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 Is Getting A Trailer Tongue Tool Box the Best Option For You? - What to Know Before Investing In A Trailer Tool Box

 Written By Charli Haase


Construction worker accessing tools from his truck DECKED Drawer System.


Wouldn’t it be nice to get the most out of your work day? Whether you’re a working man or woman going from job to job or driving far and wide as a recreationalist, saving time and money is precious when it comes to easy tool storage and accessibility.


Knowing which trailer tongue tool box to invest your hard-earned money in can be daunting to figure out. When it comes to picking the right trailer tool box, a common dilemma people face is having to compromise space, organization, accessibility, durability, and cosmetics for one or the other.

It can be hard to find a trailer tongue tool box that checks off all of those categories, which may mean another kind of tool storage unit would be more beneficial to you, and your wallet long-term.

If you’re looking for a standard trailer tongue tool box, utility trailer tongue box, gooseneck trailer tongue tool box, or other tool box options, your search for answers ends here. Our team at DECKED has constructed this guide to help you pick the best trailer tongue tool box for you, specifically. Not only will you leave this page with more knowledge about which trailer tool box will work best for you, you’ll also know what other, maybe even better, options are out there for optimal tool storage and organization.

Tool box for trailer tongue? What’s that?

A family using the weatherproof DECKED Drawer System to keep their items safe from water while boating.



A trailer tongue tool box is what its name implies. It is a tool box that sits on top of a trailer tongue. However, you are not limited to storing a trailer tongue tool box on a trailer tongue itself, you can turn it into a fun DIY trailer tongue box project with a twist by mounting it to the bed of your truck. If you have a gooseneck trailer, another option for tool storage would be to get a crossover truck tool box, such as the DECKED Tool Box.


Trailer tongue tool boxes should be heavy duty and allow for extra storage and organization on your trailer and in your truck, however there’s much more to them than what meets the eye.


When searching for a trailer tongue tool box that’s right for you, think about what kind of tool storage system would make your life easier. Think about the material, size, cost, and additional features a good tool box should have, such as removable snack trays and dividers for optimal organization.


Trailer Tongue Tool Box By Material


The material of a trailer tongue tool box is one of the most important aspects of a tool box, and separates tool boxes worth investing in from ones that aren’t worth the time and money. Not only does the material of your tool box matter when it comes to looks, it matters even more when it comes to durability and how long it will last you.


How the material is sealed together also matters. It’s common for a trailer tongue tool box that is made out of aluminum or steel to be welded, whereas plastic or resin tool boxes tend to be molded.


Some of the most common materials used to make trailer tongue tool boxes are aluminum, plastic, and steel. However, one material has taken modern tool boxes to the next level, and that material is high impact polymer resin, which we’ll discuss below.


Aluminum Trailer Tongue Tool Box




Worn down diamond plate aluminum.


A popular option for truck tool storage, by tradition, is an aluminum trailer tongue tool box. Aluminum tool boxes are lightweight and don’t rust, which are two important elements an optimal tool box should have.


You don’t want a tool box that adds more weight than necessary to your truck bed or trailer, and you definitely don’t want one that can’t withstand Mother Nature’s elements. Whether or not aluminum is a desirable material to you, make sure your trailer tongue tool box is weatherproof and lightweight, yet is strong enough to handle persistent beating.


Speaking of beatings, one common issue with aluminum tool boxes is how susceptible they are to dents and dings. Because they are lightweight and often welded, aluminum tool boxes are prone to destruction and need regular maintenance to prolong durability and maintain their form as a toolbox.


However, some aluminum trailer tongue tool boxes have an added layer of protective coating for added dent and ding prevention. Make sure to read product reviews before buying lightweight trailer tongue tool boxes, so you’ll know first-hand just how durable a tool box is before making a final decision on what to purchase!


Plastic Trailer Tongue Tool Box


An example of plastic in the color black.


One of the best things about a plastic trailer tongue tool box is the price of one, as they’re usually a lot less expensive than an aluminum trailer tongue tool box. A plastic trailer tongue tool box won’t hurt your wallet and it won’t add any extra strain from its weight to your truck and trailer, which means you won’t be burning as much fuel.


