More Bang for Your Buck—DECKED or Tool Boxes at Walmart

More Bang for Your Buck—DECKED or Tool Boxes at Walmart

More Bang for Your Buck—DECKED or Tool Boxes at Walmart?

One thing’s for sure—when you look for tool boxes at Walmart, you’re going to face a plethora of choices. From various brands like Hart tool boxes at Walmart to tool boxes for sale at Walmart, this retailer stocks it all.

Or do they? The one tool box that Walmart doesn't have is the DECKED Tool Box. And this is where the vast difference lies between Walmart and the DECKED brand. The DECKED brand is a relative newcomer on the market, so not as many people know about these products as they should.

One primary reason for this situation is that DECKED is into customization. Sure, you can get loads of different types of truck tool boxes at Walmart, but what level of quality do you want? Also, you can stop by and purchase plastic tool boxes at Walmart, but will you be getting the level of durability that you need?

These questions are all valid, and you should weigh the pros and cons of your spend on the quality and purpose of the product you purchase. So stick with us as we uncover where we believe you can get more bang for your buck when shopping for Walmart brands in relation to those by DECKED.

Image of an open DECKED tub on a truck bed with an open lid and the integrated ladder telescoped over the truck side.

Instore Tool Boxes at Walmart

We're going to discuss several basic styles of tool boxes for trucks at Walmart. Some of these designs include:

Even though you can explore multiple styles, including the tool boxes combos sale at Walmart and others, space is limited. So, for now, we'll stick to a discussion of the three basic styles above.

1. Small Tool Boxes at Walmart

Walk into any Walmart store, and you're going to see familiar brands like Stanley, Hart, Milwaukee, Lund, and many others. Each brand has its specific features, benefits, and purposes, and you'll look for ones that line up with those purposes.

For example, you may be drawn to the Stanley tool boxes at Walmart. One of these brand designs includes the 24 inches Stanley Series 2000 Metal Latch Tool Box With Tote Tray.

The product looks good and has two tool tray organizers in the lid to reach your tools without opening the lid. You can lock this container with a small padlock, and it has a wide, soft rubber grip handle for comfortable carrying.

The latches are nickel-plated, and the inside of this container has a tote tray. It seems to be a decent size with dimensions of 24(L), 11.40(W), and 11(H). Essentially, this product will work well for storing DIY stuff for home use, or you can use it to transport essential equipment for small handyman jobs around the neighborhood.

Front image of the Stanley Series 2000 metal latch tool box with tote tray.

You can quickly order this product online and even apply for a cashback Walmart rewards card for discounts on future purchases.

You won't find other valuable details for this product, such as the material from which it is made or how much weight it can carry. This lack of information makes it difficult to know how much bang you’re getting for your buck.

2. Tool Boxes on Wheels at Walmart

When you work from your garage or have a permanent, stationary workshop, you might find that some of the rolling tool boxes at Walmart fit your purpose. You can roll these boxes around the home or pack them into a cargo van or pickup truck, and you're good to go.

One of the brands that produce tool boxes on wheels at Walmart is Hart. An example is the Hart Stack System which is mobile and modular. These two features offer portability of your tools and organization potential to store your stuff inconvenient, separate compartments. Plus, this particular product gives you a stackable design system, making it easier to carry more gear wherever you go.

You can customize the inner sections of the two larger boxes. Each has interchangeable storage trays so you can arrange your items how you like. This model also has a telescopic handle and two seven-inch wheels, so dragging it around is an easy activity.

Image of the HART STACK System, which features mobile tool storage and organization, fitting the description of a modular storage system.

When you browse through information for this product, you’ll find that its dimensions are 16.20” (L), 20.70” (W), and 27.40” (H). This information is good to know, as is the fact that this product only weighs 19.1 pounds and is suitable for crafts and hobbies.

Although the product system features stackable and interlinking connections and is lockable, you need to purchase a separate lock. The description speaks about storing tools but maintains that this storage system is suitable for hobbies and crafts. It's confusing.

