Keep Your Firearms Protected With DECKED Vehicle Gun Safes

Keep Your Firearms Protected With DECKED Vehicle Gun Safes

Military men using DECKED Gun Safe

While traveling, apart from the security of your cargo, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. However, safety comes first. Traveling greater distances without any protection is never recommended. That's precisely why you have a license to carry firearms.


Firearms need to be stored and carried with extreme care and precision. If they are left exposed and mishandled during the journey, it can cause serious mishaps. So, what is the DECKED solution?


Let's find out.


We came up with this revolutionary idea to keep our loyal customers safe in all senses. This began the concept of Vehicle Gun Safes. Our safes are designed to accommodate all sorts of guns and ammunition as per your preferred type—and can withstand even alien invasion.

Keep Your Gun Well-Protected And Safe With DECKED

You know, the most difficult part of being a gun owner is to keep your arms safe from unprecedented threats. Our gun safe for vehicles is meant to hold one or more of your weapons and ammunition.


You can generally use it to keep unauthorized or unlicensed individuals from gaining access to the contents for burglary defense, and, in more competent safes, protect the contents from damage caused by water, arson, or other environmental catastrophes.


So be it the scorching hot sun burning your consignments, the wind blowing your parcel away, or the rain chilling your bones, at least your firearms are going to be safe, always with a vehicle gun safe console.


DECKED provides you with a safe option in all dimensions, shapes, and sizes based upon your vehicle's size and model. In addition, our name is trusted by security personnel, transportation hubs, and other reputed people who are licensed to carry guns, firearms, and ammo.


Gone are those days when people used to travel with vehicle gun safe pistols constructed of stained wood with etched glass fronts used for popular shows decades ago. Our California-approved vehicle gun safes are modern in functioning and all aspects.

Why Do You Need These Gun Safes?

Back view of a van where men are arranging their guns using DECKED gun safes and Drawers

Our best gun safes for vehicles come with two foam-backed molded resin separators, two foam-backed for safely carrying shotguns and rifles in your DECKED Drawer System. They provide safe, cushioned folds that secure the barrel and stock for quick, easy repair and disposal of weapons.


The material is made using a thick polymer that is both weather-resistant and dust repellent. It also has a ripstop exterior with extra thickness to deal with all sorts of bumps and grinds along the way. Hence, apart from the very apparent resilient and robust long-lasting properties, it further gives you a gun safe vehicle along with the added beauty and charms.


Now, take a glimpse of some other DECKED assured perks of these Gun Safes.

A Perfect Companion To The DECKED Drawer System

Custom vehicle gun safes and the DECKED Drawer System both are inseparable when you imagine the overall security of your vehicles. As the job of the drawer system is to provide protection and better spatial arrangement to your vehicle's rear, the gun safe, when arranged and put together with it, works wonders.


Now your vehicle is organized and has protection in the form of arranged firearms and other articles from all the natural jerks and impacts. So, why not put the dynamic duo all together and see the comfy and safety that comes along with easy access gun safes for vehicles?

Abundant Space For Storage

The biggest problem that anyone traveling with firearms faces is the size variety of these items. There might be a huge rifle that would outrightly refuse to go into the drawer. Therefore, vehicle gun safes are intended for use with "traditional" rifles and shotguns. We ensure that your specific weapon model will fit into the folds given here in the multipurpose safe holding it all together.


Many contemporary firearms with optics, pistol grips, removable magazines, and other attachments may stack too high to enable the drawer to shut due to the variety of forms, sizes, and dimensions. But with the DECKED automated gun safe that is secured to vehicles, you can put all of it safely and travel.


Protects The Life Of Your Firearms

Even for safety purposes, traveling with guns by your side is a slippery slope. You can't afford to lay them like some random wrenches. However, their safety and protection can save your life and their functionality in the long run.


Using our quick combo vehicle gun safes, you can put all these worries to an end. Your firearms will not be disturbed once put into the safe and can travel extra, extra miles wherever you go. 

Better Spatial Management

These safes include notched slits that can hold three long firearms per wide vehicle gun safe drawer or two long guns in every small midrange drawer. Vehicle gun safes have the pieces in place inside the drawers. They can be readily modified as needed since they use the same multi-position drawer slots and locking clips as Drawer Dividers.

