The Weathertech Tonneau Cover Would Be Ideal For Securing Your Truck Bed Cargo.But Have You Tried DECKED Yet? You'd Love it


The Weathertech Tonneau Cover Would Be Ideal For Securing Your Truck Bed Cargo.But Have You Tried DECKED Yet? You'd Love it


If you are always on the go or regularly commute with your pickup truck, why not make your driving experience more exhilarating by having all your cargo safe and secure. A truck bed is excellent for hauling and holding items. But problems arise when it is unattended and left wide open. Tonneau covers are among the go-to accessories for protecting pickup bed cargo while stylizing your truck and even reducing wind drag when driving hence economizing on fuel. Who doesn't want to save gas? Yes, your truck will get a better gas mileage with tonneau covers because, on average, it leads up to about a 5.7% reduction in drag, which is equivalent to about a 1.8% rise in fuel efficiency. Even though such an impact may not necessarily be massive, it makes a significant difference in the long run.

So yes, tonneau covers play a much more substantial role than just securing items on your truck bed.

But this is not all for truck owners; the DECKED Drawer System is undoubtedly good news specifically designed to make the everyday lives of working men and women even better. There is no doubt that by installing each of these compatible accessories, users increase their truck's value, security, fuel savings, and capabilities significantly. However, the question of which accessory would best secure a truck bed would suffice. Weathertech tonneau covers or DECKED drawer system? How do they stack up against each other? Let's do a low down of the nitty-gritty.

You may find  the Weathertech Tonneau cover quite handy in keeping your truck bed cargo secured, but you will need something more. Something to hold tight your items and organize them properly , like the Decked Drawer System.

Before exploring the values of a DECKED Drawer System, perhaps it would help to know what generally makes a quality Weathertech tonneau cover.

The thing with the truck bed cargo organization equipment market is that the choice range of products is wide and you are likely to fall into a choice overload. In this case, you'd have a harder time deciding and even recognize the difference between legit and fake products. So here are a few great, thoughtful insights to bring yourself to speed with what really matters when making Tonneau cover purchase decisions.

  • Weathertech roll-up tonneau. If you want to keep your load safe and secure, but you will often need to use your entire bed, you'd find this tonneau cover quite useful.
  • Weathertech tri-fold, also Alloycover Hard tonneau cover. If you want to secure your load under a bed cover but you hardly ever need to use your whole bed, this would be your go-to tonneau cover.

Of these options, you can opt for low profile and aerodynamic designs that will create less air drag hence improving gas mileage. Such Weathertech tonneau cover examples include :

Weathertech gladiator tonneau cover. Full-featured product with security, functionality, and style in the WeathertechAlloyCover Hard tri-fold tonneau cover.

  • Triple folding design
  • Lightweight and high strength construction
  • Simple installation
  • Three-year limited warranty that is applied on all 2020-2022 Jeep Gladiator JT models

Weathertech tonneau cover 2016 Silverado has features such as,

  • Utmost cargo protection
  • Tri-fold design
  • Rigid construction
  • Simple installation
  •  3year limited warranty, which applies to all 2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with standard and short box

Similarly, the robust nylon straps on Weathertech tonneau covers provide a steady hold to the product making it durable, while the aerodynamic finish gives it a better experience. The tonneau cover auto-latch system certainly takes security to a whole new level by giving functionality to the remarkable product.

Other advantages include:

  • A dual locking mechanism on the auto-latch II system that can be used with the locked tailgate to sustain a significant security level.
  • Easy installation process. You do not need to be a tech geek to handle the installation.
  • Strong aluminum panels with watertight, durable, reinforced vinyl crusted hinges, particularly the Weathertech alloycover. The cover is also carefully designed to reduce excessive noise and annoying vibrations common with most bed covers.
  • Vinyl coated hinges, flexible rubber seals, and minimized metal on metal contact, hence reducing excessive vibrations, giving you a nice quiet ride.

 With the DECKED Drawer System, you get to enjoy functionalities that you wouldn't with the Weathertech Tonneau Cover.You get better storage, better cargo protection and more enhanced organization.


However, every product must have its upsides and subsequent downsides. Looking at the weathertech tri-fold tonneau cover review and other variants, there will always be certain trade-offs. For instance, the quality of fasteners that hold these covers seems a bit superficial. Moreover, weathertech tonneau covers may not be the best option, especially in extreme weather like rain or wind. Users will get poor sealing protection against water in roll-up tonneau covers and a possibly bad experience during such extreme weather conditions. A wise purchasing move would include going for products with huge upsides and very few downsides to maximize on best functions. You need DECKED.

The A to Z about DECKED traits

If you frequently travel with expensive cargo on your truck bed, you would much rely on a DECKED system to keep your gear organized and secure while maintaining full bed use. DECKED is a fully engineered sliding Drawer System designed for full-size pickup trucks and manufactured in Ketchum, Idaho, in the United States.

The Drawer System is durable, reliable, solid, and able to keep your gear and tools secure, out of sight, and out of mind. After a broad but reasonable assembly process, the Decked System will result in a perfectly functional and great fitting drawer bed system that will hold up to severe abuse. The Drawer System incorporates two sliding drawers that can handle up to 2000lb of payload capacity and at the same time maintain the 2000lb payload capacity that comes with the truck from the factory. Some of the system pecks include absolute protection of gear, durability, ease of use, and security cover.


