Load up Your Winter Survival Kit in a DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box and Plow Through Inclement Weather

Load up Your Winter Survival Kit in a DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box and Plow Through Inclement Weather


an aerial view of a truck on the side of the road in winter



Interstate 95. You remember that fiasco? Hundreds of motorists were stranded for over 24 hours in impenetrable, jammed-up traffic due to heavy snow and ice. That’s hundreds, y’all. Not just a few folks. That’s babies, and granddads; people on their way to surgeries, and even a woman who missed her own father’s funeral. Hardly any of them had a winter survival kit on board. One woman left 70-degree northern Virginia without a coat. A mother with three children and baby felt fortunate that she had enough gas to run the heater sometimes overnight, but as for food? She had to rely on the kindness of strangers to feed her children, and we hope she at least had some diapers…


That's the thing about an emergency. You never-ever know when it will occur. It seems like the older we get, the more willing we are to accept this life-threatening fact and we try to prepare for it. But what good is a sunhat in a snowstorm? Protect yourself and your family better by periodically evaluating your on-board survival gear, and complementing it with items that match the season. Get your truck DECKED out for any emergency, in any season. The right tool for the job helps keep people alive. Because you wouldn’t bring a bow and arrow to a gunfight. Would you?


Before we get into the things you’d need for a vehicle winter survival kit, let's first discuss the best place to store it. We’ve seen your trucks, folks. Don’t lie to yourselves—you wish your rig was a teensy bit more organized.


And that was us, too. Scratching our heads and wondering why there wasn’t a purpose-built truck bed organizer for sale that was a step up from the DIY, plywood drawers made from half of the hardware store. Or something a little better than a leaky, aluminum toolbox that comes brand new, with free dents.


There had to be a better way. But we couldn’t find one, so we did what so many hard-working Americans do every. Single. Day.


We figured it out.


a black, rugged looking toolbox


The DECKED Tool Box—Your Winter Survival Kit Holder


Our Tool Box holds 73.4 gallons of awesomeness. That’s a truckload full of tools, a ridiculous amount of adventure gear, and even room to spare for your super-important shit, like your vintage ice scraper collection, winter chains, and your sixers and pepperoni sticks.


Our crossover toolbox is made from some of the toughest materials around. Ever hear of HDPE, the cockroach of plastics? That’s high-density polyethylene, and it’s damn near impossible to kill.


It’s our unique materials that make the DECKED Tool Box corrosion-proof, rust-proof, dent-proof, and, well, idiot-proof; and it’s so secure that it can make a crowbar cry and a pry bar weep.


This ain’t your granddad’s toolbox—but we guarantee you he’d be wishing he had one if he was indeed stuck on I-95—this is the toolbox of the future, one that looks like it came from this century.




We’ve engineered this toolbox to keep your tools and gear bone dry. It’s a universal fact that everyone hates a wet sleeping bag, and your boss isn’t gonna love it when you tell them that the brand new ratchet set you’ve just been assigned is ruined because it all got wet and rusted.


We know you’re looking for a secure storage solution that doesn’t leak, so that’s why we designed our product with an upstanding lip that acts as a rain gutter. Because our toolbox is molded, not welded, it’s this complete lack of fabrication that makes the tub and the lid each one piece. With fewer avenues for water to travel down, the fewer opportunities there are for it to get in in the first place.


There’s also a bulb seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid that wicks water away when open, and when closed, everything seals up nice and tight with an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber gasket.


black toolbox with water cascading off the top




It’s that same lip that helps us thwart thieves full-time—like a boss. It minimizes pry bar points, and a robust steel armored mechanism combined with a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible. Not only will it keep your winter storm survival kit safe and sound, but it’ll also protect your tools from other hazards, like zombies, tweekers, and bored, wayward teenagers.


Your stuff is yours, and you’ve worked hard for it. Though the stuff in the back of your pickup used to look like a free pile, once you get it into the DECKED Tool Box, it’s safe for the long haul. The toolbox has to be open for it to be removed from the bed of the truck, and we send it to ya with two keys: one to lose and one to hide somewhere that you can hopefully find once you’ve lost the other’n.




You know how folks always comment that a crossover toolbox is basically a giant Black Hole? That ends now. The solution to this age-old problem is customized accessories that complement one another. We didn’t cheap out here, and every DECKED Tool Box ships free and includes a blue D-Box and a Snack Tray (for the beef sticks. Duh.)

 a blue and black handheld portable toolbox

The D-Box is essentially a portable toolbox, ready to organize the sleet outta your automotive winter survival kit, or to grab-and-go once you hit the job site. It has a handle on the top and a handle on the side, so no matter how you handle it—it gets the job done.


When you’re finished, just put it back in it’s nested, dedicated spot within the toolbox, or if you hate it—huck it off a cliff. We don’t care. (Except for the littering part.) But at least we sent it to you.


On the passenger-side of the toolbox, we’ve innovated an optional, integrated access ladder that extends out of the toolbox and telescopes down to the ground. It’s made from 6000-series aluminum and is as worthy as any medium-duty ladder you’ll find at a hardware store, yet far more useful.


