Do you Use a Tool Pouch Belt for Everyday Work? Complement it with DECKED to Enjoy Even More Convenience

Do you Use a Tool Pouch Belt for Everyday Work? Complement it with DECKED to Enjoy Even More Convenience

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a tradesman, you’d totally agree that proper tool storage bolsters work efficiency. You don’t want to be moving up and down, searching for your equipment or gear when having a little organization could have paid off. It is normal for tools to wear off from daily usage but poor storage can cause extensive damage, which is why you have to properly secure your equipment.  Perhaps this is the reason you have been on the hunt for a top-of-the-line tool pouch belt that suits your needs.


If you are a handyman always engaged in field service work and practically any other outdoor jobs, you need your tools on the ready and you'd appreciate the essentiality and convenience of an excellent tool pouch belt. This piece of equipment is even more useful for electricians. You will want convenience in carrying all the essential tools you frequently use, such as electric tapes, pliers, screwdrivers, and others. A tool pouch belt is your swiss army knife.

Tool pouch Belts are important assets in securing handy tools keeping them on the ready  while freeing the hands for other engagements, but they cannot work in isolation.You'd need other tool organization equipment like  Tool Boxes and Pouches.

Tool pouch belts are an unmatched way of keeping tools tidy and organized. Despite their importance, though, a tool pouch belt does not undermine the utility of a great tool box. In line with such needs,  DECKED goes the extra mile of creating storage solutions that will complement your tool pouch belt and help you work more effectively and efficiently.

Why You Definitely Need a Tool Pouch Belt Even if You Own a Tool Box

A tool pouch belt offers the utmost convenience since you have the required tools around your waist. You won’t have to make several trips to and from your garage or toolbox to get a hammer, screwdriver, or wrench. A tool pouch belt is no doubt a smart hack to maximize your productivity. With a tool pouch belt, you get to enjoy :


  • Working faster – You will have all the essential tools within reach, and you won’t have to make several trips up and down a ladder or to and from your toolbox. You also won’t waste time looking for tools in your toolbox.
  • Save space – A tool backpack or toolbox may not fit in your workspace. A tool pouch belt will help you save precious space.
  • Versatile usability – Anyone handy with tools can use a tool pouch belt from mechanics to contractors, plumbers, electricians, and DIY warriors.
  • Avoid tool misplacement – it is frustrating when tools are falling and rolling over your workspace. A tool pouch belt will help you save time looking for missing items.

A tool pouch belt is essential tor carrying around your frequently used implements , but you still need other cargo and tool organization systems such as tool boxes to enhance  your organization.

Which Tool Pouch Belt is Appropriate for You?


Picking a good tool pouch belt is like picking a tool box or tool bag. It goes down to personal preferences and work settings. However, you should know the different kinds available.

  • Suspender – Suspenders will help reduce the strain on your waist. Suspenders are helpful if you spend several hours carrying your tools around.
  • Waist – Waist tool belts have multiple pockets to carry many tools. Many people will find this a perfect fit, especially electricians and plumbers. However, a waist tool pouch belt can strain your back if the pockets are full and you carry heavy tools, such as hammers.
  • Pouch – Pouches help carry small bits and nails. You don’t have to worry about them falling down or injuring you.

It is also wise to consider the material used in making the tool belt. Regardless of your trade, it is of the utmost importance to stay safe. A tool belt’s material may go a long way in enhancing safety. Most tool belts are made using nylon, leather, or canvas. A leather pouch tool belt is coveted due to its durability and may suit heavy tools. Canvas and nylon are lightweight and suitable for medium to light use.

You also don’t want to purchase a tool pouch belt that hangs too low and with many compartments hanging off them. It would help if you went for a tool pouch belt that holds together and keeps your tools properly tucked.

Which Brand Should You Buy?

Several manufacturing companies make excellent tool pouch belts. With the overwhelming choice of tool pouch belts available, you may consider the following brands. But it all gets down to your preferences.


  • Husky tool pouch belt
  • Klein tool belt pouch
  • Milwaukee tool belt pouch
  • Klein Tool Belt Pouch
  • DeWalt Tool Belt Pouch

These brands offer tool belt pouches of different sizes, customization, weights, and pockets. They also sell tool belt pouches for as little as $20 to over $100. You won’t miss one  that suits your needs .

Now Let’s Agree that You Need a Tool Box to Complement Your Tool Pouch Belt

Integrating the DECKED Tool Box into your Tool Pouch Belt utility is such a game changer.You are sure of seamless cargo and tools management .

Though quite useful, as a standalone tool organization equipment, a tool pouch belt may not function optimally. You'd need other storage equipment to complement its functionality. Imagine, as an electrician, plumber, or builder, having to carry your tools from one job site to the next. You will have to get armed with a means of hauling your equipment in bulk, something like a portable toolbox. Afterward, you can load the ones you will use when climbing a staircase, working on a ladder, or getting into tight crawl spaces with your tool pouch belt. As you ponder over what accessories you'd use with your tool pouch belt, we suggest you think on DECKED tool storage products. You'd get the perfect balance of design, performance and functional features.

Consider the DECKED Tool Box

Why DECKED Tool Box is the Appropriate Accessory for Your Tool Pouch Belt   

That you need a tool box to use with your tool pouch belt does not suggest you should just land on any that is out there. In making your choices, it is in order to consider a range of things such as style, ergonomics, agility and serviceability, just to make sure you get value for money. We recommend DECKED tool storage equipment. We bet you'd be swept off the ground with the fantastic features of our supermodern new tool box, the New Generation DECKED Tool Box.