How much weight can this product handle, how secure is your equipment, and can it cope with the type of rough handling you require when engaging in DIY jobs or as a small business owner? It’s unclear.

But what is clear is that you'll discover a formidable selection of rollaway tool boxes at Walmart styles for hobbies and work. Some are small and more delicate, while others are far beefier. You even find products that are suitable for use on pickup trucks.

Image of the 5-drawer rolling tool chest with wheels and drawers. This is a tool storage cabinet with a detachable organizer tool box combo. It has a mobile lockable tool box, ideal for a mechanics workshop.

3. Chest Truck Tool Boxes at Walmart

As with the two previous design types, you find a wide range of truck bed tool boxes at Walmart. A larger, sturdier storage system is necessary when you're frequently on the road between job sites. Walmart stocks various brands and designs for this type of purpose, including

  • Lund 79460T black aluminum full-size flush mount truck box
  • QuadBoss 643500 Ranger Bed Box - 16.6in. x 13in. x 12.5in.
  • Better Built 66212321 Utility Trailer Tongue Tool Box, Black, Wide, V-Shaped 39inx16.5inx12in
  • JEGS 81400 Black 3 Drawer Professional Tool Box for garage, truck, or trailer
  • DNA Motoring ZTL-Y-0123 for 2007 to 2019 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 2500HD 3500HD left side truck bed wheel well storage case tool box 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This list gives you a good idea of your selection from this retailer. Many of these tool boxes at Walmart for pickups are fairly large. This retailer even stocks tool boxes disguised at Walmart that you can hide under a tonneau or beneath a truck.

For now, we'll only examine the first one because it is big and is the same shape as the DECKED Tool Box.

The Lund 79460T black aluminum full-size flush mount truck box. Made from diamond plated aluminum with a black finish, applied electrostatically, this box also sports Ethafoam mounting strips.

Large Lund 79460T Black Aluminum Full-Size Flush Mount Truck Box featuring black, diamond-tread finish.

This aluminum structure has reinforcements, robust handles, is lockable, and measures 60" (L), 18.5" (W), and 20.5" (H). It is made as a side mount box which provides easy reach for tools, depending on how you mount it and on which side the lock sits.

According to the description, this product can take a beating without reflecting dents and scratches and has a no-sag design. Also, it works with multiple vehicles, makes, and models, including passenger cars, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Overall, it seems like you get a good deal from this product, and you can investigate other tool boxes and prices at Walmart on mobile hwy. At some point, you might even get lucky and find this and other pick up truck tool boxes for sale at Walmart.

But when you read through the product descriptions, information is missing. For example, few products specify the material from which they are made. Often, warranty information is missing, and few of these boxes show customization (except for the last one).

Where does this leave you? Buying a product simply because you require essential storage, without the details to know whether the benefits match the price, is risky. It is also risky to order a tool box without knowing how long it will last, whether it can keep your gear safe or provide adequate storage space.

What You Get From DECKED

Unlike these issues with Walmart products, you don’t have this problem with DECKED. Instead, you can check the FAQs section to get 99% of the answers you need or contact us via email. And, you don’t have to wait for ages and jump through hoops to get that information either.

This image shows the open tub with easy opening side handles, a full Snack Tray, closed blue D-Box and an integrated ladder.

Why not be brave and take a deeper look at the DECKED Tool Box? You will find the information you need to make an informed decision. In the process, you will get that bang for your buck that gives you the sense of certainty you want that you’ve made a good investment.

Here’s a lot of what you can expect when you opt for the DECKED experience, including:

  • Material structure
  • Injection molding
  • Weather and waterproofing
  • Built as rugged and safe as Fort Knox
  • Offers ample storage space and easy access
  • Customization and warranty

Material Structure Information

In a simple description, the DECKED Tool Box is made from future materials, otherwise known as HDPE. HDPE is the abbreviation for the confusing scientific term--high-density polyethylene. And when the developers of this product say, "high density," they mean flipping tough stuff that is industrial grade.

