Getting Irritated With Your Disorganized Tools? A Tool Box With Drawers Is The Answer

If you are working with a variety of tools, then you are aware how quickly they can get disorganized. This is a reality, most especially for carpenters and mechanics at work, drivers who have a tool box in their vehicles, businesses where workers share equipment, or homeowners who have tools for the garden or for the garage. Sometimes tools can even get stolen. Having a tool box with drawers can help in keeping everything organized. However, it is also important that you know how to organize tools logically. Thanks to the DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System that comes with different accessories, organizing your tools neatly can be made possible.


How to Organize Your Tool Box with Drawers

It is greatly recommended that you should get a portable tool box with drawers that you can easily customize. Tool chests and toolboxes vary. Also, the frequency and the way you use your tools vary. Getting your tools organized can be done easily by using a foam tool kit or any other tool foam products. You can customize this foam according to your needs. Create a drawer organizer or a tool tray organizer. You could also cut foam for each drawer in your toolbox or tool chest.

The following are some tips that can inspire you to create that perfect tool organization solution for your small tool box with drawers.

A man puts an item inside the pocket of a D-Bag.


Sort All of Your Tools

To keep your rolling tool box with drawers well-organized, the first thing to do is to gather all your tools in one place. Get all your tools from your truck. Place all the tools in one pile. Next, arrange them according to the type of tool. Start by grouping all the large tools, small tools, power tools, etc. Group all the screwdrivers together, then all the hammers, and so on. The next thing is to sort them by sub-category. Hence, Phillips head screwdrivers and flathead screwdrivers should have their own separate groups. 

Only Keep The Tools You Use

After you are done sorting, it’s time to make some hard decisions. To create the best tool storage for your needs, you have to ask yourself some tough questions. Does the tool work? Have you ever used this tool before? If it is a duplicate tool, then how many do you need? Do you have a multi-purpose tool that can do the job better? When you are done answering these questions for each tool, you should have three groups. One group is for tools that you want to keep, another group is for tools you want to give away, and finally, another group of tools that you want to throw away.

You should throw away the broken tools. If you have used tools that you no longer need, then you can give them to your relatives or donate them to charities. However, if the tools are still in good condition, then you can sell them online. Be sure to only keep the tools that you need.

     A man unloads a toolbox from his truck.

    Choose Your Toolbox

    Now that you are done sorting everything and you have figured out which tools to get rid of and which ones to keep, it’s time to decide where to store them. To help you in keeping things well-organized, it is important to keep them in one storage container such as a truck tool box with drawers. If you own a truck, then it might make more sense to look for a truck bed tool box with drawers that fits into the bed of your truck.

    Create the Best Tool Box Organization

    If you love to organize, then this is your favorite step. When you arrange the tools in the metal tool box with drawers, be sure that they do not overlap with each other and they have more space. They should be easily accessible. Put the most frequently used tools at the front and center. For instance, you should not put the screwdrivers at the back if you use them all the time.

    If you are using boxes, bins, or bags, then be sure to put some labels on them. Aside from keeping things organized, you will know exactly where to place them once you are done using them.

    Man working on a truck toolbox

    Make A Foam Organizer

    Create A Layout

    To fit the foam on your plastic tool box with drawers, most likely, you’ll have to cut it. You can obtain the best layout and maximize your foam by having a plan before you start cutting. To accomplish this, simply lay out all the tools that you want to put in the drawer on top of the foam. Take a moment and try to think what would be the best arrangement. Be sure to put all the tools that you frequently use close to each other and near the front of the drawer so you can access them immediately. When you are done laying out everything, use a pencil, pen, or marker and trace all the tools. Afterward, you can begin cutting.

    Although this might sound so simple, this is the best recommendation when cutting tool foam. If you don’t have a plan and you start cutting, then most likely, you will end up wasting your tool foam or your tools will not be spaced appropriately.

    Create a Shadow Board 

    Tool foam comes in different sizes, styles, and colors. There are different types of foam drawer liners, some have a single color while others have two colors. Foam tool organizers with two colors have a dark top layer and bright bottom layer. As such, when you cut out the shape of your tools on the top layer and put it over the bottom layer, the bright bottom layer will emerge. This layout looks like a shadow board. So, whenever you are missing a tool from your drawer, you will immediately know it.   

