UWS Tool Boxes and DECKED Tool Boxes Comparison: Which One Suits Your Truck

UWS Tool Boxes and DECKED Tool Boxes Comparison: Which One Suits Your Truck?

Nearly every household has a tool box, no matter the size or design. This is because tool boxes are an essential part of life. You need a tool box to carry the necessary tools to your job and keep them safe. With the demand for tool boxes being ever on the rise, tool box manufacturers have emerged to satisfy the demand. This gives you a wide range of options to choose from when looking for an ideal tool box. However, picking the correct tool box might be challenging, especially if you haven't used one before.

For that reason, we have compared two of the top tool boxes on the market: the UWS tool box and the DECKED tool box. This comparison will help you discover the ultimate tool box on the market and the reasons that make it top.

UWS Tool Boxes

UWS is a top manufacturer of tool boxes in the US. It also produces truck tool boxes, truck accessories, and utility storage chests. With its several years of experience, UWS makes rugged and reliable products. Most of its products are safe, providing an efficient storage solution. It also offers crossover UWS tool boxes and transfer tanks.

The UWS truck tool box


  • Durable
  • Multifunctional



  • Size could be challenging for large trucks
  • Can be costly
  • Too heavy for regular mobility

DECKED Tool Boxes

DECKED has a unique story that first came to life in a local diner. The need for high-quality tool boxes prompted the inception of DECKED. Currently, DECKED is among the leading tool box makers in the US. Having begun production from a humble environment, DECKED has grown to become one of the most trusted and leading tool box makers in the US.

If you need versatile and reliable tool boxes, DECKED is your answer. These products are based on thorough research and come with vital features. Every working man or woman will surely enjoy using DECKED products.


  • Easy to Maintain
  • Overly durable
  • Affordable
  • Tough security features


  • Not many luxurious accessories

Key Factors To Consider When Buying a Tool Box

While buying a tool box doesn't sound complicated, there are several factors you should consider when doing so. You need to have a plan to help you get the right tool box. Knowing some of these factors will save you time looking for your ideal tool box.

Availability of Compartments

It is crucial to consider the individual compartment size, especially if you intend to keep several tools. Besides, you should know whether the tools are adjustable or removable. Compartments help provide sufficient storage for tools. There are larger compartments for larger tools and smaller ones for smaller tools.

DECKED truck tool box with several compartments

If a tool box doesn't have compartments, you could spend a lot of time removing tools while trying to find a specific one. Also, picking out smaller tools from large tool boxes can be very frustrating. Therefore, going for a tool box that is easy to access is also essential because it protects your health. Also, you could easily sustain injuries trying to access tools from a disorganized tool box. This is more likely to be the case if there are sharp tools.

Tool Box Size

How many tools do you currently have? Before buying a tool box, you should consider the number and type of tools you want to fit in your tool box. If you have many tools, you will need a large tool box. You should also consider the amount of space you will need for future tool purchases. Don't buy a small tool box when you plan on getting additional tools soon. The aim is to get a sizable tool box that can comfortably hold the number of tools you have now and still have room for more additions if necessary. However, avoid getting an overly large tool box that will only add unnecessary weight.

The Material Used

It is vital to consider the type of material used to make the tool box. This is because the material determines the effectiveness of the tool box. For instance, aluminum tool boxes are highly durable and are rust-resistant. These tool boxes are also good for outdoor use. If you want a light tool box that is easy to carry, consider getting an aluminum one.

Steel tool boxes are also very reliable. They have a unique structure that makes them rust-resistant. The cheapest option available is plastic tool boxes. However, these tool boxes are unreliable and less durable. There are also wooden tool boxes that are meant for indoor use. Wooden tool boxes are visually appealing and tend to be less heavy. They also don't rust.

UWS Tool Box vs DECKED Tool Box: The Comparison

After knowing the key factors to consider when selecting a tool box, it is time to determine which is the better tool box between UWS and DECKED. This comparison will be based on features that most users find essential. Read on for a detailed comparison.


One of the essential functions of a tool box is keeping your tools secure. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the security features of a tool box when shopping for one. UWS and DECKED produce top tool boxes when it comes to security. But which one has better security features? Let's find out!