The DECKED Tool Box is made from industrial-grade HDPE plastic. This means that even placing and bricks on the structure and hammering these into pieces, doesn't damage the tub.

This HDPE industrial-grade material is so darn tough that even the military finds it stands up to their hard-hitting activity. So, imagine if you're in construction just how rigid the DECKED Tool Box is and that it is not susceptible to dings, scrapes, and dents like aluminum.

Injection Molding—Not Fabrication

Injection molding, as opposed to fabrication, is what makes our tub virtually unbreakable. Unlike steel and aluminum that go through fabrication to bend and join it to create the shape of the tool box, injection molding produces a tub without seams.

Weather and Waterproofing

When you combine the material structure and injection molding with a practical, sexy design, you get the bang for your buck that makes a difference. Because of this combination of intelligent engineering and the use of materials, you have a tub that is weather and waterproof.

No joins mean your gear stays dry and free of debris. HDPE is also rustproof on its own, and when you add a practical rain gutter to the lid and tub connection, the only time your stored equipment will get wet is if water starts running uphill. In case it does, the gasket seal is there to make sure your gear stays dry and free of dust.

We also thought of the hardware in our tub. It is all stainless or galvanized steel and aluminum, so you never need to worry about the tub rusting. And in the event that you love style as much as we do, your tool box looks sexy and stays good-looking for years to come due to UV protection.

Built as Tough and Safe as Fort Knox

Even exerting an excessive force between the lid and tub interface with a crowbar cannot open this tub. Once the crowbar is removed, the tub lid returns to its original shape.

We reinforce the DECKED Tool Box lid with steel and aluminum so it is virtually unbreakable. In addition, the HDPE from which this tub is made is so durable that thieves cannot pry it open.

Thieves cannot break through the rain gutter lid design either, no matter how tough they think they are with a pry bar. Just one disclaimer here—we didn't get thieves to test the tub, but we did get a few mean-looking guys with plenty of muscle to test their strength and that of the tub. Between loading it up with cement, beating it with bats, and dragging it along rough roads, they ended up tired, but the DECKED Tool Box kept going.

The elegant lid design and reinforcement are complemented with an armor locking system. Your gear stays hidden, safe from pry bars, and is safe when the lid is closed. Of course, when the lid is closed, no one can remove the tub from your pickup truck either.

Loads of Storage Space and Easy Access

Each DECKED tub is available with a Snack Tray (open container, great for small stuff), D-Box, and tie-downs. So you can pack in 500 pounds of gear and still have an easy grab D-Box to carry with you.

The D-Box features two easy-grab handles, one on the top and another on the side. It is made from a highly durable polypropylene material (close relative to HDPE), and it has a ruler and a common bolt/bit guide built into the lid.

It is easy to access gear in the tool box when you order one with the integrated ladder, as this image clearly shows.

When placing your order, you can include the integrated ladder. This 6000 series aluminum ladder is fixed into the tub and folds out smoothly to ground level, even for extra high trucks. So, when you have this tub, you can always access your equipment quickly, supporting productivity.

Customization and Warranty

You don’t get much customization with tool boxes at Walmart, but we customize our DECKED Tool Box for multiple vehicle makes. Check our list to see if we make our tub to fit your vehicle.

Also, our warranty is transparent. We include a limited lifetime warranty for our tub. After you receive your order, complete the warranty online so that you can stake your claim should you experience any defects.

Order Your DECKED Tool Box

Our product details, quality, and warranty are transparent because our customers look for clarity when placing their orders. So when you choose the DECKED Truck Tool Box over the many truck tool boxes at Walmart, you know you’re receiving value for money. It also helps that our product looks as sexy as your truck.

To help you through the ordering process, check our financing and truck model for a custom fit. After that, it’s a quick process to place the order for your DECKED tub online or through one of our many U.S. dealerships.

When you receive your order, it will take a short two-minute installation process (less time than it takes most customers to drink a beer). So, take the plunge and get more bang for your buck by ordering your DECKED Tool Box now.






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