Introducing the Innovative and Rugged DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box

Introducing the Innovative and Rugged DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box 

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DECKED has introduced the first true modern pickup truck bed tool box in years. It is built tough from the same material that football helmets are made from – the high impact polymer resin that protects Tom Brady’s head on the football field. The polymer material of the DECKED truck bed tool box is molded, making for a seamless surface that won’t leak even in a torrential downpour. Furthermore, it cannot rust or corrode, unlike those other brands of tool boxes that are made of aluminum. And the DECKED tool box also does not dent or ding. It remains for decades a smooth and polished appearance that is a handsome addition to your pickup truck. Fifty percent of competitors’ aluminum tool boxes show up dented. You don’t pay for dents with DECKED.

The DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box is ready for anything, anywhere. That's because it is durable, tough, and foolproof. Furthermore, it:

  • Won't ding, dent, or rust
  • Has a 500lb+ dynamic payload capacity
  • Is waterproof
  • Locks with a steel-armored system

There's also no reason to build a Tool Box that can't handle weather. Lots of toolboxes might be weatherproof to start, but over time water finds ways to slip through the cracks and seams and cause rust. DECKED wanted its Truck Bed Tool Box to be weatherproof for life, not just within the first year. Here's how it accomplished that:

  1. The tub and lid are molded, so there are no cracks or seams in our toolboxes
  2. An overbuilt tub lip-lid channel interface so water would have to move up and around to get in (which isn't possible with the laws of gravity)
  3. To make double-triple sure no water can get in, DECKED added an EPDM gasket all around the lid
  4. The main material is molded resin with no cracks or seams, so the Tool Box is watertight and waterproof!



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Did we say no dents? Yes, and we also say no water inside a DECKED truck bed tool box. In other words, there are no leaks. Even when sitting on your truck bed in a rainstorm, DECKED does not leak. Everything inside the box remains bone dry. Forget about your tools being damaged or corroded by moisture while inside our tool box. This dryness is made possible by a seamless lid that is not welded – and by a seamless lid and tub interface. The lid seals tightly when closed because of a bub seal and gasket that goes all around the entire lid. Furthermore, the tool box is created with an upstanding lip that gets overlapped by the lid which acts as a rain gutter on the product.

The steel and aluminum hardware connecting the lid to the tub are anti-corrosion treated. So these parts also give many years of service without worry to the owner. DECKED has made sure they provide long-lasting durability.

When DECKED engineered the Tool Box, it accomplished two things:

  1. DECKED sourced the strongest, most durable materials (from the USA, not China, so you know they're good)
  2. DECKED got its toughest guys try to break it down with crowbars, mauls, freezing chambers, heat chambers, and anything DECKED engineers could think of to destroy it

And the bottom line is that the Truck Bed Tool Box designed and built by DECKED couldn't be destroyed! Rest assured DECKED put this thing to the test.


Want to keep your tools and other items safe inside the tool box? DECKED has got you covered there, too. The lid is impossible to break into with a ply bar. The tub-lid interface minimizes theft by not having accessible pry bar points. Furthermore, the DECKED Tool Box tub is reinforced with steel for extra security and stability. If all this is not enough to keep your tools and other possessions safe from the hands of would-be thieves, the robust DECKED steel armored locking mechanism along with a built-in driver side lock makes forced entry virtually impossible. You might even say that the tool box is designed like Fort Knox! 

What about removing the entire tool box from a pickup truck? It is interesting to note that its lid must be open in order to remove the tool box from the bed of your truck. With the lid locking mechanism being so secure and the lid being fastened down so well, the prospects of a thief taking off with the entire tool box are less than next to nothing. Your DECKED truck bed tool box remains the safest and most secure tool box on the market. An aluminum tool box for a truck bed is not a comparison with it. 

There's nothing worse than people who steal things you worked hard to buy. And there's no reason to build a Truck Bed Tool Box that doesn't protect your belongings. Here's what DECKED did to build the most secure Tool Box out there:

  1. Built a robust steel-armored lock and latch system (operated from the driver side so you don't have to lock twice)
  2. Designed a tight tub-lid interface so thieves can't pry their way in 


The spacious interior of the truck bed tool box offers many possibilities for organizing tools and other gear. DECKED makes a marvel of a truck bed tool box organizer. It is an in bed tool box. Each tool box comes standard with an enclosed container called a D-Box that hangs in place within the tub of the tool box. A D-Box can easily be removed from the tool box. It is waterproof with a gasket seal and can shelter the driver’s grub or important papers or other small items. Additionally, each truck bed tool box comes with a handy Snack Tray for small tools and gear. The D-Box and the Snack Tray fit easily into the entire tool box. DECKED has designed the tool box for convenience of use by hard working drivers, making their daily routine less of a burden. It is a low profile truck bed tool box that is also the best truck bed tool box on the market!  

