in five of all injuries and accidents in the workplace? For a tradesman on a construction site, you want to avoid becoming a part of this statistic.

A back injury isn’t just caused by falling or a total freak accident. You can slowly, but surely, injure your back from the kind of tool storage solution you choose.

That means, yes, your tool backpack can totally be out to get you. You’ll start feeling the effects of those heavy tools sooner or later (we always do…).

You need a tool backpack that will save your back and shoulders, as well as save you time and money. You need a bag that’s heavy-duty and has the organizational capacity that’ll make your mom proud.

Put your safety glasses on, folks. Let’s compare the DECKED D-Bag (short for Drawer-Bag, of course) to a household name in tool accessories: Klein Tools.

Here’s the run of it:



Klein Tools Backpack

Tons of interior pockets (their Tool Master option has up to 48 pockets).

Weight (their most popular backpack gets to 13 lbs) and packing too many tools can damage the straps.

Various affordable options starting around $79.99.

Can’t buy directly from the manufacturer.

Weighted, molded bottom that keeps it from tipping over.

Can be time-consuming to organize and pack (and re-pack).


Versatile strap system with multiple ergonomic carry options.

The only DECKED product that’s made overseas.

Comes with removal tool roll and internal duffel bag as standard.

Currently only comes in 1 style and/or color.

Compatible with DECKED Drawer Systems and the new Tool Box.

Doesn’t feature as many pockets as Klein Tools backpacks.

Which Tool Bag is Right For You?

Backpacks and tool bags come in a variety of styles, sizes, and features that can leave you wondering which one is the right one for you. Whether you’re an HVAC tech looking for a traditional backpack or an electrician looking for a duffel to store every work light you own, there are a million and three choices out there.

That’s where we come in and make it simple. Let’s compare the major tenets before you make a decision. Here’s what we’re checking:

Construction (What’s it made of?)

Klein Tools

All Klein Tools backpacks are easily recognizable by their orange interior and made of 1680D ballistic weave in nylon. This is a synthetic and highly durable fabric available for most outdoor-use bags for the average tradesperson. It is abrasion-resistant and perfect for high-wear areas. It’s pretty dang strong against extreme temperatures or even when stored in your cargo van.


The D-Bag is a combination of a hard shell that has a molded front, and soft sides to bring sturdiness and durability to the tool bag that’s perfect for the jobsite and outdoor life. The hard shell is thermoformed EVA foam covered in ballistic weave material. The soft sides are made of 900D TPU coated nylon that will give those sides plenty of expansion without stressing the fabric. TLDR? It won’t snag or tear no matter what you put it through.


Klein Tools

Klein Tools offers a variety of backpacks in an array of sizes and the number of pockets. You can even use one of their bags as a laptop backpack if you really need to. Most of their popular backpacks feature anywhere from 21 to 48 pockets (both exterior and interior). So, it’ll pretty much store everything from a tape measure to power tools. Since Klein Tools’ Tradesman Pro bags are designed for the tradesperson, you will find specially formed pockets for long screwdrivers and other hand tools that would otherwise move around too much in a traditional toolbox or bag.


The DECKED D-Bag has one goal in mind: To manage your heavy-duty tools and supplies with ease. Not only is there plenty of storage space and pockets, but there are also additional removable bags to make your life easier. One removable bag is the duffel bag, perfect for the bigger gear you need. Another is the removable tool roll or tool pouch, which features more internal pockets to maintain your wrenches, screwdrivers, and all the bits and bobs that support your work. You can even store your tool belts inside so that you can be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Need to see everything inside? Its wide-mouth horseshoe opening allows for easy tool visibility so you’re no longer rooting around or wasting your time!

Weather Resistance

Klein Tools

Since tradespersons are the target market for Klein Tools backpacks, these bags are perfect for the outdoors and the elements. The backpacks will protect your tools from extreme temperatures and are water-resistant.


The DECKED D-Bag is a military-grade backpack that is made to withstand everything Mother Nature has to throw at it (remember its 900D TPU coated nylon?). Its use is perfect for tradespeople on the job, the hiker who camps along the Appalachian Trail, and the hunter who is looking for the next deer. Just like other DECKED products, the D-Bag is sure to keep all your tools and gear bone dry.


Klein Tools

Klein Tools offers backpacks in an array of sizes. Here are the dimensions and specs for its most common bag, the 14” Tradesman Pro Tool Bag Backpack:

  • 14.5” L x 20” H x 7.25” W
  • Product weight: 6.0 lbs

One thing to note is that Klein Tools backpacks can’t withstand much weight due to it relying on the shoulder straps for support. Overfilling the backpack can result in the straps separating from the backpack.


The D-Bag measures at:

  • 19” L x 16” H x 9” W
  • Product weight: 6.0 lbs (including the tool roll and duffel inside)
  • Internal capacity: 2500 cubic inches/42 liters

Because of the hard shell with soft sides and military-grade rings, it can hold a substantially higher weight in tools without putting undue weight on any single part of the bag. It’s also designed to fit with the DECKED Drawer System. This makes the D-Bag the perfect tool station backpack when on the job or recreation!


Klein Tools

Klein Tools has designed all of their backpacks to be ergonomic and less stressful for the tradesperson’s body. Buuuut this is partly due to the fact that it can only hold so much weight for the job at hand. Once the straps become damaged, the ergonomics of the bags are pretty much disrupted and no longer helpful.


The D-Bag is ergonomic based on its versatility in use and the weight it can hold. Whether you wear it on one shoulder as a tote, both shoulders as a backpack, or carry it as a briefcase, it will not cause undue stress on your body. The bag can also carry significantly more weight that is easily dispersed and supported through the frame of the bag. It also features aluminum handles on both sides for easy carrying.


Klein Tools

As a manufacturer, Klein Tools doesn’t actually have any in stock for sale, so their prices are going to vary depending on the 3rd-party company you buy from. On Amazon, you can find their bags varying from $90 to $160. Warranty is available from the manufacturer when you provide proof of purchase. The warranty is limited and based on normal use and extends to consider electrical tools and rechargeable batteries after the first year. Considering the lifespan of the bag can be shortened by overfilling it, it can become pricey when having to replace it every couple of years.


The D-Bag is $174 and available directly from the manufacturer. This is a hefty price, but well worth the price. Considering the materials, design, and special features, it’s an investment for the long haul. DECKED has partnered with Affirm to offer financing options for those who qualify. A limited lifetime warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship.

The Tool Bag for Your Next Overland Adventure

The DECKED D-Bag really only has one goal.

It’s to provide a well-made tool bag to get you through the workday or a hunt-filled weekend retreat.

If you’re looking for a high-quality tool bag that makes your life easier, check out the D-Bag.

It’ll be the only D-Bag you ever love.

(We hope…)