If you’re tired of tiptoeing into the back of your pickup like a ballerina, except with a bigger butt crack, you need this ladder. Pronto. It will not only save your back when you can access and lift your heavy items from the top, but it’ll save your ass too—from embarrassment, that is.


a worker in a yellow hard hat stands on the third rung of a ladder that extends from his toolbox

So, What Exactly Should You Put in Your Winter Survival Kit?


At first we weren’t really sure, so we partnered with the experts from Uncharted Survival Co. to fill our famous D-Bag (an actual bag—not a person), full of things that they think would make the ultimate winter survival kit.


You can find it here on our website, and our friend Christian from Uncharted made a 17-minute YouTube video where he details everything he included in the kit—and why, and opens it all up for you and shows you how to use it. Although longer than most digital-era attention spans, we find the video to be super valuable as Christian includes additional survival tips woven throughout.


If you want to set it and forget it, this truck bed emergency kit is a great winter survival car kit because it includes basic cold weather gear. If this kit was the only thing you did to prepare yourself for roadside winter emergencies, you’d have the meat and potatoes. But throw this D-Bag into the DECKED Tool Box with just a few other winter items and you’d be gravy.


a flat lay view of items that make up a survival kit






  • 1x duct tape
  • 1x multi-tool
  • 2x waterproof matches
  • 1x knife
  • 1x paracord, 100’
  • 1x shovel




  • 1x First Aid Kit
  • 2x antibacterial wipes
  • 2x emergency blankets
  • 1x emergency splint with instructions
  • 1x sunscreen




  • 2x air filtration masks
  • 2x chemical lights
  • 2x goggles




  • 1x emergency shelter
  • 2x hand warmers
  • 2x knit hats
  • 2x insulated, waterproof gloves




  • 1x Zeus portable power station and jump starter
  • 1x flashlight
  • 1x crank radio/USB charger




  • 12 x 200 calorie ration bars (total of 2400 calories)
  • 1x water filter
  • 1x 16 oz. refillable drinking pouch
  • 1x 48 oz. stainless steel water bottle 


a hybrid tool bag that is black and looks like a backpack, yet has hard sides on front and back


This kit will keep you alive in any season, and when you see the notification come across your phone, “50 million people are under winter weather alerts this weekend,” you’ll be able to leave your homestead with confidence that you’re probably going to make it back.


But add these few items to Tool Box as part of your winter weather survival kit and your positive outcomes start heating up even more:


  • Sleeping bags or stuffable down blankets for the entire family
  • A few gallons of water
  • De-icer
  • Extra hand warmers
  • Heavy coats
  • Tire chains
  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Set of snow cleats for shoes/boots
  • Extra food
  • Extra toys, books, and things that can help to keep the mood positive
  • Personal (non-negotiable) items for all family members like diapers, medications, eyeglasses, inhalers, etc.


You get the idea… Include things that are relevant to your situation, that you use or need all the time, and that will be just enough to brine you along until you can get out of the salty pickle that you found yourself in.


DECKED employees pose in front of a DECKED truck


American Made


We take pride in the fact that our products are made in America. The DECKED Tool Box and the DECKED Drawer System are manufactured right here in the Heartland, in Defiance, Ohio, where we are defying the odds of what is possible when it comes to truck bed organization.


We buy recycled HDPE that was destined for the landfill, (your children can thank us later), and breathe new life into a perfectly-good material by grinding it up, melting it, and pouring it into the world’s largest molding presses that weigh an excess of 35,000 pounds.


We source the majority of our materials in the same region, and partner with family-owned and operated businesses such as DYCO Manufacturing Inc. that are incredibly competent, skilled, and relentless when it comes to providing a quality, American-made product.


At DECKED, we realized long ago that our most important asset is you—our customer— and we work as hard as you everyday ensuring that our products not only meet, but exceed your standards.


We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and have never denied a claim. We just ask that you be reasonable, and if you’ve used your DECKED gear as part of an obscure redneck sculpture contest, or as a shooting target, or as bear bait—maybe don’t tell us about that, unless it comes with an epic survival story and photos worthy of the ‘Gram.


There’s free shipping sitewide, a Military-Discount (includes first responders and federal, state, and local government employees), and to hear from real-life folks about how much they love our stuff or what cool shit they’ve found to fill it up with, follow us on social media to see for yourself.


A first responder looks through his DECKED drawer system installed in the back of his non-commercial fire truck


Don’t Put Yourself On Thin Ice


At the end of the day, we’re just an ergonomics company who is out here, trying to make the lives better for working men and women. We think you deserve more of your life back, in the way of time, and once you get your tools and gear organized—you’ll be surprised how much time you have left to do stuff that really lights you up, like scratching things off of your winter survival kit list.


Yeah. That was a joke. Adulting is pretty boring. We know. But you know what’s even worse? Being trapped on I-95 with a quarter tank of gas, a mostly dead cellphone, a couple of peanuts that dropped between the ridges of your floor mat, and a few swigs of week’s old coffee. It’s time to get prepared, man. It’s time to get DECKED.