DECKED or Weatherguard Truck Tool Boxes?

DECKED or Weatherguard Truck Tool Boxes?

Weatherguard truck tool boxes began their entrepreneurial journey in 1960. Howard Knaack saw a gap in the market and started manufacturing tool boxes for pickup trucks in his garage.

As an intelligent businessman, Knaack quickly took his product to a friend and partner, Brock Tool Company, to distribute his toolboxes. In 1962, this dynamic individual started a distribution network to supply products throughout the U.S. In 1968, he moved his primary manufacturing location to Illinois after purchasing the rights to make pickup truck tool boxes Weatherguard.

Knaack continued with his innovative business ideas, ensuring a vast network of Weatherguard truck tool boxes dealers. If you do an internet search for "Weatherguard truck tool boxes near me," you are sure to find a supplier in most corners of the globe.

DECKED began its journey in 2013, has its base in Ohio, and uses materials that make its Tool Box look as if it comes from this century.

Let’s continue our walk through the past and present to see how the age and experience of Weatherguard pickup truck tool boxes match up to the youthfulness of the DECKED Tool Box.

Aerial view of the open DECKED Tool Box displaying a full Snack Tray and blue D-Box.

21st Century Modernization vs. 20th Century Design

The thing about the passage of time is that technology advances. If you don’t keep up with these advances, you'll be left behind. The concept of age vs. youth can be a deciding factor in using innovative products or those that evoke the nostalgia that goes with times from the past.

While many customers are fond of truck tool boxes Weatherguard, as they should be, there are specific elements that set the DECKED Tool Box apart.

Don’t get us wrong—we admire the Weatherguard truck tool boxes, diamond plate, and other materials. We use some of these materials. What we don’t do is focus on using aluminum or steel in isolation.

Instead, DECKED uses materials in a new way with a modern design and state-of-the-art engineering. These factors differentiate us from competitors.

This modernity is where we distinguish our product from the rest. And because we're new, we are not bogged down by the financial implications of switching from the old to the new, which can be overwhelming.

What are we talking about here?

State of the art technology means the most recent stage in the development of a product, incorporating the newest technology, ideas, and features.”

Construction worker standing at his pickup truck with the integrated ladder extended to the ground and the DECKED Tool Box packed to the brim with gear.

1. Integrated Design vs. Fabrication

DECKED uses contemporary, advanced integrated design through science and engineering. The integrated design of its Tool Box refers to the use of industrial-strength high-density polyethylene, or HDPE. HDPE at an industrial strength is remarkably durable.

Combining this HDPE material with injection molding ensures a product without seams or joins. This process strengthens our Tool Box to the point where it is so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry.

Where truck mounted tool boxes Weatherguard products are impressive, they use old-school technology and fabrication, the process of manipulating steel or aluminum.

This manipulation requires the manufacturer to bend metal, shape it and join it to create the end product. The welded joints where the seams meet give the Weatherguard truck tool boxes unavoidable weak points.

Weaknesses in the design create susceptibility to environmental conditions, including the weather and rough handling.

2. Water and Weatherproofing

Image of the DECKED Tool Box with the heading to reinforce the weatherproofing and waterproofing capabilities of this tub.

The newness of the DECKED manufacturing process distinguishes its products from others on the market. This differentiation places our products firmly in the 21st century and a step ahead of our competitors. It also gives us an upper hand over other products concerning water and weatherproofing.

You may find Weatherguard truck tool boxes for sale but check first for any signs of environmental damage. Despite these toolboxes using a TGIC Polyester Powder Coating, this method remains a top coat no matter how technically progressive.

On the other hand, our high-impact polymer resin will never rust. In addition, injection molding assures you of a product that is waterproof and weatherproof. Plus, our product has other defenses.

You may be tempted to argue that used Weatherguard truck tool boxes for sale and new products use a clever rain gutter lid to increase water and weatherproofing features. The reality is that the lid design of the DECKED Tool Box also differs, further defending the tub and contents against environmental factors.

An intelligent lid design for the DECKED Tool Box lid gives this tub a triplicate barrier to water and debris entering the container.

