Enjoy the Peace and Harmony of an Organized Truck Bed by Using DECKED’s Piecekeepers in Your Truck Gun Safe

Enjoy the Peace and Harmony of an Organized Truck Bed by Using DECKED’s Piecekeepers in Your Truck Gun Safe


A man in a hunting outfit takes aim at something outside of the frame and his two dogs look on.



There are few things more peaceful than an organized space. Junk-filled displays are embarrassing and are a constant nag on our brains that our business remains unfinished. If you’re anything like us, and the thought of digging through all of your crap in front of an audience makes your eyeball twitch, then you may want to take a second look at our Piecekeepers. This custom accessory designed for our Drawer Systems (that can double as a truck gun safe), is keeping the peace in your truck bed, one piece at a time.

Who We Are


We are DECKED. Fiercely committed to helping you end the junk show in the back of your rigs with our Drawer System, Tool Box, and a bunch of cool accessories that offer a modular organizational system, or “peace and harmony,” for your pickup.


We are an ergonomics company at the core, invested in improving the everyday lives of hardworking Americans by making the junk in their trunks, we mean trucks, more secure, more protected from the elements, and making for a more efficient workflow by providing purpose-built storage solutions that can withstand most anything that you, or Mother Nature, can throw at it.


A rugged-looking black toolbox

Built Like Fort Knox


The DECKED Tool Box, a crossover, or saddle-style toolbox is 100% waterproof, dent-proof, ding-proof, and fully lockable. Our Drawer System, equally as tough but in an entirely different configuration, offers two full truck bed-length slide-out drawers that are weatherproof, durable, and also lockable.


Our stuff is made from high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, and high-impact polymer resin. We reinforce everything with American steel and aluminum and spent over two years in research and development engineering our products to be ultra-tough, ultra-durable, ultra-secure, and as our critics say, ultra-badass.


We use robust steel locking mechanisms and both of our products can be locked with a key. The Tool Box’s driver’s side lock ensures that the Tool Box can’t be removed from the truck bed unless the lid is unlocked and open. An overlapping lip minimizes theft pry bar points, the same awesome feature that contributes to the fact that our Tool Box can make a crowbar cry.


The Drawer System takes security a step further because first, you lock your Drawer System, and next, you lock your tailgate, and though not technically necessary, this second step can offer peace of mind that nothing short of the apocalypse will be able to breach your fortress.


Another added benefit of the Drawer System’s security is that when the tailgate is up, you can hardly tell it’s in the bed. Outta sight, outta mind. Unless it’s zombies. With the zombies, you’re on your own…


So what does all of this mean for truck beds and the pieces we need to make peace with?


A top view of a drawer that extends from the truck bed and there are a pair of dividers installed that are foam and plastic that makes slots that guns can slide down into and be safely secured in the drawer.

A Truckbed Gun Safe


With your truck on the move, a DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System effectively turns your truck into a mobile safe. With the Tool Box harder to break into than your rig, it makes sense to store your valuables, like your firearms, in what essentially becomes a truck bed gun safe.


No, it’s not a truck console gun safe, or a gun safe for under the truck seat, but it is a truck-mounted gun safe, and one with ample room to store your firearms safely and securely.

What’s a Piecekeeper


We know that our most valuable asset—you—our customer, works incredibly hard, yet wants to play harder, so that’s why we innovated a way to turn your DECKED Drawer System into a custom truck gun safe with our Piecekeeper accessories.


After you’ve purchased a Drawer System, a pair of Piecekeepers can be added in place of a Drawer Divider that can accommodate three firearms, a dozen large shells, and 20 smaller ones.


What’s It Made Of?


To make the Piecekeepers we use the same high-quality materials we make the rest of our products from, and the Piecekeepers are essentially another version of our Drawer Dividers but targeted toward firearms.


A polypropylene, injection-molded front creates rigidity, and we add custom-cut foam to the back of it to get a nice snug slot that your rifle or shotgun, (the longer guns), can slide down into.


Piecekeepers create secure truck firearm storage, a truck long gun safe, but before you go hastily pulling the trigger on this one, make sure you scope out the rest of the specs.


A top view of drawers that extends from the truck bed and there are a pair of dividers installed that are foam and plastic that makes slots that guns can slide down into and be safely secured in the drawer.

What Fits in a Piecekeeper?


Piecekeepers can be located anywhere in the Drawer System drawer that a Drawer Divider can be. There are slots located all along the sides of the drawer that a divider, or in this case, a Piecekeeper, can slide down into.


The Piecekeeper clips in securely and won’t come out or move around (unless you tell it to), but there are limits to what the Piecekeeper can hold.


Automatic rifles, or more modern firearms with a higher stack height, pistol grip, and big ‘ol scope may not fit with the Piecekeepers. The same goes for firearms with a lot of optics, a laser finder, range finder, or anything that adds bulk or height to the piece because it adds too much height for the drawer to close all the way.


In this video, DECKED’s marketing guy, Greg Randolph, details his setup with some common guns, and then a 6.5mm Creedmoor. The Creedmoor is a pretty tight fit, he says, because the gun has a bigger scope, a little bigger grip, and a magazine that all make the setup almost too snug.


But, Greg says, he is able to fit all three of his firearms and still has room at the front of his drawer for a Drawerganizer filled with a first-aid kit, binoculars, a jet boil, and a 9mm handgun.


