Why You Should Add Truck Cab Safety to Your List of “Toolbox Topics”

Why You Should Add Truck Cab Safety to Your List of “Toolbox Topics”

A grey Dodge Ram Sport with a DECKED tool Box in the back.


“Toolbox topics” and “toolbox talks” are two commonly-searched terms by those invested in workplace safety. Reputable companies and organizations know that protecting the lives of the workers is paramount— before even one iota of work gets performed. Toolbox Talks are discussions that often take place on the job, such as a morning meeting where coworkers stand spread out in a circle while the superintendent reads from a list of pre-printed safety toolbox topics.



There is occasional eye-rolling, gum chewing, and hands jammed into pockets while a wandering focus detracts from the important safety bulletin. It’s hard to take seriously suggestions that slow a worker down or ask them to perform a task in a way that they are unaccustomed to, but at DECKED, we take industrial safety toolbox topics very seriously, because it’s not just the old habits that die hard. It's bad habits, too.



And speaking of dying, that’s exactly what toolbox talk topics aim to prevent. 


What Are Toolbox Talks Topics?


Three men consider information being presented during a meeting.



Harvard’s Environmental Health and Safety department explains that “A Toolbox Talk is an informal group discussion that focuses on a particular safety issue. These tools can be used daily to promote department safety culture as well as to facilitate health and safety discussions on job sites.”



It’s true that modern job sites these days are certainly safer than their predecessors, and though the acronym is often equated to a cuss word on job sites, OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, overseen by the United States Department of Labor, has saved a lot of lives by providing their OSHA safety toolbox topics.



Workplace safety is industry-specific, but all workers need training to recognize and avoid unsafe working conditions. The safety toolbox talk topics need to be taken seriously, and the talks need to happen regularly.


State-Led Support and Free Toolbox Topics



A worker in a yellow hard hat holds on to an aluminum handle on a black tool box that is mounted in the back of his work truck.



Most states provide support and ideas for what to use on toolbox talks topics. As far as safety goes, the sky’s the limit on topics, but, for example, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries provides a document to employers on “Tool Box Talks: A Year’s Worth of Weekly Safety Meeting Subjects.”



It covers things like:



  • Safety Training
  • Common Sense Subjects
  • Protecting the Public
  • Effects of Weather
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Housekeeping
  • Tool Use and Care
  • Job Site Hazards - The Big Four
  • Falls From Elevated Heights
  • Being Struck By
  • Being Caught Between or Under
  • Electrical
  • Fire Protection



Each general topic has a multitude of additional points to be made within that specific topic, so it’s easy to see how, when you really dig in, there’s no shortage of safety topics to discuss.



What is most important is timing and knowing your audience. You wouldn’t want to discuss a winter driving topic in mid-July, just like you wouldn’t want to discuss electrical hazards on a job site that has no power. Knowing the right key components to include comes with experience.



But there’s a key point that’s often overlooked when it comes to the best toolbox talk topics, and that’s truck cab safety…



A worker in a blue uniform looks over small parts in a portable toolbox with a blue lid.

Lions and Tigers and Projectiles—Oh My!


The cabs of trucks seem safe. They are full of sensors, airbags, seatbelts, and all manner of modern inventions that protect drivers. In the case of an accident or emergency, it’s not the actual cab itself that becomes dangerous, it's what you put in the cab.



Going down the road at a cool 60 miles per hour— or more if you live in one of those free-wheelin’ states— seems pretty normal, and is a risk that most Americans have generally accepted. But perhaps what they don’t consider is that the items inside their vehicle, even a harmless carpenter’s pencil, can quickly turn into deadly projectiles in the event of an accident.



The one way to solve this: store your tools and equipment securely in the truck bed IN A TOOLBOX.



At DECKED, we’re not sure why more people aren’t including this as one of their weekly toolbox safety topics, but consider this your opportunity to steal this idea and present this very important topic to your team.



A white truck is parked in a workshop full of tools. A man is on the second rung of a ladder extending out of the toolbox.

Projectile Statistics


Safety Expert, Sean Kane is the co-founder of Strategic Safety, an organization that investigates automobile safety. Kane reported on Good Morning America that his organization found that in one year, everything from a can of soda, to luggage that was not tied down, caused more than 13,000 injuries in car accidents nationwide.



Journal of the American Medical Association published a study where a crash test was conducted and a video shows an unsecured cooler crushing the rear passenger. The cooler then continues forward to slam into the driver, while a suitcase severs the arm of another passenger.



It’s graphic and horrific, and an all-together staggering statistic for something that is so easily preventable. And as every toolbox safety topics presenter will tell you: nearly all workplace accidents can be prevented. Car crashes themselves may not be so easily prevented, but what happens to the items inside the cab when the crash happens—it’s that that we have complete control over.


Toolbox Topics Oldies But Goodies



A black pickup is parked on a construction site where new homes are underway.



“An oldie but a goodie” is the perfect idiom for toolboxes. In an industry that hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years, there’s one topic that remains the same, and it’s that toolboxes improve lives.



And especially our toolbox, if we’re to be perfectly honest.  



Not only do they protect and secure the tools they store, but they offer a storage solution that improves cab safety, potentially saving workers' lives.



Here at DECKED we often quip that “we’re not curing cancer or taking people to the moon,” but, what we are doing is creating a brand that is founded on good quality and performance. We strive to be the brand of the hard-working men and women of America who could use a hand in making their everyday lives easier.



