DECKED or Weatherguard Tool Boxes?

DECKED or Weatherguard Tool Boxes?

DECKED or Weatherguard Tool Boxes? Feel Inspired!

In a country built on an entrepreneurial spirit of blood, sweat, tears, and freedom, choice is one of the most valuable commodities. Like you, the DECKED team has made its choice to thrive. Likewise, other people and companies have built their reputations. One of those companies creates a significant range of Weatherguard tool boxes available worldwide.

Weatherguard began their journey to recognition in 1960. DECKED started out with a dream to develop the Tool Box of the 21st century with future materials in 2013.

Due to the people's innovation in this country, an increasing number of customers are fast learning that there are choices beyond Weatherguard truck tool boxes.

They are exercising their freedom to go with a product that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of modern times. The result is opting for a tub that looks as sexy as their trucks.

Bringing Back the Sexy

Appearances matter, and when you look good, your truck looks banging, and your tool box captures the same spirit, you feel inspired.

DECKED was inspired to create a black tool box that was racy and practical, and we set about finding the best way to pursue our goal. It took dedication, long hours of sleepless nights, and setbacks, but we never gave up because we wanted to bring you something beyond what current Weatherguard tool boxes dealers and others in the industry have achieved. After all, healthy competition pushes us all to develop new ways of doing things better, and we use this motivation to push ourselves further.

Open DECKED Tool Box with integrated ladder nesting in the box on the right side and the Snack Tray on the left.

We used our legacy of shared history to create what we regard as a unique storage solution. We dug deep to develop a special tool box that is both sexy and practical.

At the end of the day, we achieved our goal. The DECKED Tool Box is durable, weather and water-resistant, and a testimony to the toughness of people who never give up.

Our tub is good-looking, black, and beautiful. Of course, you may say that some Weatherguard side tool boxes are also black, and you’d be right. But there is just something about matte black in plastic that is much warmer than cold black steel.

Black matte plastic is more welcoming, rugged, understated, and that’s what we like. However, its appearance is just the tip of the iceberg that covers up its practical qualities. So let’s delve below the surface of good looks to learn more about these qualities and how you can up your game.

Up Your Game

We upped our game, so you can too. Our research led us high and low in speaking to the top experts in their fields. Finally, we found the material we wanted to use and the engineering design to take the DECKED Tool Box to the next level.

We decided on using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and an engineer who wasn’t afraid to think outside the box (pun intended). Our thoughts behind this future material were to develop something unique, different from other types of products like Weatherguard low profile tool boxes. Our engineer was also part of our game plan in creating a new design, unlike anything else on the market.

Image of a closed DECKED Tool Box with the text reading, "dent proof."

We wanted to stand out and enable you to do the same, so HDPE was the way to go. This product is a high-impact polymer at industrial strength, which can take a punch and keep going, just like you. And we hit gold!

Not only does the DECKED Tool Box look good, but it can also take rough handling like nobody’s business.

Injection molding was another trick up our sleeves, which we used to produce a tub with zero seams. Unlike Weatherguard tool boxes for trucks that use fabrication to shape and join their steel and aluminum storage products, no seams give ours a hard-wearing edge.

Pack up your grandad’s toolbox from the 1970s because the future is here.

The DECKED Tool Box does not dent, buckle, or strain under heavy loads or rough work. It isn’t made from aluminum like many Weatherguard topside tool boxes, which tend to be more sensitive to harsh environments.

Drag it behind your truck, beat it up with a heavy-duty tool, and load it up with 200 pounds of gear, and it will come out smiling. The DECKED Tool Box is made to endure no matter how bad things get and injection molding and HDPE industrial-strength materials are to thank for maintaining its structure.

When you look at the steel and aluminum reinforcement in the tub lid, you also realize that this is one more design feature that keeps this tub in shape.

Tough on Thieves, Easy on the Eyes

Man trying to shove a pry bar between the tub/lid interface, without success.

Yep! The DECKED Tool Box is easy on the eyes but hard on thieves. So when seeing this tub on the back of your pickup truck, their first instinct may be to think that this one will be easy pickings. They couldn’t be more wrong.

So, before you look at Weatherguard tool boxes for sale, understand that we’ve made our tub theft-proof. You use a no-drill installation process to secure it on your truck bed. That’s one line of defense.

The next line of defense is that when the lid is locked, nobody can breach this security feature—they can’t remove the tub from the truck bed.

Third up, the interface between the lid and the tub is so close to resembling Fort Knox, it's enough to send thieves howling for their mamas. Repeated tests at our facilities bear testimony to this tub's unbreakable and secure features.

Once you close the lid and lock the tub with its armor securing system, not even you can get in without a locksmith if you lose the key.

We don’t disregard the security features in other products, but we think ours is better.

Our advice? Before you set your mind to Weatherguard tool boxes near me, check out this video. You’ll quickly see how safe your gear will be from crowbars and prying eyes that have no business getting into your business.

If you're not yet convinced, check out the security features of www Weatherguard com truck tool boxes. You should quickly establish that the security on these products is quite comprehensive—some may even say complex.

Instructions on how to code the locking system for Weather Guard products.