Moreover, the DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box has a 500-pound dynamic payload capacity.Tie-downs are also built into the tool box to allow for full bed use.. These pre-installed features are embedded into the base of the tub on the tailgate side to secure large cargo. You have a truck for a reason: to haul anything you want and go anywhere you want. This Tool Box enhances everything you can already do with your truck by:

  1. Keeping you organized with a 500 lb.+ payload capacity tub
  2. Giving you tie-downs to haul all your toys and equipment 

Another advantage DECKED tool boxes have is torsion springs on the lid-tub interface. This makes for effortless opening and closing, and there is no slamming of fingers. When opened, the 30-pound lid stays open! The gas struts are constructed with a torsion system powered by spring steel. Also, the strong torsion bars last forever.

Man is climbing up a ladder in a pickup truck


Tool boxes can notoriously be difficult to access. With many competitor tool boxes, the driver has to mount the truck bed to get to it, which may be positioned high off the ground. But to ease this problem, DECKED offers a ladder that can be integrated into the truck bed tool box. It nests into the box without obstructing anything in it and slides right out of the box when the driver is ready to use it. The ladder unfolds and drops easily to the ground, even on a lifted truck. It is made of durable 6000 series aluminum. This ingenious device solves the problem of difficult access to the tool box. Drivers have an easier job and can do their work more quickly and more efficiently.

The ladder can function with pickup truck heights from 48 inches to 60 inches. After use, it folds back inside the DECKED truck bed tool box. When it is unfolded and in use, it offers the driver three points of contact as he or she climbs up the ladder. Therefore, this makes for a safer climb and a safer descent.


It is important to note that the DECKED truck bed tool box has been engineered with structure in mind. When you load it up, it doesn’t bend or sag. In fact, it has been tested with a 500-pound load at extreme temperatures (180 degrees Fahrenheit and minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit). Even under these harsh conditions, there was no issue with the payload.

By now, if you have read this article up to here, you know the DECKED truck bed tool box is a husky truck bed tool box. While it is in a sense a plastic truck bed tool box, its main material is hardened polymer resin. It is the very best truck bed tool box and is not an aluminum tool box for a truck bed that can dent, bend, and rust. Furthermore, it is a small truck bed tool box that fits neatly into a wide variety of pickup models. But it is not too small: It carries a 500-pound payload for large jobs.

The DECKED truck bed tool box can appear to the naked eye as if it is a low profile truck bed tool box. Even as if it is a huddle truck bed tool box. Its pleasing design enhances thec appearance of the entire pickup truck. When the driver wishes to remove it from his or her pickup, it can become a sliding toolbox for the truck bed that is easily removed (a truck bed slide out tool box). It can be a truck bed pull out tool box. In regard to color, one could say it is a black truck bed tool box. It does not readily reflect light into the eyes of other motorists; therefore it adds a dimension of safety that aluminum truck bed tool boxes do not have. It is therefore comforting to know that in this way, it will not likely be causing accidents on the road.

If you purchase the tool box from a dealer, they can install it. But if you wish to install it yourself, it is a simple install. It is a two-minute install with a bracket and bolt system. Thread it in and use a power tool and it grabs a bed rail to complete installation. No drilling is necessary. It uses 4x clamps to grab the bed rail. And you’re finished!

The DECKED truck bed tool box is made in the good ‘ole Unite States of America. It comes with a lifetime warranty and ships free to your house or you can get it from a dealer near you.

The DECKED truck bed tool box is easy on the eyes and looks as good as your truck. Its innovative design is made of super hard and super safe materials that don’t dent and that keep your gear bone dry, even in a torrential rain downpour. It is so tough that it will make would-be thieves cry. Even with a crowbar, they cannot get into it. In conclusion, DECKED makes a highly dependable and secure tool box for truck beds that any driver will be more than happy to own and use! Think if you have seen one tool box, you have seen them all? Guess again. The DECKED truck bed tool box will make you realize that you have something very special to behold!!