Tyger Tonneau Cover - Protect Your Truck Bed & Your Gears

Tyger Tonneau Cover - Protect Your Truck Bed & Your Gears

Tyger Tonneau Cover

Pickup trucks are more popular amongst Americans than people in other countries for a number of reasons. For starters, whether we live in the suburbs or in urban areas, we like to do things ourselves. Take, for instance, woodcraft. If we need to craft a wooden deck, we would just go to the nearest lumber yard, buy and throw the stuff on our truck bed, and build the deck in our home.


But not everyone owns a pickup for those reasons alone. Some people do a side hustle aside from their main job, which is why they use pickup trucks to move their gear with them. For example, if someone is a landscaper, they might also cut down trees as a side gig. And there are also those whose main or side job involves pickup trucks, such as plumbers, mechanics, and other tradespeople.


Regardless of the reasons, it is apparent that truck beds play an important role in helping you do your trade, side gigs, or do-it-yourself tasks with ease. Therefore, it is critically important that you take added care of your truck bed, and protect it from elements or damages. Here, a tonneau cover is your best bet when it comes to the truck bed and gear protection.

Why We Picked the Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover

When it comes to the best tonneau covers on the market, the Tyger tonneau covers top the list. There are a number of aspects that need to be evaluated when considering a truck bed cover, such as purpose, locks, material, installation, and price. Let’s discuss these aspects briefly.


Tonneau covers are used for a variety of purposes. Some truck owners buy and install these covers to uplift the overall appearance of their truck, while some use them to protect their truck bed and their gears from elements, damages, or theft. Determining the purpose of a truck bed cover is important because its purpose then defines the material you need, the features you require, and the money you are planning to invest.


Do you want better security of your gears out of your tonneau cover? Or do you just need a  decent locking mechanism that keeps the cover shut while the truck is in motion? Whatever purpose you choose, it is recommended that you opt for a sturdy locking mechanism that not only protects your gear but also the tonneau cover itself while you are driving your pickup.

decked tonneau cover alternative


Once you settle on the purpose and the locking mechanism, the next aspect you need to check is the material. Tyger tonneau covers are available in different materials, and each material provides a certain level of protection. For instance, if you need protection against weather elements, such as rain or snow, a weather-resistant soft roll will do the trick. But for protection against theft, you need a hard Tyger tonneau cover.


When it comes to the installation of tonneau covers, most people prefer to opt for covers that require little to no drilling. Moreover, you don’t want to spend hours installing a cover. Therefore, you want something that you can install within a few minutes.


There are different Tyger tonneau covers at different price ranges. The price of these covers mainly depends on the size of your truck bed as well as the material and type of the cover, such as the soft roll truck bed cover is more economical than a hardtop tri-fold fit. Therefore, determine the purpose for which you need the tonneau cover, and its material when you are under budget.


Are you wondering, “Does Tyer auto tonneau cover tick all the boxes?” We weighed the Tyger tonneau cover against those parameters and found it to be a pretty impressive match.

Top 3 Types of Tyger Auto Tonneau Covers

When you hit the Tyger Auto tonneau cover website, you will see that the product comes in three different types: the Tyger T1 soft roll-up tonneau cover, the Tyger T3 soft tri-fold tonneau cover, and the Tyger T5 alloy tri-fold tonneau cover. Every Tyger truck bed cover comes with its varying advantages and disadvantages, and pricing.


Let’s discuss each type of Tyger truck bed cover.

Tyger T1 Tonneau Cover

The first one on our list is the Tyger T1 Soft Roll-up tonneau cover. The cover is available for a wide variety of pickup trucks, such as the Tyger tonneau cover for the Ram 1500, the Tyger tonneau cover Silverado, the Tyger tonneau cover Ford, and for whatever truck you own. Moreover, you will even find different sizes of covers for different ranges of truck beds, such as covers for 5.5” beds, 5.8”, and even 6.6” truck beds.


The soft roll-up is ideal for truck owners who want to uplift the aesthetics of their truck and ensure the protection of their truck bed and gears against environmental elements, like snow. The cover fits perfectly well horizontally on your guardrails, and with a highly adhesive velcro system, you are assured of a leak-proof cover. Even if you feel any gaps, you can adjust the tension to ensure that the cover is kept tightly.

Tyger T1 Tonneau Cover


The T1 soft roll-up is also a durable tonneau cover as it is made of dual-coated, military-grade 24oz vinyl. The best aspect of the T1 tonneau cover is that it is fuel-efficient because it is lightweight and it reduces the air drag that is caused by empty truck beds. The Tyger T1 tonneau cover comes with a lifetime warranty which means you will be compensated if the product has material or craftsmanship defects.


