4 Reasons Why You Should Consider the DECKED Drawer System over UnderCover Tonneau Covers

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider the DECKED Drawer System over UnderCover Tonneau Covers

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Purchasing just any tonneau cover might be perfectly acceptable, but purchasing a tonneau cover that stands the test of time and gives you its money’s worth leaves you with a long-lasting satisfactory feeling. The tonneau cover market is flooded with products from different brands aiming to become the number one solution for pickup truck owners. The UnderCover tonneau brand is a crucial player in the tonneau industry, with over ten different tonneau products in the market. However, we have candid reasons to believe our DECKED Drawer System outpaces every UnderCover tonneau product. Before we take a look at those reasons, let's examine some of the reasons why people purchase tonneau covers.

Protection from Weather

Adverse weather conditions get things easily damaged, don't they? You wouldn't want to go camping and have your stuff get damaged by rain, or would you? Tonneau covers help prevent such occurrences from taking place. With a tonneau cover, you wouldn't even need to bother about the weather forecast before you move things in the bed of your truck because they’d be covered and well-protected.

Protection from Theft

Out of sight, out of mind. Having your things kept away from the eyes of spectators reduces your risk of being robbed. If your valuable items are hidden under a truck bed cover, the likelihood of your gear getting stolen decreases substantially.


If we are to be honest, you don’t want anything you own to be seen by others. There are times when you carry stuff that might be a little bit embarrassing and you want to hide. A truck without a tonneau cover can't help you keep your secrets. However, a tonneau cover will help you correct that deficiency.


Truck beds are notorious for being dirty inside. They are challenging to keep clean due to

the constant dust and dirt they are exposed to on the road. Tonneau covers, however, help maintain cleanliness in your ride. . A tonneau cover will help ensure your truck bed is protected from dust and dirt. It is also easier to wash your tonneau cover than clean your truck bed when it gets dirty.


Are you worried or scared about things jumping out of your truck bed when you hit a bump? The excellent news is tonneau covers help prevent this from happening to you. Once you have your tonneau cover installed, there’s no way anything is getting out of its enclosed area.

The UnderCover Tonneau Cover

Ridgelander UnderCover tonneau with a box placed atop it

Founded in 1990, the UnderCover company gained a passage into the truck bed cover market in 2001 with the production of the UnderCover Classic. The product began the brand’s ascent into a significant player in the tonneau industry. The company is also the manufacturer of the revolutionary ABS one-piece truck bed cover. Over the years, UnderCover has manufactured over ten different types of tonneau covers, including the UnderCover Elite LX tonneau cover which is a dream for lovers of beauty and aesthetics as it uses your OEM paint code to paint your truck cover the exact color of your vehicle. You can also purchase the  UnderCover Elite tonneau cover, the UnderCover Ultra Flex tonneau cover, the UnderCover Flex tonneau cover, the UnderCover LUX tonneau cover, the UnderCover Ultra Flex Tri-Fold tonneau cover, and many more.

DECKED is a Replacement for Your Tonneau Cover

DECKED Drawer System handle

Previously headquartered in Ketchum, Idaho, DECKED began operations on the 10th of December 2013. DECKED prides itself on making the everyday life of working men and women better. The company was created with the foresight of filling an obvious void in the storage section at the back of pickup trucks. Over two years of research, engineering, and designing gave birth to the brand’s main product, the DECKED Drawer System. The company has manufactured other products aimed for use in and out of the DECKED Drawer System, such as D-Bag, D-Box, Tool Box, Dividers, and many more. A unique attribute of the DECKED brand is its commitment to manufacturing products with materials made from the future.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider the DECKED Drawer System over UnderCover Tonneau Covers


A well arranged set of tools inside and atop the DECKED Drawer System

UnderCover tonneaus are primarily manufactured to keep your truck bed covered and safe from the prying public eye. With UnderCover tonneaus, you shove your stuff in the bed of your pickup truck without any form of organization. A close look at the over ten UnderCover tonneau covers, and it becomes apparent they all cannot keep the things at the back of your truck organized.

Our DECKED Drawer System, on the other hand, prides itself on its ability to keep your things organized at all times. Let’s take a look at how the DECKED Drawer System helps you keep things organized.

The DECKED Drawer System comes with two full bed-length drawers, which helps ensure you have space to keep your tools, ammo, gear, and other stuff. The Drawers have wheels instead of slides to ensure they don’t quickly get stuck or bend anytime soon. These wheels also ensure the Drawers can be dragged out easily by anyone, unlike UnderCover tonneaus, where you need to either climb into your truck bed or stretch to get your things out of your truck bed. The Drawers are also built with aluminum handles, making it easy to open with or without gloves. Our DECKED Drawer System also has several accessories that can help you take the concept of an organized truck bed to another level.

First, we look at the D-Box, which can be used in and out of the DECKED Drawer System. The D-Box is an easy to grab box that gives you full access to our Drawer System. It's made from highly durable bomber polyethylene material which helps enhance its durability. It is fitted with an EPDM sealed gasket, making it impossible for water to penetrate. It also has two removable dividers to help separate things inside the D-Box. The DECKED Drawer System is fitted with hangers to hold the D-Box in place.