Plastic, or poly-plastics, are also non-corrosive. If you and your tool box travel to job sites where there are cruel weather conditions and  a bunch of hazardous materials around, plastic may be a suitable material for your next tool box.


Although plastic trailer tongue tool boxes can withstand harsh chemicals and weather conditions, it doesn’t always do too well on the road or if left in the sun for long periods of time. It is also another material that is likely to dent and scratch, like aluminum.


Steel Trailer Tongue Tool Box


An example of steel that has undergone oxidation, aka has rusted.


Probably the most durable compared to an aluminum trailer tongue tool box, as well as a plastic trailer tongue tool box, is a steel trailer tongue tool box. A trailer tongue steel tool box is typically more costly than a plastic tool box for trailer storage, and less costly than an aluminum trailer tongue tool box.


Stainless steel is quite strong, so it can handle a continuous beating when you’re searching for tools and moving other heavy hardware around inside of your tool box. If you’re looking for a more affordable route and just need a strong tool box to throw your tools inside during commutes, a steel trailer tongue tool box may be ideal for you.


Although steel is a stronger material than its plastic and aluminum counterparts, mounting a steel trailer tongue tool box tends to add more strain on your vehicle than necessary due to it being much heavier than other materials.


Additionally, steel tool boxes experience weather corrosion over time, and chemical corrosion from substances such as bleach and chloride, if exposed.


High Impact Polymer Resin Tool Box


The DECKED Tool Box fabricated from high impact polymer resin.


When it comes to preventing dings and dents, polymer resin is the perfect solution. Polymer resin often includes additional composites, or a blend if you will, that’s molded into strong, yet flexible forms, and has the ability to be even more durable and heavy-duty than other metal materials against strong repetitive forces.


As the name suggests, polymer resin that is high impact resistant is specifically designed to handle heavy impact and make it through the long-haul, no matter the condition.


As opposed to steel and plastic alone, high impact polymer resin is weather proof. With polymer resin, there will be no more worrying about your tool box rusting, corroding, or denting. Looking sleeker than your average diamond plate trailer tongue tool box that your Grandpa has, tool boxes made from polymer resin are the ultimate tool storage material for durability, longevity, and cosmetics. What’s even better is that polymer resin is often molded instead of welded, making it even stronger than its counterpart materials.


Want a Better Built Utility Trailer Tongue Tool Box? Consider These Storage Systems, First


Construction worker using the DECKED Drawer System to easily access tools from his truck.


If you’re hauling a trailer, we assume you’re using a truck to haul it. If you’re looking for an effective tool storage unit for your truck and trailer that is easy to keep organized, is accessible, durable, and doesn’t look like you just threw a random tool box wherever there was space on your trailer, consider products made by DECKED.


Most people invest in a trailer tongue tool box because they need more space and organization for the tools in their trailer or truck. It seems the wise thing to do would be to get another tool box and stick it somewhere spacious and secure, like over a trailer hitch free-floating across roads at 50 mph. That’s safe, right? Well, doing that comes with risks and isn’t always the most effective when it comes to tool storage and accessibility.


Let’s face it, as easy as it is, storing your tool box on a trailer tongue makes your tools and other contents inside of your trailer tongue tool box easier for thieves to do their job. An added benefit of storing your tools in a safe, lockable storage system in your truck is that tool robbers have less incentive to break into a tool box if they don’t know it exists.


The DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box both easily replace a trailer tongue tool box without compromising storage space and even blends in with your truck bed, unlike trailer tongue tool boxes, which can be bulky and stick out like a sore thumb.


Trailer tool boxes are often one big pit, making it hard to keep tools that vary in size and use organized. Keeping your tools and other hardware stored in the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box will make them easier to keep track of as well as safe from rain, moisture, and theft. This is so because products made by DECKED are fabricated from high impact polymer resin made from injection molding.  


DECKED Drawer System


The DECKED Drawer System featuring Dividers, Drawerganizer, Crossbox and D-Box.


