Waterloo Vs DECKED. What should you choose?

Waterloo Vs DECKED. What should you choose?

Waterloo Vs DECKED. What should you choose?

Waterloo Industries is a large, privately owned corporation that produces a wide variety of products including tools and tool boxes. Their self-proclaimed mission statement is, “produce industries leading products with high standards for environmental stewardship and economic responsibility." They make sure to adhere to this mission by making their corporate philosophy a part of its culture and taking great care to maintain sustainable practices throughout the company.

The production facilities of Waterloo are located in Olathe, KS, and Chicago, IL. While the existing manufacturing facilities are located in these two states, Waterloo used to have facilities in many cities, including Michigan, Kansas, and Georgia.

Waterloo has been producing toolboxes for over 60 years. The company has significantly expanded over this period of time. It now offers an array of tools and tool storage products. Their storage products include old-style wooden tool chests and mobile carts (toolbox-style), pedestals, and wall racks.

Although in 2017 they were acquired by The Stanley Black & Decker Corporation, their logo and brand materials remain the same. Waterloo Industries Incorporated (WI) is the parent company of Waterloo Tool Boxes (WTB), Waterloo Specialty Boxes (WSB), and Waterloo Storage Products (WSP). The WTB division includes wood tool chests, mobile tool carts, and pedestals, and the WSB division includes wooden tool chests and wall racks. Lastly, the WSP division includes portable tool boxes, specific storage products, and self-storage units.

The image shows varios Waterloo tool boxes in various colors.

Waterloo Toolboxes

Waterloo Tool Boxes are the most extensive line of products produced by Waterloo Industries. They are popular among do-it-yourself handypersons and professionals alike. Waterloo provides various products to suit every need and budget. Waterloo Tool Boxes come in three different series: Contractor Series, Professional Series, and Homeowner Series. The article shares some of the top Waterloo tool boxes and chests.

1. Waterloo® - Portable Black Steel Top Chest


The Waterloo® Portable Black Steel Top Chest is a portable toolbox with a metal top, metal handle, and metal corners. The box is made up of 14 gauge steel and features 4 drawers with ball-bearing slides. The Waterloo Tool Box includes an integrated handle that is conveniently stored in a truck bed or a shelf. This portable toolbox is an excellent choice for storing tools.


The 4 drawers have ball-bearing slides and feature a large variety of tools. The drawers also come with optional dividers. Each drawer has a place for more extensive tools to avoid scratches and dents on the surface of the toolbox itself. The metal corners are welded together to form an X shape, providing extra durability compared to other portable toolboxes. The Waterloo Portable Black Steel Top Chest has heavy gauge steel top, bottom, sides, and welded metal corners that provide excellent strength and rigidity.

2. Waterloo® - Black Rolling Tool Cabinet


The Waterloo® Rolling Tool Cabinet is mobile tool storage with a pre-assembled handle and ball-bearing slides. The mobile tool cabinet is made of 16 gauge steel and features 3 drawers with ball-bearing slides. The Mobile Tool Cabinet includes an integrated handle and can be conveniently wheeled in a garage or a workshop.

The Waterloo Black Rolling Tool Cabinet is an excellent choice for storing tools at home or in the workplace. The roller wheel system in this box provides excellent traction, reducing the risk of scratching the work surface.


The 3 drawers come in various sizes and are labeled with letters that help to mitigate confusion when choosing the correct tool size. The Tool Cabinet also comes with optional dividers so that each drawer can be labeled for specific purposes (e.g. screwdriver, hammer, etc.). The black powder coat paint gives the Tool Cabinet a nice retro look adding up to its style. This creates a distinction from other toolboxes.

3. Waterloo 1 Tray Tool Box


The Waterloo 1 Tray Tool Box has a tray and an integrated handle. The tray comes in various sizes and holds various tools. The box features a single lid with a latch for easy access and an integrated handle for portability. The box is made out of rugged and durable plastic, and the tray divides the box into two compartments. This box is optimal for storing small tools. With Waterloo one tray tool box you don’t need to worry about the choice in color as it comes in a large variety of colors.


The single Tray Tool Box has an integrated handle that makes transportation an easy task. It increases the portability of the tool box from the workplace to the truck. The box has a hardened plastic tray with plastic dividers and is big enough for a complete toolset. The divider in this box allows for maximum storage and helps organize tools. The latch on this box allows for secure tool storage and keeps tools in place when transporting them or when it's not in use.

Like any other toolboxes, Waterloo offers quality and durability to keep up with all the demands of the professional tradesman. The rugged construction, durability, and reliability make them a trusted toolbox brand among professionals and competitors alike. However, if you want more from your toolbox, you should go for DECKED.