  • First, the lid design has a rain gutter.
  • Second, it has a broader space between the gutter and the edge of the design.
  • Third, this deep gutter has an MDPE gasket and seal that resists any water or debris intrusion into the tub.

Also, the medium-density polyethylene or MDPE gasket is resistant to more than just water. It keeps its shape, so even with wear and tear over time, no memory remains, ensuring the seal continues to work.

Weatherguard does use weatherproofing and waterproofing products like ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat and a weather seal. These tactics ensure good products.

The DECKED difference lies in the high impact, weatherproof industrial resin, and integrated design as opposed to steel and aluminum fabrication.

A motorbike wheel shoved into the DECKED Tool Box on the truck bed, indicating its resistance to dents, dings, and other damage.

This difference gives DECKED a significant advantage over any Weatherguard truck tool boxes regarding longevity and robustness aside from the overall design benefits.

The outcome is that your gear stays bone dry, even when you get caught in a downpour.

3. Robust Design, Intimidating Security

Weatherguard has developed an intimidating security system to protect your gear. Its three-phase security system is impressive and can be quite complex to install.

When you buy certain lines of their products, you have a built-in security system. This brand is available with a Weather Guard® Extreme Protection Lock, WEATHER GUARD® Latch System, PowerSync™, and an optional remote keyless entry feature.

You may need to install some of these security mechanisms yourself and figure out how they work. However, this system is excellent if you have time to hassle with all that complex stuff when dealing with aluminum and steel tool box construction.

DECKED relies on simplicity and ease of use for your convenience. Our tool box and Drawer System depend on advanced mechanical engineering. The result is storage solutions that are robust, secure, and inaccessible when locked.

Our systems are impact resistant so that they won't rust, ding, and dent like many metal storage products. Aluminum and galvanized steel in the tool box lid keep our product easy on the eyes but tough on thieves.

Man inserting key into the armor locking system of the DECKED Tool Box on the cab side of the pickup truck.

No one can break open the tool box lid with a crowbar or anything else. So unless you have hours on end and are in an isolated location where no one can hear you (including yelling in frustration) trying to get into our products, your gear is safe.

The tool box lid boundary minimizes weak spots, discouraging any break-in efforts. The steel locking mechanism is like armor plating so forced entry is close to impossible. We deliberately designed our lid with the locking mechanism on the cab side to remind you to lock it when not in use. We also provide you with two keys so you and your assistant can remember to lock the lid or keep the spare key in a safe place.

No thief can access your gear or remove the tool box unless you leave the lid open.

Where Weatherguard reinforces their aluminum tubs to make them stronger, DECKED uses industrial-strength HDPE with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements in the lid.

Our product can withstand 2,000 pounds of weight and can carry 500 pounds of gear. That’s one tough, robust, and secure product that leaves your granddad’s tool box in the dust.

Is the robustness and security of our Tool Box and Drawer System better? 21st- century design, materials, and engineering has made it better than other offerings on the market.

Image and text indicating that the  DECKED Tool Box lid is reinforced with steel and aluminum to hold its shape, making it so robust that thieves cannot open it with a pry bar.

When you look at our system from a lay person's perspective or expert, the design simplicity and HDPE materials alone win out over competitors. We also believe this simplicity equals convenience, which most people want when focusing on work rather than figuring out time-consuming installation and usage instructions.

You can install the DECKED Tool Box in under 10 minutes, and you can pay a dealer for their time to install the Drawer System.

Can you or anyone else get past the DECKED or Weatherguard security systems? If they have enough time, motivation, and a quiet spot—sure they can. The difference is whether some criminals are tech-savvy enough to bypass electronic systems or use brute power (while making a heck of noise) to get at what they want or not!

Images and instructions showing you the no-drill installation process of the DECKED Tool Box that should take less than 10 minutes.

4. Purchase Convenience

Because Knaack established a broad distribution network for his products, you can purchase these tool boxes just about anywhere. Customers can access Weatherguard truck tool boxes from Tractor Supply.

You can get Weatherguard truck tool boxes at Harbor Freight and even buy used Weatherguard truck tool boxes. You can even place eBay watches for Weatherguard truck tool boxes. Another convenience is that customers can find eBay latches for Weatherguard truck tool boxes, new or used.