The Product is Tough as Nails

DECKED combines science and engineering to make its Tool Box . Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements, through a process of injection molding, the tool box is indestructible.You can bang it with a hammer, jump on it, or even tow it behind your truck, but it won’t ding or dent. So, the next time you are looking for a large toolbox, DECKED’s got you covered.


Tools have a tendency to wander off, even on a jobsite. You may have essential implements like power tools, which you may want to leave at the back of your truck, but they may eventually find their illegitimate owner. 


A primary aspect to consider when choosing your ideal tool box is security . DECKED Toll Box is designed with superb security features to make forced or malicious entry almost impossible.

Secure your tools using the DECKED Tool Box. The injection modeling process ensures that there are no pry bar entry points. The steel and aluminum reinforcement also makes it hard for thieves to break.

Easy Organization

Convenient tool storage is not only an issue of space but also design aspects that enhance organization. It has never been easier to keep your tools tidy and orderly. The DECKED Tool Box is not only large, it’s also well designed with special inlay features to make cargo organization seamless.

The Box comes as as a package of two aspects:

  • Snack Tray – The DECKED Tool Box comes with a snack tray to store small items that you use regularly and loose bits.
  • D-Box – The DECKED Tool Box comes with a standard D-Box, allowing further modular storage. It doesn’t just end there. The D-Box is portable with handles that make it easy  to carry around.

Note that the D-Box will go places that your tool pouch belt won’t. It comes in as a lifesaver when you need to keep close bulkier cargo or equipment such as power drills and hammers.

The D-Box is a good-easy-grab ,easy-go storage option for your -on- the- move tool organization needs.

The D-Box and snack tray are a standard part of the DECKED Tool Box package . It even gets better. You may consider going for a Crossbox for further modular cargo organization and drawer dividers for  more efficiency.

What About the DECKED Drawer System?

The Drawer System features sliding drawers , medium sized  boxes and a flat study surface with a 2000 lb payload for securing heavy and bulky cargo. With this robust tool and cargo organization system .

Depending on your preferences, you may go for the DECKED Drawer System. With this robust cargo organization equipment you will enjoy more agile storage, but you'd get an even better deal if you integrated both the DECKED Tool Box and the Drawer System in your truck. The Drawer allows full truck bed usage utilizing every space there is.

In any case you need more space you can choose to purchase a Crossbox or D-Box that will fit snugly in the drawers. You can also take them alongside the other tools in your tool pouch belt.Good thing is , the Drawer System fits nearly all trucks and vans.

Working at waist level , you'd easily pull the drawers in or out of your truck bed without much body movement hence unmatched convenience . And standing near the tail-gate you should be able to access all of your cargo and tools with less strain.

With DECKED , you get so much more than just storage.You get versatility , strength , power  and style all in one package .

What if You Do Not Want a Big Haulage of  Storage ?

Perhaps you need your storage sizable and somehow smaller than the Tool Box and the Drawer system. DECKED has a small tool bag dubbed the DECKED D-Bag.Like many of our other products , this one is revolutionary too.

The D-Bag comes in handy in organizing and transporting smaller items . It is a sturdy , top of the class modular bag with inlay design aspect  for securing handy tools and equipment in an orderly and easy to access manner.

The D-Bag is a military-grade hybrid soft- and hard-shell tool bag. It was specifically designed for use with the DECKED Drawer System but can also be used with the Tool Box or even as a standalone tool storage peiex of equipment . .It has a versatile strap system that allows for different carrying styles. You can carry it as a briefcase or backpack with simple strap adjustments. It also has horizontal carry and can be modified to be hung on the shoulder . It is definitely the tool bag you will want to bring to a job site. It will equally complement your tool pouch belt, and it will allow you to carry your tools to places where a toolbox wouldn’t. It is durable due to its material, and it will also withstand mother nature. It also has a big size of 2500 cubic inches. You can carry all the large and heavy tools inside it.

If in any case you need to expand your storage of sharp and frequently used objects, you may need to consider purchasing the D-Rito; a new generation tool storage piece of equipment.

The D-Bag also comes with a removable D-Rito Tool Roll, which comes standard with the bag, but can also be bought separately. You will find it handy when you do not want to carry all your tools to a site. The D-Rito will carry most of the tools you put in a tool pouch belt. You may even find it unnecessary to purchase a tool belt pouch if you have a D-Rito tool roll.

Extra Perks

DECKED has crazy offers on all its products. These include:

  •   Affordability – DECKED offers competitive prices that you won’t find elsewhere
  •   Limited lifetime warranty – All DECKED products come with a limited lifetime
  • warranty. We give this warranty since our products are made to withstand all kinds of use and abuse.
  •  Free Shipping – You will receive all your products at no extra cost

As a final benefit, all DECKED products are versatile. You can take the DECKED Tool Box, DECKED Drawer System, or D-Bag to a jobsite. You can also go hiking, fishing, hunting, riding, and perform other fun activities and hobbies with these products.

Make a Wise Choice

Tool pouch belts are without a doubt essential. There are many in the marketplace, and you can easily find one that suits your needs.

If you need a toolbox, drawer system, or tool bag that you can carry to a job site, then DECKED has got you covered.Visit the DECKED website to choose your toolbox or drawer system, among other accessories.