The Wooden Tool Box vs DECKED Tool Box

Tool Storage Has Come a Long Way Since the Wooden Tool Box, and DECKED is Prepared to Take it Even Further



A battered old wooden toolbox holding metal tools sits on a stump.

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash



There has always been a need for toolboxes. Ever since the first hunter-gatherer threw that first stone to hunt down dinner, there has been a need for a safe place to store our special tools. Whether it was simply an animal skin bag, stone or clay jars; or later, a wooden tool box— toolboxes have slowly evolved to meet the needs of their craftspeople.



Although technology moves at a rapid clip, surprisingly, the modern toolboxes of today have been stuck in the past. At DECKED we aimed to do something about that. Something more than just throwing stones at a target. At DECKED we retooled the toolbox and threw every modern advancement we had at it, making a toolbox equipped to carry us into the future—and beyond.


A back DECKED tool box, made from HDPE sits closed.




This Ain’t Your Granddad’s Antique Wooden Tool Box



Do you remember your granddad’s old wooden toolbox? A portable wooden tool box where the handle was stained from a lifetime of oily palms, greasy fingers, and the evidence of a life defined by hard work, resourcefulness, and a no BS eagerness to get the job done.



That type of old fashioned wooden tool box is one that is firmly rooted in nostalgia. But as far as the practicality of everyday use and wear and tear is concerned, it may be best to resign it’s use to a family heirloom.



And maybe your grandad had, or even you had, (or have!), a diy wooden tool box, the type often found in truck beds, or even a primitive long wooden tool box that serves as a high side tool box? This type of handmade wooden tool box, or vintage wooden tool box does deserve a special place in history, as a 1920 wooden tool box, a 1940s wooden tool box, and even a 60s wooden tool box all served their purposes very well.



A small wooden tool box appears to be very old with pieces of missing hardware.

Photo by Monirul Islam Shakil on Unsplash



However, as charming and nostalgic as it all sounds, the need to move tools from one place to another hasn’t changed, and whether it was by wagon, boat, horseback, and nowadays pickup trucks—is of no consequence. Nearly all tradesfolk depend on the ability to bring their tools along and that fact will never change.



What has changed though, is the material that toolboxes are made from. Move over, simple wooden toolbox, because the DECKED Tool Box made from injected polymer resin has arrived.



It’s Time to Get DECKED Out



At DECKED, we’re making a toolbox from this century. Unbelievably, the toolbox hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years, and with all of the innovations in technology and materials, it’s hard to understand why.



Truck manufacturers get this. They change their body styles and the materials they use over time when innovations make the most sense. But toolboxes? Toolboxes haven’t evolved hardly at all, and whether you are a craftsman or Cro-Magnon man, we’re making a toolbox that even a caveman would find useful, and one that looks as good as your truck.




A man in a flannel shirt and jeans stands on a ladder that extends from the side of a DECKED Tool Box.



Our Materials


We make our toolboxes from an injected polymer resin, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and steel and aluminum reinforcements. We are a far cry away from the wooden truck tool box, and even the all-steel or all-aluminum toolboxes like a Weather Guard or a Dee Zee.



We use HDPE because it will never dent, ding, or rust, and it stays looking good throughout it’s useful life— which is basically forever. There’s a reason HDPE has been dubbed the cockroach of plastics and it’s because it is damn-near impossible to kill. If an impossible to dent, yet easy to love toolbox is what you’ve been looking for, prepare to swoon.



We buy our plastics in bulk, and then grind them up into tiny pieces that we melt down and pour into molds. We add a UV inhibitor to ensure our black toolbox always stays looking good, never faded or sun-checked as plastics are known to do when exposed to too much sunlight.



A very large machine presses plastic pellets into sheets.



Using recycled materials also helps us do our part in ensuring that there will be more centuries to come, and, rest assured, we’re going to be innovating truckbed accessories in the next 100 years too.