But the only thing you can get online for this product are locks for Weatherguard tool boxes, truck boxes, and some Weatherguard truck tool boxes parts from the company. Despite having a national and international distribution, this is a drawback.

And even though you can buy their products online when up for sale, you don’t have the assurance that you’re getting a product that is in pristine condition. Shipping costs and lack of warranty are serious negatives. 

You don’t have this problem with the DECKED Tool Box. Just order our product online and receive it within days—shipping fees included, with the limited lifetime warranty intact. Also, you can locate dealers near you if necessary, nationally and internationally, like Weatherguard, even if we're only seven years old.

Image on the website demonstrating how the screen looks when you use the "Find a Dealer" option.

5. Style Versatility

With companies that have been going for over 60 years, you can expect a range of product styles. Weatherguard is no different. They've been in the tool box business for so long that they have developed a wide range of styles, including:

  • Truck crossover tool boxes Weatherguard
  • Weatherguard truck tool boxes 48x12x14
  • Weatherguard truck tool boxes 8'
  • Weatherguard truck tool boxes white, black, gray
  • Diamond plating in aluminum or steel
  • Saddle boxes
  • Lo-Side
  • Low profile Lo-Side
  • All-purpose chest
  • Super-side boxes
  • Under-bed boxes
  • Weatherguard truck tool boxes model 335
  • and many, many more

Image of Weather Guard's model 335-3 Pack Rat® Drawer Unit, 48in X 10.25in X 13in.

Sometimes more is less, as counterintuitive as that may seem. Despite having so many styles and models to choose from, this can be a disadvantage. You buy one toolbox for storage on your truck bed and as your business grows, find you need more. Eventually, your truck ends up looking like a mobile store for tool boxes.

DECKED believes in simplicity—we keep our style range small and are growing it with meaningful innovations.

Buy one DECKED Tool Box to start and complement it with the DECKED Drawer System or vice versa. Your organization strategy of less is more means your truck looks as sexy as your storage system.

The Entire DECKED Storage Solution including the Drawer System and Tool Box installed on a pickup truck.

Our DECKED tool box is available with tie-downs to transport oversized freight. We also ship your order with a D-Box and Snack Tray.

Take a peek at our original accessories that include an emergency kit and mobile tool solutions. If you're into hunting or outdoor activities, our comprehensive response to strategic storage lies in our simple yet brilliant storage solutions. So whether you're a rancher, hunter, love camping, or are into fishing, surfing, or other outdoor work or recreation, DECKED makes life simpler and more convenient.

Image showing some of the emergency supplies that you find in our DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit.

6. More Appealing Differentiation

Weatherguard truck tool boxes prices may hold appeal depending on your budget, but none will give you the convenience of the DECKED integrated ladder.

If you order the integrated ladder with your DECKED Tool Box, you have the convenience of getting at equipment quickly without leaping on and off the truck bed.

No truck tool boxes for sale Weatherguard or new products from this brand currently offer this innovative accessibility. The ladder works for raised trucks, helps prevent injury, and supports the economy of movement. The economy of movement increases productivity and lowers the chances of injury.

Pickup truck showing the integrated ladder extended over its side from the Tool Box, and with an open Drawer System.

Age or Youth? You Decide!

DECKED offers simplification and differentiation through its use of HDPE industrial-strength reinforced polymer resin. We deliver differentiation through the simplicity of our security systems and robustness of a product that is ding and dent-proof and weather and waterproof.

Our youth wins over through the use of injection molding to increase strength and eliminate environmental corrosion. Youth also wins out by supporting productivity and reducing injury by including an integrated ladder in our product.

Differentiation stretches further to our helpful accessories that you can store in the DECKED Tool Box or DECKED Drawer System.

Just when you thought you'd seen one tool box that you'd seen them all—DECKED came along with disruptive modern technologies and designs to shake things up.

Once you're done weighing the youthfulness of invention over age, order your DECKED Tool Box today. Our service alone will make you smile. Installing a tool box that looks as good as your truck and gives you what you need will provide you with even more satisfaction.