Truck Tool Boxes for Sale? A Guide To Choosing The Best Truck Tool Box

Truck Tool Boxes for Sale? A Guide To Choosing The Best Truck Tool Box

If you store most or some of your tools in your truck, you understand the importance of keeping them organized and easily accessible. After all, your truck is where you keep everything you use while working, from cables and spanners to house maintenance equipment. All these items are valuable, and the truck tool box is an excellent investment towards protecting them.

Getting reliable truck tool boxes prevents the items from disappearing while you are away or when you need them the most. Even if you have many items, stuffing them in a box at the back of the truck is not a good idea. Therefore, investing in the proper truck tool box is vital because it prevents opportunistic thieves from causing you major losses and inconveniences. Luckily, DECKED offers you versatile and highly flexible truck tool boxes that keep your tools safe. We have a wide range of designs for your truck that you will absolutely fall in love with!

Our tool boxes fit most flat truck beds and cargo vans

Being one of the leading truck tool box makers, we understand what works best for you and your truck needs. These truck tool boxes are the most effective and handiest accessories for truck owners. It doesn't matter whether you are using your truck on a job site or taking your family out for a vacation; a DECKED truck tool box will always be vital since it offers easy-to-access, waterproof, durable, and secure storage space for your tools.

When it comes to choosing the proper truck tool box, you need to consider several factors. In fact, it takes in-depth research to pinpoint the best truck tool boxes for sale. To make it easy for you, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you choose the best truck tool box.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Truck Tool Box

After realizing that your truck needs a tool box, what next? You should take the time and figure out an ideal tool box for your truck. If you don't have any idea where to start, this guide will come in handy.

With our several years of experience in this industry, we understand what you need. Our products are made from many years of research, ensuring that every aspect is covered. Therefore, if you opt for either new or used truck tool boxes for sale, there are factors you should consider. Here is a detailed guide.

Start By Figuring Out the Security Question

Truck tool boxes provide security. Therefore, you need to go for a top-of-the-line tool box that offers the best protection. Get a reliable truck tool box with a reinforced lid, robust latches, and beefy sidewalls. This ensures that your valuable tools are protected at all times.

What is the point of getting truck bed tool boxes for sale that don't provide adequate security for your tools? We understand that you have probably lost valuable tools to theft before, and you want to stop that from happening again. Therefore, our DECKED truck tool box is made from materials from the future. It would be almost impossible for anyone to break into it and take away your valuable work tools. This is the case because our tool boxes are made with a strong focus on security. The DECKED truck tool box is impossible to break into with a pry bar thanks to its structural design.

In addition, we have designed it with a tub-lid interface that significantly reduces the theft pry bar points. This means that the thief won't find an ideal location to pry their bar in an attempt to break the tool box open.

Besides, we have reinforced the truck tool box with steel to provide extra security and stability. It would take significant effort and time for anyone to get close to breaking the tool box! This makes it easy for you to get them while at it.

As if that is not enough, the DECKED truck tool box has a robust steel armored locking mechanism. This is combined with a driver-side lock that eliminates cases of forced entry. Therefore, security is vital when checking out flatbed truck tool boxes for sale.

Drawers and Compartments for Smaller Tools

Make Sure It Will Protect Your Tools Against Harsh Weather Conditions

Generally, truck tool boxes perform well when it comes to sealing out rainwater. However, this doesn't mean that all available truck tool boxes for sale do a good job of preventing water damage. You will need a truck tool box with better latches and hinges for the best results. It would be better if you considered a high-quality stripping system that blows out sand and snow. Weather resistance is a vital factor when choosing used truck tool boxes for sale.

At DECKED, we understand how vulnerable your tools are, especially in bad weather. For instance, your items could become rusty, making it hard for you to use them. In some cases, exposure to water can render tools unusable, leading to significant losses. With this in mind, we built weather-resistant tool boxes that will safeguard your tools no matter the condition.

Our truck tool boxes are waterproof and corrosion/rust proof. This means that once appropriately sealed, your tools won't be exposed to corrosion or rust. In addition, the truck tool box keeps your items completely dry.

This tool box eliminates the constant fear of watered tools when it rains. In fact, the DECKED truck tool box will keep your gear dry, even when you are soaked to the bone! It is also important to note that the DECKED truck tool box is moulded (not just welded), giving you a seamless tube and lid. This prevents the chances of air and water entry, keeping your tools secure. Once you close the tool box with an EPDM gasket, it seals tightly. Therefore, the chances of your tools getting rusty are eliminated.

We also understand that water might enter the tool box when opened. For that reason, there is a bub seal and gasket that rounds the entire lid. This directs water away from the tool box, preventing the chances of water entry. To ensure long-lasting protection against corrosion, the DECKED truck tool box is made from treated steel and aluminum hardware. Therefore, when choosing ideal weather guard truck tool boxes for sale, weather resistance is a crucial factor to consider.