We source the vast majority of our materials locally, in the Midwest, near our facility in Defiance, Ohio, where our team continues to defy what is possible when it comes to truck bed storage solutions.


Our Methods


We spent two years researching and developing our products. We hired engineer Tim Smith, from Altair Engineering, who we now refer to as “Dr. DECKED.” Dr. DECKED doctored up the outdated toolbox, breathing new life into a product that some of us can’t live without.


We engineered the DECKED Tool Box to perform under any circumstances, and there’s an important distinction that sets our toolbox apart from the rest: our toolbox is molded, not welded. Our toolboxes are never fabricated, which would include the process of bending, cutting, and welding metal into shapes. We leave that to the pros who weld things that actually need welding, and in our opinion, a toolbox is not one of them.



A worker attends to a Freedom Machine tool inside a warehouse.



Molding a toolbox has proved to have many benefits, and a main one— water-proofing—keeps your gear bone dry, even when you’re soaked to the bone.


Our Water-Proofing


The only thing getting wet here is your eyes when they glisten at just the thought of perfectly dry tools. You’ve worked way too hard, for way too long, to have your investments sunk in a downpour.



You see, that’s the thing: we aren’t building a premium, elite brand. We are an ergonomics company looking to improve the lives of the working men and women of our Nation. And if improving the lives means taking care of the livelihoods these folks already have—then so be it. We are up for the task.



Close up view of a DECKED Tool Box covered in water.



Check out our water-proofing features:



  • Rust and corrosion-proof
  • Keeps your items completely dry
  • Because the Tool Box is molded, not welded, the tub and lid are each one piece. This makes for a seamless fortification against intruding water.
  • Seals tightly when closed with an ethylene propylene diene monomer, (EPDM) gasket.
  • Engineered with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid, acting as a rain gutter around the entire product.
  • All steel and aluminum hardware is treated with anti-corrosion capabilities for long-lasting durability


Our Security Features


If you’ve been considering a homemade wooden toolbox, well, first, the price of lumber these days may be heart-attack-inducing for you. And if that doesn’t do you in, perhaps the speed and efficiency with which a thief stole your tools from a wooden toolbox will.



A hasp and a Master lock are not enough anymore. You need an armored lock that wards off evil wrong-doers and supports your toolbox like a crazed fan at a Michigan-Ohio State game. A DECKED Tool Box has just the thing: a robust steel armored locking mechanism that, coupled with a driver-side lock, makes forced entry nearly impossible.



A DECKED Tool Box is installed in the back of a white pickup that is parked on an industrial job site.



And here’s another thing: the lid of the toolbox must be open for our Tool Box to be removed from the bed of the truck. Tough enough to make a crowbar cry, the tub-lid interface also minimizes theft pry bar points, and the lid won’t be damaged in the process if some idiot decides to try.



You know those rigs going down the road with toolboxes that have the tell-tale, cringe-worthy signs that the box has been tampered with? Yeah. That’s never gonna be you when you install our toolbox. Our toolbox is simply built better.



Our Obsession with Organization



A white pickup has a DECKED Tool Box installed in the back of it near the cab. The lid is open showing the accessories:  smaller toolboxes and an integrated ladder.



Seriously, what’s the point of having a toolbox if you still can’t find all of your junk? OK, maybe that’s a bridge too far, but we strongly believe one of the main reasons folks need a toolbox is to help save time and make life easier. Are we right?



With a DECKED Tool Box, we help you solve problems, and get more of your life back so you can do things with it that really matter, like go fishing.



Our toolboxes come standard with D-Box and a Snack Tray, two organizational must-haves that we include free with your purchase because, well, we give a crap about our customers.



A portable toolbox with a black tub and blue lid.



