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The DECKED Work Bench Tool Box

A work bench tool box that works as hard as you do

DECKED Tool Box for pickup truck at work site

Keeping your shop tidy with all your tools within reach

Tool boxes do more than just hold tools. They allow you to know exactly where to find the tool you need. At their core, they are containers that hold tools. But really, they keep you organized.

Wait no, at their core is all your tools in a tangled mess…

Tool boxes aren’t perfect. They get in the way. They become a messy pile of wrenches twisted together. They need organization as much as you do.

This is where the work bench tool box with drawers comes in. It actually keeps you organized–it keeps your tools out of the way and at the ready. And, it has a place for everything, unlike that black hole of a tool box sitting on your shop floor over there.

With it, you always have the tools and supplies you need close at hand. And if they aren’t close, just roll it closer!

Your toolbox contains every tool you need. And it’s been with you for countless tasks.





Socket wrenches?


You’ll need all these tools and more at some point, and probably soon. Maybe you have a Home Depot work bench tool box. Maybe it’s a Husky work bench tool box. Maybe you don’t even know where you got that tool box and work bench because you’ve had it so long. You just know it as that trusty red tool box and work bench in the corner of your garage.

Maybe your shop is old. Like, really old. This old:

Old messy work shop

A tool box and work bench combined

Everyone who’s ever worked with tools has tripped on a tool box sitting on the shop floor. It sucks. Even worse, falling down in a shop full of tools and sharp objects can be dangerous.

When you are working in your shop or in an industrial environment, you need to keep your tools organized, easily accessible, and out of the way. A tool box with drawers is perfect for this.

A work bench/tool box is an excellent solution to organize your work space. They minimize clutter. They’ll modernize that ancient garage you’ve been meaning to spruce up for years. Most importantly, though, you’ll know where everything is so you can keep working on that project.

A tool box on top of your bench is just going to get in the way. Tool boxes can take up a lot of valuable workspace, especially when they are not neatly organized.

You probably have three different screwdrivers and countless wrenches sitting outside your tool box right now. And, the tool box is sitting on top of your bench, too.

This won’t work in shops or factories with limited space. A tool box work bench solves the problem by organizing everything underneath the workspace. They maximize every bit of space.

You have your work surface on top. Now, whatever tool you need is easily accessible right underneath. Every tool you need is available in the various drawers right underneath where you’re working.

More storage, better storage

clean organized work shop. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

A large toolbox with drawers offers the best organizational solution for your workspace. And, they provide much more storage capacity than one big tool box. Better storage and more of it. Who can argue with that?

Place the tools you use most often in the top drawer. Next, but the tools you use regularly but not quite as often under that one. Keep going with organizing all your tools in this way. You’ll find you have space for a lot of tools in those drawers. And, you can quickly find any tool you need.

A rolling work bench tool box with drawers: wheels are best!

Need to work on something at the other end of the shop? Roll your work bench and tool box over to your new workspace. It sucks dragging that bulky tool box across the floor. You could hurt your back, even.  

The idea of having a workbench with all your tools and supplies close by is ideal for creating a good work space. You have all your tools in one place and you have a surface to work on. And, you didn’t even have to lift anything.

You have mobility with your tools. They’re in an easy-to-reach, easy-to-see place. And that place goes wherever you need it to. Assuming you can roll it over, that is.

Now you don’t have tools scattered across your garage because you started working on that other project over there. All you tools are still organized in your rolling work bench tool box.

Why can’t your truck be organized like that tool box on wheels?

work bench tool box in organized shop


It can. But right now it’s definitely not.

The bed of your truck looks like someone set off a bomb in your tool box. And that tool box wasn’t organized before the explosion. Why shouldn’t your truck’s tool box work as well as that trusty portable work bench tool box in your garage?

That toolbox in your pickup bed is all sorts of mangled from when that meth head tried to break in. It’s not waterproof. It wasn’t even waterproof before it met that crowbar. Rust holes don’t do well in the rain.

And let’s face it, half the time you don’t even put your tools back in that tool box. Ever since you tweaked your back pulling your drill out, you’ve been throwing your tools anywhere but in there. It’s a mess back there. Your strategy of disguising your valuable tools as trash won’t work forever. It’s not even working now.  

Introducing the DECKED Tool Box: Not your grandad’s toolbox

DECKED Tool Box in pickup truck at wind turbine work site


What you need is the DECKED Tool Box. It’s waterproof, theft-proof, and has tons of modular storage options. It even comes with an optional telescoping ladder so you can actually get into your tool box!