    A man is arranging the tools inside the drawers.

    Take your tool organization to the next level by creating the toolbox shadow foam. This is very helpful when you are taking your toolbox from one location to another. When you pack up at the end of the day, you can check if you have all the tools you came with. Shadow boards can truly make a big difference if you are working in an area where foreign object damage (FOD) is a great concern.

    Cut The Foam With The Right Tools

    Most tool foam sheets and tool foam organizers are made from materials that are resistant to chemicals and water. They might be made from sturdy materials, however, they are not difficult to cut. All you need is the right tools. Generally, simple tools such as a X-Acto knife or a utility blade can be used for cutting your tool foam. Since these blades are small, they can be used for cutting small shapes without too much difficulty. Although, you can also use a heavy-duty foam hot knife, most especially, when you are cutting a thick foam. They can help you in creating precise cuts.

    Why Choose DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System For Organizing Your Tools

    Forget about what you were doing above and think about something that saves you from the hassle. The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System is a must have accessory for your pick-up. This sturdy, innovative, and reliable drawer storage system comes with two full length drawers. These drawers will simply roll out, providing you with easy access to your gear, tools, equipment, and other things in your pick-up truck, while permitting you to fully use your truck bed.

    Two opened drawers with toolboxes inside.

    DECKED is the appropriate drawer accessory for any pick-up truck, especially for those who like fishing and are looking to store their rods and tackle securely. It is also ideal for those who are interested in hunting and require a safe drawer system for their guns. No matter what sports, hobbies, or activities you are involved with, you can always assure that all your gear is secured and organized in the DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System. It is also valuable for carpenters, builders, electricians, and landscapers.

    Features of DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System

    • Extremely weatherproof which is perfect for an open back pick-up
    • Can carry a payload of up to 2000 lbs on top of the storage system
    • The 2 waist height drawers are highly ergonomic. The drawers will freely slide out of the truck bed, giving you easy access to your stuff. They have easy to use handles  
    • Each drawer has a load rating of 200 lbs. This is the maximum weight that you can put on each drawer
    • The storage system is fitted on the whole truck bed and creates a flat surface area on top
    • Deck and drawers are constructed from 30% steel and 70% high pressure injection molded HDPE. With a galvanized steel sub-frame, it is guaranteed to be rot proof
    • Excellent for storing, organizing, accessing, and securing your items 
    • Comes with Dividers, Crossbox, D-Box, and Drawerganizer
    • Drilling is not required in the installation
    • Includes a Lifetime Warranty with Free Shipping

     A man opening two drawers with toolboxes inside.

    The DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box Is Another Alternative For Organizing Your Tools

    If you require another option for organizing your tools then you can choose the DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box. This is not your grandad's toolbox, this Tool Box is from this century. You can choose to purchase the optional access ladder to provide you with easy access to your truck. The following are some of its excellent features and benefits.

    Extremely durable compared to other types of tool boxes

    Once you load it up, you can guarantee that it won’t bend/sag. This tool box has been tested with 500 lbs in the back at 180 ° and -5°, and there were no problems with the payload. It has a 30 lb lid that can remain open while you are loading or unloading your things. The gas struts are built with a torsion system controlled by sturdy torsion bars and spring steel that can last forever.

    Keeps all your tools and gear completely secured

    For more security and stability, the tub is reinforced with steel. You can assure that thieves won’t be able to break into your tool box using a pry bar. It is so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry. With its tub-lid interface, pry bar points can be reduced. Forced entry would be impossible since it is installed with a durable steel armored locking mechanism as well as a driver side lock. There are two keys that are included. The Tool Box can only be extracted from the truck bed once the lid is opened. It is entirely waterproof and rust/corrosion proof. Fits all types of trucks that are available on the market and is very easy to install.

    Lets you organize your things easily with its added accessories

    Each Tool Box includes an easy to grab D-Box inside the tub. These D-Boxes are weatherproof and come with a gasket seal. A handy Snack Tray is also included which is perfect for keeping your small tools and gear safe and secure. For securing large cargo, tie-downs are mounted at the base of the tub, specifically on the tailgate side. Opening and closing the lid can be done easily, thanks to its torsion springs. Comes with a Snack Tray, D-Box, and Ladder (purchased separately).