Check the Type of Material Used in Its Design

The strength and durability of a truck tool box depend on its material. Generally, steel tool boxes are effective in ensuring stability and security. Keep in mind that certain materials are vulnerable to climatic conditions. For instance, areas with salt spray or road salt could lead to paint scratches. These conditions could also result in increased cases of rust. In such a case, you should consider aluminum tool boxes since they don’t rust.

Also, a standard aluminum tool box is lightweight, it weighs approximately 50 lbs. This means it is easy to remove when doing renovations on your truck. In some cases, users enquiring for truck tool boxes for sale opt for plastic ones. However, this is risky because such tool boxes aren't durable and don't provide maximum security, which increases the probability of theft

Using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and fiberglass-filled polypropylene, we are able to safely say there is no other tool box on the market that comes close to keeping the water out as ours does.

Primarily, truck tool boxes use coated steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

  • Aluminum: This material offers an excellent compromise between weight and durability. Apart from the fact that it is lighter, it is also affordable. Keep in mind that aluminum tool boxes have a higher strength-to-weight ratio. One of their biggest advantages is that they cannot rust. This means that you should consider aluminum truck tool boxes for sale if you want your tools in great condition. At DECKED, we use aluminum, which is impossible to dent but easy to love. Apart from its relentless security, you will love its design and appearance!
  • Coated Steel: What makes coated steel a good pick is its extreme heavy-duty durability. Thanks to its rigid components, steel can resist impacts that could damage your truck tool box. This means that your tools will be in excellent condition at all times. Note that steel in its original form can easily be scratched off, leaving your tool box looking rusty. To prevent that, we use treated and galvanized steel that doesn't corrode or rust. This keeps your tools in perfect condition no matter the weather!

Consider the Convenience it Offers

Any box can undoubtedly hold your tools. But does this box give you the ease of opening and closing it? You wouldn't love a tool box that is incredibly difficult to open and close. This is why you should consider convenience when choosing truck tool boxes for sale.

A good quality truck tool box should operate smoothly. If a tool box needs you to use a lot of energy opening it, it could be problematic even if it offers maximum security. With this in mind, we build high-quality truck tool boxes that are easy to handle. Unlike other tool boxes, ours open and close smoothly. This is because we use wheels to move them on the bed rail.

You will use minimal energy to open your truck tool box, no matter how heavy its content is. You can also use a handle to pull it out; this gives you easy access to your tools. Furthermore, gas lifts open the lid quickly. You don't have to use extra force to get them open.

If your truck handles most or some of your work equipment, you understand the importance of accessing your tools within a short time. Given the height of your truck, it could be difficult to access the tool box. However, this is no longer a problem thanks to the Optional Integrated Ladder that can be purchased separately. You can purchase the optional adjustable nesting step ladder that slides right off the tool box.

Note that this ladder doesn't obstruct anything within the tool box. Therefore, you will have easy access to your truck tool box no matter the height of your truck. The ladder is highly reliable and won't break down no matter the pressure. This is because it is made from 6000 series aluminum. If you are looking for convenience, choose the DECKED truck tool box!

Inbuilt telescopic, adjustable nesting step ladder

Ensure that the Layout Suits Your Taste

When it comes to truck tool boxes, the layout is vital. This is why you should consider the ease of organization when choosing long truck tool boxes for sale. You should get a truck tool box with dividers and drawers if you want an excellent layout.

At DECKED, we understand how tool organization is vital to their durability and performance. Thus our truck tool boxes give you the ability to organize and manage your tools neatly. Thanks to several drawers and dividers, you can place tools in specific areas. This makes it easy to locate them and enhances your tool box organization.

Our truck tool box comes with a handy snack tray where you can keep small tools. As a regular tool box user, you understand how tedious it is to maintain small tools. Luckily, drawers and dividers make it easier to organize your equipment. Also, some tool boxes have removable compartments with sliding lids. Not only does this ensure easy access, but it also facilitates better storage for smaller tools.

With the removable trays on our truck tool boxes helping you organize small tools, you will have a larger space open for larger tools like hammers and saws. Therefore, if you want excellent custom truck tool boxes for sale, consider getting one from us! Our tool boxes are created with a futuristic design that makes it easier to manage and organize your tools. Thanks to the integrated ladder, accessing your tools is also easier!

Types of Truck Tool Boxes For Sale

Knowing the different types of truck tool boxes will go a long way in helping you choose the best one. Here are different types of truck tool boxes, each having unique features and attributes.

Crossover Truck Tool Box

Also known as a saddle or cross-bed box, a crossover tool box is one of the most common truck tool boxes. This type of tool box sits in the front of the truck bed that is closest to the cab. A crossover tool box is designed specifically to be mounted on the truck's bed rails. Thanks to their unique design, they don't touch the truck bed; this leaves additional space for you can stow items.

Crossover tool boxes can either be single-lidded or possess a double-lid design. Single-lidded boxes have one large storage compartment where you can keep all your tools. On the other hand, double-lid tool boxes have separate storage cases and locks. It is vital to note that specific double-lid designs use the gull-wing configuration. This means you can open from the sides rather than the front. For some truck owners, this is convenient because you don't have to climb the truck bed to access its contents.

