How To Choose A Home Depot Truck Tool Box

How To Get The Best Truck Tool Box at Home Depot


When you are searching the web for “truck tool box home depot,” you have to make sure that you are getting the best one for your needs. Obviously, you don’t want to damage your truck just because you want to carry your tools wherever you go. That is why it is important that you should check out the Home Depot truck tool box.


What are the Advantages of Getting a Truck Tool Box in Home Depot?


One of the major benefits of grabbing a truck bed tool box in Home Depot is that your tools will likely last for a long time. They won’t be exposed to various elements and when the time comes that you will use them, you can find them right away because you know exactly where they are. Additionally, a truck tool box mounting kit via Home Depot can protect your tools from water. Since they are waterproof then you can be assured that your tools and equipment will not get rusty.


However, most people are not aware that a hHome Depot truck bed tool box is more than just for carrying your tools and equipment. In fact, this is a great option if you want to go camping and you require a place for your camping equipment or if you want to bring your sporting gear with you, or if you require a place for your groceries.  


How to Choose the Best Truck Tool Box at Home Depot

One of the things that you need to remember is that there are various types of truck toolboxes. So, in order to ensure that you are choosing the best one, you have to figure out what you will be using it for. The following are some of the major types of Home Depot tool box trucks:


Man removing toolboxes from truck.


Chest Toolbox


This type of truck tool box will be placed directly on the floor of your truck bed. Hence, if you have a canopy or a bed cap attached to the rails, then this one might be a great option for you. Even if chest toolboxes are placed behind the cab, they won’t block your rearview mirror since they don’t rise above the sides. Compared to side mount toolboxes and crossover toolboxes, these are not mounted on the side bed rails. Perhaps the only downside of this type of toolbox is that the space on the floor will be limited.


Underbed Tool Box


Underbed Tool Boxes are installed underneath your truck. These are the appropriate solutions for flatbed trucks as well as if you need to use the whole cargo space.


Crossover Toolbox


These are top mount tool boxes that should be installed against the back of the cab. Most often, they only have one lid that can be opened toward the cab. A crossover Home Depot med size truck tool box runs through the whole width of the truck bed and does not extend on the floor. Sometimes a slide is installed on the sides of the floor bed so the toolbox can slide through the length of the truck bed.


Side-Mount Toolbox


You can mount the Home Depot truck side tool box on one side or on both sides of your bed truck. You have the option to choose the length that you want. They run along the length of the bed truck and are installed on the bed rail. They extend all the way down into the bed truck but they do not touch the floor.  


Man opening drawer in the toolbox.


One of the major benefits of using a Home Depot truck side mount tool box is that you can easily access the items on the toolbox without the need to get into the bed of the truck. The truth is you can even access the toolbox while standing next to the truck. Most often, you can see this toolbox in trucks that are utilized for landscaping for carrying equipment.


Top Mount Toolbox


This type of low profile truck tool box from Home Depot is mounted on the top of side bed rails. Top mount toolboxes are extended upwards rather than into the floor of the truck bed, making them extremely accessible. Although they do not take up space on your bed truck, one of their major disadvantages is that they could cause blind spots when you are driving.


Wheel Well Toolbox


This type of truck toolbox is tall and narrow. A truck tool box over wheels at Home Depot will use the space behind the rear wheel wells and will be mounted on the floor bed. Some truck wheel well tool boxes incorporate the design of your truck bed, providing more convenience on your toolbox over the wheel wells. While others are designed in such a way that they can swing on the hinges, making it easier to access from behind.


Storage Drawers


Basically, these storage drawers will be placed on the floor bed. This horizontal assembly includes drawers between the top and bottom surfaces. Although they cannot cause any distraction in the rearview mirror, they cannot accommodate large items.

Reasons Why You Should Choose the DECKED Tool Box Over Others


After three years of extensive research, the DECKED Tool Box was launched. This toolbox is the perfect companion for tradesmen, campers, fishermen, hunters, skiers, and more.      


Toolbox at the back of the truck with bags on top of the toolbox.

Materials and Finish


This truck toolbox is made from quality materials and manufactured in the USA. The Home Depot Husky truck tool box is made from aluminum while the DECKED Tool Box is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene). There are a lot of reasons why HDPE is an excellent material for creating a vehicle storage system. First, its ratio for strength to weight is extremely high. This means it offers more strength and minimal additional weight. In reality, it is even lighter compared to wood or metal. In addition, it can withstand various elements since it is impact-resistant, weather-resistant, and wear-resistant. You can even put a 2000 lbs payload on top of the truck toolbox. Moreover, every drawer has a maximum capacity of 200 lbs, making it an excellent option compared to a plastic truck tool box by Home Depot.


