Tote Bags That Fit Perfectly Into the DECKED Tool Box!

Tote Bags That Fit Perfectly Into the DECKED Tool Box!

It's not only women who have tote bag preferences. Men can also be just as picky about what tool tote they use. And the great part about the perfect tool tote bag is that they come in so many different designs that you're sure to find one you like.

DECKED doesn't make actual tote bags, but it does make others like the D-Rito Roll and the D-Bag, which both fit in the DECKED Tool Box. And if you happen to like a more rigid, small toolbox, there’s always the D-Box or the Crossbox from DECKED. Even if you want a proper tote tool bag with an open-top, they'll fit in the DECKED tub or Drawer System.

But there are multiple styles of this type of storage system, so stick around as we go over your options.

image of the rugged, durable DECKED Tool Box on a pickup truck with the American flag in the background.

Tool Tote Bag Options

For obvious reasons, the true open tool tote has almost become a total thing of the past. These days, tool tote bags come with closed tops because it's just safer for your tools.

Times have also helped evolve the everyday tote, leading to manufacturers becoming more creative with their designs—like including wheels on totes to make them more portable.

Here, we look at some of the storage systems available from familiar brands on the market.

1. Husky 18 Inch Rolling Tool Tote

One of the Husky rolling tool tote models is this one, GP-43196N13. This is an 18" 600-denier tote in red that is water-resistant. The innovative telescoping handle makes it easy to move the tote between work sites and lift and pack in your vehicle if you need to travel with your tools.

Of course, this Husky tool tote will fit snugly into the DECKED Tool Box or Drawer System, too, ensuring that your gear stays safe. However, you may need to watch this tote until you invest in the DECKED Tool Box because it doesn't have any security features.

However, it is a decent size if you want something to roll around the home or need a garden tool tote. You can pack your gear in the 18 pockets, 11 of which are on the tote's exterior, with seven on the interior. The two sturdy wheels and telescopic handle make it easy to drag this tote around the home or garden.

Image of the Husky 18 in. Rolling Tool Tote with its familiar black and red branding, two rolling wheels, and a telescopic handle.

This particular Husky tool tote with wheels measures 18”x10”x17” (L, W, H), is made from robust 600 denier polyester, and features a robust dual zipper system. Another handy feature is that this tote comes with two tape measure loops, so if you're into construction or carpentry, you'll always have a place to keep this tool in plain sight.

2. Craftsman Tool Tote

The CMST17621 VERSASTACK™ 17” tool tote is a more rigid design than the previous one. And where the Husky tote features 600 denier polyester strength, the Craftsman tool tote consists of one that is far stronger at 1680 deniers.

This tool tote is also more versatile with its 32 pockets and convenient slots, although it is practically the same size as the Husky model. Similar to the Husky tool tote, this Craftsman model has a water-resistant base but features an aluminum handle.

Should this tote become too heavy to carry by the handle, you can rely on the buckled straps with shoulder padding for comfort. Another plus point of this product is that it is part of the VERSASTACK™ series, so you can increase the size of your storage by adding to it as your needs grow.

Depending on why you need a tool tote, you may want to choose one made from a tougher material. You should also consider installing a DECKED Tool Box on your pickup truck to have a safe place to store this Craftsman tool tote if you're going to keep your equipment safe.

Image of the VERSASTACK™ 17 inch. Tool Tote.

And if you’re a lady, you can always invest in a pink Craftsman tool tote. Alternatively, selecting a pink plastic tool tote is always a good way to get in touch with your feminine side. Otherwise, use it as an opportunity to get on the right side of the missus (or not).

3. Klein Tool Tote

Klein makes an extensive range of products such as the leather tool tote and tool tote box, among other designs. The one leather tool tote is an impressive product made with extra-strength leather. You can clearly see how rugged this product is due to its end reinforcements, the double-ply bottom, and steel studs.

Another indication of the quality of this Klein tool tote is the heavy stitching and riveting. However, a significant drawback of this product is that it consists of one gaping hole, so it could be challenging to find the items you need in this tote.

Should you need something smaller, the Tradesman Pro™ Tool Pouch has 15 pockets in a small 11.5”x4.5”x10" (L, W, H), which is ideal as an electrician tool tote. Although small, this tote is specifically designed to fit on a belt, ensuring your tools are with you at all times during the workday. And if you have a DECKED Tool Box, you can comfortably remove this tote for quick storage in the more extensive storage system.

Image of the Tradesman Pro™ Tool Pouch, 15 Pockets, 11.5 x 4.5 x 10-Inch, model 5243 - from Klein.

