Ladder in a Truck Bed Toolbox For Easy Access


Ladder in a Truck Bed Toolbox for Easy Access


The latest truck bed toolbox from DECKED comes with an optional integrated ladder, giving truck drivers a good reason for adding a box to their truck bed. Whether you are an outdoorsy type person, a construction worker, or a tradesman, the integrated ladder can give you faster, easier access.


Truck tool boxes have not experienced great innovation until now. The truck bed cover with toolbox has evolved so it can be useful for cyclists, hikers, skiers, and adventurous people. Finally, DECKED has produced a toolbox for truck bed that offers security and durability. Most of all, it’s a lot easier to access since it includes an integrated ladder.


The DECKED Tool Box is made from materials from the future. It is manufactured from injection molded high impact polymer resin along with the powerful aluminum reinforcement and durable galvanized steel. This hidden toolbox truck bed uses anti-corrosion steel that is highly impact resistant, which means that it won’t dent, ding, or rust. It is also built with security in mind so thieves cannot easily break into them. The tub-lid interface is designed to reduce pry bar points, making it difficult for any forced entries.


Why Is The DECKED Truck Bed Toolbox So Valuable?


The toolbox truck bed itself looks safe and tough. Additionally, all your items are always kept dry, thanks to the EPDM gasket that seals the box tightly when closed. However, the coolest feature that DECKED has installed is probably the integrated ladder which settles just beneath the lid. You can see it right away after opening the box. It gives you access to more than half of the storage box regardless of which side you are on your vehicle.



This means that you can easily access the contents of your box. You don’t need to crawl your way into the bed to get your items and then crawl back again in case you’ve forgotten something. Additionally, this can prevent you from getting dirty in case you rub your body against the side of your truck to take whatever gear you need.


The ladder itself does not take up too much space within your DECKED Tool Box. At the same time, it is designed in such a way that it can be easily folded in and out of the truck, in fact, you don’t need gloves in handling it.


No need to worry, if you have not yet decided if you want a low profile truck bed toolbox with a ladder, you can always opt out. And later on, if you decide that you want to have a ladder, then you can easily get one.


The standard metal toolbox for truck bed comes with a modular tool and gear organization system that is installed on the integrated hanging system inside the Tool Box.


The DECKED Tool Box Is For Everyone


The truck toolbox with bed cover is not only meant for tradespeople. If you are an outdoorsy person who does not have enough space in your vehicle for your sleeping bags, tents, camping gear, or other items, then the truck box can be very handy. You can assure that you always have a dry storage area for all your items. It can keep your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.



Just like any other DECKED storage, this toolbox in the truck bed includes sturdy cast-aluminum handles as well as easy-to-push latch buttons, so you won’t have a hard time opening and closing the box. The lid can be easily lifted, thanks to its spring-loaded torsion bar. The tension bar can also keep the lid open while you are loading or unloading your items.


The ladder can either be set up on the passenger or driver side. Likewise, the ladder can be used even in a 60-inch-tall truck bed rail. The box fits perfectly on any full-size pickup trucks. It includes a structural aluminum girder for mounting accessories and tie-downs.


How to Choose Good Truck Boxes


When choosing a good mounting toolbox in a truck bed, look for certain features. You might observe that there are a lot of varieties of tool boxes out there; however, not all of them are good. In order to be sure that the truck box is good enough and can last longer, look for the following features:


Water Resistance


It must be water resistant. Obviously, you don’t want your tools to get wet since they could rust. Having a water-resistant tool box can assure you that your stored items are always protected from rain and other external sources of water.




Be sure that the dimension of your toolbox for a truck with bed cover matches the dimension of your truck bed to make sure that it can easily fit your items. It is also important to consider the depth since it indicates the storage capacity.





Keep in mind that every tool box is designed for a specific truck bed. That is why before choosing a tool box for your truck, always ensure that it is compatible with your truck bed. Obviously, if the tool box is incompatible with your truck then you won’t be able to use it.




A good truck bed toolbox organizer must be sturdy. Sturdiness means that the tool box can resist dents. A sturdy toolbox is also rigid. It is essential for a tool box to be rigid and solid since trucks are usually used for transporting heavy items. A bed toolbox for a truck that is not rigid won’t likely last long.


How to Install a Toolbox in a Truck Bed Without Drilling


Nowadays, more and more people have been searching for “how to install toolbox in truck bed without drilling.” This is due to several reasons. First and foremost, most people are now aware that installing a toolbox on their trucks is essential. Also, truck owners are looking for an easy way to mount their plastic truck bed toolbox without the help of a professional. In addition, they presume that drilling could likely affect the well-being of their truck bed. Hence, it is necessary to mount the truck toolbox without the need of drilling or any other technical complicatedness.



