Tough People, Tough Jobs, Tough Tool Boxes for Trucks

Tough People, Tough Jobs, Tough Tool Boxes for Trucks

Tough People, Tough Jobs, Tough Tool Boxes for Trucks

The U.S. was built on the sweat of tough people doing tough jobs. In many ways, little has changed in this respect. Construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and other people who love getting their hands dirty are still working to make life better. We are doing the same, except we make tough tool boxes for trucks to improve your daily work experience.

Poor organization is costing honest men and women time and effort. You’re battling with old toolboxes that look like they escaped from your grandad’s times in 1973 and from times that stretch back even further.

Step up your game. Your truck is sexy; your toolbox should be just as sexy. And you probably think you're sexy too and deserve better. We agree!

Sure, you may have a round shape, have graying hair, or may even be developing aches and pains, but it's all about attitude.

We agree, too, that attitude makes all the difference to how your day works out. Working with an antiquated storage system sucks. Switch up your mindset and get real because the future of low-profile tool boxes for trucks is here, and it, too, is sexy.

Black Tool Boxes for Trucks

An image of the sleek DECKED Tool Box, with the adjustable telescopic aluminum ladder in the folded position.

Black is sexy in trucks, clothing, on men, women, cars—AND toolboxes. Specifically, our DECKED Tool Box is sleek, black, and sexy as hell.

When you see our storage tool boxes for trucks, you'll understand what we mean.

Our toolbox takes the sexy factor to a whole new level.

At first glance, you get the “wow” factor.

Maybe your second reaction is, "well, it's black, streamlined, and looks good, but so what?"

It looks impressive, but the question is whether it is any different or better than one of the many Husky tool boxes for trucks that you can buy.

These are valid responses and helpful questions. However, when you buy any product to help get the job done, you weigh the benefits and the costs.

You won’t simply go and pick the most expensive electric drill because the advertising says it's good. Neither will you buy the cheapest product on the market after hearing how it let your buddy down.

When considering top mount tool boxes for trucks, it’s vital to keep asking questions.

You don’t buy a car without checking what’s under the hood, so you’ll want to know more about the important stuff, like:

  • Exactly how tough is this product?
  • What makes it so tough?
  • Will it keep my tools dry?
  • How safe are my tools in this toolbox?
  • How can it improve my organization?
  • How big is it?
  • Will it work for my vehicle?
  • What makes it better than other products?

Now that we know what’s on the surface (and it’s good), let’s look at the substance.

Exactly How Tough Is This Product?

Image of soldiers in the snow, standing in front of a truck with the DECKED Drawer System.

Scientific research, methods, and engineering mean that the DECKED Tool Box is TOUGH.

The engineering that goes into the structural design is impressive. You can load it with up to 500 lbs. of tools and equipment, and it won't bend, buckle, or sag.

Gas struts in the lid are powered by spring steel to create a torsion system, which you may know equals longevity. This torsion system ensures that the 30-pound top stays open and is easy to close.

We even tested the robustness of the material. It withstands cold at minus five degrees Fahrenheit, and heat of 180 degrees Fahrenheit doesn't impact the integrity of this product. In short, it’s sizzling hot!

We did our research because we wanted to deliver a product unlike anything else on the market. The outcome is a storage solution that is unique in its design and incomparable in its durability.

What Makes It So Tough?

We use tough resin, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polypropylene (PP), among other materials, to make our toolboxes. In other words, we make our products with materials from the future.

What does this mean for you?

Our toolbox doesn't get to you with dents and dings like the standard aluminum tool boxes for trucks. These materials are resistant to impact, so they can handle any rough handling and still come out on top.

The use of galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement also means that no plastic tool boxes for trucks can compare with our DECKED Tool Box.

To summarize, our manufacturing methods literally make this toolbox impossible to dent but easy to love.

Will It Keep My Tools Dry?

Man retrieving items from the DECKED Drawer System while enjoying some rest and recreation in the sun.

It's a relief to know that this product is robust, but will it keep my tools dry?

DECKED Tool Boxes are waterproof because of our injection molding system. Our toolboxes are seamless, so there are no welding joins to let in leaks.

Our careful design means an overlap of the lid when closed, creating a rain gutter to keep water out and your expensive tools dry.

An ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) gasket ensures the lid seals tight when closed. In addition, the bub seal and gasket around the inner part of the lid provide further waterproofing capabilities.

EPDM is an ozone resistance spec that includes a finish known as a black plate. This feature equates to superior UV, weather, and ozone resistance. EPDM gaskets are also resistant to chemical damage.

Waterproofing and weatherproofing mean nothing if you don't use the appropriate materials. So this toolbox is also corrosion-proof because we treat the steel and aluminum hardware to prevent corrosion, so your toolbox also stays in good shape (rectangular—not round).

How Safe Are My Tools in This Tool Box?

That's great, but how secure is this toolbox?

Good question. Obviously, you want to know how safe your tools will be because they’re expensive.

We got a couple of guys to try and break into this toolbox to test its strength. They kicked it, dragged it behind their truck, hit it with a hammer, and tried to pry open the lid with a crowbar. Nothing worked. Eventually, they gave up and each had a beer.

Imagine how quickly thieves will give up under pressure? Not as tough as our toolbox!