With the DECKED Drawer System, you won’t have to constantly search for your tools in various places anymore and waste valuable time because they’ll all be in one place.

Having a tool box that can be compartmentalized, and easily accessed and removed from your vehicle ensures you’ll get the job done faster than you would having multiple tool boxes scattered around your truck bed and trailer.

If you’re looking for more of a trailer tongue tool box low profile kind of deal, investing in the DECKED Drawer System would be a smart move to make, as it creates a false bottom in the bed of your truck that allows for maximum storage without anyone being able to tell.


The Drawer System includes two lockable full bed-length drawers featuring the Crossbox, D-Box, Drawerganizer, and Dividers for segmented organization.


The DECKED Crossbox and D-Box are tool boxes that fit comfortably in DECKED Drawer Systems, however the Crossbox is half the size of the D-Box to make separating tools by size and function even easier. The Crossbox features a removable small tools and parts tray, while the D-Box comes with two vertical Dividers.  



The DECKED Tool Box featuring the D-Box and Optional Integrated Ladder.


Designed like Fort Knox, the DECKED Tool Box is impact resistant due to being fabricated with injection molded high impact polymer resin and reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminum for added durability and protection. Unlike your average aluminum trailer tongue tool box, you won’t have to worry about this Tool Box denting over time.


It’s not your grandad’s toolbox, this Tool Box is from the century and what’s even better is that it looks like it came from this century.


The DECKED Tool Box also features an Optional Integrated Ladder (sold separately) that can be easily stored inside. A D-Box and removable Snack Tray, for smaller tool and accessory storage, are also included with the Tool Box which is an added benefit. Most trailer tongue tool boxes are just one big tub without removable storage compartments!


Trailer Tongue Tool Box By Brand


Looking for a trailer tongue tool box that is brand-specific? Here’s what some well-known brands have to offer!


Trailer Tongue Tool Box Harbor Freight


If having a trailer tongue tool box from Harbor Freight is a must-have for you, here is one option Harbor Freight has available for their customers: the Haul-Master 2-¾ Cu. Ft. Steel Trailer Tongue Box.


Haul-Master 2-¾ Cu. Ft. Steel Trailer Tongue Box


This Harbor Freight Steel Trailer Tongue Tool Box is weather resistant and features easy installation to the trailer tongue of your truck, or the truck bed itself, to store your tools and tie-downs.


The Steel Trailer Tongue Tool Box is made of sheet steel with a black finish and protects the contents inside with a weatherproof seal. This trailer tool box comes with a durable, lockable flush-mounted latch that can be opened with keys.


Trailer Tongue Tool Box Tractor Supply


The Tractor Supply Trailer Tongue Box TB461814 is a dual material trailer tongue tool box that has a steel body and an aluminum lid, which is beneficial for keeping your tool box lightweight, yet durable! Due to its lightweight and dual dampened gas shocks, this trailer tongue tool box can be easily closed with one hand.

This trailer tongue tool box protects the contents inside with a form fitting weather seal and double wall lid, secured with a tamper-resistant lock. It also fits in most frame trailers and has a single paddle style handle attached to the body for transportation.

Trailer Tongue Box Northern Tool


The Northern Tool Trailer Tongue Box is a short style trailer tongue tool box with a tapered design, to improve the mobility of your trailer. Fitting on most utility trailers, this trailer tongue tool box keeps your tools, tie-downs, and other supplies safe, yet accessible with a reinforced lid brace and a lockable latch.

The Trailer Tongue Box also has a continuous piano hinge made from aluminum, and weather-resistant seals to keep moisture from harming your tools. The Trailer Tongue Box has a diamond tread plate design, constructed from aluminum and coated with a gloss black color. Remember, since it is aluminum, you won’t have to worry about this trailer tongue tool box rusting!

Hard worker using the DECKED Drawer System to keep his tools organized and accessible.

Good Luck!

Now that you know what to look for in a trailer tongue tool box and what other options are out there that may work better for you, you’re ready to pick out your next tool storage system like a pro.