Work or Play—You Need a Storage Solution for Your Toolbox Set

Work or Play—You Need a Storage Solution for Your Toolbox Set

You need the toolbox set or sets to fill it up when you have the perfect DECKED Tool Box Storage solution. And even though we make our DECKED Tool Box mainly for work purposes, there's no reason you can't be creative with filling your tub up with family goods.

DECKED also focuses on building storage solutions, so we appreciate that our customers engage in various activities. Mainly, these activities involve work, but they often use their pickup trucks for recreational purposes.

Whether work or recreation takes you to a construction site, doing handiwork in your neighborhood, or going on road trips, the DECKED Tool Box is full of opportunities to expand your thinking.

Here are several of the more familiar ideas for filling up your DECKED Tool Box and those that may smack you out of left field—whether at work or play.

Image of an empty DECKED Tool Box with integrated ladder, blue D-Box, and Snack Tray.

Impress the Boss—Spoil Yourself

When you start a new construction job, your employer will probably kit you out with a toolbox and tools set suitable for the work. They will either give you the necessary equipment to do the job or require you to bring your own toolbox and tool set with you because of theft concerns.

If you have installed a DECKED Tool Box, you can inform your employer that you have an effective theft-proof solution in place. Ideally, your employer will provide you with a pickup truck that has one installed to prevent the theft of any toolbox with tools set, to restrict losses.

If this is the situation, you will have an inbuilt storage solution built like Fort Knox to protect expensive equipment. We use injection molding to create a secure storage tub for your Gedore toolbox set or Craftsman toolbox set.

You have many storage choices. Either you can store your hammers, wrenches, spanners, pliers, and other tools in the container in which they came or in our D-Box, which fits easily into the DECKED Tool Box.

Whatever choice you make, you and your boss will be happy that your tools are safe when on-site, driving in town or parked at home.

Image of construction workers standing at the side of their pickup truck.

If you don’t yet have the DECKED Tool Box, you are missing out, so get out there, impress the boss, and spoil yourself. But, of course, if you are the boss, spoiling yourself is a "must."

Easy On The Eyes—Tough On Thieves

We use a high-impact polymer resin structure and features like reinforced galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement in our tub. In addition, the entire design is utterly seamless due to injection molding.

The lid's design includes metal reinforcement, a steel armored locking mechanism, and a clever overhang, creating an insurmountable challenge for thieves.

You can pack your Stanley cantilever metal toolbox with a 30-piece socket set, lock the DECKED Tool Box, and walk away. Your equipment will be safe, and both you and your boss will have the security of knowing that our tub is easy on the eyes but tough on thieves.

Another plus point is that you won't have to worry about finding a replacement toolbox lock set for your toolbox. Instead, you get two keys with our DECKED Tool Box. That, and the daunting locking system, are enough to protect your items.

Just keep the storage solution locked, and your items will be safe. Leave the lid open—and all hell will break loose if someone decides to use your pickup truck to enrich themselves on the day.

Image of man hitting the Tool Box with a hammer and bricks bouncing up to show how tough and indestructible it is.

Beauty and Education

Whether you need protection from thieves or the weather for a Craftsman toolbox lock set or Sid chrome toolbox set, we’ve got you. You can store any sensitive items in our Tool Box because it is so tough that it will make a crowbar cry.

Our injection molding, high-impact polymer resin,high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polypropylene (PP) materials all make for a storage solution that keeps your stuff safe. Because we use industrial-strength materials, the tub won't dent or ding like aluminum. Due to the design, it won't leak either because the materials are waterproof and weatherproof. The overhanging lid also deflects water.

Galvanized steel reinforcements and treated hardware are corrosion resistant. So your DECKED Tool Box won't rust or corrode, and neither will its contents.

An additional rubber ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) gasket and bub seals prevent water and debris from getting into the tub and keep your tools dry. EPDM is highly resistant to environmental damage, so even if the rain and snow are soaking you to the bone, your gear stays dry.

If you’re camping, your wife will love the fact that her precious Tarte Tarteist Toolbox Brush Set is safe and dry. If you have kids, you can also conveniently store their Lego boost creative toolbox 17101 fun robot building set safe from harm. They’ll both love you for your consideration.

Although these storage ideas may be way out of the left-field, keeping your wife happy with her beauty tools is vital. It's just as critical to keep your kids engaged when camping or on a road trip.

You can thank us later for these essential tips—after all, beauty and education got us where we are today.

Night time scene of people camping with storage solutions by DECKED.

Did Anyone Say, “Organization Jealousy”?