This tool box is custom-molded for your vehicle. That’s right, it will drop right in and fit perfectly like it was made for your truck because it was made for your truck.


And it looks good. It looks like it came from this century. Your truck is sexy, your toolbox should be too!

Designed Like Fort Knox: Impossible to dent, but easy to love

The DECKED Tool Box is impact resistant, won't ding, dent or rust. It uses injection-molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement in its construction.


Wow, that’s a lot of jargon. Rest assured, the Tool Box is strong and will last a long, long time.


Half of aluminum toolboxes show up dented–you don’t even get to make the dents yourself. You don’t pay for dents with DECKED.


Since it’s so strong, the Tool Box is theft-proof. No one is going to be able to stick a crowbar under the lid and pry it open.


Okay, it’s not completely theft-proof. A really determined thief can probably get in with the right assortment of cutting tools. But it’ll take a while and be very loud. It would take persistence and a lot of time to get into this thing. And most thieves won’t be that determined.

Waterproof and rust proof: Easy on the eyes, tough on thieves

DECKED Tool Box is easy on the eyes tough on thieves

The Tool Box keeps your precious tools completely dry. Since the Tool Box is molded not welded so you get a seamless lid and tub. Seamless means waterproof. There’s nowhere for water to sink in on this.  


The lid seals tightly when closed. It uses a synthetic rubber gasket, known in the industry as EPDM rubber. But you don’t need to know acronyms. Just know that this rubber is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant.


The Tool Box is made with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid. This works as a rain gutter, so any water that manages to sneak in through this gap gets trapped here.


The lid is reinforced with a sheet of anti-corrosion treated steel for added security, too. The aluminum hardware won’t rust, either.

Security minded: So tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry

The Tool Box is impossible to break into with a pry bar. And if someone tries, it won’t damage. The tub-lid interface minimizes pry bar points. Those thieves won’t even have a good spot to try to use a crow bar on the Tool Box.


The Tool Box tub is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security, too. And of course, it has a strong locking mechanism. Using robust steel, a single lock secures multiple latches. Forced entry is nearly impossible with this tool box.


It comes with 2 keys as well. Because we know you might lose one eventually.

Easy to organize: Step up your game

DECKED Tool Box in pickup truck

Every Tool Box comes with an easy-to-grab D-Box that hangs in place within the tub. And, the D-Box is weatherproof. The lid on this uses a gasket seal to keep your tools safe in wet conditions.


For all those small tools you want to quickly grab, the Tool Box also comes standard with a handy Snack Tray. This nests nicely in the tub, you’ll probably want to put it right on the side.

There are lots of options for modular organization inside the Tool Box. These storage options are designed to work with the Tool Box. They’ll actually work as hard as you do.


When you open the lid it will stay open. The Tool Box lid uses torsion springs, which make opening easy. And, it won’t slam on your fingers while you’re digging around in there.


Also, the tub comes with tie-downs pre-installed at the base of the tub on the tailgate. This way you can secure large cargo that won’t fit inside your Tool Box. We want everything to stay organized here.

Easy Access

DECKED Tool box Ladder for pickup truckForget crawling into your truck! Add on an optional integrated Ladder and save yourself all the back pain. This 6000 series aluminum nesting step ladder deploys quickly and easily. You’ll actually be able to reach your tools and gear with this.


The ladder efficiently folds closed inside the Tool Box and takes up little space. It won’t obstruct any in the tub. And, it’s adjustable. It drops to the ground, even on a lifted truck.


The Ladder can be purchased separately. But, you should probably just include one in your initial purchase to make your life easier.

Easy to install: No drilling necessary!

The Tool Box is so easy it’ll only take you 2 minutes. The Tool Box uses a bracket and bolt system to attach to your truck’s bed rail. Thread it in, then use a socket wrench and it grabs a bed rail to install.


You’ll only need to tighten 4 bolts. And those bolts are only accessible from inside the tool box, of course. You don’t even have a custom work bench tool box in your shop, do you?

Engineered with structure in mind:

When you load it up the Tool Box it doesn’t bend or sag. We tested this thing at 180 degrees (as well as -5 degrees) with 500 pounds in the back without issue.


The Tool Box is durable. It will probably outlast your truck. The high-density polymer we use to make this isn’t susceptible to damage from ultraviolet rays. That’s right, the sun won’t degrade this toolbox.

DECKED Tool Box and Drawer storage for pickup truck

Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again

The DECKED Tool Box is the truck bed tool box equivalent of that portable work bench tool box you’ve been using in your garage forever.


Except, the DECKED Tool Box looks like it came from this century!