Your Winter Emergency Car Kit Needs The Right Tool Box


A heart drawn in snow on the windshield of a snowplow might be sarcastic, but with a winter emergency car kit on board, pickup truck owners who have the DECKED Tool Box have a pair of necessities to ensure they're ready for any surprises.

No one loves winter weather, especially if they get stuck roadside during a snowstorm. That’s why a winter emergency car kit is vital, and the durable, weatherproof, easy to access DECKED Tool Box is just what pickup truck owners need to keep winter emergency necessities at hand.



Your Winter Emergency Car Kit Needs The Right Tool Box


We pickup truck owners like to think we have our own brand of toughness (well … we actually do, don’t we?). So when winter comes along, we take it in stride. We double check the standard winter emergency car kit in our vehicles and take a few extra steps to prepare. And that’s part of why we here at DECKED engineered the DECKED Tool Box — to go with us that extra mile.


We all know that even the best winter emergency car kit needs an addition or two. Ever try to use one of those plastic shovels that come with the average emergency winter car kit? Yeah. We know. And as truck owners, we know better than to do without a car emergency kit. Winter demands it. Harsh conditions also demand the toughest tool box to keep your winter emergency car kit at the ready.


The DECKED Tool Box has just what you need to make any emergency car kit for winter the asset it should be if a surprise pops up:


  • Easy access
  • Weatherproof construction
  • A practically indestructible and secure build
  • Plenty of options to organize
  • A few standout features to surprise you


This ain’t your granddad’s tool box. In fact, we’ve brought the saddle style truck tool box into the 2020s — this Tool Box is from this century. Sure, you can check out the facts and figures for yourself. And we can chatter ‘til the cows come home that DECKED has made the right tool box to accompany your winter car emergency kit.


Better yet, let us show you.


The optional integrated ladder that you can order with the DECKED Tool Box makes access to all the items you store pretty simple. Here, a construction worker in a yellow hard hat pulls the ladder from its spot inside the tool box, which is installed in a white pickup truck.

When snow swirls and you’ve got to get that car emergency kit for winter out of your vehicle in a hurry, you don’t need any more obstacles. That’s why the DECKED Tool Box is a leading contender to hold your stuff, with the optional integrated ladder making the reach for your gear a cinch in practically any conditions.

When Old Man Winter Gets Ugly, Easy Access to Your Winter Emergency Car Kit Is Essential


Simply put, the DECKED Tool Box makes it quick and simple to access anything you decide to store in it, whether that’s winter emergency car kit items, everyday tools for work, or camping gear for the weekend.


Just how did DECKED engineers do this? It’s all about the optional integrated ladder you can order with your saddle style DECKED Tool Box. Made from 6000 series aluminum, the ladder nests inside the box and won’t take up space you need for your stuff. But it’s easily within reach as you stand beside your truck.


Go ahead, let winter hit hard. You’re prepared. And you won’t have to wonder if you can reach the jumper cables that you put in the bottom of the tool box last summer. Just pull the ladder out of the DECKED Tool Box, adjust it to sit on the ground beside your truck, and step right up to grab whatever you need from anywhere inside this box.


Lifted truck? Rough ground beside your pickup? No worries. The ladder adjusts to work with even a lifted truck.


Having one you can’t reach defeats the purpose of having a winter emergency kit. Car owners can’t do what a truck owner can do come wintertime, either. You know you’ll be the one asked to get out the jumper cables or tow rope and pull a neighbor out of the ditch.


But with your gear, including a car winter emergency kit, easy to reach, you’ll be all set. And will the DECKED Tool Box hold up to the weather and keep your stuff dry and ready to go?


We were hoping you’d ask.



Shown installed in a black pickup truck and with the lid open, the DECKED Tool Box is tough enough to go the distance, even at job sites like this construction locale.

The DECKED Tool Box protects your gear from the rain, snow, and most dust particles. Yeah. It’s weatherproof.

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow … You Know The Drill


There are few things harder on a saddle style tool box installed in the back of a pickup than Mother Nature. Especially when it comes to keeping and accessing an emergency kit for a car, winter can be an obstacle to a truck owner in more ways than one.


But the DECKED Tool Box is weatherproof in more ways than one, too.


It keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


Waterproof and, therefore, “snow proof,” this tool box also resists rust and corrosion. Its seamless lid and tub are molded, not welded. It seals tightly when closed thanks to an EPDM gasket. Plus, the upstanding lip is overlapped by the lid, and this acts as a rain gutter. Open the DECKED Tool Box and you’ll find the bub seal and gasket around the entire lid to keep water out.


The hardware on the box is anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum.



Of course, DECKED was founded in 2013, and we’re in business to make the everyday lives of working men and women better. So we’re no slouches when it comes to keeping Old Man Winter away from the contents of this tool box.


And what’s tougher than Old Man Winter? Well, we’d like to submit the DECKED Tool Box for consideration.




Ready to hold any winter emergency car kit, the DECKED Tool Box is tough enough to hold up to weather conditions and any other beating it might endure. Here, a motorcyclist uses the built-in tie-downs on the box to secure a motocross bike in the back of a pickup truck.

You know the DECKED Tool Box is tough enough to store your winter emergency car kit if it’s tough enough to use to tie down a motorcycle.

