If the Walmart Tool Box Is the Music of Plastic, You Need A New Tune

If the Walmart Tool Box Is the Music of Plastic, You Need A New Tune

A quick lesson from the bard of words (Shakespeare) tells us that if music is the food of love, then play on. The Walmart tool box epitomizes this quote because Orsino in Twelfth Night wanted more music to feed his passion until he became sick of it and lost his appetite.

Once you’re tired of spending money on stuff that doesn’t last, your cure is to swap out the cheaper, thinner plastic of the tool box Walmart version and play a new tune.

You can also lose your appetite for cheap plastic that breaks all the time by switching to industrial quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, which is tougher than nails.

In effect, if anyone wants a high-quality storage solution, industrial quality HDPE tool box, DECKED is the right choice.

A quick look at the prices of many of the plastic tool box Walmart options demonstrates that you get the quality for which you pay. And although cheap and plastic are often synonymous, HDPE is at a whole new level. Every discerning person from fleet managers to ranch owners and the military uses the DECKED Tool Box, attesting its quality.

But cheap isn't always nasty, it just depends on what you want from a tool box. And, of course, sometimes the budget doesn't stretch to paying for a quality storage solution that has been reinvented for this century.

Image of a pickup truck with the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System.

Cheap Isn’t Always Nasty, or Is It?

Buying cheap products doesn’t always mean that they’re nasty. And even though you know that cheap can be expensive in the long-term, it might be your only option at the time. However, sometimes paying a little more can go a lot further in terms of quality without breaking the budget.

We’ve selected several tool box Walmart options to look at, after which we’ll contrast them with the DECKED Tool Box to prove that HDPE is the new kid on stage, singing to a different tune.

1. HART Stack System Medium Size Tool Box

For instance, you may want a Walmart Hart tool box like the stack system medium size tool box to store hobby items, DIY tools for home use, or fishing tackle. This product is small, easy to carry, and includes modular storage options. You can even store a few beers in one of the compartments on a day trip for fishing and play music while waiting for the big one to bite.

This Walmart plastic tool box sells for around $25 and may last a few months or several years, depending on how well you look after your purchase.

However you view this tool box, it has a selection of features that might appeal to you and your budget.

Image of the black HART Stack System Medium Size Tool Box, Fits Modular Storage System with blue detail.

Several of these include:

  • Lightweight (5.1 pounds)
  • Manufactured by Keter
  • Soft handle grip
  • Lockable metal latches (you buy the lock)
  • Removal storage tray
  • Can connect this product to the Hart Stack Mobile Cart and Organizer
  • Dimension – 20.70” (L), 13.60” (W), 10.30” (H)

No mention is made on Walmart’s website of the type of plastic Keter uses to manufacture this product. When information is absent, it makes it easier to move to competitor sites where you know what you're getting.

And if you must have this Hart tool box Walmart, it may be better than storing your stuff in a cardboard box. The problem with both these choices is that neither is built to last like the DECKED Tool Box. Neither do they provide adequate storage space for heavy-duty work.


Sure, it may cost a little more, but the DECKED Tool Box will outlast you, as will any of the hardwearing polypropylene (PP) small tool box designs. We might add that these smaller tool box accessories are also highly affordable. The difference between them and the Walmart tool box organizer is that DECKED products are made to last and possess exceptional organizational benefits.

When you buy the DECKED Tool Box, you have space to store 500 pounds of gear. That’s some serious storage solution.

You get exceptional modular storage from the DECKED Tool Box, due partly to the Snack Tray, D-Box, and its capacity to handle a 500-pound load.

We also made the DECKED tub with a handy Snack Tray on the side, space for a D-Box with removable storage tray, and plenty of space beneath it for larger items. Plus, you always have tie-downs available to transport large cargo because the tub has those built into the base.

2. Stanley Tool Box Walmart

As far as the small tool box is concerned, this Stanley STST19331 19-inch essential tool box is quite handy. One part of the product description says that the product weighs 3.741 pounds, is made by Stanley Black & Decker, has dimensions of 19” (L), 10” (W), 9.9” (H), and that it has a limited lifetime warranty.

A little further down, the web page states that there is no warranty on this product. For a price of around $17, maybe this is expected, but not so much from a well-known brand like Black & Decker. On the other hand, this Stanley tool box at Walmart is so cheap that you can just buy another one if it breaks, right?

If you're a die-hard fan of the Walmart Stanley tool box no matter what, then it seems like a good option. The problem with this thinking is that there’s something far superior on the market, so you’ll still make a better investment if you purchase a DECKED Tool Box and long-lasting PP accessories.

Image of the STANLEY STST19331 19-Inch Essential Toolbox in black with yellow detail.


Unlike cheap plastic that cracks and degrades at the drop of a hat (or tune), the HDPE DECKED tub won’t fall apart. Even if you try to stick a prybar between the lid and the tub, you'll come off second best. A UV protective shield further means that it will retain its good looks—the sexy black matte look.

In other words, cheap can get nasty pretty quickly unless you are prepared to invest in a product that will go the distance and give you a transparent limited lifetime warranty option, like the DECKED Tool Box.