Piecekeepers make super-efficient use of space in the Drawer System and safely stores and protects your firearms. If your particular flavor of gun won’t fit within it, you can also roll without a Piecekeeper and still keep your gun locked in the drawer, or truck gun safe, as we like to call it. You’ll just have to Macguyer your own padding—but you’ve got this.


A top view of drawers that extends from the truck bed and there are a pair of dividers installed that are foam and plastic that makes slots that guns can slide down into and be safely secured in the drawer. A man stands off to the side readying his gun.

Piecekeeper Tech Specs


Depending on if you have a full-size or mid-size pickup will determine what Piecekeepers will fit in your drawers in the first place. Since mid-size pickups are a little smaller, their Drawer System consists of a full-size drawer and a narrow drawer.


If you plan to use the narrower drawer for firearm storage, make sure you select the “narrow mid size drawer” option when ordering a Piecekeeper. The rest of you with the full-size truck and cargo van drawers will select “wide drawer” at checkout. The only difference between the narrow and wide setups is that the narrow Piecekeeper can only accommodate two guns and the wide Piecekeeper can hold three.


We can’t guarantee your firearm will fit, so that is why we took as many measurements as we could so you can get an idea if you’ll be able to turn your truck bed into the best truck gun safe you’ve always wanted.


Check ‘em out:

Wide Piecekeepers


  • 7.79” tall x 18 ⅝” wide
  • Center slot depth: 4.25”
  • Side slots measured diagonally: 5.25”
  • Clearance above Piecekeeper is less than 1”
  • Accommodates three long guns

Narrow Piece Keepers


  • 7.79” tall x 12” wide
  • Side slots measured diagonally: 5.25”
  • Clearance above Piecekeeper is less than 1”
  • Accommodates two long guns

Best Guess Fit Guidance for Modern Long Rifles


We’ve determined that most modern long rifles with a pistol grip and/or a removable magazine or clip and a scope will not fit in the center slot of the Wide Piecekeeper. (The narrow Piecekeeper doesn’t have a center slot.) It’s possible they may fit in the outboard diagonal slots, though.


A hunter in full camoflauge and all camo gear gets his gun out from an extended DECKED drawer.

How to Measure


Measure the height bottom-to-top of your long rifle on the narrowest point on your stock, on or near the trigger guard, to the top of your scope. If this measurement is less than 6”, there’s a reasonable chance that it will fit in the diagonal slots.


There are so many elements at play with the different angles, position of scopes, and heights of the stocks relative to barrels that it’s pretty much impossible to know until you try if your modern long rifle will fit.


Well, shoot! We did our best here…

Differences in Drawer Systems


The last piece of key info we need to make you aware of regarding fitment is that new DECKED Drawer Systems and old DECKED Drawer Systems differ slightly when it comes to installing a Piecekeeper.


If you have a previously-purchased Drawer System that you’re adding on to, you’ll need to check the slots in the upper sides of your drawers to see if the Piecekeepers are compatible. (See photo.) The old system uses a rectangular shape slot on the sides, and the new system utilizes a “T” shaped slot instead.


If you’re purchasing a new DECKED Drawer System, Piecekeepers are fully compatible, so fire away.


A side-by-side comparison photo of the two different styles of slots on a DECKED Drawer System. One is rectangular and one is 'T" shaped

Piecekeepers Keepin’ the Peace

At DECKED, we are a cadre of outdoor enthusiasts and working folk who created our first product, the Drawer System, out of necessity. We couldn’t believe that a purpose-built truck bed drawer system wasn’t available on the market, so we created a product that we actually wanted to use ourselves, and one that we knew others were begging for too.


It’s only natural that we would say that the Drawer System with a Piecekeeper is the best gun safe for truck beds around. And although our products speak for themselves, sometimes what others say about us is even better than what we can muster up.


David D. says he drives a GMC, works as a loan officer, and “loves these attachments.” David says, “I’m a full-time single dad and now I can lock up my guns and keep them out of sight at the same time.”


How’s that for peace of mind?


Jerry S., a Dodge-driving electrician says,


This is the best system ever! So easy to customize, they have thought of everything. The DECKED system was easy to put together and install. Takes less than 20 minutes to remove if you ever need to. The Piecekeepers work great to keep guns secure but you may need to flip scopes upside down for clearance. I use it for work, camping, and hunting. Everyone you know will want one!



And Jim S., a Ford guy, and fuel truck dispatcher sums it all up nicely when he says, “Awesome product! I had actually considered building something like this myself, I’m really glad DECKED decided to do it first! These keep my shotguns super secure when going to bust some clays, and is much faster than using a bunch of soft cases.”


And there are more where those came from. Lots more. We aren’t afraid to share what folks are saying about us, and you can find all of our product reviews at the bottom of almost every page on our website.


If you need a little truck build inspiration, we can do that too. Just head over to our Instagram and learn how to #UNSUCKYOURTRUCK and see the cool ways that folks are working with their trucks, and how their trucks are working for them.


An artistic photograph with a prominent rainbow in the background and a hunting dog standing on the tailgate. a gun leans up against the side of the truck.


A Drawer System Makes Sense


A Drawer System just makes sense. Because why not end the junk show in the bed of your truck right now and achieve the upper echelon of organizational nirvana?


The Drawer System not only sorts out your tools for work, and your gear for play, but it also keeps your firearms secure in a responsible gun owner type-of-way. With its customizable capabilities, you can arrange your system in a way that works best for you, and if you change your mind or your activity—well, then change it.


Change it all. The Drawer System is versatile, and because of that makes the best damn gun safe for a truck bed you can find. So, put that squarely in your sights.