Hey, It’s Okay To Get Emotional About DECKED Tool Boxes

It’s Okay To Get Emotional About Our Tool Boxes – Here’s Why

Our history doesn’t date back ages (2013), but we are making history in the short time we've been around. Because we're so proud of what we do and how we do it, it tends to make us a bit emotional. But, our tool boxes give us and you every reason to get excited—and that’s okay.

Emotion is good for guys and gals. Creating quality products from scratch is thrilling. Hard work that pays off is fulfilling. Learning from mistakes helps us grow and do better. So in between the tears and frustration—there's also plenty of joy.

Stick with your dream no matter how tough it gets—and you get to enjoy the rewards.

DECKED Tool Box with open lid, containing blue and black D-Box.

Customer leaning against his pick up truck with a smile on his face.

We get emotional about our DECKED Drawer System because it took blood, sweat, and tears to get to where we can offer people like us (the same as you) quality truck tool boxes.

We believe you have every reason to get emotional too, and here’s why.

Scientific Engineering Behind Our Tool Boxes

Believe it or not, but there’s plenty of scientific engineering that goes into making our tool boxes for trucks. We won’t get into all the tech details, but we will list some of them (nothing wrong with a bit of bragging unless you go overboard).

Neither will we get into competitor comparisons of similar products. For example, while you can buy great storage like Weather Guard truck tool boxes or Craftsman tool boxes, none of them use the same scientific engineering.

Here’s where DECKED differs. We have literally and practically brought our products into the 21st century with style and innovation. Our products look like they came from this century because they’re made of materials from the future.


Think if you’ve seen a few tool boxes that you’ve seen them all? Guess again!

  • We make our DECKED tool boxes from a high-impact polymer resin using injection molding.
  • Our product design includes reinforcement with galvanized steel and aluminum.
  • More science and engineering go into creating storage systems by using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Okay, even Walmart tool boxes may be manufactured from this material, but we reserve bragging rights because we believe in our designs. Why? Because no other comparable products come close to our design—not even Tractor Supply truck tool boxes. It’s that simple!
  • Polypropylene (PP) is yet another material that we use to create our problem-solving products, like the D-Box, Crossbox, and Drawganizer, and others (more about that later)

A touch of scientific jargon may not mean much until you learn why it is essential for you. When we explain the benefits of this scientific engineering, you will understand why our storage systems and products are not your grandad’s ordinary tool box.

The lack of fabrication in our storage systems means we do not cut, bend, or weld the materials. Injection molding and an absence of fabrication translate into you buying a superior product. And that's a reality rather than marketing talk. The upshot of our manufacturing processes means that we produce seamlessly molded products.

Open desert and tan D-Box with drawer dividers to demonstrate the exceptional organizing capability of this storage product.

Some Specs

It's large enough to fit securely on the back of most pickup trucks and in cargo vans.

  • External dimensions of this container are L76” x W22”x H20.53” x HAB (height above bed rail) 5.78”
  • Storage capacity is 9.82 ft³ (73.4 gallons)
  • Weight without the aluminum ladder is 114 lbs.

You can find further details of the internal size, weight with the ladder, shipping weight, and older truck model dimensions here.

As far as big tool boxes go, the primary difference is that no one makes their large custom tool boxes with an inbuilt aluminum ladder. This innovative integrated nesting ladder is where we have a massive edge.

With several of the scientific details and specs behind us, let’s get to the juicy parts.

This part describes the benefits of our cargo van and pickup truck tool boxes.


In short, they’re multiple because this ain’t your grandad’s tool box, and we live in the 21st century, not 1973.

Here are a few of the benefits. We don’t want to overwhelm you with emotion by listing all of them. But these will be enough to bring a lump to your throat.

So, if you think you’ve seen a few tool boxes that you’ve seen them all? Guess again!

Integrated Access Ladder

DECKED Tool Box aluminum ladder system that has been extended from the toolbox to the ground over the side of the pick up truck.

We cannot wax too lyrical about the aluminum 6000 series DECKED ladder. It is beyond excellent and doesn’t decrease the storage space. Once your tool box is in your pickup truck, you simply open the lid. It slides out smoothly onto the surface level.

From there, you can easily reach into the box to retrieve other boxes and tools. No more do you need to climb in and out of your truck. Our integrated ladder also means no more waste of energy and time with this action.