3. Walmart Tool Box Set

Another example of the cheap is not always a nasty version of the humble toolbox is the Hyper Tough 160-piece toolbox set for home and auto. To get 160 tools with a box for the home or auto repair is a pretty good deal.

The tools or the tool box may not be the best quality, but they should be good enough for the odd mechanical, electrical, or carpentry problem around the home. What this product is probably not suitable for is heavy-duty daily use.

However, this product comes in at under $30 and has a 5-year limited warranty, which says quite a lot about its quality. And let's face facts, if you don't intend to use it daily, it's probably a worthwhile purchase.

Image of the Hyper Tough 160-Piece Toolbox Set for Home and Auto with a selection of loose tools scattered around the box.

Besides, DECKED doesn’t make or sell tools. But if you happen to buy this tool box set and the tool box caves in, you can always get an excellent PP plastic accessory replacement from DECKED in the form of the D-Box or Crossbox at competitive prices.

4.  Walmart Truck Tool Box

And even if you prefer a metal tool box Walmart product to plastic, this retailer stocks many made from aluminum or steel. One example of a steel construction tool box is the JEGS 81400 black three-drawer professional tool box for the garage, truck, or trailer.

This truck tool box Walmart product is quite impressive. It has three drawers that work on ball-bearing slides. Its hardware includes rust-resistant latches, and it features a black powder coat finish and comes with a lock and keys. Also, the manufacturer used 16-gauge steel to make this tool box, which makes it pretty sturdy.

You can store this 20.5” (L), 9” (W), 12” (H) tool box easily on the back of your truck. It weighs 17 pounds, has extra storage under the lid for bigger hand tools, and features a comfortable grip handle. You can even add a tool box liner Walmart option to ensure your tools don’t slip and slide around in this container.

And while all these features may sound like music to your ears, any thief can still lift this box from your truck unless you drill holes in the bed to secure it in place.

Image of the JEGS 81400 Black 3 Drawer Professional Tool Box, suitable for Garage, Truck, or Trailer.


Instead of going for the truck tool box at Walmart, why not try DECKED? It is made from high-impact, durable HDPE with a seamless injection molding structure. It won’t leak, rust, or dent. And, it has a no-drill installation, keeping it safe on the truck bed with the benefit of simply closing the lid.

Additionally, the armor locking system with two keys provides a storage solution that keeps your gear safe. Finally, the DECKED tub is built to last far into the future and probably a lot longer than steel.

Securing your tools is exceptionally important because you likely spent a lot of money on your equipment. However, we beg to differ if you think a Walmart truck bed tool box will keep them safe. Few products combine the features of armor locking systems, lid reinforcements that will make thieves cry, and a lid/tub interface that is practically unbreachable.

You may even think that a Better Built tool box Walmart model beats the DECKED Tool Box. But, again, you'd be incorrect. HDPE does not warp, bend, or ding like aluminum and steel, so think again.

When the lid is closed, your gear stays secure at all times in the DECKED Tool Box.

5. What About the Walmart Rolling Tool Box?

What about a rolling tool box Walmart choice? So, it moves on wheels. What else? It’s great if you want a tool box that you can push around a garage or workshop.

The BFGoodrich 1.8 Cubic Foot (50 Liters) tool chest fridge with wheels and Bluetooth speakers (150th Anniversary Edition) might fit the bill. You can listen to music, keep your drinks cool and pull the container around with its aluminum handles. It will be a little challenging, though, to transport it on your pickup truck when full, and it will not be particularly secure.


When you need something mobile, portable, and transportable, nothing beats the DECKED Tool Box on the rolling wheels of your pickup truck. It may not have an inbuilt fridge or Bluetooth speakers, but not everyone wants to drink on the job.

Besides, you won't find another storage solution like the DECKED Tool Box because ours is available with an optional integrated ladder. Nope—you can’t use the ladder elsewhere because it is designed to help you access tools in the tub, even if your truck is built high off the ground.

Now, that’s exceptional innovation with which no Walmart truck bed tool box can compare—especially when you include the earlier benefits mentioned, such as durability, being theft-proof, maintaining its good looks, etc.!

When you order the optional integrated ladder, reaching your gear is easy.

Does DECKED Offer Financing?

You may think that singing a new tune and buying the DECKED Tool Box will cost an arm and a leg. It doesn’t. And even if it costs more than some Walmart options, it is incredible value for money.

It will last a lifetime, is weatherproof and waterproof, and is theft-proof. In addition, it has a no-drill installation process, provides excellent organization, is as sexy as your truck, and versatile enough to use for work and outdoor activities.

Best of all, you have financing options with this brand. Having financing means that you can invest in the DECKED Tool Box and the DECKED Drawer System. You’ll never want to look at another Walmart tool box on wheels or Walmart tool box for truck options again.

Change Your Tune

Everything you need from the DECKED Tool Box, including the integrated ladder and built-in tie downs to secure large cargo.

Change your tune and swap out the old Walmart plastic tool box for something unique, durable, and theft-proof that takes sexy all the way.

You'll be singing an upbeat song when you work and go camping with this innovative re-tooled storage system.

You also get a customized storage solution with the DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System that fits your truck.

Should you be ready for the 21st century—it’s time to rock n roll, so place your order today.