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DECKED - How Do I Choose Better Truck Accessory Stores

How Do I Choose Better Truck Accessory Stores?

The tool boxes and other accessories you equip your truck with say a great deal about you, both as an individual and as a professional. The right accessories can improve a pickup or working truck’s appearance as well as giving it extra utility either on the worksite or in the field. However, the wrong accessory choices can fail to give you the utility you need, make your ride look decidedly low-rent, and make others in your profession, industry, or sport dubious about your standing or commitment.

So, let’s take a much closer look at some of the truck accessory stores you can visit, in person and online.


DECKED Drawer System and accessories


Going Straight To The Dealership Instead Of Truck Accessory Stores

There is a lot to be said for buying some or all of your customization options when you get a pickup or working truck from the dealership. Alternatively, most dealerships will be happy to add OEM customization options to a vehicle you purchased from them. You know the parts will be fully compatible with your vehicle and all the correct mounting kits will be used, just for a start. You also know that there won’t be any questions about whether your insurance covers the new additions, or if attaching them could somehow void your warranty.

Ford Pick Ups At Dealership


On the other hand, the dealership will have a drastically small selection of customization options at their disposal. Compared to dedicated truck accessory stores or specialist mechanics, they have practically nothing. Unless you are very lucky, the dealership won’t be able to fully equip your pickup or work truck the way you need it.


Brick And Mortar Truck Accessory Stores

If you aren’t quite familiar with the type of accessory you are planning to mount, whether that be a truck bed tool box, towing equipment, or even flashy mudflaps, you will want to go to a few old fashioned brick and mortar truck accessory stores and window-shop a little. Online truck accessory stores are convenient, but nothing beats being able to see and perhaps touch the products. This lets you better judge both the quality of their manufacture and how they will look attached to your truck. In addition, most good truck accessory stores either have technicians on staff who can install your accessories for you, or can at least recommend a good local technician who can help.


JC Whitney outlet Center



On the other hand, there might not be many high quality brick and mortar truck accessory stores near you, and these days making an unnecessary trip into the city can be unreasonably dangerous.


Truck Accessory Stores Websites

If you know the brands and products you’re looking for inside and out, buying from online truck accessory stores could be a good choice. Online truck accessory stores typically have an amazing selection because they don’t have to keep any of their inventory in the actual shop. Many even drop-ship direct from the manufacturers or a manufacturer-run warehouse.



DECKED factory and warehouse





However, you won’t be able to inspect the actual piece you are buying before paying for it. This can be a real problem with large truck accessories which are delicate or prone to damage, such as aluminum tool boxes. It is vital that you check the store’s return policy before you buy, and find out if you have to pay shipping for returning an order.


Scrapyards Instead Of Truck Accessory Stores

Another option is to visit or contact your local scrapyard, junkyard, or automotive recycler. Many of these operations sell accessories and equipment from totaled vehicles which are in excellent shape. Recycled (or properly, reclaimed) truck accessories can be a fraction of the price of new equipment, and many auto recyclers even offer warranties.


What Are Some Reputable Brands Of Truck Accessory Stores?
 is a great outfit based in Illinois. AAG has been around for just under 2 years, and they carry a wide range of interior and exterior accessories for many different types of vehicles. They also have a reputation for offering good advice for choosing the right accessories to work with your vehicle.



AutoAnything has been around for more than 40 years. Originally. They only sold seat covers and custom floor mats, but today AutoAnything offers everything from exterior accessories to high performance engine parts. has a wide range of products and an excellent reputation among consumer and professional accessory buyers.  


Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is one of the country’s biggest aftermarket accessory stores, with bring and mortar shops all over the country. They got started 90 years ago, and now have more than 5,200 locations throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and even the Virgin Islands. It also has a high online presence.



RealTruck has been around for more than 20 years, and was founded in North Dakota. They specialize in both interior and exterior accessories for consumer pickups, SUVs, and some cars. They also offer free shipping and returns on online orders, even for the really big pieces.


JC Whitney

JC Whitney has been around as long as the Ford Model T. They have a huge retail store in LaSalle, Illinois, and have offered a mail order catalog for longer than most readers today have been alive. Of course, today, they also have a website, and they are one of the biggest online truck accessory stores in operation. They offer free domestic shipping and discounted overseas shipping. Return shipping is also generally free.



How Do I Find Pickup Truck Accessory Stores Near Me?

It would be crass to say, “Google it,” considering how you ended up here. But the answer really is online. A few minutes with a search engine should get you all the addresses of local truck accessory stores. Alternatively, the navigation app on your phone can probably recommend nearby truck accessory stores as well. Failing that, look up some of the names we’ve recommended in the Yellow Pages.


What Sorts Of Things Should I Be Asking At Truck Accessory Stores?