Style and Organization


Using truck tool box tie downs from home depot can help in keeping them secure. The DECKED Tool Box storage system is perfect for organizing your tools, gear, equipment, and toys. To access the two drawers, all you need to do is lower down your tailgate, then you can simply pull out the drawers. Opening the drawers can be done smoothly, thanks to their small plastic wheels. Since the drawers are large enough, you can store many tools. The drawers are also longer which are ideal for storing guns, shovels, golf clubs, and many more.


Man opening two drawers on the DECKED Tool Box.


To keep the things in your drawers perfectly organized, you can use dividers and other accessories for your DECKED Tool Box system. Unlike the Home Depot brand truck tool box, the DECKED Tool Box includes different accessories such as a bottle opener, a stainless steel ruler with conversions, cup holders, and many more. This storage system is the best option if your vehicle has a canopy or a tonneau cover due to its unique style.


Most often, a truck tool box (Husky, Home Depot) will lie along the bed rails of trucks, making them inconvenient with a tonneau or canopy. Aside from being compatible with a tonneau cover, you can still use your truck bed by hauling a payload of up to 2000 lbs. With the DECKED storage system, you can easily transform your truck into a camping rig by placing your mattress on top of it.




The DECKED Tool Box can be easily assembled and installed. Also, the tools that you need for the installation are very common such as a wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and a few sockets. The installation will likely take some time since you have to assemble the parts. But once everything is assembled, it will only take about 15 minutes to install. Removing it will also take approximately 15 minutes. If you need help in removing and reinstalling the storage system, then you can simply refer to their video. The best thing about the DECKED Tool Box is that drilling is not required anymore.  


Man opening the large drawer on the DECKED Tool Box.


J-hooks are used in attaching the truck toolbox to every corner of the truck bed. The DECKED storage system comes in various sizes. Each system is designed for a specific model of truck. So, you have to make sure that you are choosing the appropriate model. That is why before ordering your Home Depot tool box for truck bed, you have to double-check if it is compatible with your truck.


Security and Protection


The tool box for pickup truck (Home Depot) that is made of wood may warp while if it is made of metal it might get rusty. However, the DECKED Tool Box is made of HDPE, which is the ideal material for a storage system since it is naturally weather-resistant. Once it is installed, you can ensure that your truck bed will be weatherproof. The tools or equipment that you kept inside the drawers will be completely dry and rust-free. Although the standard model does not include locks since some people that use canopies or tonneau covers may not require them.




Aside from purchasing locks for the drawers, there are also other accessories available for your storage system. You can mount removable dividers on the drawers so you can keep your tools separated and well-organized. D-Boxes are specially designed to fit in the drawers of the DECKED Tool Box system. You can use at least three D-boxes in one drawer. These D-Boxes are weatherproof and come with a gasket seal.


Truck with two opened large drawers at the back.


The Tool Box also includes a handy Snack Tray that is useful for small tools and gear. You can mount a bolt to the steel tubes by using the T-track aluminum. This is perfect for mounting both Thule and Yakima rack systems. While the Core Trax 1000 comes with a tie-down loop which can be useful if you are hauling large loads. The loops are made of stainless steel while the tracks are made of powder-coated aluminum. These accessories will make sure that everything is well-organized no matter what activity you are planning to have with the use of your DECKED Tool Box system.


Is DECKED The Best Truck Tool Box For You?


Ultimately, the DECKED Tool Box is a highly functional storage system for your vehicle. It is designed perfectly to fit any activities that you might think of. Unlike the Home Depot truck bed side tool box, they have large drawers which can store most tools, camping gear, fishing rods, hunting gear, groceries, and many more. To further ensure that your tools and gear are completely safe, you can purchase the optional drawer locks.


This is installed on the truck bed floor instead of the bed rails, making them ideal for those who are using a canopy or tonneau cover. However, the usefulness of your bed truck remains intact since it can carry a payload of up to 2000 lbs. The DECKED Tool Box is made of HDPE that can withstand any weather conditions. Additionally, rust-resistant treatments are applied to their metal components. They can be easily installed and removed if you want to.


DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box at the back of a pickup truck.


Do Home Depot Husky truck tool boxes go on sale? Are there Home Depot coupons for online DECKED truck tool box orders? These are the common questions that most people are asking. The DECKED Tool Box never goes on sale or has discounts or coupons. This is because they believe in everyday fair prices. The good news is that they can offer you Free Shipping and a Lifetime Warranty.


Think if you’ve seen one toolbox you’ve seen them all? Guess again. The DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box with Optional Integrated Ladder is an innovative product that can give you easier access to your tools. It comes with an optional adjustable nesting step ladder which can instantly slide down out of the box. The most important thing is that the integrated ladder will not cause any obstruction inside the toolbox. It is made from 6000 series aluminum and smoothly drops to the ground, even on a lifted truck. Keep in mind that the ladder will be purchased separately.