Thus if you want maximum weight saving, you should consider crossover truck tool boxes for sale. These models are similar to standard ones but have reduced dimensions. As much as their storage capacity could be smaller, they get the job done anyway. Besides, crossover tool boxes have a smaller impact on gas mileage, reducing expenses.

Truck Chest Tool Box

As its name suggests, a truck chest mounts directly to your truck bed. It is vital to note that most truck chests are single-lid. This means they offer the highest storage capacity. While the truck chest truck tool box is ideal for large storage, your truck must have a long bed to accommodate it. Without sufficient space, there could be challenges in installing the truck chest.

Side-Mount Tool Box

You will love the side-mount tool box, especially if you prefer reaching your tools from either side of your truck. This type of tool boxes comes with sufficient storage that can accommodate several tools. In some cases, the side-mount tool box is used as a replacement for crossover tool box. You can also use both of them in conjunction.

In that case, one box mounts to either side of the truck, giving you space to install two or more tool boxes. Depending on the configuration or height of your vehicle, side-mount tool boxes can open on the outside or inside. When they open on the inside, you will have to climb onto the truck bed to access tools. Mostly, outside-opening models are found on larger and taller tool boxes. If you have upright objects or canisters, you can choose to consider side-mount truck tool boxes.

Pork Chop Tool Box

Even though it is very rare, the pork chop is another type of truck tool boxes. Also known as a truck fender or wheel well box, this metal tool box is uniquely shaped and designed. Its unique design is meant to fit over the hump created by your vehicle's rear wheels. Even though its capacity is limited, it is an ideal choice, especially if you don't have a lot of tools.

It is also a good option if you don't have to preserve a lot of space in your truck bed. Cleaning this tool box is easy because the pork chops don't block your view when sweeping debris and dirt. This goes a long way in keeping it in excellent condition.

Benefits of Truck Tool Boxes

Having known the different types of truck tool boxes, you should know the various benefits of these items. By simply getting a truck tool box, you start enjoying various benefits that are vital for your operations. Here are some of the benefits of truck tool boxes.

Improved Organization

If you want to keep your tools organized all the time, you should get truck tool boxes. Our DECKED truck tool boxes are designed like tool chests and come with various features. This allows you to organize each set easily. Some of the outstanding features of DECKED truck tool boxes include handy trays, drawers, and straps. Some of the straps are even built with specific tools in mind.

Apart from the layout, we have built our truck tool boxes with roads in mind. You wouldn't want your equipment to bounce around the tool box when navigating a rough road. This is risky and could result in significant damage. To prevent this, our DECKED truck tool box keeps all your tools in place, no matter the road terrain. This goes a long way in keeping them in excellent condition.

Extra Storage

Another benefit of truck tool boxes is creating extra space. If you tend to carry around a lot of tools, you will find our DECKED truck tool box highly valuable. It gives you the necessary space to transport all your tools and organize them. Doing so is possible because they don't take up too much space in the back of your truck. If you use your truck to transport other items, a tool box will come in handy because it creates extra space for that. This is why it is vital to consider small truck tool boxes for sale.

The well-partitioned drawer helps create extra space for storage

Guaranteed Security

Cases of equipment theft are high, with thieves breaking into trucks and getting away with valuable tools. Therefore, if you are worried about the safety of your tools, get a truck tool box today. Truck tool boxes come with locks that prevent forced entry.

With these risks in mind, we create state-of-the-art truck tool boxes that guarantee maximum security. Our DECKED truck tool boxes are impossible to break into with a pry bar due to the use of a special tub-lid interface. This means the thief won't have a weak point to break down the tool box. Even better, our truck tool boxes are reinforced with steel for extra stability and security. Therefore, your tools will be secure from random cases of theft that could see you lose valuable tools.

Our DECKED truck tool boxes also use a robust steel armored locking mechanism that enhances security. This system combines with a driver-side lock, eliminating the chances of forced entry. This is why you should consider getting truck tool boxes for sale in Tyler, Texas.

Maximum Protection

Most truck tool boxes come with durable coatings and seals that prevent tools from getting damaged and rusting due to wet conditions. Our DECKED truck tool boxes come with special coatings on the surface to prevent corrosion and rusting. Apart from rusting, truck tool boxes protect your tools from snow, rain, ice, and in some cases, UV rays.

Thanks to the high-quality materials used, our DECKED truck tool boxes keep your items completely dry. They are made from anti-corrosion-treated steel and aluminum hardware, ensuring long-lasting durability. Thus if you want your tools protected against rust and corrosion, consider truck-mounted tool boxes for sale.

Get Your Desired Truck Tool Box

Truck tool boxes come with a lot of conveniences. However, getting your hands on the best one could be a challenge. For the best truck tool box, you need to know what is ideal for your truck and what isn't. With our several years of experience, we understand the importance of a high-quality truck tool box. From providing security to making it easy to organize your tools, a truck tool box is a must-have. Visit our DECKED outlets and get yours today.