Thieves will have a hard time trying to steal your tools. The lid is pry bar proof, and the tub has a sturdy steel reinforcement that mimics that of a high-quality safe.

Soldiers using their storage system to help them in a snowstorm.

Clever technology also separates the locking system from the secure latching system, providing an extra layer of security. If thieves can't open the lid and try to mess with the lock, it still won't open unless they have the key.

You (or thieves) can only remove the toolbox from the truck bed if the lid is open. Fortunately, you are unlikely to leave the cover open because it conveniently has a lock on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

We ship two keys with this product, so you should always keep the spare one safe or give it to your colleague to gain access if you misplace yours. You can get locks for tool boxes for trucks, but nothing comes close to the security that our design offers.

How Can It Improve My Organization?

When you order the DECKED Tool Box, you receive these free products:

  • The D-Box
  • Snack Tray
  • Pre-installed tie-downs

The custom tool boxes for trucks like the D-Boxes hang inside the DECKED Tool Box for easy organization. You can also purchase the D-Box as a standalone item as it is easy to carry and has separate storage sections. The D-Box is also weatherproof.

You can use the Snack Tray to store loose items like drills, drill bits, wire, and similar stuff that you use regularly. The free components and additional accessories make excellent small tool boxes for trucks that are easily accessible.

The Snack Tray is one of the free items that ships with every order of the DECKED Tool Box.

The tie-downs at the bottom of the container are perfect for securing large items for work or leisure like an ATV.

Torsion springs in the lid make it easy to open and close. Once you open the bin lid, it also stays open for convenient retrieval of items when you need them.

To improve your organization, we have additional components that fit in the large toolbox. For example, items like the D-Roll have plenty of space for tools in a roll-up storage form. You can also use products like the Crossbox or opt for more mobile organizers like the D-Rito Tool Roll or D-Bag to transport your equipment closer to the job site.

How Big Is It?

DECKED makes its flat tool boxes for trucks to fit specific makes and models of vehicles. So if you drive a truck or cargo van, you can check whether we have a customized toolbox to fit your vehicle.

The outer dimensions of this toolbox are:

  •  Height above the bedrail – 5.78”
  • Length – 76”
  • Width – 22”
  • Height – 20.53”

You can store around 500 pounds of tools and materials inside the box. Store anything that has sharp edges facing upwards to avoid resting on the bottom surface of the toolbox.

This large capacity is suitable for most working folk and perfect for recreational purposes like camping, hunting, or fishing.

Man in front of table with food and pickup truck with storage system in the background.

Will It Work For My Vehicle?

We make our flagship flat tool boxes for trucks, which is the DECKED Tool Box.

If you find your vehicle model on our website and are unsure if this toolbox accommodates other installations, please check our FAQs section. You can learn whether products like a tonneau cover, Back Racks, Fifth Wheel, or Gooseneck are compatible.

Many customers want to know whether we make under-bed tool boxes for trucks. Likewise, some people query whether we make side tool boxes for pickup trucks.

You can only turn our storage solution into a side tool box for trucks by building a frame to hold it in place. But, if you do make changes, your warranty may fall away.

Please check with us before placing an order to avoid disappointment.

What Makes It Better Than Other Products?

You are unlikely (if at all) to find comparable Weather Guard tool boxes for trucks. Neither is it probable that Craigslist tool boxes for trucks will come close to the DECKED Tool Box.

Besides the science and engineering that make our toolbox virtually indestructible, it keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone. Also, we don’t know of any similar products that are so easy on the eyes and tough on thieves.

Another innovative feature that draws attention is the telescopic, aluminum 6000 series integrated ladder.

DECKED Tool Box packages waiting to be shipped to eager customers.

The integrated ladder is an optional purchase with a medium-level rating. The lightweight makes it easy to fold out and lower to the ground.

Convenience is at a premium when you order the toolbox with this feature because you don't need to constantly jump onto the truck to retrieve tools when you need them. As you may know, getting on and off trucks is fine when you’re tough. When you’re round and tough it can be a bit more challenging.

This integrated ladder is unique to the DECKED Tool Box as there is nothing else like it on the market. Also, it takes up no additional storage space, which increases its appeal even more.

When you place your order, the checkout section will prompt you to include the integrated ladder in your purchase or leave it out. But if you don't order it with the toolbox, and felt like you've made a mistake, the ladder is available for purchase. 

This list highlights only some of the features and benefits that make our products the best tool boxes for trucks, in our opinion. Many testimonials from happy customers support this claim.

Get Tough, Get Sexy—Place Your Order Today

A pickup truck with the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box, showing how well these storage solutions work together.

Our tool boxes for trucks are made tough to last as long as your pickup truck or longer.

Check our financing options, then place your order online today to get the toolbox that looks as good as your truck (and you).

Simply capture your details by clicking on the “Select Your Vehicle” option at the top of the page or completing the form which pops up when you click on the “Tool Box” tab to place your order. You will receive your DECKED Tool Box and accessories within three to fourteen days.

We also encourage you to explore the DECKED Drawer System, which works particularly well with the DECKED Tool Box.

Please call us on 208-806-0251 or send us an email at if you have any concerns about whether our product will fit your ride.

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100% Weatherproof

Recycled Steel

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