The DECKED Crossbox is another tool that helps to maximize the efficiency and organization of our DECKED Drawer System. The Crossbox, which is half the size of a D-Box, features an easy-to-carry handle, which aids its mobile capacity. Its relatively small size helps ensure every inch of your DECKED Drawer System is utilized. It also comes with a small tray at the top, which is useful for storing little objects like bolts, screwdrivers, and scissors, while the main part can store bigger objects that weigh as much as 40 pounds.

DECKED Drawer System accessories

For people looking to transport guns and ammunition in our DECKED Drawer System, the Piecekeepers is an excellent addition that helps to keep your firearms in place while in transit. The Piecekeepers, which come in two sizes, the wide drawer and the narrow midsize drawer, are made of heavy-duty high impact polypropylene. Its secure, padded cradles grip your firearms and make them easy to remove or replace. It is also manufactured  with tiny little cutouts to store shells or bullets. The Piecekeepers are best used for shotguns and traditional rifles.

The Drawerganizer is another beautiful innovation that helps you get the best out of our DECKED Drawer System. The Drawerganizer is a little bin that snaps into the tailgate end of the drawer, thereby making sure no space is left unutilized. It is a suitable case for storing tools such as sunscreen, batteries, duct tape, hammers etc.   The Drawerganizer also comes in two sizes: the Drawerganizer and the Double Drawerganizer. The Double Drawerganizer is twice the size of a normal Drawerganizer. It has 6.35 gallons of internal volume and comes with a handy carry handle, making it easy to move around. If you need a place to store your groceries in our DECKED Drawer System, the Double Drawerganizer has got you covered.

Last is the Drawer Dividers, which helps you compartmentalize your drawer. The 8” tall dividers give you greater freedom to customize your drawers to your specification. A look at the accessories mentioned above aimed at helping you get the best out of the DECKED Drawer System and keep your things organized at the back of your truck is a clear indication of how important organization is to us at DECKED.


A DECKED Drawer System with an an ATV/moto firmly placed on it

The majority of UnderCover tonneau covers are created with the sole intention of helping you keep the contents inside your truck bed secured with very little thought given to it holding weight on top of it. The Undercover Ridgelander tonneau cover is the only UnderCover tonneau manufactured with the view of transporting objects on top of it in mind. It is fitted with a built-in perimeter track which can be modified to specification to help you transport your bicycle, boxes and many more. However, the Ridgelander can support just 250 pounds on top of it.

On the other hand, our DECKED Drawer System was manufactured with more than just housing your things in the drawers in mind. Made from recycled high-density polyethylene and recycled steel, our DECKED Drawer System has an evenly distributed payload of 2000 pounds. This means you have no problem loading it up with woods, tractor tires, or even an ATV/moto. To help keep your things secure on the DECKED Drawer System, DECKED manufactured Core Trax, which are easy to install on the Drawer System. Core Trax are our cargo tie-down solutions that give you varying customizable carry options.


As earlier stated, among the reasons people purchase tonneau covers, security is the number one reason. Our DECKED Drawer System has better security features than any other tonneau you can find out there. A common feature of UnderCover tonneau covers is relying on the tailgate as its security against theft. While relying on the tailgate lock option isn’t such a bad thing, a lot more is needed to ensure whatever is at the back of your truck remains secured.

In addition to having a tailgate lock like other UnderCover tonneau covers, our DECKED Drawer System also possesses additional lock options for each drawer. The additional key-lock feature of our Drawers means our DECKED Drawer System meets the firearm transportation requirement in some states. However, you should have prior knowledge of firearm transportation laws in each state transporting your firearms.

The highly durable material from which the DECKED Drawer System is made up also means it was constructed to take a beating and last the test of time. A thief armed with a hammer will be left disappointed by recycled high-density polyethylene and steel used in manufacturing the DECKED Drawer System.


A DECKED Drawer System being put through the waterproof test

UnderCover tonneau covers are dependable to a large extent as they help keep the rain out of your truck bed and ensure the contents of your truck bed are kept away from prying the public eye. However, the little space between the tailgate and the tonneau might leave you red-faced when you leave things inside the truck while taking your truck to the car wash. Although not in large quantities, you wouldn’t want to leave your office shirt or new white shoes in your truck bed when you need to take it to the car wash.

Despite not being built like a submarine, the DECKED Drawer System offers greater safety against rain or dust than any other tonneau out there. Our weatherproof Drawer System will keep your gear dry in the craziest of storms or during a car wash.

Can You Combine a DECKED Drawer System with a Tonneau?

The DECKED Drawer System and other tonneau covers can work hand in hand like bread and butter. A tonneau cover will comfortably fit on top of a DECKED Drawer, leaving about 10" of space between your tonneau and your DECKED Drawer System. The space can also prove useful for transporting things that fit into it.

Final Verdict

While UnderCover tonneau covers are good and easy to use, the DECKED Drawer System still stands high above all other products. The expertise and sheer effort towards perfection put into the manufacturing of every DECKED Drawer System place it heads and shoulders above all other products. It's almost impossible to find another product that can give you the organization, payload, and accessibility that DECKED does.