Klein's other design option is the 17-pocket tool tote with a shoulder strap. This product has a slip-resistant strap, allowing you to work with both hands while on the job. The strap can take up to 900 pounds of weight, or you can use the carry handles on this tool tote bag. It is made from 600x300 durable denier polyester and has a molded base with drainage holes that resist water retention.

Pack your gear into any of the seven interior pockets, two being collapsible end pockets, with five medium ones in which to store a broad selection of tools. Otherwise, there are also ten exterior pockets for tool storage, one being closable.

4. Milwaukee Tool Tote

Milwaukee is another brand that produces a broad range of storage products, including the Aerial Oval Bag. Again, this product values a robust product, suitable for the most demanding environments, and makes this tote tool bag from 1680 D ballistic material.

It also features an impact-resistant base and has 24 storage pockets. In addition, two pockets are designed explicitly for knife storage, which are puncture-resistant.

You don't have to fret about this tool tote bag retaining water either because it has weep holes to support drainage. The nickel-plated eyelets enhance durability, while the hard-wearing D-rings provide more storage options, all with a comfortable strap to carry your tools around a worksite.

Image of the Aerial Oval Tote Bag by Milwaukee.

Similar to the Aerial Oval Bag is the Underground Oval Bag. However, this product is a better bet for storing power tools as it is impact-resistant. It also features multiple open side pockets for easy access to your tools.

This easy access concept is also part of the DECKED Tool Box, especially when ordering one with the optional integrated ladder. Once you install the DECKED Tool Box, you can store any tote bag in the tub and quickly access the tote by climbing up the ladder, which telescopes over the side of the pickup truck.

Another major benefit of this tub is that it is built like a bank safe. So no one will be able to get at your tote toolbox unless you forget to lock the tub.

5. Toughbuilt Tool Tote  

Toughbuilt is probably the creator of some of the best tool tote bags around. One look at their Massive Mouth product range is enough to convince customers that they’re buying quality.

One such tote is the 30" Massive Mouth, model TB-60-30. This 30-inch tote bag is the biggest in the range, comes with a padded shoulder strap, and has side handles to help carry heavy loads.

It has a rigid HardBody™ liner made from plastic in an octagonal shape, which supports the easy-access broad mouth concept of the tote. Moreover, the rugged interior lining of this tote bag helps protect the contents and maintains the shape of the softer outer material. It also has a lockable zipper to keep your goods safe.

Image of the 30" Massive Mouth, model TB-60-30 from Toughbuild.

Storage of your gear is supported by 65 separate pockets and loops, one of which is made for storing a notebook. The pockets flex, which is excellent to ensure that equipment stays where you stow it, while mesh pockets allow you to identify where you have packed in certain items rapidly.

You can carry this tote with the shoulder strap, shorter hand straps, or side handles. When you need to remove the tote, it sits securely on rubber feet, offering the tote and its contents additional protection.

These Massive Mouth tote bags are available in a selection of smaller sizes, or you can buy Toughbuild's Modular tote bag tool line.

6. DeWalt Tool Tote

DeWalt is probably the go-to brand if you want a plastic tool tote. An example of this type of storage system from DeWalt is the 24" Tote With Power Tool Case, model DWST24070.

This particular tool tote has a power tool case that is removable. The handle of this top case integrates with the main part of the tote and has an easy carry handle.

Remove this storage unit which serves as a lid, and you have an open modular storage system below. When you want to remove the top part, simply use the easy push-button mechanism. And when you need to carry the entire contraption, you can rely on the heavy-duty long metal handle.

Image of the 24" Tote With Power Tool Case from DeWalt.

This tote toolbox measures 26-3/8”x12-23/32”x11.5” (L, W, H) in which to pack your gear. And if weatherproofing is a concern, the latches on this unit are rust-resistant and heavy-duty.

As with most other tool tote bags, this one will easily fit in the DECKED Tool Box. Otherwise, you can purchase the D-Bag, or other accessories from DECKED, which serve equally well as tote bags. DECKED accessories are also high-quality, affordable, modular storage units—all of which you can pack into the tub or the DECKED Drawer System.

Buy Totes for the DECKED Tool Box

Image of the DECKED Tool Box with the integrated ladder extending over the side of the pickup truck.

When you buy the DECKED Tool Box, you can also get one with the integrated ladder. If you have the integrated ladder, it is so much easier to retrieve your tool tote bag, D-Box, or D-Rito Roll from the tub.

All DECKED accessories fit into the Tool Box or Drawer System, so unless you need a buckle tool tote bag, stick with high-quality, long-lasting, affordable DECKED products, which you can all purchase online.