Whenever you want to install a toolbox in your truck, there are essential things that you have to keep in mind. Be sure that you have the appropriate tools that can help you in easily installing your hidden toolbox truck bed. The next thing is to make sure that the toolbox is well-secured, safe, and locked. Make sure that your truck won’t get damaged as you are installing the toolbox and be sure that it can hold up the rough terrains. Lastly, make sure that the box is durable enough so it can last longer.


So, if you want to know how to successfully install your toolbox without drilling, just follow the comprehensive guide below:


Know What You Need


Before you start installing your toolbox, be sure to prepare a few tools and supplies  including:


  • Safety Gloves
  • Screws
  • Measuring Tape
  • Aluminum J-hooks
  • Heavy-Duty Bolts
  • Aluminum Nuts
  • Open-Ended Wrench
  • Padding Components
  • Screwdrivers or Cordless Drill
  • Spanner
  • Foam Padding Strips


There are different types of toolboxes in the market and they vary in application. As such, it is important to consider the accommodation of all your necessary items in the box without wasting a lot of space.


Choose The Proper Materials


You must ensure that you are choosing high-quality materials when installing your toolbox for a short bed truck. The padding materials must be made of top-quality. Verify if the measurement of the padding sheets and the foam are the same. At the same time, it should match the size of the toolbox. Measure the upper side of the toolbox and make sure that it is the same size with your foam padding sheet.



Choosing the right toolbox is crucial since it can help in storing all your tools and other items without wasting too much space. There are various types of toolbox that are available in the market right now and they differ by their design, material, and their size.


Toolboxes that are made of stainless steel are greatly recommended. You can choose whether you use a side toolbox, crossover toolbox, or the fifth-wheel type. Toolboxes also vary in their place of installation.


The crossover pull out toolbox for a truck bed offers a large storage space and it is installed across the cargo bed. For more extended tools, you can mount a side toolbox. On the other hand, a fifth-wheel type toolbox is just small, making it appropriate for smaller devices.


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Mount a Toolbox in a Truck Bed Without Drilling


Step One - Choose the Ideal Location


Where should you install your toolbox? Depending on the type of toolbox that you’ve selected, typically, the crossover toolbox will be mounted across your cargo bed. While the side toolbox will be set up along the length. And finally, the fifth-wheel is basically a type of toolbox that can be placed anywhere since it is small.


Before you start working, it is important that you should have a suitable space for your box. This can be done by measuring the actual size of the box as well as the space around your truck bed. Use a measuring tape to obtain accurate data. Place your box in the right position. Ensure that the lid of the box can be opened freely without any obstructions of the cross rails.



Step Two - Take Some Measurements


After choosing the ideal location for your retractable truck bed cover with toolbox, you should perform some measurements. It is advisable that you should use a measuring tape and measure the height, length, and width of your toolbox and make sure that it matches to the location where you intend to install it. Avoid making the mistake of mounting your toolbox without any accurate measurements.


Step Three - Putting the Foam Padding


The bottom and both sides of your truck could get damaged by the toolbox. Hence, proper foam padding plays an important role in avoiding any of these accidents. Even if you are using a high-quality tool belt or tool bag, it is undeniable that your toolbox could damage your cargo bays. It is necessary that the bottom and sides of your cargo body must be covered with foam padding. Before you begin the mounting your truck toolbox and bed cover, you should use foam strips for padding. So, get the necessary measurements and attach the foam padding.


Step Four -  Anchor the Toolbox


The most critical and essential part of the installation process is the actual mounting process. Be sure to align the truck bed side toolbox with the pre-drilled holes that are found in your cargo bay. If you are using a plastic toolbox, then it will be much easier since you can easily locate the holes for nuts and bolts. However, if you are using a metal toolbox, it is vital that you must have the necessary hardware. Generally, metal toolboxes come with J-bolt. The J-bolt will be affixed to the holes drilled using a drill press.



Step Five - Place the Hooks and Bolts


This is a crucial part of the mounting or anchoring process. Generally, you should use 4 to 6 J-hooks and bolts or more to ensure that the toolbox is fully protected. Simply insert the J-hooks based on the type and size of the toolbox that you are using. Furthermore, make sure that the foam padding is aligned appropriately with your toolbox as well as the nuts and bolts. Obviously, you don’t want to get irritated by the noise of a moving undercover swing case truck bed toolbox while you are traveling on the road.


Step Six - Recheck the Installation


Tighten the toolbox by using a spanner or an open-ended wrench. Avoid applying too much pressure on it since it could hamper the bed rails. On the other hand, you should not put extremely little pressure, since this could lead to unnecessary vibrations.


Re-confirm the installation process by opening up the lid once more. If it feels very convenient, then you have done it right. To check for any vibration and looseness of the toolbox, shake it up a little.


The DECKED Tool Box is made of high-quality materials so you can ensure that they can last longer. Additionally, there are different styles and sizes that you can choose from. So, you can always assure that there is a size that can fit into your truck or pick-up.