Of course, if you're super tall, you may not want one, and that's your choice. But it will definitely save on twisting your back to get what you want out of the box. Catch our demo here to see what we mean.

Can you get this feature in competitor products? Not that we're aware. You’ll need to purchase an extra ladder that takes up more space to get this level of convenience. It might seem like a crazy idea to include a telescopic integrated ladder but we thought you’d appreciate our thinking.

Dent and Ding-Free

Because of the tough, durable, long-wearing, long-lasting materials that DECKED uses to make this storage solution, it’s so tough it will even make a crowbar cry. The high-impact polymer resin that we use in combination with injection molding means you can try to bend it, break it, or abuse it in any manner, but it is resistant.


You can beat our tool box with a hammer, kick it repeatedly, drop hammers and other heavy equipment on it, but it will remain intact. This feature is just one more innovation we thought you’d enjoy because a dent and ding-free tool box just looks better.


Go ahead and try it for yourself.


It's so rugged that competitor products pale in comparison. If you don't believe us, check what our volunteer buddies did to try and destroy it while having loads of fun with their tool box test.

Theft Proofing That Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

Our DECKED Tool Box is incredibly secure. Because this large box is so close to indestructible, it is virtually theft-proof. This security factor is due to the ultra-durable resin compound.


Thieves can use a pry bar, saw, or any other tool to try to gain access, but it will be easier for them to break into your cab. Either way, the noise they have to make to get into this tool box will get them running in the opposite direction because it just does not bend and break without extreme, sustained force. Sure, it is possible to break into our tool box, but it will take so long that they’ll move onto quieter, easier pickings.


One high-quality keyed lock separates the mechanism necessary to open the box. You need a locksmith to get it open.  


This product is so rugged and inaccessible; it is virtually like driving around with a safe, which is critical when you consider rising crime rates.


As thefts continue to increase, spending a little more cash to protect thousands of dollars worth of tools seems like a good investment to minimize losses. And, your investment in our toolboxes will pay for itself the next time you have to park in a dark alley overnight.


DECKED Drawer System and toolboxes on pick up trucks in a snowstorm.

Yep—you guessed it. Our innovative system is also weatherproof. It may not be entirely waterproof too, but it is definitely and highly water-resistant. This product is made with galvanized steel that is also corrosion-proof.


Other weatherproofing includes rubberized seals that severely limit water infiltration. This feature ensures the protection of your expensive tools and electrical equipment.


This, right here, is what we call the miracle of science that combines injection molding technology that is like a Pelican case on steroids. Add to this the HDPE and fiberglass-filled PP, and we can safely say there is no other tool box that can compete with keeping water out as ours does.


Sure, Walmart tool boxes may be cheap, but they don’t use our technology. You may even be attracted to the appeal of Tractor Supply truck tool boxes, but not even their products compare. It’s really that simple!


Part of the weather and waterproofing benefits of our tool boxes is the resin component. You will seldom, if ever, see rust on resin. If you do, it probably comes from something else.

So, we add more layers of protection to keep this container rust-free with galvanized steel, robust stainless steel with extra reinforcement, and extruded aluminum hardware in specific areas. The result? You get to possess the ultimate DECKED Tool Box that is self-protecting and safeguards your tools from damage.

Super Tough Accessories

Our tool box accessories are super tough because they’re made from PP. PP is one more material we use in making our problem-solving products like the D-Box, Crossbox, and Drawerganizer, and many others.

Part of the problem-solving designs of our accessories is that they work like Russian dolls. They improve your tool and equipment organization capabilities with space-saving solutions by fitting snugly into the big DECKED Tool Box. You can even use them as standalone tool storage solutions.

For example, the:

  • D-Box (Desert Tan and Blue and Black) has nesting storage features. Just pop it into the DECKED Tool Box and store other items below or on top of it.
  • Snack Tray (fits firmly in our DECKED tool boxes; no lid—so ideal for storing quick access, small to medium-sized items)
  • CrossBox (Desert Tan and Blue and Black) - also with nesting storage features to save space.
  • Drawerganizer - works well to separate storage containers in the DECKED Drawer System.
  • D-Bag (with the D-Rito Tool Roll, which snaps into place inside the D-Bag). Store this item in the large box and retrieve when you need to move tools closer to your workspace for quick access.