We’re not building a premium or elite brand, but instead making a toolbox and truck bed accessory products that elevate the productivity of workers and recreationalists by preventing injuries and wear and tear on the body.


A man prepares to climb a ladder that extends from a toolbox mounted in the back of his truck.

DECKED’s Unique Features Make For a Safer Toolbox


Hold on to your clipboards, inspectors, because we’re about to throw down an ergonomic safety feature on the DECKED Tool Box that will blow your mind. We designed our toolbox with an optional, integrated access ladder that extends right out of the toolbox, over the bed rail, and allllll the way down to the ground.



How’s that for preventing back injuries?



Our toolbox is the best choice for workplace safety because our telescoping ladder prevents injuries caused by improper lifting, bending, twisting, etcetera. When we were engineering our toolbox, we engineered a lightweight, yet sturdy 6000-series aluminum ladder that is a literal game-changer in the toolbox world.



You can order our toolbox with or without the ladder, but if you’re looking to step up safety or take care of your one precious body, the ladder add-on provides ergonomically-supported toolbox access from overhead, so you can lift heavy items properly.



The ladder extends all the way to the ground, even on lifted rigs, and when you’re finished with it, it glides right back into place inside the toolbox, and out of the way. All it takes is one spin around the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics website, and you’ll be asking yourself why you ever considered a toolbox without one.




An up close view of a toolbox with its lid open showing the accessories within.

Torsion Springs


Another safety-minded feature on our toolbox are the torsion springs. We don’t use gas struts that are bound to fail over time, and instead use a fool-proof torsion spring that effortlessly lifts our 30-pound lid, and keeps it up. There’s no more pinching or slamming of fingers, and the spring steel does the heavy lifting.



Securing the Load: A Favorite of the Toolbox Topics for Construction



Not only does The DECKED Tool Box have a secure, two-minute install into the truck bed with a bracket and bolt system, but it also has integrated tie-downs pre-installed on the base of the tub on the tailgate side to secure large cargo. (If there’s one main takeaway from our time here together, it’s secure your damn cargo!)



Our toolbox helps you get your stuff outta the cab, and your tools safely organized in the truck bed where they belong.



A white truck is parked in front of wind turbine. A worker looks on. There's an open toolbox in the bed of the truck.

DECKED Tool Box Security


It’s not just the humans we’re looking after either. We keep your tools safe and sound too, because our toolbox is so tough, it’ll make a pry bar cry. We mold—not weld— our toolboxes, using a high-impact polymer resin, and add steel and aluminum reinforcements. Our product won’t ever dent, ding, or rust, but what's more, is that our smart design minimizes pry bar points making it virtually impossible to break into our unit.



A steel armored locking mechanism, combined with a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible, and the unit won’t be damaged if some dummy decides to try. We’ve completely retooled the toolbox, making one that looks as good as your truck and made from materials from this century.



A warehouse in the middle of a rural field.

A Toolbox That Aids Organization


We’ve been solutions-oriented from Day One, ever since we formed our company on a lunch counter napkin in small town Idaho. We set out to make life better, and help folks organize their truck beds with our innovative DECKED Drawer Systems. The natural evolution of our product range was to create the DECKED Tool Box next, and these two together create endless storage capabilities for nearly every industry.



We make our products in the Grand ‘Ol U.S. of A., in our facility in Defiance, Ohio, where we defy all odds when it comes to truck bed organization. Another thing that sets our DECKED Tool Box apart from all of the rest, is that our toolbox comes standard with extra organizational components, the Snack Tray and the D-Box.


A portable toolbox with a black tub and blue lid.



Both items nest right at the top of our Tool Box, and are great for keeping your smaller items in check. The D-Box holds 50 pounds and can be carried from either the top, like a tackle box, or from the side, like a suitcase. It has two grips points, so it maintains ergonomics and organization efficiency like a boss.



DECKED for Fleets


The next time “health and safety toolbox talks topics” are at the top of your list for your next Toolbox Talk, make it one about truck cab safety.


Perform an audit of your company’s rig(s) and see what you find loosely rolling around the cab. (Beware: the contents may shock you.) Just by adding toolboxes to the beds of the trucks in your fleet, the benefits of this safe and secure storage solution are numerous:



  • Increases worker safety
  • Increases worker productivity
  • Decreases TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Reduces theft
  • Minimizes asset loss
  • Reduces injuries and liability costs


If these benefits seem far too great to overlook, it's because they are. Visit our fleet page to learn more and get started here.



DECKED for Everyone Else


A white pickup is parked near a moto jump where a person on a bike has launched in the air.



The DECKED Tool Box was made for everyone, especially hard-working folks like yourself who may or may not care about what’s in the truck cab. If it’s more about what’s in the truck bed that matters, then you’re in good company.



If you want—or need— a 100% waterproof, undentable toolbox that protects you and your assets, then look no further. We are proud to make something we are so sure about, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on it. Both the DECKED Drawer Systems and the DECKED Tool Box ship free, but we recommend that if you want any additional accessories like a D-Bag, D-Rito Tool Roll, or Crossbox, that you order them at the time of purchase.



Since we’re all about efficiency, we’ll place those babies right inside the toolbox and away they go to you, their forever home. But, if you decide later that you want more accessories, that’s no problem, but you’ll have to pony up the cash on the shipping.


If you’re still not sold, take a gander around our social media and see what real-life folks have to say about our stuff. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to join in on the conversation and maybe even glean some new toolbox topics of your own.