Trust DECKED Accessories For Added Safety

Everyone recognizes that firearms safety is essential for anyone driving with their lives or belongings at stake. With DECKED’s Drawer System, you get a Vehicle Gun Safe that can at least guarantee the security of both. Yes, the same ones that everyone needs, but more tailored and secure.


Nothing improves the safety and conciseness of your area more than correct DECKED accessories, as demonstrated by these vehicle gun safes. While if you still need more help understanding what we're talking about, have a look at the DECKED add-ons that may make your journey a breeze.

D-Rito Tool Roll

DECKED D-RITO Tool Roll open

Everyone who has been on the road enough times knows that the best way to start your journey is by organizing your stuff. But it is usually the hardest part too. This is because so many things get lost amidst the whirlpool of the big stuff. With the D-Rito Tool Roll, you can now put all the small and necessary equipment safely and without having to worry about them getting lost.


This foldable and high-quality organizer gives you better spatial management for the basic and essential tools and equipment. There is also a transparent part for the Roll, which makes all your tools visible and thus, easy to access.

DECKED X Pathfinder Survival Kit

Anything can happen on the road. That's why you should have a plan for anything and everything if you are hitting the road alongside the heavy portable vehicle gun safe. You have to carry your belongings, food, water, first aid kits, and all the stuff you need and might need on the road.


You most definitely cannot afford to lose much space when you’re on the road because obviously, it is not possible to travel to the location with all this stuff with you.


As for you, we provide a DECKED x Pathfinder Survival Kit, which, trust us, will be a good addition to your drawers as the utility belt. This provided you with extra space for all your belongings, with additional space for essentials like basic amenities and medical kits.


With the DECKED x Pathfinder Survival Kit, you don't have to worry about anything regarding space because it has already got you covered for all you need for a long trip.

Drawer System Locks

Security is something that matters the most when you are traveling with cargoes. Precisely, the reason why you got all these firearms and ammo with you. You need to be sure that your belongings are left in a safe space while you go about what you have to do.


To help with this, you can pack these Drawer System Locks into your custom vehicle safe drawer to secure your stuff. They have functions that transcend normal locks and can even withstand heavy loads. In addition, its rust-free coating and raisin-based alloys make it a must-have companion in terms of security for your outdoor expeditions.


DECKED CrossBox closed

You can never pack everything you need inside your backpack alone. Every drawer or vehicle gun safes need a safe assistant or companion to back it up to help the workload.


These Crossboxes are non-breakable boxes made of polymers that can withstand heavy workloads. This will ensure that you have enough space to pack your essentials in a safe and secure area in your vehicle.


You can rest easy knowing that this will keep your items safe while you go on with your organizers and other DECKED assured things.


Load Locks

Heavy-duty carriages are something of use in transporting cargoes more often than not. Usually, this extra load goes on top of your vehicle or of your storage beds. The things must be tethered heavily so as not to lose them on the way.


With DECKED Load Locks, you can make sure that these items are secured along with the bed along with these bulk items. Load Locks are a must that helps you with the transportation of guns and firearms in portable vehicle gun safe if you tether your ammo box using these.


On top of it, the rust-free metallic material used for producing these makes sure that it lasts long and its smooth functioning.  

Drawer Organizers

Drawerganizers are recommended if you plan to go for bigger consignments, transportation, or large vehicles. This, then, will help you to organize everything, including your DECKED Peicekeepers and gun safes for cars, in it.


They are spacious and have many compartments. You can pack anything you want, anything you might need if you have these Drawerganizers at your disposal.


DECKED Gun Safe Ensures Your Safety

DECKED recognizes that new technology is the future and is always improving our products and manufacturing procedures to provide you with higher-quality goods every time. All of our products, including vehicle gun safes, are constantly improved in functionality and durability. In addition, we have promised to provide more comprehensive strategies for the future of tool and storage innovation.


If you are looking for a great gun safe with the required accessories, look no further than DECKED because we are the best at what we do, and most importantly, your convenience is what matters the most to us.