The D-Box, aside from its weird name, is akin to a wooden tool box caddie in that it is portable and can be removed from the vehicle and carried around the job site. It can hold about 50 pounds and can be carried from the top like a tackle box, or from the side like a suitcase. It nests smartly in the top of the DECKED unit, making organization a faster process than superhuman Usain Bolt can sprint 100 meters. And in the spirit of innovation, we used the real estate on the top of the D-Box lid to make a handy-dandy chart that only a handyman would love. We added a ruler and common screw and bolt diameters in inches.



The Snack Tray—yeah, that’s the thing that looks like a mud pan, and it nests within the toolbox as well. We think it's a great place to empty your pockets at the end of the day. It is a small but mighty corraler-of-bullshit and has saved our asses so many times from having to stop what we're doing and drive back into town for the one TINY part. Put your tiny stuff in the Snack Tray, and your actual snacks in your belly.


Our Improved Access


We could make so many jokes right now about the multitude of ways that folks mount the beds of their pickups. But for brevity’s sake, let’s just operate with the shared understanding that no matter how you do it, climbing into the bed of your truck is never pretty. And fuhgeddaboutit on those lifted rigs. My God fellas, this isn’t the circus.



A man in a navy blue shirt and khaki-colored pants prepares to climb a ladder extending from a toolbox that is mounted in the back of a black pickup truck.



What if we told you that you never had to do this again once you got yourself all DECKED out with a DECKED Tool Box? What if we told you that we offer an add-on to our toolbox that is an integrated access ladder that telescopes from bed rail to ground on nearly every pickup—yes, even those jacked-up bad boys? Would you believe us?



Well, it’s true. You can order your DECKED Tool Box with a ladder made from 6000-series aluminum and when you’re done looking ultra-cool in front of your customers, coworkers, and friends, it folds right back into the toolbox taking up hardly any space and obstructing nothing.


Our Facility


Like we said before, our facility is based in Ohio, where hard-working Americans like yourself work to create a toolbox that is better than all of the rest. We source our steel components just down the road from a family-run business, DYCO Manufacturing Inc. We get our aluminum from Supreme Casting, and our state-of-the-art molding facility spans four football fields and employs the largest molding presses on earth.


The DECKED team poses in and in front of a vinyl-wrapped truck with a DECKED logo on it. In the background is a warehouse with the DECKED logo painted on the side.



We know where our materials come from, and who the American companies and workers are that make the magic happen; because when it comes to American-made—there is no substitute.

Our Easy Installation


If you’ve got two minutes and a power tool then you’re solid on this one. We designed our toolbox to have an easy, yet secure install. We use a bracket and bolt system and won’t ever ask you to drill holes in your brand-new pickup. Just thread it in and use a power tool to tighten. The bracket grabs a bedrail, completing the install.


Our Promise to You



Here’s the deal: our toolboxes will never go on sale.



Now before you go hootin’ and hollerin’ about what kind of a damn “deal” is that, we’ve got to let you know that we believe in full transparency. If we’re being honest here, the way that most “deals” work is to offer a fake discount one day, and an artificially-inflated price the next to make up for it. We don’t believe in bullshit, we don’t believe in pseudoscience, and we certainly don’t believe in fake deals. What you see is what you get with us, and what you get is one fair price for all of our premium products that we sell at the most competitive price we can afford, to make them as attainable as they can possibly be for working America.



A worker stands in a field below a wind turbine. There's a white pickup truck with a DECKED Tool Box in the back parked nearby.


And what’s more, is that we offer a lifetime guarantee and free shipping on our DECKED Tool Box and our DECKED Drawer Systems. It would behoove you to order any accessories you need at the time of purchase because we’ll ship those out free with the unit. Otherwise, if you get them later, we’ve gotta charge you. We’re DECKED—not Amazon.


We’re DECKED, and we make the best damn toolbox east (and west) of the Mississippi. Even the best wooden tool box can’t hold a candle to what we’ve engineered here, because we’re just different. We’re made from the best materials available with the best design possible, and if you think you’ve seen one toolbox and you’ve seen them all… Guess again. Try again and get DECKED.