If you misplace or lose your key, you can get replacement Weatherguard tool boxes keys and other Weatherguard tool boxes parts online or at a dealer. Until you locate a dealer and get a new key, though, you won't be able to get into the box. If you can't get into your DECKED Tool Box for some reason, you can call a locksmith.

Installation Ease

Also, be aware that the DECKED Tool Box installation is a no-drill install. However, if you want to go for Weatherguard high side tool boxes (or others), you will need to drill to install the product. Where you drill, you will need to paint to prevent oxidation. You don’t have this inconvenience with the DECKED Tool Box because HDPE cannot rust, ever.

Weatherguard further warns customers to regularly check the installation clamps' tightness to ensure the tool box is secure.

DECKED also doesn’t have this problem because our boxes are customizable for specific makes and models of vehicles. In addition, once you install our tub, it is secure, so no maintenance is necessary.

Secure Is One Thing—Weather Factors Another

Of course, you'll find a truck tool box like Weatherguard to be weatherproof. They use their ARMOR TUF® finish to protect the metal from which they fabricate their products.

This isn't a competition. You have free choice. Our job is to inspire you to make the right decision, which is why we discourage going for any used Weatherguard tool boxes for sale and focus on the DECKED Tool Box.

Man spraying water at the DECKED Tool Box to demonstrate its waterproofing capabilities.

DECKED is waterproof and weatherproof. There is no weak spot where water can get through, including the lid, which has its own design barrier to prevent water and debris from affecting the contents. The lid gutter keeps water out, and we've built on this feature.

A medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) gasket is resistant to various weather conditions like heat, rain, chemicals, and other factors. This gasket seals the lid effectively along with the bub seal. Consequently, your tools stay dry even during fierce rainstorms and snow.

The tub also won't lose its sexy matte black appearance because of the UV barrier that is not just a top coat but an integral part of the high-density polymer resin from which it is made.

Improve Productivity

You can look for as many cheap Weatherguard tool boxes as you like, but you still won't find one with an integrated ladder. So DECKED has included this feature in its overall design so that you can improve your productivity.

A straightforward action like lifting the tub lid lets you unfold the ladder over the pickup truck's side. From this position, you gain quick access to the tub's contents. As a result, it is no longer necessary to take time to get onto the truck bed to get at equipment and off again, all of which saves effort.

Image of the integrated ladder extended over the pickup truck side.

As you save time and effort, your productivity improves. Additionally, you avoid the potential of twisting your back reaching for tools from heights and awkward positions. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve this positive goal by using Weatherguard top side tool boxes that don’t have integrated ladders.

Our optional integrated ladder takes up minimum space and is long enough to use on raised trucks. This benefit alone should inspire you to forego the Weatherguard high side tool boxes that are challenging to reach tools easily.

Besides the other innovations that go into the DECKED Tool Box, this adjustable nesting step ladder by itself should be enough to persuade you that not even cheaper used Weatherguard tool boxes are viable options.

Sexy Needs Accessories

DECKED makes specific components or accessories that are made to fit in the tub. The blue D-Box is one free accessory that we offer and which hangs in the box, leaving space below for further equipment storage. Use the D-Box as a mobile kit to transport tools to and from a job site with the easy grab handle.

Similar to the tub, we make our components from PP or polypropylene plastic. PP is durable, weatherproof, waterproof, impact-resistant, and just a sexy accessory to make life more pleasant.

Along with this free accessory, the design provides space for the handy Snack Tray. This Snack Tray is an open container for convenient storage of gear that you use daily.

We have also built tie-downs into the DECKED Tool Box to keep bulky cargo in place.

Image of an open Crossbox Desert Tan with the storage tray removed, showing how to optimize organization of your tools.

Because you can store 200 pounds of equipment in this tub, there are many other storage solutions that you can pack into the leftover space. Some of these include:

  • D-Bag with a hard shell and soft gear side
  • DECKED X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit containing a survival kit and power station
  • CrossBox, similar to the D-Box, with dividers and ample space to organize your tools just how you like
  • T-Tracks to increase truck bed freight stability when using the free tie-downs

These benefits are enough to inspire the harshest critics, so forget about who sells Weatherguard tool boxes because we sell the complete packing solution in one sexy box.


Inspiration drives innovation, and we want you to be inspired by adding quality solutions to your lifestyle, be it at work or play.

Our drive led us to offer customers financing, at times with zero interest depending on the payment terms that interest you.

Screen shot of the financing options with zero interest over six months and interest rates over 12 and 18 month repayment periods, ranging from 10 to 30 percent annual percentage rate. Also, the blue bar at the top of the image offers the option to select your vehicle type to place an order for the DECKED Tool Box or DECKED Drawer System.

If you don’t want to go for the zero-interest option, check the payment terms and annual percentage rate (APR) that matches your budget.

Be Inspired

Forget about Weatherguard tool boxes Craigslist because you won’t get financing there or from brand dealers.

Take a leap into the future of modular organization convenience that looks as good as your truck, and place your order today. Just click the “Select Your Vehicle” tab at the top of the page.

Easy payment terms and storage innovation are moments away. So allow yourself to be inspired like our forefathers who made this country what it is today.

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