Old Man Winter Is Tough. So Is The DECKED Tool Box


Maybe you didn’t consider the DECKED Tool Box when you made your winter emergency car kit list. But we submit that your winter car emergency kit checklist should, indeed, include this tough-as-nails tool box.

It’s designed like Fort Knox. Take a look, and you’ll see that the DECKED Tool Box is nearly indestructible. We used injection molded high impact polymer resin to make it impact resistant — impossible to dent, but easy to love. Galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement tougen it up even more.


And if you’re worried about extreme temperatures in wintertime — don’t, at least not where this tool box is concerned. We tested the DECKED Tool Box at 180 degrees and at -5 degrees with a payload of 500 pounds. It’s no contest — DECKED wins again.


You’ve seen the common aluminum diamond-patterned saddle style tool box. We all have. But when 50 percent of them show up dented upon delivery as new … it’s time for a better solution.


As they say … “out with the old, in with the new.” The DECKED Tool Box is engineered with solid structure in mind. It won’t bend or sag even under heavy loads. Gas struts keep the 30-pound lid open thanks to the torsion system powered by spring steel.


The DECKED Tool Box is a better way. This Tool Box is from this century.


And did we mention security? You can bet we will.


This is the tool box so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry. Even if a criminal decides to get out in the wintertime and try to swipe your winter emergency car kit for himself, he’ll find the DECKED Tool Box impossible to break into with a pry bar. In fact, it won’t even damage if someone tries. Theft pry bar points are minimized by the tub-lid interface.


As if that’s not enough, the tub of the box is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security. In addition, the tough steel armored locking mechanism means forced entry is about as likely as a daisy popping up in a snow drift in Minnesota when it’s 10 degrees.


You secure the DECKED Tool Box in the bed of your truck with a bracket and bolt system, and the lid has to be open to remove the box from the truck. It’s a pretty simple 10-minute install, too. Thread in the brackets and bolts, grab a power tool you’ll probably store in the box anyway, and installation is done with the system grabbing a bed rail. You don’t have to drill holes in your truck. You’ll be good to good to go.


Your gear is safe from the elements. It’s secure. Now you need it organized.




A construction worker in a white hard hat stands on the optional integrated ladder to access gear inside the DECKED Tool Box, installed in a white pickup truck.

One D-Box (shown with blue lid) and Snack Tray (not pictured) each is included with the DECKED Tool Box when you receive it. Accessories: They’re your first step to staying organized.

Stay Organized And Stay Ready For Emergencies


There’s nothing worse than getting stuck on the roadside in the snow, unless it’s needing your winter emergency car kit and having trouble finding it.


You don’t want to dig in the back of your crew cab or search in the bottom (if you can reach it!) of a typical saddle style tool box for jumper cables or a tow strap as the snow flies and the wind howls. Maybe you heard your dad or granddad tell stories about nights like that.


Well, this ain’t your granddad’s tool box, because it’s not 1973. The DECKED Tool Box looks like it came from this century. And it’s got modern ways to keep your gear organized.


Take the handy dandy D-Box. Each DECKED Tool Box comes with one D-Box  and one Snack Tray, too, both of which hang at the top of the box where they can be reached. D-Boxes themselves are weatherproof, thanks to a gasket seal. Grab one and reach your winter emergency car kit below, or use a D-Box to keep your kit year round. Use them with or without dividers, too, for even better organization.


Don’t forget that the DECKED Tool Box is pretty roomy, too. So if you decide to go with a winter car emergency kit diy, you can gather what you need and skip the flimsy folding plastic shovel, for example. You’ll still have room for a full-size, durable scoop shovel in the box along with the kit and everyday gear you need.


Plus, there’s still room in this box for a few surprises.


A man loads a wooden door into the back of a black pickup truck that has the DECKED Tool Box installed, with the optional integrated ladder deployed on the passenger side.

The DECKED Tool Box fits well in your truck and will hold a winter emergency car kit year round, plus lots of other gear. Use the optional integrated ladder to access it easily, and fill up the rest of the truck bed with whatever else you need to haul.

Did We Say, ‘Wait! There’s More!’? Because, Yeah. There’s More


Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again.


Sure, the DECKED Tool Box is easy to access. It’s tough, weatherproof, and secure. It’s also got plenty of options to organize. It’ll go the extra mile with you even if that mile is cold, snowy, and slick under the tires.


This tool box offers you a few surprises, too. The pair of tie-downs low on the tub in the back are strong enough to anchor down your motorcycle or ATV. Plus, the DECKED Tool Box is compatible with some of the DECKED Drawer System options.


It’s time to step up your game.


You need a winter emergency car kit, and you need the right place to put it. Don’t let it get buried in a pile of stuff behind the seats in your truck. Make it easy to grab in a hurry so you can meet whatever challenges await out in the dark when the snow flies.


Be confident. You’ll get your money’s worth with DECKED. That’s why our tool box never goes on sale. We believe in everyday fair prices. Simple as that.


Get a Lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping, not to mention a couple of financing options.


Check out our website for more.


You put care into selecting or collecting your winter emergency car kit. You may not need some of that gear, but if you do need it, you want it available.


The DECKED Tool Box helps you make that happen. Get yours today!