The blue D-Box and Snack Tray come free with our DECKED tool boxes.  

Best of all, these and our other accessories are fully compatible with the DECKED truck drawer system.

Blue and black D-Box accessory.

Easy Installation

No assembly is necessary. All you need do is install your tool box and fit it snugly in the back behind the cabin.

Installation takes 2 minutes using a bracket and bolt system. Use a power tool for threading and 4x clamps to grab onto the bed rail. Easy!


The DECKED limited lifetime warranty is generous. If your tool boxes incur any damage, call us for a replacement. We’re real people and treat our customers like family members. So far, we’ve never had a problem and believe it will stay that way.

However, once you receive your product, register it with us to receive the full benefits of our limited lifetime warranty.

Free Shipping

You benefit from free shipping of your order throughout the U.S. Please be careful, though, to order all the accessories you want at the same time. If you forget something after ordering your big tool box, you will need to pay a shipping fee.

Fits Most Truck Beds and Cargo Vans

DECKED makes large tool boxes for various vehicles. We customize these containers to fit multiple pickup trucks and cargo van brands and models. Just click on this link to check the compatibility of our large tool boxes with your vehicle.

You are welcome to browse through our FAQs section or contact us. Our FAQs section provides answers to whether your truck will be a good match for our product.


If you don’t live in or close to Northwest Ohio, you can check our retail and fleet dealerships across the U.S. and Canada.

We encourage our international customers to search for a dealership near them at this link to order our DECKED Drawer System or DECKED tool boxes.

Can You Get Cheaper Products?

D-Bag in open positions, clearly showing how easy it is to use this product as a tool organization solution.

Sure, you can get cheap tool boxes from retailers like Walmart. You can even get truck boxes for sale at this retailer and others like a Lowe’s truck tool box.

You can even explore your options for Harbor Freight tool boxes when they have tool boxes for sale. Or check the quality and prices of Home Depot tool boxes. But we’re confident that none of them will compare to the DECKED experience in terms of performance, quality, or cost.

But one thing we don’t do is offer discounted prices or coupons. We’re passionate about what we do.

We’re also passionate about providing the best services possible to you, our customers.

We believe in fair pricing because we know you work as hard as we do, so there’s no need for discounts that are often misleading.

Our products speak for themselves.

What Makes DECKED Products Special?

Two hunters with rifles pose alongside their pick up truck with its DECKED Drawer System showing how impressed they are with it.

This section is where we tend to get emotional and why we believe you will too.

  1. None, if any, storage systems from any of our competitor outlets are likely to have a telescopic aluminum ladder to give you easy access to your internal storage system. Our adjustable ladder is just one of the innovations that set us apart from our competitors.
  2. Other unique selling points (USPs) that we offer include the in-depth science of our materials and designs. Again, this level of expertise places us ahead of the pack.
  3. Our experts even design many of our accessories to fit the big tool box and our DECKED Drawer System. As a result, our accessories fit well to save space and provide you with the most unique, practical, and pleasant storage solution possible. This statement is why we say that this is not your average grandad’s tool box. Instead, we use future materials, science, and designs. In fact, we regard our accessories as our TBBFs (tool box best friends).
  4. We covered every touchpoint that we could think of (also based on extensive research) to bring you better products than everything else available out there.
  5. Check our customer testimonials to get a gist of the satisfaction levels with our products and services. We may not be perfect, but you have our assurance that when we aren’t, we go out of our way to be attentive and generous in fixing any issues you may have immediately. Why? Because you, our customers, are our most important assets.  

So, once you're ready to step up your game, prepare yourself for the DECKED experience because there is so much more that we can't fit in one informational article.

Be A Part of Our Journey

Get excited about our tool boxes. We know we are, and we want you to share in the sense of satisfaction in owning a product that works exceptionally well for you.

We want you to take your business, hobby, or recreational pursuits to the next level.

Knowing that you get to enjoy our large tool boxes or DECKED Drawer System as you move through life is important to us. It is also important to complement your work and lifestyle with tools that make a difference. Your truck is sexy; your tool box should be too.

Why torture yourself with waiting when you can enjoy all these benefits now?

Order your large DECKED Tool Box today. You'll receive your product in around fourteen days.

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Register, login, get emotional—do what you gotta do, but do it now!