DECKED Tool Boxes are specially made to add additional storage solutions. DECKED allows you to make the most out of your toolbox. They start from 3 square feet and can be added up to 7 square feet of extra storage. There are different ways to use DECKED toolboxes. You can store larger as well as the small ones.

DECKED Mission and Values

DECKED has been specialized in making decking accessories since the year 2000. High demand and quality of products made them expand to a new line of tool boxes cases in 2013, which they named "DECKED." The idea was to provide an additional storage solution for all kinds of toolboxes.

DECKED Tool Boxes are meant for tradesmen who need more storage than the original toolbox allows for. DECKED offers a complete line of toolbox cases for all kinds of toolboxes, so every tradesman can find what they need. DECKED is dedicated to providing its customers with excellent products. DECKED is continuously improving its functionality in developing new and advanced products for customers. They have specialized in customizable truck tool boxes, tool boxes, and lockable cases.

DECKED Tool Boxes

DECKED Tool Boxes are designed and built to last. The solid and sturdy steel makes them able to be used for an extended period of time. Looking at a DECKED tool box, you can estimate high-quality design and purpose. Also, you won’t have to buy extra tools when you need them during installation.

The toolboxes, truck boxes and cases are made to be strong enough to take a beating while you are working, ensuring the safety of your tools inside the box. The toolbox is not as vulnerable as it would be if it were made out of other materials.

They offer a complete line of tools for various trades and work environments.

The image shows DECKED tool box for trucks with ladder

Why go for DECKED?

DECKED offers a great variety of products; they are flexible and can be used for several purposes, such as lockable cases, truck tool boxes, ultra-light hatches or toolbox trays that you can use for multiple purposes.

DECKED is the Real Deal

We have been the market leader for over a decade. They have managed to get their name out in the market and are verified as a serious company, a company with a good reputation and quality products. DECKED offers product lines for several tools in different workspaces and industries such as automotive, construction, marine, and more. DECKED has been leading the way in innovative truck accessories.

They have a large line of different custom truck tool boxes, truck bed covers, and accessories for your Ford or Chevy pickup. Not only do they offer the best quality products, but they also back them up with their limited lifetime warranty. Isn’t that amazing?

With DECKED, you are Secured

No one can compete with DECKED Tool Boxes when it comes to security. They are designed with different locking mechanisms preventing access to strangers. The lockable cases offer various storage options. They are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes to fit all your needs, but they are also made out of strong materials to be used in multiple situations. This way, you can protect your tools and keep them where they belong, in your toolbox, and out of the sight of unwanted people.

DECKED Tool Boxes are very popular among professionals and tradesmen worldwide. The products are highly reliable and durable. They can be used in different work environments without hassle. They offer an excellent solution to all kinds of problems that you might have with your current toolbox. The cases are very flexible and can be used in many ways.

Customize your tool box as per your needs

DECKED has the flexibility to be customized with your personal touches. It can be used in many ways. For example, you can use it as a separate toolbox. Depending on your style and needs, you can add different tools and accessories to it. It also gives you a chance to make the most out of your toolbox by using it as a separate storage unit.

High-quality DECKED Tool Boxes and accessories will add extra playing room to your vehicle's interior, making the use of the "deck space" available in your truck bed. They can be used as additional storage for smaller items or as an additional small toolbox.

A DECKED truck tool box being tested for dust resistance

DECKED and their After Sales Services

DECKED is committed to having customer service available around the clock and is there for you whenever you need them. With DECKED you will always get the best possible solution for your truck tool box problems.

DECKED offers a complete line of tools for automotive and truck accessories for various vehicles. DECKED provides options for how you want and how much space you need for your toolbox. They have different solutions for various vehicles such as Cargo Vans, Pickup Trucks, SUVs, Sedans, and more. DECKED has provided its customers with the best solutions for their tool storage needs for almost a decade.

DECKED is Made in and for the Country

DECKED products are an extension of American values and culture. They believe in having a responsibility to help others and they focus on what they do. DECKED has over 20 years of experience and has a great reputation in the market. Their products are high quality and as durable as possible for a solid product that can be depended on anywhere. Along with that, DECKED is 100% made in America.


Waterloo tool boxes are great products that can be used in various work situations. They offer the best quality products and have a great design that makes them durable and flexible enough to be used in adverse road and weather conditions.

However, their main competitor, DECKED, offers you the option to create your storage system that has been made by the highest standards and with the best technique possible. These toolboxes will secure your tools or other belongings in place to not get damaged during transportation. DECKED has been providing exceptional customer service over years, and there has not been a single complaint about their products from any of their customers. That’s what makes DECKED the most trusted and best user choice!

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Made in the USA

100% Weatherproof

Recycled Steel

Lifetime Warranty