Being one of the most established tool box manufacturers in the country, UWS has reliable tool boxes for security. UWS truck tool boxes are pretty secure and help prevent forced entry. With the UWS secure lock tool boxes, you can be certain that your tools will be safe at all times. This tool box has a double-cylinder hinge that prevents forced entry. The hinge is made of durable and rigid material, making it difficult for anyone to break it. While the secure lock system largely keeps the tool box safe, it might not cover all areas. This is because it is only found on the end of the tool box — it exposes the other areas to thugs. The stability of this tool box could also be compromised when one area is damaged.

Luckily, UWS has other tool box designs that fix this problem. They have a two-point locking mechanism that makes the tool box more secure. It is hard to break into this tool box design because locks are on either end. However, they could cause accessibility problems. Their close location to each other could make it hard to open and close the tool box. Generally, your tools will be safe with UWS tool boxes. The reliable material used to make this tool box makes it difficult to break into.

DECKED is the godfather when it comes to tool box safety. It has been specially designed to prevent any cases of security breaches and breakages. Its materials are tough and resistant to damages. The high-impact polymer resin ensures no form of forced entry. In fact, the DECKED material is so hard that hitting it with a hammer won't damage it.

Surprisingly, there are even more protective features. Its drawers are enhanced with a strong galvanized steel subframe that prevents damage. No matter the circumstances, this material won't dent. It is also designed so that once you lock it, no one can access your tools unless you allow them to. The thoroughly recycled HDPE material makes DECKED one of the toughest tool boxes available on market. Thanks to this design, the risks that come with day-to-day operations are minimized.

Furthermore, the tool box has a favorable weight-to-strength ratio. This makes it easy for you to keep your tools in this drawer without worrying about safety or storage space. Every hardware on the DECKED tool box is made of stainless steel, which guarantees maximum efficiency. This hardware encloses the rigid drawers and prevents any form of forced entry. As a result, the many risks that your tools are exposed to are prevented. In addition, there is a two-point locking system that regulates tool box access. One lock is on the drawer system, while the other is on the main tool box. As a result, thieves will have to get through two tough locks to access your tool box; which is impossible. Even better, the DECKED tool box comes with a wide range of accessories that enhance security.

The DECKED tool box offers excellent security for your tools.

Weather Resistance

Nobody wants to work with a tool box that can't control water or air entry. Even though most truck tool boxes are made of metal, not all guarantee weather resistance. The type of tool box you choose should protect your tools against conditions like humidity increase. If you use tools regularly, you know that humidity increases rust risk. Even though metal tool boxes do a good job preventing water entry, they are leading catalysts of corrosion and rust. This is why you should go for a metal tool box that is treated and conditioned to prevent rusting.

UWS and DECKED have some of the industry-leading tool boxes that protect your tools. But how do they compare? Let's find out.

Open UWS truck tool boxes are made from durable materials that perform well in various weather conditions. Besides, the UWS black label tool boxes have unique features that help prevent moisture penetration. This creates a perfect environment to keep items like firearms and other similar equipment. The humidity levels are kept at a minimum to enhance protection.

You can also count on the UWS blue label tool boxes if you want to secure your tools from weather damage. The various trays that come with these tool boxes prevent water and air entry cases. The trays are equipped with liners that regulate rusting, keeping your tools in good condition. When it rains heavenly, the bulb seal on the drawer enclosures helps keep water out. However, according to various UWS tool boxes reviews, the rubber bulb is not airtight. This means that harmful air particles could penetrate the tool box and increase the risk of rust.

The shaky rubber bulb also means that tools are exposed to delicate dust, snow, mist, and sand particles. This is why you should thoroughly evaluate the state of a tool box before choosing it. Even though UWS has better versions of tool boxes that don't have this problem, they can be costly. This means that you will have to spend more to get a thoroughly waterproof UWS truck tool box. The tool box also comes with several weather-resistant accessories that help prevent damage. While these accessories are helpful, they could add unnecessary weight to your tool box. Therefore, the tool box could be slightly heavier than expected.

A standard DECKED tool box offers maximum protection against different weather conditions. This is due to the many years of research behind this tool box design. You will enjoy the many accessories that this tool box comes with — most of them offer weather resistance. If you are looking for a tool box that gives you value for your money and offers reliable protection against harsh weather conditions, you should go for DECKED.

Its engineers covered every possible weak link, ensuring that nothing could happen to your tools no matter the conditions. If you are a regular tool box user, you know how destructive extreme weather can be. DECKED engineers understood this and designed a tool box that can take on anything mother nature has to offer. The solid DECKED drawers are waterproof and offer additional storage.