When we say DECKED is manufactured from the future what we mean is, it is made in such a manner to make the work of hardworking men and women easier. Its is versatile and adaptable to just let you transport and secure your outdoor tools and cargo,whether you are a technician, hunter, carpenter , you name it.

The engineering behind DECKED

You need something that looks like it came from this decade hence a new DECKED Drawer System. The product draws insights from the future into the 21st century with great innovation and style. For instance, DECKED product is made of a high-impact polymer resin while using injection molding. Take note that there is no fabrication in the storage system, the lack of fabrication and injection molding translates into a genuinely superior product.

  • DECKED product is reinforced with galvanized aluminum and steel.
  •  Such durable materials are combined with stainless steel hardware to enhance it even better.
  •  Storage system is mainly made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that incorporates more science and engineering.
  •  Other than HDPE, Polypropylene(PP) is also used to create products like the D-Box, Drawganizer, and Crossbox.

Apart from super durable materials, the other best part about the DECKED Drawer System is that it is compatible with other truck bed accessories including the Weathertech tonneau cover which means they can be used together. In terms of form and function, DECKED certainly makes a huge difference, focusing on out-of-sight and mind philosophy for users. The decked System requires no drilling for most vehicle applications.

With a whopping 2000lb payload on the upper surface and an additional 200lb per drawer , there is just not a thing you cant carry with the DECKED Drawer System.


DECKED products are shipped free right to the customer's front door with available APR financing as low as 0%. Other than being among the toughest products on the market, DECKED accessories are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. A simple, straightforward, and quick warranty claim process ensures that customers are reached within 48hours of working days. DIY install is effortless and manageable for all customers. Customers also can view Decked 101 for a deep dive, with no holds barred run down of the entire process.

What makes the DECKED System special?

These reasons are not particularly meant to discredit competitor products. We acknowledge the existence of downsides and how DECKED can easily compliment them to make you gain the best user experience.

  • Unlike the Weathertech tonneau cover that has a water-shedding design to keep water away and is sometimes not fully impermeable, the DECKED is  more waterproof, and undoubtedly able to keep your gear bone-dry, because it is superbly waterproof even in the wildest of storms and snowfalls. This, however, does not mean that it is possible to submerge it fully in water and still maintain dryness; please don't! Water will seep in through the corners and the gaskets. But for everything else like snow, rain, or car wash pressure while cleaning the truck's bed, your gear will not get wet. The tailgate is the only likely place for water to get into the drawer and particularly when directly sprayed at the point where the deck and the weather stripping merge. This aspect certainly makes it more favorable when compared to Weathertech tonneau covers which are made of water-resistant materials but can still leak in water, especially in extreme weather environments.
  • Whereas the Weathertech Hard Tri-Fold Alloycover tonneau allows a pile of up to 400lbs of evenly distributed weight, the DECKED System has a 200-pound storage capacity in each Drawer and an extra 2000lb payload full bed use. Since the storage system is made up of American steel and high-density polyethylene, it has a strength-to-weight ratio of 10:1, hence an advantage over Weathertech tonneau covers. You can easily haul heavy, bulky cargo on top of the Drawer System yet still gain easy access to storage underneath the load. Tools and gear slide outright at the waist height, making it pretty accessible to users of average heights.For instance, both the center and forward portions of the bed are accessible, whereas all other tonneau covers make this accessibility a challenge. Moreover, tonneau covers only offer truck bed covering, nothing more. Any abrupt movement of the vehicle is more likely to scatter your loose gear all over. Now the advantage of DECKED drawers is that it holds the gear tight and is able to bring it right to you when you need it. It is possible to purchase the drawers with optional locks to keep things secure. Additionally, setup can also be doubled by a locking tailgate.
  • Another fundamental accessory for trucks is the bed liners that keep the truck bed in a good state. Truck liners or bed covers protect the truck against minor damages and daily wear and tear that may occur. The Weathertech tonneau cover, like most tonneau covers, can work with a spray-on bed and under the rail liners without any challenges. In other instances, retractable or folding covers might need trimming of the liner at the dividing wall.
  • Installing a tonneau cover with an over the rail bed liner in most cases requires some effort and more time. Bed liners specifically designed for the truck will offer optimum protection and ensure complete surface coverage that will minimize spills and dirt getting in. By installing the DECKED drawer system, the truck will not require any liners or bed mats, even though it can certainly work with one. Unlike most tonneau covers, the System is all purpose-built to protect the truck while also being stylish and functional. Since they are built like a tank, DECKED never gets dents, and all its content will remain dry.

It is best to conclude that other than providing a visually appealing classy element to the image of trucks and casing up the dirty bed that is usually visible, DECKED offers safe and secure transport of equipment or cargo. Whether it is equipment hauling after a long day of work-family trip luggage, there is no other safer way to secure each haul than using tonneau covers. The most important aspect of the truck cover is that it works for the users' needs. The DECKED Drawer System ensures that every piece of cargo is put in its place and out of sight out of mind in an organized manner.