The tonneau cover is also quick and easy to install with no drilling required.

Tyger T3 Tonneau Cover

If you require something sturdier and that fits along with the guardrails without covering the truck rails’ stake pocket hole, you may want to consider the Tyger T3 Soft Tri-Fold Fit tonneau cover. Just like the T1 cover discussed earlier, the T3 tonneau cover doesn’t come in one size fits all. In fact, you will need to scale the dimensions of your truck before you buy this exceptionally good tonneau cover. Amazingly, Tyger Auto offers the T3 covers for a wide variety of truck makes, models, and truck bed sizes.


The T3 cover offers better protection than the T1 model as it is made of 24oz dual-coated military-grade vinyl which is reinforced with aircraft-grade aluminum frames. Since it is a tri-fold tonneau cover, it comes with tough horizontal steel crossbars that keep the cover tight and prevent wrinkling and damage. The most amazing aspect that you would love about this model is that it fits perfectly well with the guardrails with no drilling involved. The tonneau cover comes with a high-grade set of steel clamps along with two front safety clamps that keep your tonneau cover fastened to the guardrail perfectly.


When it comes to cost, the Tyger Auto T3 tonneau cover is slightly more costly than the T1 tonneau cover.

Tyger T5 Tonneau Cover

The Tyger T5 Hardtop Alloy Tri-Fold tonneau cover is in a class of its own. The premium quality tonneau cover is best suited for truck owners who are looking for a hardtop, ultra-sturdier, and highly durable tonneau cover to protect their belongings not only against tough weather elements but also sneaky thieves.


The hardtop tonneau cover is made of an anti-theft aircraft-grade alloy that further sandwiches highly thick polymer sheets which make sure that no thief can damage the cover and steal your gears. Each panel of the Tyger hardtop alloy tonneau cover comes with an evenly distributed weight capacity of 500lbs, which means you can just hop any item like a boat or bicycle that is equal to or lesser than the weight capacity and drive with you wherever you go.

Tonneau Cover


Another great aspect that you would surely love about the Tyger T5 tonneau cover is the locking mechanism. Just use the high-grade latching mechanism that goes with the rail, close your truck tail to ensure totally safety of your truck bed and anything it carries in its belly.


The T5 tonneau cover is quite expensive than the T1 or T3 tonneau covers because of the premium-grade material and features it offers.


That’s it for the review. If you want to check out more about the Tyger tonneau covers and accessories or the installation guide, visit their official website.

The DECKED Drawer System: A Multipurpose Tyger Tonneau Cover Alternative

For better protection of your truck bed and organization of your gears, we recommend the DECKED Drawer System. You can consider our drawer system both as a standalone Tyger tonneau cover alternative or as a secondary protection solution that along with the tonneau cover keeps your gears 200% safe and secure.


Since tonneau covers sit atop the guard rails, there’s plenty of empty space available underneath the cover. Although you may leave your gear on the truck bed and lock the tonneau cover for protection against theft, you can’t guarantee the safety of your gear as constant skidding while driving would leave your gear with dents, dints, and other damages–your gear may even damage your truck bed.


The DECKED Drawer System is the storage solution you need to put your gears fastened and organized in the storage system, while kept totally bone dry and protected against weather elements and even theft.

DECKED Drawer System

The DECKED Drawer System comes with a hardtop surface that can lift up to 2000lbs payload, such as your ATV or boat which you can fasten with tie-down points on the top. The hardtop is composed of high-impact polythene further reinforced with aluminum and galvanized steel. Surely, carrying 2000lbs of weight won’t be a biggy.


Furthermore, you will have two drawer storages with each having the capacity of carrying up to 200lbs weight. You can open and close drawers easily at your waist height, and keep all the items organized in storage boxes, such as D-Box, Crossbox, full-size dividers, or mid-size dividers. The drawer lock system gives you added security and peace of mind as your gears remain secure at all times.


DECKED Drawer Systems are a bit more costly than the Tyger tonneau cover, but when it comes to the longevity of your investment, quality, security, and peace of mind, cost becomes secondary.


That’s it from us. We have listed down all there’s to know about Tyger Auto tonneau covers and their different types, along with the desired alternative, a DECKED Drawer System. Now, we live it up to you to go with the option that fits the purpose it is supposed to serve, the quality you are looking for, the security, and your budget. Happy hunting!