Even at brick and mortar truck accessory stores, you can’t just pick a large truckbed tool box or other pickup truck accessory off the shelf and expect to be happy with it. You need to ask a few questions first, in order to be sure the piece will fit your truck and is capable of doing what you need. You also need to be sure to protect yourself in case the purchase doesn’t work out.


Ask If The Accessory Is Fully Compatible With Your Make And Model Of Vehicle

Some accessories simply won’t work with your truck. Others have to be modified, or will need special mounting kits. Find out how much trouble this accessory might be, and whether it will cost extra to make it work.


Ask If This Customization Might cause Problems Or Concerns

Some vehicle modifications can change the way the vehicle drives or performs dramatically. Others, like large truck bed tool boxes, can affect driver visibility. Some might even make it illegal to drive the modified vehicle on public roads. Inexperienced installation might be dangerous to yourself or others. Some accessories will be covered by existing insurance. Some might not. Some might even invalidate your insurance. Be sure to ask.


Ask If The Accessory You Chose Can Perform The Way You Need It To

A cheap plastic swing box might be all a suburban SUV driver needs to hold a small set of emergency tools and flares. However, that same plastic swing box would fall apart in weeks if used on a commercial or working vehicle, hauling heavy tools or equipment. Make sure you are buying the right equipment for the job, and installing it securely.


Ask About The Recyclability Of The Materials Used In Your Accessory

You might be excused for not thinking about the ecological impact of the parts and accessories which go onto or into your truck. We’ve been conditioned to think about price, style, and even weight when modifying a vehicle, but now there is more reason than ever to think about how ‘green’ your accessories are, too.

One of the best ways a manufacturer can make a truck accessory “greener” is by making sure they use easily and economically recyclable materials. If your new part is mostly steel or aluminum, you can rest fairly easy. Those materials are not just easy to recycle, but also economical. That is to say, it costs less to recycle most metals than it does to mine them from the ground. Plastics, however, can be a different story. Can be, but not necessarily. Some plastics are a lot greener than you might believe.

The plastics in DECKED products, for example, are more than just strong, durable and UV-resistant. They are not just easy to recycle, either. They already consist of a high proportion of recycled material. We make sure that no matter what fine DECKED product you buy – a DECKED Tool Box, a DECKED Drawer System or anything else, you know that all of its materials can and most likely will be recycled after a long and useful service life.



What Sorts Of Things Should I Be Looking For In These Truck Accessory Stores?

DECKED drawer system and DECKED Tool Box



Again, that all depends on what you want to achieve. If you really want flashy mudflaps, we can’t offer much advice. Call Nappa or JC Whitney. At DECKED, all we do are truck-mounted tool boxes and truck box accessories. If that is what you need, well, we’ve got you covered. For example, we offer products like these:


DECKED Crossbox



The DECKED Crossbox Small Plastic Tool Box

The DECKED Crossbox is a great choice for a small plastic tool box. It is made in the USA, from a high impact plastic resin that is fully recyclable. It features a waterproof seal at the hatch to keep everything inside dry as a bone, and it fits perfectly inside the DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box.





The DECKED D-Box Large Plastic Tool Box

The DECKED D-Box is built strong, using a high impact plastic resin that already contains a high proportion of recycled materials. It is watertight, keeping your tools or gear dry in the worst weather. It also offers two movable, removable internal dividers. Just like the DECKED Crossbox, the D-Box works perfectly inside the DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System.



The DECKED Tool Box – A Better Crosswise Truck Box

Like any saddle style or crosswise truck box, the DECKED Tool Box fits behind the cab by mounting to the bed rails. In addition to a range of gear and equipment, the DECKED Tool Box fits D-Boxes and Crossboxes, and even mounts a retractable ladder for easy access. This is one of the most versatile accessories you can mount in a pickup, and you won’t find it in just any truck accessories stores.





The DECKED Tool Box also has a lot of features that other truck boxes don’t. It stays waterproof even after years of wear and tear. It boasts an armored lock, as well as both steel and aluminum reinforcing throughout. It ships with a DECKED D-Box and DECKED Snack Tray as standard. The fold-away access ladder is optional.


The DECKED Drawer System – The Ultimate In Mobile Tool Storage


DECKED Drawer System

The DECKED Drawer System all fits under a high-impact, high density plastic bed protector to keep your truck looking clean and new no matter what king of cargo you pile into the back. Under the protective bed later, you’ll find two full-length drawers, each capable of holding 1,000 pounds of tools or equipment and still opening whisper-smooth.

Everything DECKED makes, including all parts of the DECKED Drawer System, is designed and built in the USA. This is one accessory that will last as long as your truck will, and quite possibly longer.


We hope you learned a little about truck accessory stores and how to find them. We also hope you took time to consider some of the accessory options from DECKED. Whether you need a truck bed tool box or a complete rolling tool organizing system, DECKED has what you need and more.