The material used to make the DECKED tool box is HDPE — it doesn't rot and is highly durable. This ensures that your tool box will last for several years. Unlike other tool boxes, the DECKED tool box doesn't degrade whatsoever. In fact, cases of degrading are unheard of with this tool box. Even better, an in-built UV protection feature guarantees maximum efficiency. This feature is helpful because it shields the DECKED tool box from sun rays and heavy downpours. This explains why the DECKED tool box lasts for so many years. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool box that won't dent or ding in extreme weather conditions, you should go for a DECKED tool box. It will surely not disappoint.

Vehicle Compatibility

It is essential to consider vehicle compatibility when choosing a truck tool box. Having a tool box that isn't compatible with several trucks could be a huge setback if you intend to use the toolbox. on several trucks of the same size. So, how do the UWS tool box and DECKED tool box compare in vehicle compatibility?

The UWS tool box fits a wide range of truck models given its unique design. They are also flexible enough to make a custom tool box specifically for your truck. When assessing vehicle compatibility, you should know your truck measurements. You should also know your truck make and model just to be sure. This will help pick a compatible tool box.

DECKED has a tool box for every truck model and make. Whether you drive a Toyota Tundra or a Chevy Colorado, you won't miss a compatible tool box at DECKED. Developed and designed by highly skilled engineers, these tool boxes are compatible with a wide range of truck models. In fact, any truck model developed within the last 20 years can get a compatible tool box at DECKED.

Even better, there are customized drawers for your midsize truck or van. With DECKED, every tool box system is designed to fit the custom shape of your truck. This means cases of large gaps or cavities that could attract clutter are eliminated. With this setup, your tools will be in excellent condition at all times. Therefore, you should go for the DECKED tool box if you are looking for a storage unit with better tool compatibility.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

You can imagine how problematic it can be to use a toolbox that makes it challenging to pick out various tools. This is why it is essential to consider accessibility when choosing a tool box. A good tool box is that which makes it easy to access your tool. UWS and DECKED tool boxes have various features that make accessibility easier. But, which is the better tool box?

The UWS diamond-plated tool boxes have an excellent design that makes it easy for you to access tools. Generally, tool boxes come with drawers that you can access with ease. This is exactly the case with truck tool boxes UWS. They have offset drawers that come in a variety of sizes — you can pick one depending on your preferences.

The UWS tool boxes are unique because their drawers come in an L-shape. This enhances the glide, making it pretty smooth. The tool box is also equipped with various catalog designs you can work with. Therefore, you won't have tool organization problems with the UWS tool box. The UWS pickup tool boxes also have drawers that you can access by simply pulling them. However, excessive tool box weight could affect the opening and closing of the tool box. Therefore, you need to be careful when handling a loaded UWS truck tool box.

DECKED engineers know the importance of having an easy-to-access tool box. This is because the DECKED tool box makes your life easier. It has a unique design that guarantees easy tool access — access is so easy that you can get whatever you want from the tool box without wasting time or causing you injury.

Also, the DECKED tool box comes with various accessories that make tool accessibility easier. For instance, the tool box has drawers where you can keep various tools. These drawers also give you access to the truck bed. If you use your truck to transport other items, you can take advantage of the space on top of your DECKED tool box. This space can carry an extra load of up to 2000 lbs.

DECKED understands that your truck could be used for other purposes, hence designing a tool box that creates extra space. This prevents the risk of damaging your tools due to limited storage space. While other tool boxes might make it hard to open and close the locker, DECKED makes it easier. It slides on the truck bed easily and opens and closes smoothly. The fact that there are no shaky slides and tracks prevents drawers from bending. This ensures that the tool box rolls open no matter the weight of your tools. You don't have to be worried about the tool box having heavy content because it will still open easily. Perhaps, this is why DECKED is a leading tool box.


The DECKED tool box is by far the better tool box between the two. Looking at the comparison, DECKED edged out the UWS tool box in almost every field. For instance, the DECKED tool box has better security features than UWS tool boxes. This is because it is made from better materials, which ensures durability. The high-impact polymer resin that makes up the DECKED tool box is a tough material that can resist anything. You could even hit the tool box with a hammer but it won't break.

Ease of access is another area DECKED outranks UWS tool boxes. It has high quality accessories that make it easy to access your tools. While  UWS tool boxes have features that make your tools easy to access, they are not as reliable as DECKED's.