Your friends, boss, and maybe even your wife will be jealous of how easy it is to organize your gear in our complete toolbox set. When you order the DECKED Tool Box, you also get the following items, completely free:

  •  A D-Box in electric blue with an easy grab handle
  • The Snack Tray
  • Tie-downs

The D-Box

All our hard toolboxes are made from hard-wearing, tough, polymer resin. The D-Box has a distinctive blue lid, and you can also order more in Desert Tan. Modular storage is easy with this box as it has two separate compartments, with the top one being removable.

Even if you have a Stanley toolbox set, you inevitably have a bunch of loose tools that you've collected along the way, which is why the D-Box is ideal for the extra ones.

The D-Box hangs in the large tub, so you can organize and store most of your tools to support efficient work, even if you have a toolbox lock set. You'll also have plenty of space left in which to store your or your wife's Tarte Toolbox Brush Set, which will possibly win you several points when traveling together.

Our D-Box and the Crossbox are weatherproof and waterproof, like the tub, so pack in your kid’s Lego - boost creative toolbox building set 17101, red toolbox 10 piece tool set, Limited Edition for safe storage.

Rear view of a pickup truck with the DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System packed full of gear.

While you’re at it, there’s more than enough room for a Tarteist™ toolbox brush set & magnetic palette to keep you or your wife looking on point. And there’s no reason to stop there, so pack in a Meccano junior easy toolbox set to keep junior busy at your fun destination.

Life shouldn’t just be about work, so consider those around you before they get too jealous of your organizing abilities. Besides, educational toys at a young age can motivate kids to follow engineering and scientific careers or become beauty experts later in life.

The Snack Tray

Our Snack Trays do not have lids and lie at the edge of the large tub, so it’s easy to open the tub lid and reach in for those items you want in a hurry. One of these items may be a small red toolbox tool set for kids or yourself that you can grab and carry.

You may be able to squeeze an Erector Advanced Toolbox Construction Set into the Snack Tray—if not, pack it in the ample space of the tub itself.


Tie-downs are always convenient when you’re working or enjoying leisure time outdoors. And if you find that your DECKED Tool Box is too full of your wife or kid’s stuff, you may need them to secure your Stanley cantilever metal toolbox with a 30 piece socket set on the truck bed.

The tub large storage solution has tie-downs pre-installed at its base along the tailgate side. So, if you run out of brilliant organizing ideas, use them to secure extra items like the Stanley or even your wife if it fits better in the cab—just kidding!

Three More Benefits

Open Crossbox with Drawer Dividers showing one more way to organize your stuff.

When you lift the lid of the DECKED Tool Box, it stays open. Bruising fingers with lids slamming shut will be a thing of the past with this one because the cover stays open with torsion springs.

The other benefit that generates organization jealousy is that the tub holds up to 500 pounds of equipment.

Buy spare storage items like the Crossbox and another D-Box in desert tan so you can color-code your storage space and keep your hunting gear separate from your work stuff. That way, when the work is over, all you do is to remove the work items in their toolboxes and replace them with the others.

And, if you order additional recreational toolboxes when you buy the DECKED Tool Box, you only pay a $25 shipping fee for these items.

Step Up Your Game

One other feature of the DECKED Tool Box is the integrated ladder. This functional medium-duty, 6000 series aluminum ladder is perfect for getting items out of the box.

If you're camping, for example, open the tub lid and telescope the ladder over the edge of your pickup truck. Even if you have a lifted truck, the ladder will reach the ground—just ensure you park it on a reasonably level surface. This way, getting to your son's Meccano junior advanced toolbox set will be a cinch.

And if you’re on a fishing trip, pack his tiny red toolbox set so he can help dad set up things around the campsite. Showing him what you do at work and play is a fun teaching moment for you both, giving you quality time together that makes for good memories.

Pickup truck sporting the DECKED Tool Box with integrated ladder extended over the side of the vehicle, and the DECKED Drawer System.

You don’t have to purchase the integrated ladder with your DECKED Tool Box, but it is a valuable addition to help you step up your game. It occupies little space, does not obstruct your organizing and storage space, and is a convenient tool to avoid getting on and off the truck bed.

If you miss the chance to order it with the tub, you've missed a chance to improve the quality of your work and recreation experience. If you want the integrated ladder at a future point, you'll need to order a new tub.

Fun or Play—Get the Ultimate Storage Solution

It doesn't matter if you're working or planning a fun outdoor escape; you still need the sizable DECKED Tool Box in which to pack your toolbox. With DECKED, you get to impress your boss, your wife, kids, and yourself.

Step into the future with the DECKED Tool Box, created with materials from the future. In the process, your toolbox will look as good as your truck.

Take advantage of our financing and order your DECKED Tool Box for a new work and fun experience that will last for years. You may even qualify for a military discount, so kickstart a unique toolbox for tool set plan now by clicking the Shop Now button.